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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Most wanted maid Episode 1 to 5

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Angela wiped the sweats off her face as she moped

the floor of the kitchen. It was

saturday, so she has decided to keep everywhere

clean and


She did the cleaning in a hurry and started preparing dinner. She

didn’t go to her boutique that

very day. She just felt like resting at home.

David, her dear husband would soon be

returning from work.She wanted him to eat as soon as he returns and

take some rest.

She heaved as she ran about the kitchen.

“I am tired. I’m just stressed up. I think i need a

maid” She

sighed, nodding to her thoughts.

Angela was in her late

twenties. She got married to

David three years ago, but they

are yet to have an issue.

Angela and david had been friends right from their

university days. They fell in love

with each other and were always found together.


David’s graduation, securing a job became a

problem. Angela also tried all she could to help David get a job.She

lied to her

father on several ocassions

inorder to estort money from

him to help David’s job seeking

process. However,David later got a job

in a very rich company.

It happened that when Angela

eventually graduated from the

university,she found it very

hard to get a job.Despite everything her father did.David

was not left out in helping her

seek for job but all to no


David,later convinced her

to worry about nothing since

he had the money to cater for them.

After their wedding,David

opened a cosmetic shop for

her,according to her


David became more and

more successful as if their marriage

had a hand in it.They

enjoyed a sweet and romantic

union without troubles,but the

only worry that was lurking in

the corner was their inability to

have a child yet. They had gone to different

hospitals to find out the cause

of the problem.However,all the

doctors kept saying the same

thing.That there’s nothing

wrong with any of them,While urging them to wait for God’s

time.This didn’t bother David at

all.He believed God’s time is the

best.He remembered a couple

who spent up to 10yrs

together before the wife concieved.Hence,the situation

at hand didn’t affect his

undying love for her


Angela heard a car hunk within

the compound.she knew it was no other person than her

beloved husband.

“Helo honey.i’m hooooome”he

soon emerged from the

door.Angela came out from the

room and kissed him welcome.

“How was work today?”She

asked as she collected the

briefcase from him.

“Good,my dear.Just that i am

tired,weak and hungry”He


“Then,its not a problem.I will

take care of that”Angela said as

she took him by the hand and led

him in.

It was actually late in the night

when Angela brought up the topic of bringing in a

maid.David objected to this

idea.He wondered why she

would want to bring in a

maid.Angela never did any

laundry.The washing was always done by the dry

cleaner.They were only living in

a flat and not two storey.What

could make her want to bring

in a maid?

He totally rejected the idea.Angela only cooked in the

evenings when she gets back

from her cosmetics shop.They

normally take beverages with

bread in the morning,though

Angela sometimes prepare something different.

Angela became sad and moody

at her husbands disaproval.

But little did she know she was

asking for her downfall.

“Honey, do you think this idea of

bringing in a maid is

right?” David asked Angela who

was already

sad that her husband refused to grant

her request.

“Yes,i don’t see anything wrong with that. let’s just bring

a maid.

“What do we need a maid for?” David asked. He too

was not happy.

“So i can fully concentrate on

my business. The new maid will be doing the cooking and keeping the home clean. please

my dear” Angela

pleaded. BecauseDavid never wanted to see her sad,

he gave

her the go ahead.

Angela became happy again but she never knew she was

calling for trouble.


“Angela my daughter. You are

looking so beautiful” It was Mrs. Uwa, her mother.

Angela smiled as she sat on the sofa. “Mum, everyone knows to well that i am not more


than you are. I am only but your photocopy and

Dad’s carbon

copy. So the both of you are the

real beauty” She gesticulated. Her mother need no

soothsayer to tell her that her

beloved daughter was living in harmony with david,



Angela had actually visited her parents inorder to tell them about her plan of getting


maid, so her mother could help

her look for one.

“My daughter.i don’t support this” her mother cuts in.

“Why mum?”Angela just couldnt see any reason why her mother should stand

against this.

“David your husband,i believe

loves you so much and will do

almost anything for you.If you

are finding the house chores hard,discuss it with him and

see if he will profer a better

solution.The greatest mistake

you will make in your marriage

is giving another women the

opportunity to take care of your husband for you…..”

“Mum but i am not bringing in

a maid to take care of my

husband for me”Angela

interrupted her mother.

“Your mother is right Angela.Bringingin a maid in

your matrimonial home to do

the cookings and wash your

husbands clothes almost

means the same thing as

leaving your husband under her care”Her father spoke this


Angela became confused.There

may be sense in what her

parents were saying but her

instints told her that her husband can never prefer a

maid over her.Not when the“How many people fell from the building?”Her mother asked again

Sonia was not surprised at her mother.It was no new kind of question to her.Her mother had always remained a mystery to her.

