Morenikeji final episode

BY the writer of my colourless rainbow
“Yes, I do.
That was how we exchanged our final vow at the altar.
It has been a long road, a very long journey but finally we arrived safely throu-gh the mercy of God.
Family and friends c@m£ to witness the big day.
Dammi with her family, Uzo c@m£ with hers.
My Mum, brother, Segun with his wife and baby girl were around.
We did the introduction first at my home town before proceeding to the altar after two weeks.
I had fear and worries relaxing heavily on my che-st.
“What if something bad happens?
“What if Phil suddenly changed his mind at the dying minutes?
“What if after traveling all the way from Abuja to my State and Phil with his people found out that my family is not up to their standard?
“, What if something strange happens on the wedding day? Maybe an invisible rock knock off my feet and I fell heavily to the ground on my big day and everyone went on laughing at me and then Phil-ips hakes his head disappointed. He stood, took his people and left… leaving me to glow in my shame alone..??
“What if it….
I suddenly realized all the evil thoughts crowding my mind.
I began rejecting, casting and binding it all.
I and Phil has prayed fervently before the Marriage rituals starts
He challenged me to more prayers and I gladly took it.
I didn’t go to shop for three days, I was at home praying and telling God to perfect everything that concerns me and Phil and to bless our wedding day and make it to be successful.
God heard. Oh yes, He actually heard every prayers and ordained our Union. He blessed our special day.
Everything was a big success.
All the negatives thought was placed un-der my feet.
After the reception, we took more pictures, greeted few more people before finally going home.
Almost all my friends were either married or alre-ady with kids.
I couldn’t easily l@ymy hand on a chief brides maid initially.
A friend I met during Amara’s wedding, Vanessa, we gradually bec@m£ close after I got engaged.
When I told her to “best” me she gladly obliged.
It could have been Kachi but she was alre-ady married.
I was there during her big traditional wedding. She got married to a white German.
It was a fun day as the white families followed every rite and danced to every traditional music. We had fun mixed with lots of laughter.
Phil!phas his squared alre-ady. Getting his men wasn’t difficult at all.
I used the people available which includes my staffs. Beautiful Halima, Julie. And two other new staffs Ify and Tito.
I added two other ladies to my train.
Everything that they used was sewed and bought for them.
They were super excited to be among my bridal train.
Phil’s elder sister flew all the way down. She said she can’t miss her only brother’s wedding for anything.
There were too much crowd, different gifts both in cash and kind.
Everything was amazing. A dream come true.
My white wedding was a week after my birthday.
It was a special kind of birthday gift from God to me.
I cried my eyes out when I looked back at where and how it all started.
I was almost giving up, thinking that God probably didn’t destined me to be a man’s wife not just any kind of man.
A man like Phil!pKanu.
Coming to a full realization that I was going to be a “Mrs” really pu-ll-ed me into an emotional state.
Having a husband like Phil, is not just a dream come true is God’s precious gift to me.
I can’t thank him enough for such a wonderful gift.
For not listening to all the worldly wish of my heart.
I wanted a man like Chike but Phil was three times more than Chike.
Weathy yet humble. He wasn’t confirmed to the ideology of the world rather he chosed to remain focus and in line with godliness.
I couldn’t make him fall out of his faith into my b0ss0mdespite how I tried initially.
Phil remained steadfast, and never fell for my charms or any woman’s.
He could have had S-x with me after all we were alre-ady engaged and planning to get married.
He could have done and tagged it along with other useless saying “, b©dy no be firewood”
Phil refused to bend. I almost destroyed this good man’s belief but he didn’t allow my prowess to make him fall out.
I can categorically say that Phili-p’s type are not much again. And if God bless us with one, all we nee-d to do was to thank him wholeheartedly.
Prostrating to his mercies.
Who could have believed that the quiet guy that was sipping a fruity Chapman, whom I looked down on because I thought he was just a common man, I insulted him when he asked me to take it easy with the alcohol.
I even thought he is a driver cruising in his employer’s car.
I used mouth to wash him down and yet he took it all and never kicked me out of his car half way or refused dropping me when Chike asked him to kindly do so.
When I couldn’t give him a useful information of my house address he took me to his. He makes sure I was safe and at the end agreed to employ me as a domestic staff in his house where I was paid handsomely.
Instead of being jobless and depending on the next available man, I got employed by this fine man.
Throu-gh him my life was transformed for good.
Throu-gh him I have become a boss of my own, straightened my Walk with God.
Yes, Phil did it all. He did it without even knowing.
Just watching his lifestyle and it transformed mine for good.
Who could have thought I will marry a man like this. I condemned him without really knowing him because he wasn’t acting or behaving like a rich kid.
Our wedding night was awesome. Immediately we where alone he bounced on me like a prey.
“Hey… take it easy. I said trying not to show the shy p@rt I thought I never had.
Phil laughed and said.
“Easy, is exactly what I had been doing all throu-gh my time with you, taking everything easy. I have become impatient all of a sudden. we can finally tear the be-d sheet into pieces and torn down the entire room. Yes, we have the full right to do as we plea-se… isn’t it?
