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Morena episode 7 & 8

Episode 7
(Next Day)
Morena: Good morning Uncle.
Uncle Roberto: Morning Morena. You’re up early?
Morena: Yeah, I have to arrive early for work or else I might get in trouble with the manager.
Uncle Roberto: Okay (takes out his wallet) Here’s $50 for your transport.
(Aunt Maria enters the living room and sees this)
Morena: (collects it) Thank you so much Uncle.
(Shs leaves the house)
Aunt Maria: What the…You gave her $50 for transport?
Uncle Roberto: Maria please! It’s too early to start!
(At Chuks Restaurant)
(At the entrance)
Security guard: Good morning miss. (Hands her a pen)
Morena: For what?
Security guard: You’re to write your name in before entering the restaurant.
Morena: Ohh, right.
(Before Morena writes her name, Cecilia comes up from behind and collects the pen from her)
Morena: Uhhh, Excuse you. What you just did is rude.
Cecilia: Who cares?
(She drops the pen and goes into the restaurant and Morena looks on in puzzlement)
Security guard: Just forget her. That’s how she is, She always thinks she’s better than everyone.
Morena: Well its high time somebody taught her a lesson.
Security guard: It’ll be best if you just ignore her. She isn’t worth it.
(In the restaurant)
Nina: Daniel, Please help me take the salsa and juice to Table 4.
Daniel: No problem.
(Just as Daniel carries the food, Morena enters the kitchen and unintentionally bumps into him, spilling the food)
Morena: Oh my God, I’m so sorry
Daniel: It’s fine. I can just dish out another plate.
Morena: Okay. Let me help you with that… (She helps him pack the spilled food) Forgive my clumsiness…
(Just then, Morena and Daniel make eye contact)
Morena: (smiles) I didn’t see you yesterday.
Daniel: Yeah, Yesterday was my day off. You’re the new cook right?
Morena: Yeah, I’m Morena.
Daniel: I’m Daniel.
Morena: Sorry about the spilt juice. (looks at his shirt) Its on your shirt, Let me help you clean it.
(Morena grabs a small towel and cleans his T-shirt)
Daniel: (smiles) it’s alright, I’ll clean it later
(Just then, Cecilia enters the kitchen)
Cecilia: Hey! Quit touching my boyfriend!
Morena: Ohhh I didn’t know. I was just…
Cecilia: Get away from him!
Daniel: Its ok Cecilia, She accidentally spilt juice on my shirt and wanted to clean it.
Cecilia: I wonder why someone as clumsy as she is would get employed. Anyways, I’ve really missed you, Daniel.
Daniel: I was only absent yesterday.
Cecilia: Well it felt like a whole year. So what did you bring for me?
Daniel: (he hands her a bag with gifts) Here…
Cecilia: (she checks it’s contents) Awwnn, That’s so sweet, I love you. (She pulls him into a kiss and eyes Morena at the same time)
(A man enters the restaurant)
Morena: (thinks) My first customer, I can do this. (She approaches him) Good morning sir. May I take your order?
Man: Actually I’m Andrew’s client
Morena: He’s not around sir, Today’s his day off
Man: Ohh, Well in that case. I’d like a bowl of chilli and tamales.
Morena: Okay sir.
(In the kitchen)
Nina: I wish I could make chilli just as good as you can. Can I scrape the pot when you’re done?
Morena: Sure.
Rafael: Uhh do you need any help?
Morena: No I’m fine. Thanks.
Rafael: You sure?
Morena: Totally.
Rafael: Alright. I’ll be right here, Just in case.
Morena: (smiles at him)
(Morena finishes cooking and serves the man his food and later, He talks to her)
Man: Morena, The food was so delicious. It was well seasoned and spicy. You’re a really great cook.
Morena: Thank you sir.
Man: Take this… (He hands her money) As a token of my gratitude.
Morena: (suprised) $500?
Man: Yeah, You deserve it.
(The man leaves)
(That Evening)
Morena: Good evening Uncle, Good evening Aunty.
