Morenikeji Episode 9

Episode 9.
We had a nice time and before I left I went to Dammi to let her know that I was leaving and to congratulate her once again.
Phil!pwas talking with Kwame, one of their Ghanaian friend.
as I was going over to the car to wait for Phili-p, Kunle c@m£ out from nowhere and started walking with me.
He was going over to the parking side like I was.
He asked if he can have my number atleast to call and say hello once in a while since we are both from the same tribe but I refused.
I told him that my b©yfri£ndwill not be plea-sed with such idea.
He persisted and refused to go until I give him the number.
I got to where Phil!pparked his car and waited.
I have to stand beside the car and wait since I’m not with the key.
“Instead of standing by your b©yfri£nd’s car, come let’s sit together in mine and have a little more chat before he comes. Is not a gentleman like for me to leave you standing here alone…. night is alre-ady approaching. And your man could have given you the car key so that you sit inside and wait for him.
I ignored him and began thinking of a way to offend him so that he will leave me alone.
“This your broken front tooth isn’t ma-king you a bit attrac-tive for me. I’m a lover of good dentals and yours isn’t in line at all…
I didn’t mean what I said, Kunle looks good and his front teeth isn’t that bad at all but this dude nee-ds to leave me alone.
I don’t want Phil!pthat I have been fighting ha-rd to get and praying that he finds me appealing, I don’t want him to come back and see me with Kunle talking again.
That may discourage him or makes him wave me aside.
Some men supposed to respect a lady and st©p pushing too ha-rd when she says she’s not interested.
After describing his tooh he wasn’t a bit offended, instead he started laughing before saying.
“plea-se try looking past the broken tooth. I know is not good to behold but I’m glad is not more than this. Let me tell you a story. Growing up I used to like soft drinks, I was around 16-17years when this happened I’m used to it. Is more than fifteen years alre-ady. I and my friends then went for a p@rty, we were served a bottle of mineral each. While holding onto our unopened drinks we waited for opener. I love minerals and my patients was alre-ady running out while waiting for my drink to be opened. I have used my teeth on several occasions to open bottle drinks in the past so I decided to use my teeth. I discovered it was so ti-ght, I tried ha-rder and that was how my front tooth shattered leaving me with what you see now. Hahahaha! My friends will make jokes with it in the past and I will feel offended but with time I even forgot that I have such. None of my girlfriends in the past complained about it but if you want me to visit the dentist for a refilling I will be glad to do anything for you… my queen.
I saw Phil!pcoming. It was obvious that kunle wasn’t re-ady to leave.
I quic-kly called out my number to him.
As he turned to leave Phil!pwas alre-ady few feet away.
I watched as he went to his car, a Highlander fine blue Jeep.
Phil!papologies for keeping me waiting before getting into the car.
I noticed that kunle didn’t drive off immediately, he waited for us to drive out first.
As Phil-ips tarted the car and drove out, Kunle horned twice and Phil!presponded with his own horn.
” He obviously wants you Keji. I totally un-derstand what you acted back there, I don’t know much about Kunle except throu-gh Chike but I guess he’s a nice guy…
He said while driving.
“But I want you Phil”
I didn’t say that out loud, only to my self.
Why can’t he un-derstands that I only have eyes for him and nob©dy else.
Not even Kunle or any other man can make me feel the way Phil makes me feel.
As for Kunle, I don’t care if he is a nice guy, rich, famous or same tribe with me.
the only person that has given me sleepless nights is the man sitting beside me.
Why can’t Phil!pun-derstand, why can’t he looks at me the way other men does.
With love or lvst I don’t care.
He should look at me with de-sires in his lovely eyes.
Could it be that he is into a serious relationsh!pand well committed to his woman.
“Thanks for your un-derstanding at what happened back there with Kunle. I just wanted him to leave me alone. I apologise for bringing you into my little drama. I’m really glad you took no offense.
He nooded with a smile without looking at me.
He talked about Chike and Dammi’s wedding and how smooth the whole thing went.
He was obviously happy with his friend
“Have ever thought of getting married some day? like are you into any serious relationsh!pthat will eventually lead to marriage…
I asked without thinking but quic-kly apologize for asking him personal question.
… you can choose to ignore that. I… have forgotten that you are still my boss….
He began to laugh and I joined him.
He looked at me while still laughing before returning his focus on the road.
“Yes…I was into a relationsh!pbut she went for her master degree abroad and our communication and bonding began to die off gradually. Most times I call she is either too tired, re-ading, rushing out or busy with one thing or the other. And I also have my own business to run and when she calls I’m either in the middle of work which I will promise to call back but if I calls back she gives me this discouraging tone. I guess she nee-ded time for herself and I’m giving her all the time she nee-ds…
I don’t know if I should be happy because he’s half single or whole single or worried because is obvious he loves this girl.
“I’m sorry about that…
I said and I meant it.
