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July 30, 2021


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Mother’s love Episode 13 & 14

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Time goes by so quick I knew I would love that school the moment I saw it on the internet and I still couldn’t believe that I was doing my Grade 12, I was packing my bag getting ready to go for the holidays so I sat on the bed waiting for dad who always fetched us from school each time we closed for the term.

I still remember what Melody did the day Austin and I were studying when we were just new at the school, we wrote the mathematics test we studied for and our teacher re-shuffled us making me occupy a different seat and I could see that Melody’s dream of occupying my seat next to Austin had come true and I somehow felt jealous and didn’t enjoy the test at all. Austin told me that she was a photocopying machine and he could see right through her so he scribbled something on his paper and made sure she copied what was there and he sat reluctantly waiting for the bell to go as he watched her then when he saw that she was having difficulty seeing clearly he just gave her the paper to use freely, he went to the teacher when time was up and we had all handed in our papers then he asked to write a “VIP” test which meant he’d write the same test while being monitored in the staff room. Melody was all flirty towards Austin and he entertained her which was killing me but I had to keep my cool, I approached him about it and he told me that he knew what he was doing so I let him be. Our teacher came in the classroom with our test papers in his hands a week later and called out each pupil’s name and mark obtained as he distributed them, Melody came out the last with a zero mark out of the whole class and I wondered how such a beautiful girl with some attitude would obtain such a mark and I didn’t notice that I was laughing at my thought when everyone looked at me, I really couldn’t help it so Austin who was worriedly looking at me joined me too followed by the whole class and our teacher wasn’t an exception. I could see that she wished for the earth to open up and swallow her then she approached me when the lesson was over and tried creating drama but I told her off and Austin put her in her place so she never messed with me again but sometimes I could see that she wanted to pick it up with me but didn’t know how to start and that was exactly were I wanted her and I’d sometimes step on her toes deliberately just so I could get her angry but she didn’t have the guts to face me and went complaining to other pupils which I didn’t care about. 😉

I couldn’t wait to see dad each time we closed for the term and I remember when I first went home and I was all excited to see Monica who had lost a tooth and she looked cute, she told me stories about some tooth fairy and I really enjoyed her company. I always looked forward to going home because of her and dad, I was disturbed from my thoughts by Austin who walked in my room chuckling

Austin: you’re done with packing?

Me: yeah

Austin: great, some punk is here for us

Me: punk!! Meaning?

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Austin: we’ve got a new driver today

Me: that’s not true, dad’s the one who’s always here no matter how busy he is

I got up attempting to go out but Austin signalled me that I’d left my bags which I took and hurriedly went out hoping to see dad but I was disappointed to see some guy and Austin whispered in my ear

Austin: I hope you don’t have eyes for that guy otherwise I’ll skin him alive

Me: no, I’m the one who’ll skin dad alive for not showing up. I wonder what has kept him so busy that he couldn’t make time for me and whatever it is, it better be worth it.

I said as I helped Austin load our bags since the person dad sent for us was just starring at me. We drove off and I kept asking the driver why dad couldn’t make it but he wasn’t having reasonable answers until Austin asked me to stop and told the driver to drop him at my house then I knew he couldn’t handle the thought of me being with the driver when he was dropped at his place. We finally got home and dad still wasn’t there so I took my bags to my bedroom then went to sit with Austin until he decided to leave, I sat in in the lounge and noticed something missing and quickly figured that it was mom’s pictures which were always there and I got up to look for Nancy and Mapalo who I found in the garden

Me: Nancy, Nancy, where’s dad?

Nancy: he went out, he said he had an important meeting

Me: ohh really and who removed the pictures of mom I placed in the lounge?

Nancy: I… I…I don’t know

Monica walked to us and I took her away dland did some catch up as I waited for dad to return… ..




Monica and I went to bed without dad returning, I got up the following morning and found Monica already awake and she was with dad who was prepared to leave

Me: you’re planning on leaving without even welcoming your daughter

Dad: no my baby, I thought you were exhausted and didn’t want to disturb your beauty sleep

Me: yes, I was very exhausted because that guy you sent for us drove like a maniac

Dad: he did?

Me: why couldn’t you show up?

Dad: can we talk about that when I’m back coz I’m running late?

***He dodged that one but he still had to offer me an explanation***

Me: alright, I’ll be waiting

He told Monica and I to dress up because he’d be inviting someone over for dinner then he called Mapalo and Nancy to work extra hard on the dish for supper then he walked out and left

Something told me that he’d invite his colleagues he worked on some project with because I could tell that the project he was assigned meant everything to him when he told me about it. I went to take a bath then joined in the kitchen where I made all of us breakfast and Monica joined us later when we were in the middle of an interesting conversation, I had gotten used to them and enjoyed their company. I spent the whole day in the kitchen with them as we discussed the recipe for dinner and we got started with it. Since dad really loved the project he was working on so much that he was going to have his colleagues over for dinner, I had to put aside my anger towards him and support him so the least I could do was help out and ensure that everything was perfect. We were almost approaching dinner time and I went to Monica’s bedroom to help her choose an outfit since she’d run short of ideas then I received a call from dad saying they were almost arriving so I alerted the girls and went to take a quick shower then I wore my favourite long peach dress, stilettos, jewellery, I tied my hair in a neat bun that not even a single strand of my hair fell loose then applied my make up and I was satisfied with my looks when I looked at myself in the mirror, I took a few pictures and posted them on Instagram with the caption “daddy’s pride, a day to remember” then walked out. I was nervous then suddenly had an uneasy feeling but fought it off and I took a deep breath before entering the dining room……I got in and my eyes landed on some woman who was comfortably seated on a chair stuffing her face with food. “Yeah, daddy’s partner in the project,” I said to myself I got closer and noticed she was wearing a plain chitenge material shirt, long brown skirt and grey plastic made shoes, her hair was braided in worn out cornrows. I stood for a minute to check if there was another strange face in the room but there wasn’t coz she didn’t fit to be dad’s colleague. “Don’t underestimate her, she might just be the project manager,” something in me said and I found myself laughing at that

Dad: Lucy, are you okay?

Me: umm…yes

I lied coz I was highly disappointed, how could he invite someone like that over among all the people he knew, I took my seat and dished for myself then I noticed the acne on her face. I didn’t like the woman at all for some reason I couldn’t figure out and I heard dad speak

Dad: how’s the food?

Woman: it’s nice, your daughter really knows how to cook

She spoke with her mouth full and I looked at Monica with a disgusted look but she pretended not to notice anything, the woman looked at me and I faked a smile

Woman: she’s a beautiful girl

Me: so, how’s the project going?

Dad looked at me with pleading eyes and I gave him the “introduce us” look then he sipped on his juice and cleared his throat

Dad: Florence, meet Lucy and Monica my two children

He turned looking at us

Dad: and babies, meet Florence the woman I want to be with but you can call her mom……..




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