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July 23, 2021


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Most wanted maid Episode 11 to 13

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Most wanted maid

Episode 11/13



Sonia made up her mind to play along with Ebere.She had earlier discussed with her mother about it;whom saw nothing wrong with it. “At least,the crime you commited will forever remain a secret and moreover,i trust you will extort enough money from him”She added,making Sonia’s endless thoughts grow the more.She was right about the idea of concealing the crime but that extorting money ‘thing’ was what made her give the old woman the “does this woman ever wish me well at all?” stare. “What is that?”Her mother who didn’t take the staring for granted asked. “Nothing”Sonia had replied.


* Sonia thought of every possible ways to carry out her plans but a question struck her mind. What if David refuses her advances and send her out of the house? What will become of her? She thought very hard to avoid any complicated issue. She had to make sure she succeeds because if she doesn’t, she will loose everything.The impatient Ebere had sent her texts over the pasts days,saying she’s still waiting for a call. The second week was coming to an end and she equally knew that Ebere meant every word she said. “Three weeks or you face the law” The idea of eliminating Ebere crossed her mind severally but she remembered her words again;that there was another witness who also saw the way she heartlessly stabbed paul. The pictures Ebere later showed her mde her wish she had supernatural powers powers to change things.With those pictures,Ebere really got the upper hand. “Oh my God.I didn’t mean to take his life. I know it wasn’t right. Vengeance,you have finished me” ::::. * ::::


Angela had gone out to visit a friend. David was at home with Sonia. She saw this as the perfect opportunity to begin her plans. She thought of what to do. David was in the sitting room watching television. She wore a very short mini skirt and a little sleeveless top, which revealed a clear view of her bossom.Ebere was at the other end of the mobile phone in her back pocket. As she stepped out of her room, she stopped and gave a second thought. Her inner self told her to move on before Angela comes back. She approached the sitting and stood still, staring at him. His eyes were glued to the football match he was watching. She stepped forward, her heart beating very fast. She placed her left palm on her chest to calm the increased heart beat. She kept stepping forward slowly. She just prayed her mission gets successful. She tapped him and as he turned, his eyes landed on her bossom. Sonia noticed his countenance change. She wondered what next. She didn’t want to be embarrased. “You called me sir” She said instead, looking at him boldly as if she was actually called. “I didn’t call you, and why are you putting on this dress” David asked, he was having mixed feelings. He didn’t know if he should shout at her or not. Frankly speaking, he was beginning to like her for the type of person she was. Very hardworking, humble and respectful, with her beauty crowning it all. But for the sake of the vow he made on the alter to Angela, he always dismissed every negative thoughts to take advantange of the poor girl. But now,here she was with him all alone. He looked at her once more. He controlled himself as a man, not knowing that Sonia had a plan in mind. “Why are you wearing this?” He asked again. Sonia knew without being told that she had failed this first attempt. “Nothing sir. just that i was feeling heat. so i decided to wear this clothes” She answered, touching the clothes as if David didn’t see them. “Is the fan in your room no longer working. Go to your room” David finally said and faced the football match he was watching. “I am sorry sir” Sonia drawled and started walking away slowly.”Ebere surely must be angry over there”She thought. Few hours later,Angela called and informed David that she won’t be returning home that very day. She had gone to see her parents with the hope of returning that same day but something came up which made her mother ask her to call her husband and inform him she won’t be returning that day. After ending the converstion on the phone with his wife, he called Sonia to inform her that her madam would not come home that day, so that would not prepare her dinner. Sonia nodded in comprehension. “Another chance”she thought and smiled to herself. When it was time to start preparing dinner, she carefully prepared it and went into her room. It was 7.45pm and David was getting hungry. Sonia ought to have called him to come and eat. “Sonia” he called. There was no answer. He kept calling her name while heading to the kitchen.She wasn’t there.He headed to her room,still calling her name. As he opened the door to her room, he found her sleeping on the bed without putting any clothes on.



David was shocked at the sight he beheld. As a man that he was,he got filled with mixed feelings.Should he go back and leave her alone?. He shut the door and called her name again from outside.She didn’t answer.He called again.This time around,he was getting angry. “How am i sure she is still alive?”he thought. He immediately pulled the door and called her name aloud. She moved and opened her eyes.On seeing him,she quickly grabbed the bedspread and covered her self. “I am sorry sir”she said,standing up,holding the bedspread loosely.She allowed it drop down,revealling every part of her body to David. She pretended it was accidental and unintentional as she bent down to pick it up to cover herself. “I am very sorry sir.i’m sorry”she said again,standing there and looking at him as if he was a ghost. David just shook his head and made for the door. “Get me my dinner”he said before shutting the door. Sonia face changed immediately he left.she was very disappointed. “what manner of man is this? Does it mean i am not appealing to him?”she thought. “I am trying my best o.i am doing my best”This she said to Ebere on the phone before unmuting it. “That is your own business ”Ebere’s voice echoed from the other end before the line went dead. “I must make up for this,before he tells my madam another thing”She got dressed and went out to dish out David’s dinner. As she notified him that dinner has been served,she was reluctant to leave.She scratched her head and stood still.David noticed this. “What is it?”He asked. “Emm,sir… i,i..want to apologise for what happened today.i am very sorry.Its just that i was feeling heat and i didn’t like putting on the fan.i am very sorry”Sonia sounded so innocent. “It’s ok.there is no problem.But let me bring to your notice,whether heat or cold in that your room,you must wear decent clothes.have i made myself clear?”David stressed out. “Yes sir”Sonia answered nodding. She smiled to herself as she went back to her room.