(Aunt Maria ignores her)
Uncle Roberto: Welcome home, Morena. How was work today?
Morena: It was alright. A little bit stressful though.
Uncle Roberto: Don’t worry. All that will end someday. I got you something (he gives her a package)
Aunt Maria: Huh?
Morena: (she opens it) Whoa, A phone! (hugs him) Thank you so much uncle.
(Morena goes into her room as Aunt Maria watches her with anger)
(Next Day)
(At Chuks restaurant, A woman enters the restaurant and Cecilia rushes to her)
Cecilia: Good afternoon ma, May I take your order?
Woman: Actually I want Morena to take it. She’s a better cook.
(Cecilia looks at her in anger)
Woman: (to Pascaline) Please help me get Morena. My friends all told me she’s the best cook here.
Pascaline: Yes ma, Please hold on…
(Pascaline calls Morena and she goes to meet her)
Morena: Good afternoon ma, May I take your order?
Woman: I’d like a bowl of soup and guacamole. My friends told me how good you are, I hope you’ll make my food very tasty.
Morena: I will ma.
(In the kitchen)
Morena: Uhhh, Cecilia could you please bring me the salt?
Cecilia: Excuse me? Do i look like your servant? Go get it yourself!
(While Morena goes to get the salt, Cecilia snidely pours a bottle of hot sauce in the soup)
Cecilia: Let’s see how that riffraff will get more clients now.
(Morena goes to serve the woman her food)
Woman: Oooh, This looks yummy. I can’t wait to dig in. (She takes a bite) Mmmm, It’s so…. (She opens her eyes in horror and screams) AHHHHHHH!!!!!
Cecilia: (laughs)
Morena: What’s the problem?
Woman: You’re the problem! (coughs)
(Morena goes to bring a bottle of water for the woman and she gulps it down)
Morena: I’m really sorry ma’am
Woman: Sorry? You almost fried my tongue. Why would you put hot sauce in my soup?! I thought you were the best cook here but I was wrong. Someone get me the manager!
Episode 8
(At Chuks Restaurant)
Morena: I’m really sorry ma’am, I didn’t put hot sauce in your food, I swear…I don’t know how this happened.
Woman: Well it happened!
Morena: Don’t worry ma’am I’m going to make another food to make up for this one.
Woman: Fine! Better hurry!
(Morena goes back into the kitchen)
Nina: What’s wrong?
Morena: The woman I went to serve said there’s hot sauce in her food, Now I have to make her another one.
Nina: But you didn’t put hot sauce in her food, Did you?
Morena: No I didn’t.
Nina: Don’t worry, I’ll assist you.
Morena: Thank you so much Nina, You’re very helpful.
Woman: Hmm, The food this time was delicious. I accept your apology and here… (Hand her $500)
Morena: (collects it) Thank you very much ma.
Cecilia: (angrily) Argh!
(When the lady leaves, Morena goes back into the kitchen)
Nina: So, What’d she say this time?
Morena: (smiles) The food was alright. Have this… (she gives her $250) Thanks for helping me.
Nina: You’re welcome….I’m not really sure but I think Cecilia was the one who put hot sauce in the food. I even found an empty bottle of hot sauce in the trashcan. And she was the only one with you at the time you were cooking. Besides, Did you at any time leave the kitchen while you were cooking?
Morena: Yeah I did. I left to go get the salt.
Nina: Ahah! She must’ve used that opportunity to ruin the food.
Morena: But why would she do this?
Nina: To sabotage you of course. Ever since you came, you’ve been getting more clients and she’s envying that. I advise to be careful and watch your back.
(Balacar middle school)
Mrs Ninel: Today on Home Economics, We’ll be having a revision on what I taught you all last class.
(The students begin to groan)
Mrs Ninel: Why the groaning? Our last class was two day ago so I expect you all to still remember what I taught. Isn’t that so?
(The whole class remains silent)
Mrs Ninel: Hmm, Children of nowadays, You don’t even value your education anymore. In that case… Tear out a sheet of paper, We’re having a test right now.
