Morenikeji Episode 2

Episode 2.
I want a big p@rty as i’m about to turn thirty. I wish there is a stable man around maybe I will be looking forward to receiving an engagement ring too.
I really want the man for me just like Dammi got her Chike and just like one of my friend who is alre-ady married now. We call her Uzo, she got married to Tobi. I heard that she is alre-ady pregnant and expecting her first child.
What is really happening to me, what kind of bad luck is this.
Who am I even fooling? There is no way I can possibly find a well to do guy that will fit into my description before 14th of next month.
I remember there was a time Dammi’s b©yfri£ndtook us out.
No, it was twice not once and it was one of the most amazing and expensive place on earth.
That was one of the time in my life I felt alive…so much alive.
A place were the big boys and pretty ladies hang out.
People like myself. They call it unique plea-sure lounge and it feels like it’s name.
I know my pockets are running empty, I don’t have a car or wardrobes filled with expensive wears, bags or shoes.
My rent just expired last week and very soon that shrewd looking landlady will start knocking on my door to ask for her money.
I have many things on my sleeve combined with the fact that I’m going to be turning thirty by next month.
Is this life really worth living?
The more I struggle to get to the t©p the more I find myself still crawling on the bottom.
The t©p is still unrealistic and my mates are running ahead of me.
By weekend, I will gather up the little money I have at hand and go and call an Uber driver who will take me to unique plea-sure lounge.
I want to chill out, hang out with those that matters.
Some celebrities are mostly seen hanging out with babes there.
Is a very lively place to be and I can’t be boring myself to death in this lone house.
I want to be seen in the cycle of the rich and famous, who knows…I might get lucky and a good looking man in face and pocket also outgoing gentle man may notice me.
And with this thought of mine I began counting days till weekend.
Thursday gradually c@m£ but instead of running fast the days bec@m£ too slow.
I couldn’t do anything than to watch and wait.
Finally, Saturday arrived.
I waited for evening to come before getting re-ady.
The cloth I planned on wearing was alre-ady as-sembled on my mind, oh, the jewelries were t©p notch.
All gold and it will make me outstanding. All thanks to Lukemon.
the shoe and mini Dina luby bag that I bought expensive when I was d@t!ngLukemon, the jewelry dealer.
I missed Lukemon.
Let me tell you a short story about Lukemon the fat nose.
He accused me of stealing some of his jewelry and I denied it. Because I wasn’t the one. I know I can be too forward but believe me when I say I didn’t do a thing.
I Know he gave me a lot of expensive things, including fine jewelries but I nee-ded more.
I saw two beautiful one that I like so much.
I asked him to give me but he refused.
I kept pestering him for it but he still refused and gave his reason which I took and decide not to trouble him again.
I have made a joke to him earlier before the jewelries got missing.
I told him that if he doesn’t give them to me I may s£nd a rat to sneak it away.
We both laugh over the joke.
I was surprised when he called me one faithful morning asking me to return the stolen items.
I told him I wasn’t the one but he didn’t believe me.
He even threaten to involve the police if I don’t return the missing expensive jewelries.
I wasn’t afraid of his threats. I asked him to go ahead because I was innocent.
I even told him to ask his staffs. Is probably one of them that took it or a customer but he insisted that I was the one.
Well, that was how we went separate ways.
He called me names like golddigger, a lying slot and many other horrifying name.
I was so pained that I received such insult from a man. The most painful p@rt was mainly because I was innocent of the whole accusations.
If I have taken those items I wouldn’t have mind being called anything but I didn’t.
Well, I also gave him his own dose of medicine as a s£nd off.
A whole load, well packaged insult I s£nt right after him.
I moved on with my Life.
After three months, he started calling to inform me that it was one of his staff that stole it.
He caught her on c@m£ra stealing and she confessed stealing the said jewelries that I was accused off.
He apologized and was re-ady to make it up to me.
You can’t insult me the way you did and expected me to return back to your arm.