*:::::: * Two days later,She visited her mom to narrate how she had tried to lure Mr.David to lied with her which proved abortive. “Mama,i have tried my best but the man has refused.I am afraid he might find out my mission and send me packing.Mama i dont want to go to jail.That Ebere is heartless.She just wont let me be”Sonia lamented. “What do you suggest we do?”her mother asked. “Mama that is why i am me out”She pleaded while her mother nodded in comprehension. :::::. *:::::: The witch doctor they visited gave Sonia a liquid in a black bottle and told her to put it in David’s food for three consecutive days and he will become hers. ::::.**:::::


Sonia called David to come and have breakfast.He had carefully applied the liquid as instructed by the witch doctor.She stood around to make sure David ate the food when he eventually come out of his room.She just couldn’t wait to see the food pass down his throat.She had only 6 days left to do Ebere’s bidding. The only thing on her mind that moment was to see David pass the food down his throat. David came out from his room and headed to the dinning to have breakfast. As he sat down,he glanced at his wristwatch and muttered something,shook his head and stood up. Sonia saw this and edged closer. “Sir,you are didnt touch your food”Sonia said gently. “I’m running out of time.I need to be at the meeting this morning in the next fifteen minutes”He explained.


“But,sir,missing breakfast is not actually good.It is always advisable to eat breakfast in the morning,no matter what.Please sir,eat your breakfast”Soniasounded like a newly married wife. Just then,Angela emerged and went up to her husband. “Darling.She is right.please come and eat your food.The office and meeting can wait.your health is more important to me”she said as she took him by the hand like a baby and led him back to the dinning table. Sonia watched carefully as he chew and swallowed the food.She smiled and left. David ate in a hurry and left for the meeting. :::::. *:::::


“Sonia.i hope you are doing what the baba told you to do?”Sonia’s mother asked over the phone. Sonia had called to tell her how the plans has been going. “Yes mum.for these past two days,i made sure i put the liquid into his food and i always ensured he ate them”she replied in a low voice,to prevent even the walls from hearing. “Good.don’t make any mistake careful o.remember the baba said it will back-fire if you don’t do it well as he said”She clarified. “I know mom.that is why i


called.Today is the third day.Remind me the things he said i must do today.I dont want to make any mistake o.It ’s like i forgot some of the things he said i should do”Sonia explained. “Haa omo mi o.listen very well.make sure you put it in his breakfast and dinner.and then pour a little of it into his bathing water.Then apply it on your palm and rub his head with itThat is all.please be careful o”She instructed. “Alright mom.i will try my best”Sonia finally said and dropped the call. She had succeed only in putting it into his breakfast this morning.She wondered how she can rub his head with her palm. The bathing water case can never be a problem.She prayed to get lucky.But she was scared.The thought of everything back-firing was even scarier but she was determined to play this game to the end.She was beginning to reasons why she should do it.She needed money.If everything goes as planned,money would be hers. And moreover,the thought of the revelation of paul’s death was another thing she never wanted another person to hear. :::::. *.::::::


“Honey i’m hoooome”David’s voice echoed as he returned that evening from work. Sonia’s heartbeat increased as she was set to carry out her final operations. She successfully applied it into his food and bath water. Now,the only thing left was to rub his head with her palms.


She applied the liquid on her palm and stayed in a place where she knew David would pass through after bathing. As David approached,she composed herself and started looking at the paper in her hand as if she was reading it. As he came closer,she look at his head and said. “Oh sir,there is a little soap on your head”She came closer and David stopped,lowering his head for her to clean out the soap as she volunteered to. She smiled within herself as she rubbed his head with the liquid.she rubbed it all over slowly,with pleasure. “Its okay now”she said.David left.She felt like jumping up out of excitement but controlled herself.She remembered Angela and how she took her like a junior sister. “Oh lord,i didn’t mean to do this.I am so sorry for whatever happens next”Sonia murmured as she ran to her room with tears running down her cheeks.