“There’s nothing to be sorry about Keji. I’m totally fine. My Dad usually say to me that whatever is not meant to be….heaven won’t approve it no matter how humanly possible we try but whatever is meant to be will eventually happen…
I nooded in agreement.
I was expecting him to ask if I’m also in a relationsh!pso that I can shout “very very single and searching”
But he didn’t ask and I didn’t bother telling him. That may appear too forward.
We arrived home and I thanked him for the ride before going over to my quarters.
When I turned back to look at him he was alre-ady walking into the main building without bothering to look at me.
As I l@yin be-d that night, I was almost giving up trying to make Phil!pnotice how much I want to be in his life.
A call from a strange number interrupted my thoughts.
I angrily answered.
“Hello my Queen… Keji, this is Kunle… I’m just calling to know if you arrived home safe. Hope you are good…
I almost ended the call but I have been very rude to him and felt bad for ma-king a harsh statement with his broken tooth which he still didn’t mind.
“I’m fine Kunle, how about you… did you arrive safe?
He gladly said he did.
He wanted to continue chatting over the phone but I told him that i wanted to sleep. I quic-kly ended the call.
I resumed work the following day.
I was a bit moody and tries to avoid Ijeoma at all cost.
I did whatever they asked of me and retired to my quarters immediately I finish for the day.
I try to avoid running into Phili-p, maybe if I st©p seeing him I will be able to forget him.
For days I was cold towards everyone.
“I’m alre-ady thirty, I dre-aded it so much but here I was. “Thirty and very single”
Dammi is married, Uzo is also married with a baby girl.
My Friends are all ahead, happily married and living their best life while I’m still trying to figure out my life.
I may appear ha-rd and difficult physically but I also deserves a cuddle, a love note and nice d@t£ with the man I truly loves.
Kunle continued calling, he s£nd in several chats of how he can’t st©p thinking about me.
He said he knows that I’m in a relationsh!pbut still wanted me to know how he feels about me right from the first time he set his eyes on me.
All I did was to say “thank you” for the long epistle on how he loves me and will want to see me again.
He wasn’t discouraged as he continued pestering my life.
Phil!phas a visitor one evening, he sat with the lady by the pool side.
Ijeoma gave me food with drink to go and serve them.
I almost said “NO” but I remembered how much i nee-ded this job.
I took the tray of fruit salad, grilled turkey in salmon sauce and smoothy to them.
The girl was laughing at whatever Phil-ips aid. She tapped his hand in the process of laughing and I almost dropped the tray on her head.
“Why is she stylishly tou-ching his hand?
I said to myself before dropping the tray on the table.
They were still talking when I dropped the tray, I felt unnoticed.
I looked at Phil, he was talking while looking from the pool to the lady opposite him.
While the lady was staring at him all over with her full attention.
I started moving away she called me back.
“Get me a chilled bottle water…
I looked at her with anger forming on my che-st.
She couldn’t even add “plea-se”
Phil!pturned as I was about walking away and said.
“Keji plea-se bring chilled water for my friend…Lola.
I nooded with a smile as I walked away.
I love the way he mentioned my name and said the whole thing.
Very plea-sing to my hearing.
“Lola” so she is also Yoru-ba? Very disrespectful lady.
If she is this close to Phil!pwhich means Phil isn’t tribalistic or racists.
I later brou-ght the water but “Aunty” Lola complains that it wasn’t cold enough.
“Sho gbo Yoru-ba? (Hope you un-derstand Yoru-ba) Ko tutu rara” (is not cold at all)
She asked me to go and bring another, I went and brou-ght another water.
Lola complained again that is too cold, more than the one I brou-ght before.
Phil!pdidn’t say anything, I walked away and retuned with another that is not so cold.
“, This one is not really cold. Since your name is Keji I guess you are Yoru-ba, I c@m£ down to your level and communicated in Yoru-ba because not everyone un-derstands my British ton-gue… yet you didn’t gr-ab. I meant something that is neither lukewarm or cold. Something a little bit more than room temperature. Hmmm…i guess you don’t un-derstand my British accent. Most househelps finds it difficult to un-derstand and communicate in good English but, no problem… let me manage the water like that…
I wanted to reply her but I thought of my job.
If not how important this Job is to me, I would have put Lola in her place.
Phil!preplied her.
“Keji is not a maid Lola…she is a full learned staff here.
She waved her hand to the air and replied Phil with
I walked away and rounded up for the day before retiring to my quarters.
Kunle called again and with that vexation on my che-st I decided to speak with Kunle calmly and even laughed at his dry jokes.
He asked if he can come and and take me out and I agreed, I told him by weekend.
I can’t come and kill myself over Phil!palthough I still wants him very much but he obviously doesn’t want me.
Let me leave him with his so called fake British accent Lola with her ugly looking wig and fatl-ips like fifty naira ponmo (cow skin)her bad attitude stink like iru (locust beans). Nons-en-se!
Sometimes I wonder if is better to be with the one that loves you rather than the one you truly loves.