I Know I have bills to pay and I know Lukemon will pamper me very well this time after My vindication.
But I still have my pride and dignity.
The way he insulted me is beyond repair and “I’m sorry” note that he was giving me can’t remedy the damages.
I told him that I had forgiven him and forgotten the whole chaotic drama but is actually a lie.
I might have forgiven but who will forget such a hvge accusations that was labelled down your throat.
That was how the whole thing ended with Lukemon.
I had many gifts and jewelry during his regime and is still serving me and will continue to serve me until i have no use for it again.
I got re-ady as I planned. I made sure everything I wore was clas-sy.
I took time to apply my makeup and arrange my hair.
I spray my Franklin perfume.
It has one of the nicest fragrance that I have ever come across.
It was a gift from one of my dear friend and ever since then I have been pinching it.
If I’m not going anywhere I won’t spray it at all and that was how it lasted for me till now.
The good p@rt is that it last for so long on my b©dy before fading off.
After spraying it, I checked the remaining one and it was remaining just small.
It pained me but I un-derstand the p@rt that it can’t last forever.
I checked myself all over again before leaving.
My Uber was alre-ady waiting outside as I stepped out.
Funny enough the Uber gave me a nice compliment on my looks and dressing.
As I arrived at the unique plea-sure lounge, I noticed some guys standing beside their cars.
Either on phone, talking with a woman or with their follow guys.
I was happy that the Uber I took was neat and is a fine car.
They will probably as-sume is my car and my driver dropped me off which is not a bad as-sumption at all.
I can’t possibly dress up like I did, with my long heels and start jumping bike,
That will be too embarras-sing.
I did what I feel is the best for me and I’m feeling very proud of myself.
I made sure that every step count as I launched my Gucci black bender eye shade on.
I can feel their eyes behind my back as I walked in majestically.
The place was a little crowded but I know I can not dress up like this and one rich and famous won’t notice me.
I sat at the bar side, opposite the bartender sipping my two sh0t of drink
Something I can afford. I don’t want to get my hopes high and get disappointed.
I’m not the only good looking lady sitting idle and waiting for a catch.
I have gotten my hopes high in two occasions, I don’t want to make it third.
I will just sit here and sip my drink slowly but with a pride like that of peac0ckas if I do not care about anyb©dy.
de-ep down I care and I’m praying to the God of luck to favor me with a good looking man. Both in looks and in pocket.
I will sit and pretend to be fine and act like I can buy the entire building with everyone in it.
Despite how clas-sy I was looking, the only money with me is my transportation back home just in case my whole plans fails.
It happens but I’m hoping that I will not return home the same way I left.
I hope God will be kind enough to listen.
I want a fine looking man like Chike.
But where are the men I dressed to kill for?
Why are they not approaching me and checking me out.
Wait a minute, did they think I c@m£ with a man or maybe I have a b©yfri£nd?
Why am I still sitting alone with this single drink when I should be taking like four to six sh0ts by now with the way I look.
“Hellooooo beauty…”
Oh thanks goodness! someb©dy finally got the courage to approach me.
I will pretend like I did not hear him or even know that he was standing beside me with the finest cologne ever.
“Pretty lady, is the sit beside you vacant…can I join you?
He said again while moving closer.
Why does he sound familiar.
What do I care, let me just check out his looks before asking him to siiii….
As I looked up from my high sit, I almost screamed out my shock.
I thanks the universe that I didn’t fall off from my chair.
Lo and behold it was the devil himself.
Yes, Chike. It was Chike… Dammi’s man.
He was looking lavishing and I couldn’t help but stare with plea-sure.
He was smiling from ear to ear as he took a seat beside me.
“Nike..I sighted you from a distance and knew you are the one. You are looking good babe. What are you doing here all by yourself…?
Could this be a mere coincidence?
I thought within myself.
Oh mine!
Could this be my own Chike in a familiar b©dy or is it Dammi’s Chike?