“shine bright like a diamond” “shine bright like a diamond…..” Angela tossed on her bed.The phone kept ringing.She peered at the screen,It was “Sweet mother” calling. She tossed again from one side of the bed to another.She was still enjoying her sleep.It was the ringing phone that woke her up.She glanced at the clock hanging on the wall.It was 5.25am. She wondered why her mother could be calling so early that morning. “Good morning mum”She finally spoke into the phone. “Angela.Angela are you alright?”Mrs uwa asked from the other end of telephone. “I’m alright mum.I hope there is no problem”Angela asked curiously.Her mother’s voice didn’t sound normal. “Angela.i had a dream that’s why i called you”Mrs uwa said with a shaky voice. “A dream?”Angela asked yawning. “Angela, i had a were travelling by a bus,sitting very comfortably on your seat and then a lady came out from nowhere and started dragging the seat with you..The seat that you paid ticket for.What baffled me was that everybody in the bus kept quiet as if they didn’t see what was happening.Then she finally pulled you out of the fast moving bus and you fell down on the express road.Immediately,i woke up”She narrated with a deep sigh of confusion. Angela heaved and yawned again. “Mama,it’s just a


dream.It ’s only a dream.Don’t worry okay? I’m fine”Angela said. “No no no. Angela,my dreams are not just dreams.I hardly dream and when i have one,its usually a revelation because it later comes to pass.Angela,youmust pray hard.Pray real hard because i sense danger”Mrs uwa warned. Angela was reluctant to saying anything. Her mother’s dreams comes into reality though but only one case gave her doubts.Her little sister was taken by unknown gunmen few months after her birth and they never heard anything about her again.She felt her sister could be dead;if not blood and destiny ought to have brought them together again but her mother kept saying that her lost daughter was still alive,that she dreams of it. Angela openly doubted the possibility of her still being alive. She also remembered how her mother had told them she had a dream where her aunty,her mother’s sister had an accident and died.Her mother had told her sister about it and asked her to pray.They too,prayed over it.Few months later,her aunty died in a ghastly motor accident. Angela became scared.She clasped her hand together and muttered something.


“Angela.You must come over so we can pray over this.Tell David about it.I’m very sure he would allow you come”Mrs uwa said before finally hanging up. Angela got up immediately and went up to David to tell him about it. David granted her the permission without wasting anytime. The pastor Angela and her mother visited,told Angela that she must fast for seven days (6am-3am) and at the end of the fast,she must come for prayers.Becauseof this,she stayed over at her parents place as instructed by her mother. The pastor didn’t actually explain the dream but he only said he sensed danger. “Great disaster” David rolled again on the big bed,curling up at one end to see if sleep would welcome him into it’s soothing arms. He kept still expecting it to come but it never came.Not even a shadow of that blessing called sleep did he see. He knew for certain that there was no way sleep can take him away in his thoughts. He was thinking,thinking about Sonia but trying to convince himself that it was his dear Angela he was thinking of. He fought those thoughts but they persisted. He found it strange how Sonia filled up his mind,heart and thoughts.They have lived for quite a longtime and he never felt like this before.He wondered if it could be because of the fact that Angela was not around. He shook his head negatively.


That was not the first time Angela left the house without returning for few days. Of course the poor girl was a maid,employed to help out with the household chores;he never saw any need of thinking about her when he had Angela but tonight he just couldn’t understand what was happening. He had called Angela on the phone few minutes ago and they gisted and laughed for sometime before bidding each other goodnight but still,the beautiful image of Sonia couldn’t get out of his mind. It was as if someone held her picture to his face for him to see and he was trying to push it away but the person holding it refused


letting go.Just like when someone tells you to shut your eyes and think about other things apart from him;surely,you must think about that person and try not to. A memory flashed into his mind.It was that day Sonia showed up when he was watching a football match.He remembered the way she had appeared and how lovely she looked. Another memory that got him up on his feet was when he saw her sleeping in her room with everything that made her a woman open for him to see.He equally remembered when she stood up and the bedspread fell down.He pictured her fair,elegant and inviting bossom,her tempting curves and shapes. He swallowed hard and made for the door as the whole incident kept replaying in his head. He headed towards her room,though he didn’t know what he was going there to do but he felt like beholding her face physically;perh aps,it could help cure this new sickness of his. He walked lazily until he arrived at her door.He reasoned within him that it would be a disturbance if he called her name at that time of the night without any solid reason. He tried opening the door quietly to just steal a look at her and then go back in peace but it was locked.He rested against the door and muttered something under his breath. He finally made up his mind to knock.He knocked gently the first time,no answer. When he tried again,he heard Sonia’s calm voice from within,demanding to know whom it was. “I’m the one”David’s voice was weak. Sonia jumped down from the bed and adjusted her pyjamas.Her eyes went up to the clock hanging on the wall. It was 10:50pm Soon,Ebere’s voice was heard on the phone. “What is it? Two days.48 hours left.The clock is ticking…….” Sonia started coughing for the fear of David hearing a single thing until it was muted. She took the phone and made for the door. She opened the door and found David standing there helplessly.




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