I laughed so long and ha-rd . He joined in the laughter as we just l@yin be-d still in our wedding clothes staring at each other
He was only in shi-t and trou-ser. The rest of his cloths were on a cushion chair in his big be-droom.
He g@sped out and said while placing his hand on my stomach
“I was just messing with you my love. You are a precious gift, well packaged from God. If I rush to unwra-p it, I may tamper with the main thing…so I’m gonna take my time, Slowly yet gentle to get to it. Patient has become p@rt of me… as much as I really want to have you right away…all night long, I won’t rush, you are God’s well endowed gift to me.
He un-hooked my n£¢klace, every accessories on me.
Gently turned me over and began to uncli-pped my go-wn.
He uncli-pped everything I was putting on carefully which includes my br@.
He un-bu-ttoned his shi-t, tossed it to a chair before attending to his trou-ser.
He tossed me over to my back carefully and began k!ss!ngfrom my n£¢k down to my back.
He tried to pu-ll down the go-wn from my shoulder.
I held onto it ti-ght. I have never been so shy all throu-gh my d@t!ngtime with Phil!puntil this moment.
I was about to get the very thing I have de-sired for long.
Why exactly was I feeling awkward and acting like I have never met a man before.
“Wai… plea-se wait Phil, I’m not fully re-ady…
He paused and looked at me, not with a confused face but with patient in his eyes and action.
“,Is okay Keji. I promised not to rush… plea-se take your time. I’m always here.
He l@ybeside me, on the be-d, facing the roof.
I nodded, swallowed ha-rd and told him that I was re-ady.
He gently pu-ll-ed down my go-wn. Tossed my br@ to a chair.
He lifted me to the bathroom, where he bath me like a baby and also had his own bath.
He held me from behind as we retuned to the room, k!ss!ngmy n£¢k, shoulder and arm.
Right then I began to wish I was a vir-gin, the best gift I could have offered to Phil could have been my vir-ginity like he was about offering his.
I don’t deserve this kind of man. He is too good and reserved than I will ever be.
Phil pu-ll-ed me down to the be-d.
He ca-ressed me gently, leaving nothing unturned.
I used to be worried, if Phil will even know how to make love to a woman since is not his kind of thing.
Phil had a magical hands, he can easily put a woman in the mood with those hands of his.
My whole worries and fear was erased as he went on and on with every p@rt of my b©dy. I m0@n ed quietly with each gentle stro-ke.
He k!$$£d me pas-sionately like he has never done.
And just as he was about perform the final forepl@yI screamed out.
“St©p…st©p.. st©p it Phil…
I was p@n-ting as I sat up from the be-d.
He straightened, this time he was confused.
“Whaaa…tt is the problem Keji? Did I do something wrong…?
I shakes my head.
He bent over towards me, trying to pu-ll me back to the be-d. I shifted away from him.
He was fully re-ady for the main action but I don’t know what is wrong with me.
I was enjoying everything he was doing with my b©dy and did not un-derstand why i felt uneasy.
He moved closer again, asking me what the matter was.
“, Nothin Phil. I’m sorry… for interrupting. I don’t know why I have this guilt strange feeling…I can’t even define it in words…
“Is okay…I un-derstand. I will wait until your re-ady then. Look at me..look here…
He turned me to face him.
“… listen my love. I don’t care how many men you have been with before meeting me. I don’t care what your past S-x history looks like. I love you never the less and you are as good as new to me. All that matters now is that you are mine…we belong to each other. Keji, you are my bride and just as Christ loves his church I’m re-ady to love and serve you…for the rest of my life.
The confidence, the energy in his voice and reas-surance in the words he spoke was everything I nee-ded.
I was not just lucky, I felt blesses.
I wiped a tear, k!$$£d him dearly.
He indeed treated me like a v!rg!nbride. ma-king me feel special all throu-gh the blissful night we had.
It was a beautiful moment that I didn’t want it to end but we were both exhausted after spending hours in each others warmth.
We continued as we went on a honey moon in South Africa.
He saw the beautiful suit in the internet, booked it down and we traveled for three weeks.
That was the very first time I was leaving Nigeria.
I felt alive, super alive by the time the honey moon was over and we returned to Nigeria.
Ijeoma met me one day after I c@m£ back from honeymoon
“My very own beautiful sister, my Yoru-ba fine sister God has finally done it. Congratulations. I’m happy for you oo.
“Thank you Ijeoma.
I said as I retuned my attention to the breakfast she just served.
Phil left early to work to attend to something urgently. I was having breakfast alone.
“…eehee, I wanted to ask you. Hope you are not taking anything I said in the past personal? Because me, I was just pla-ying with you ooo. You alre-ady know that I pl@ytoo much and if you don’t know me enough you may end up taking me serious when I was only joking. Nne, you can’t possibly take all those things i said or did personal… Or did you?
“Ijeoma, can you see that i’m having breakfast? plea-se return back to your duty. I don’t have anything to discuss with you…
She frowned as I continued with my breakfast.
As she was going back to the kitchen she was talking to herself.