(The students does as instructed)
Mrs Ninel: Question One – What is puberty? Question Two – Signs of puberty in both boys and girls. Question three – Mention five grooming habits. That’s all. This test is 20 marks and we’re using 15 minutes to write it. No talking, whispering or burrowing of items…Your time starts now.
Caruso: Pssssttt! Miguel, What’s the answer for number one?
Miguel: (he ignores him)
Caruso: I’m talking to you, Boy!
Miguel: Can you stop bothering me.
Caruso: I should stop bothering you? If you don’t tell me the answers I’m gonna make sure I smack all the knowledge out of you after class!
Miguel: (ignores him and continues to write)
Caruso: That’s it! You’re dead meat! You better run home after class and make sure I don’t see you again or else….
(Mrs Ninel sees Caruso talking)
Mrs Ninel: (clears her throat) Caruso! What did I say about talking?
Caruso: I was just about to ask him for an eraser
Mrs Ninel: An eraser? For what? Aren’t you using a pen to write?
Caruso: Errr…
Mrs Ninel: Besides, Didn’t I say no burrowing?
Caruso: Mrs Ninel please…
(She collects his paper)
Mrs Ninel: You’ve automatically failed this test! (To the rest of the class) You have 11 minutes remaining.
(Miguel goes to the water fountain to drink water and Caruso approaches him)
Caruso: Hey punk!
Miguel: What do you want this time?
Caruso: (cracks his knuckles) I failed that test because of you and now, I’m gonna pound you!
(Miguel runs off and Caruso chases him. Miguel stops in front of the Principal’s office)
Caruso: You’ve got nowhere to run now.
(Caruso attacks Miguel and starts beating him up, Luckily, Principal Alonso comes out of his office. )
Principal Alonso: What’s going on here?
(Caruso frees Miguel)
Caruso: Uhh, It’s not what you think sir. We were just practicing a school play.
Miguel: That’s a lie, Principal Alonso. He attacked me because I refused to tell him the answers to the test we had today.
Principal Alonso: (To Caruso) My Office! Now!
(Caruso enters the office)
Principal Alonso: (To Miguel) You should get back to class.
Miguel: Yes sir.
(At Chuks restaurant, A man enters the restaurant and Cecilia rushes to him)
Cecilia: Good morning sir, Welcome to Chuks Restaurant. May I take your order?
Man: I’d like a plate of lasagna, tortilla chips and a cold drink to go with it.
Cecilia: No problem sir.
(In the kitchen)
Cecilia: Umm Andrew, Can you please assist me in making the food?
Andrew: Fine. But only on one condition – We’ll share the tip.
Cecilia: Sure.
Man: Thank you Cecilia, Your food was delicious as always.
Cecilia: (smiles) Trust me, I never disappoint.
Man: Here’s a tip (he gives her $300)
Cecilia: (collects it) Wow! Thank you very much sir!
(When the man leaves, Andrew goes to meet Cecilia)
Andrew: Okay Cecilia. My share.
Cecilia: What stupid share?
Andrew: What do you mean by that? You promised we were going to share the tip.
Cecilia: That was then! I changed my mind! Besides, He didn’t even give me up to $200.
Andrew: Atleast, If you give me $100 I’ll be okay with it. After all I did most of the cooking.
Cecilia: So it’s because of $100 that you’re complaining like a teenage girl on her period? Well guess what, I’m not giving you a dime out of this money! Do your worst!
(Rodriguez enters the kitchen)
Rodriguez: What’s the noise all about?
Andrew: Sir, I helped Cecilia to cook food for a client and she promised to share the tip with me and now she doesn’t want to fulfill her promise.
Cecilia: That’s a lie! I didn’t promise him anything!
Rodriguez: (To Andrew) So that’s why you’re disturbing the restaurant? Aren’t you aware it’s against the restaurant’s policy? For that, I’m going to deduct your salary by 10%
Andrew: But sir….
(Rodriguez leaves)
Cecilia: (smirks) Good for you.


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