“mum,i was the only woman there.You know its not for women but i had to do it.I had to do it mum;to raise some money inorder to get you more drugs.i just dont know why you are always hostile to me mom”There were tears in her voice this time as she went for a seat,holding her aching leg,sobbing and moaning in pain.

“you are too lazy”

That was all she heard the woman she called her mother say;with a disdainful hiss.

“mom, you know what? Overtime i have always wondered if i actually came out from your womb”Sonia said and stormed out of the house with the pains she felt all over her body,to get some pain killers.

__Being a pretty young girl,she was so much admired by young men and even the married ones alike but she never paid them any attention.Paul,one of the young men in her neighbourhood vowed to have his way with her by all means.He had tried everything under his power to earn her friendship but she abruptly turned him down.

“baby i don’t mean any harm.i just want to be a friend.i wish you can just come over to my house one of these days to see where i live”Paul had one day told her.

When Sonia finally visited him,after agreeing to be just a friend,Paul offered her a drink and she took it.

The next thing she discovered was that she opened her eyes and found herself on the bed,stack naked.Not even a bra was on her.Blood was all over the bedspread.

“noooo.Jesus nooo”she covered her face with her palms and cried out in pains.

She opened her eyes again and found Paul at one corner of the room,staring at her.She quickly grabbed the bed spread and covered her unclothedness.

With eyes full of tears she focused her gaze on him

“Paul.paul why.whyyy paul.You betrayed my trust paul.I told you i am a virgin.Do you have to do this?”She couldn’t control the tears anymore as they flowed freely from her

love for each other is still there.

Angela was a lady that gets

almost whatever she wanted

without heeding to advice.Despite her parents

advice to shun the idead of

bringing in a maid,she paid

deaf ears.

“We are not trying to force you

my dear.If you feel like getting a maid,if your husband

approves of it,then go

ahead.We only want what is

best for you.You are our

daughter.But my advice to you

when you finally bring this maid is to watch her

closely”Her father concluded.


“shine bright like a diamond”

“shine bright like a diamond”

That’s Angela’s mobile phone ringing.She looked at the

screen.It was Ebere,her


“Helo b.b”She answered the


“Angel,are you at home? I got the maid and she is right here

with me”Ebere spoke from the

other end.

“Really? I just got back now.i’m

home”Angela was excited.

“We are coming over.Keep something for me o”Ebere

cooed and hung up.

Angela nodded.She was

happy.Now,she can fully

concentrate on her business

like other women. The knock on the door an hour

later,made Angela come out

from the kitchen leaving the

rice she was preparing.She

knew it was Ebere and the

most anticipated maid.When she opened the door,Ebere

entered,leaving a beautiful young girl carrying a bag by

the door for Angela to have a

better view before

she came in.

“Good Evening ma”She greeted. Angela beheld her.She was

indeed beautiful with her open

teeth.Fair in complexion.

Angela let her in with her bag.

“What is your name?”She

asked. “My name is sonia ma”She


“How old are you?”

“I am 22 years ma”She replied

again with a smile.

Angela introduced herself and showed her a room to move in.

The arrival of Sonia gladdened

Angela heart. She was

delighted. Sonia on her own part played not only the

role of

a maid. She felt much

comfortable around her madam; she just took Angela as

her elder sister.

Sonia took charge of the household chores. She took

charge of preparing the

meals. She even offered to

wash the clothes instead of taking them to the dry cleaner.

She was in desperate need for money to support


mother’s failing health. She was able to finish her


school but couldn’t go further to higher institutions because

of lack of finance. So, since then, she has been

looking for

money through any possible

means inorder to keep living and support her mother

who was always sick.


David bumped into Sonia as he

hurried out of his room with

his briefcase. He was getting

late for work.She fell down as

his body brushed her. “Oh.i am sorry. get up, give me

your hand” David reached for

her hand to help get her up

from the ground.

“Good morning sir.I was

actually coming to tell you that your breakfast is ready” She

announced as she got up from the ground.

“I don’t think i can still have

breakfast. I have to attend an

important meeting this

morning and i am running out of time. Where is your

madam?” David was in a hurry.

“She is still sleeping” Sonia replied. She had a way of

talking that made her

outstanding. Talking slowly

and pronouncing every word to the end. David made to Angela’s room to notice her of his


leaving because of an

important meeting.

As David drove,he thought

within himself how Sonia handles the house duties as if

she was actually a member of

the family. She was in good

terms with both husband and

wife. Angela had been right

about bringing her in,he thought.




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