“I was only pla-ying o. I have been working in this house for years and I don’t want anyb©dy to sack me because of a common pla-y. Everyone pla-ys in different ways… that was my own way of pla-ying. Even the “onye ofe mmanu” I used to call you was just a joke. Can’t someb©dy pl@ywith you… God will not allow anyb©dy to fire me because of a normal joke that doesn’t supposed to cause any harm…me, I love everyone. Ask Seun…she can attest to that. I like everyb©dy and joke with everyone in a different way…
I ignored Ijeoma as she murmured and entered kitchen.
Stella was my big paddy, Seun too. We flow so well.
Phil was preparing papers for us to travel to London.
I was very excited when he mentioned it. We will be visiting and will stay for six months.
I resume shop in the main time. I was taking some immune booster that will enable me to get pregnant but Phil tossed it to the wastebin.
He told me not to stress myself in taking different drugs just to get pregnant that at the right time I will conceive.
We did different medical checkup and counseling before our wedding and I was confirmed okay.
Phil too was very alright.
But the doctor recommend that if I want to easily become pregnant then I should place myself on some medication of which I did but Phil didn’t buy into the idea.
My paper was re-ady and we finally left Nigeria to UK.
My second time of leaving Nigeria.
It was indeed a beautiful place.
We stayed for six months. I even had to book for thera-py on how to conceive throu-gh the help of Phil’s sister.
It was going to be three months of thera-py. Phil still did not buy into the idea but he allowed it in the first month just to make me happy.
I can’t fold my hands and do nothing.
My age maybe another thing ma-king it difficult to conceive.
I couldn’t complete the doctor’s visitation and counseling section before Phil st©pped me.
“Keji, plea-se listen to me…no more doctors appointment or visitation to a thera-pist. You are alright in every way. We’re here to have fun…free your spirit and do so. At God’s appointed time he will make all things beautiful. Don’t settle with the wisdom of the medical doctors. They will examine your b©dy and tell you whatever they see or observed then prescribe-d what you nee-d to do as solution but is ha-rd for you to trust God who isn’t asking you to do anything at all. seasons and time are in God’s hand Keji. In his own perfect time you will become a mother. Be patient and wait on God… you believe whatever the doctors tell you to do but refused to harken to God word which said that no woman shall be found barren…
After then I dropped it off, i joined my faith with my husband to trust in God
After six months was over we flew back to Nigeria.
Resumed business fully.
It was a year and four months after getting married I finally bec@m£ pregnant.
I was happy, Phil too as we looked forward to welcoming our first child.
Phil and I flew to London as the time for delivery approached
It was a boy, my first fruit, my wo-mb opener. I couldn’t keep calm. I was too happy . My joy knows no bounds.
Our first son whom we named Andrew, Kamsiriochukwu (Kamsi) Kanu was only eleven months when I realized I was pregnant again for the second baby.
It was also a boy. ” Jaden Kelechi Kanu.
I guess that’s all God signed up for me. I tried severally for another, maybe a baby girl but none c@m£.
God knew how many I can handle.
He alone opened my wo-mb and I conceived. Where the strength of the medical doctors st©ps that is where his own began.
Throu-gh the help of God I bec@m£ a boss, a bible quoting believer, a wife to a God s£nt man and a mother to two amazing cute boys.
I’m made for life.
He gave me everything I asked and even more.
Phil has never changed from being a loving husband and a great father.
The love and care from both my father and mother inlaw and also sisters inlaws envelope me.
Everyone took me in as theirs, overlooking the fact that I was from a different tribe and speaks different dialect.
No one see’s me as “onye ofe mmanu” like Ijeoma will always tag me back then.
I felt so blessed and loved.
Despite getting married very late I still ended up with the best package in a man and also bec@m£ a mother.
I can go on and on of how truly blessed I was. About Dammi having another baby boy with no much pregnancy trouble.
Uzo had another girl before a boy.
I can tell you how Ijeoma resigned from her job because she was afraid of me sacking her.
She went on to open a business of her own.
I can tell you how Kachi had a baby boy too but that was before I even bec@m£ pregnant for my first son.
I could tell you that I have a mini libr@ry throu-gh the help of Mr Kanu, my father-in-law and there’s a lot of Amah’s Heart also known as granAmah’s novels in there with several other books.
If I start telling you about everyone and everything, we won’t end this my story.
But every begining has an end.
My name is Morenikeji. With de-ep meaning.
Morenikeji simple means “I have found a p@rtner”
My Mum didn’t have the best of husband or marriage, she was mostly lonely. her world was brightened up when I was born and she name me Morenikeji. She has found a p@rtner. Someone to be her second, so she is not alone anymore.
My life is a total opposite of my mum’s. It couldn’t have been so if I was still living to plea-se the world and never met a man like Phili-p.
I got busy when Phil!pand I separated. I did not want center my happiness around a man again. I discovered myself in the process, opened my own business and felt good with my achievements. I was alre-ady moving on when Phil returned and I was happy he didn’t meet me the same way he left me..
I was wiser and better.
It all started on a bad, sad, broke lonely note for me but it ended marvelously well in praise because my husband thought me to believe in God with all I got and I did so wholeheartedly without weavring and withholding nothing.
I’m a full living testimony.
My national anthem has become “what God cannot do does not exist”.

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