Morena episode 45 & 46

Episode 45


(Next Day)
(At the new restaurant)
(Morena and the CEO sign a contract)

CEO: (signs it) Done.

Morena: (signs it) Finished.

Lawyer: (To Morena) Congratulations. The restaurant is now officially yours!

(Morena screams in excitement)

CEO: So what do you plan on naming it?

Morena: I’ll call it “Morena’s Place”

CEO: Nice.

(At Chuks restaurant)

Nina: Morena, I’m really happy for you. Once a mere cook, Now a CEO.

Morena: (smiles) Its all God’s doing.

Rafael: You’re really lucky, Morena.

Morena: Thank you. I want you guys to work with me at Morena’s Place.

Nina: I’d be delighted.

Morena: Where’s Andrew?

Nina: He didn’t come to work today but don’t worry. I’ll let him know.

Morena: Alright. How about you Rafael?

Rafael: I would’ve love to come but I’m okay here.

Morena: Are you sure?

Rafael: Absolutely. Don’t worry, If you nee-d me, You know where to find me.

Morena: Sure.

(Morena goes to Chang’s Restaurant)

Morena: Good morning

Secretary: Good morning madam.

Morena: I’m here to see Mr Daniel. The manager of this restaurant.

Secretary: Ok. You can go in.

(In Daniel’s office)

Morena: Daniel!

Daniel: Woah, Morena!

(Damiel hvgs her then pe-cks her)

Daniel: I’ve missed you so much.

Morena: (blus-hes) I’m sure you have…

Daniel: I s£nt you numerous texts but you seldomly responded.

Morena: Woah, Are you serious? I thought I did.

Daniel: You ha-rd ly have time for us these days. I know work is getting in the way isn’t it?

Morena: Kinda…But don’t worry, I’ll try to make time for us one of these days.

Daniel: That’s better.

Morena: (giggles) I know.

Daniel: Your Dad is okay now right?

Morena: Yea he’s fine.

Daniel: I’m happy for you. Your dream c@m£ true in a flash. You’re now the CEO of a restaurant and I’m sure its going to be one of the t©p notch restaurants in Mexico City.

Morena: Amen. With diligence and ha-rd work, That’ll happen.

Daniel: Precisely.

Morena: So when are you gonna come?

Daniel: Very soon. Its just that work is piling up and I’ve been really busy…

Morena: I un-derstand. But don’t worry, Anytime you’re free, Just let me know.

Daniel: I will babe.

Morena: Okay. I nee-d to go now.

Daniel: I’ll esc-rt you.

(Outside the office)

Daniel: (to his secretary) Don’t let anyone into my office. I’ll be back soon.

Secretary: No problem sir.

(Daniel and Morena leave the restaurant)

Ken: (looks on at Morena) Wow, She’s even prettier in person. A goddess. Mr Daniel caught a big fish!

Courtney: (hisses) I see nothing.

Ken: (To Courtney) You’re just jealous. (to himself) I wonder how she’ll look n-ked.

Mason: (taps him at the back of his head) Ken! Will you st©p being a per-vert?!

Ken: Sorry. I lost my manners.

Joel: (mockingly) You can’t lose what you never had…

(Ken stares at Joel furiously)

Mason: Joel is right, Ken. You nee-d to st©p S-xualizing women. They’re not mere S-x objects!

Ken: It’s ok. I hear you….

(Cecilia goes to visit her sugar daddy)

Sugar Daddy: (excitedly) Cecilia!

(He attempts to embr@ce her but she rebukes him)

Cecilia: (annoyed) I’m not in the mood for that!

Sugar Daddy: Awwnn… What’s the matter sweetheart?

Cecilia: I’m not happy with you Maxwell, You promised to get me a car on my last birthday but as usual, You didn’t fulfill your promise.

Sugar Daddy: Is that why you’re upset? Come on, That’s a very small thing.

Cecilia: (looks at him with narrowed eyes)

Sugar Daddy: Don’t worry, I promise you that I’ll get you the car very soon.

Cecilia: (impatient) How soon?

Sugar Daddy: Tomorrow.

Cecilia: (looks at him with narrowed eyes) Are you sure?

Sugar Daddy: Definitely.

(Cecilia smiles in satisfaction)

Sugar Daddy: Now let’s have some fun before my wife returns.

Cecilia: Oh, That’s not a problem…

(Cecilia takes off her clothes and begin ma-king out with her sugar daddy)

(Days Later)
(At Morena’s Place)

Morena: Here we are!!!

Nina: (looks around) Woah, This place is astonishing. Its much bigger and beautiful than Chuks Restaurant.

Andrew: We’re gonna make a lot of money.

Nina: (smiles) Obviously.

Morena: (smiles) This way… (She leads them to the kitchen)

(In the kitchen)

Morena: Gather around everyone!

(The cooks does as instructed)

Morena: I want you all to meet Miss Nina, She’s the manager and Mr Andrew, The Deputy manager.

Cooks: (To Nina) Good morning ma. (To Andrew) Good morning sir.

Morena: (To Nina and Andrew) These are the cooks – Mike, Tony, Sasha and Levi.

Nina & Andrew: Nice to meet you all.

Morena: The new cooks will be resuming very soon. I want you all to show them hospitality. Is that un-derstood?

Cooks: Yes Madam.

Morena: (To Nina and Andrew) Come on, I’ll show you both to your offices.

(Later that day)
(In her office)

Morena: (thinks) I nee-d to go throu-gh all these new resumes quic-kly….

(Someone knocks on the door)

Morena: Come in!

(Morena’s secretary enters the office)

Secretary: Madam, There’s a lady who wants to see you. She said her name is Alicia and she’s an acquaintance.

Morena: Okay. Let her in.

(Few seconds later, Alicia enters the office)

Morena: Alicia! Its great to see you again!

Alicia: Thank you.

Morena: Have a seat.

(Alicia sits down)

Morena: I heard what happened, I feel really bad for you.

Alicia: (sniffles) I been sufferin’ since I lost ma job.

Morena: Awwnn, Are you crying?

Alicia: (cleans her tears) Nahh I’m not…

Morena: It’s well.

Alicia: The other day, A friend of mine told me that her sister is in nee-d of a maid. I decided to go to her sister’s house for the job, On gettin’ there, I fv¢kin’ saw that Cecilia bit-ch. Babe, You nee-d to see where she lives. It’s more or less a shack.

Morena: (laughs) How about Rodriguez?

Alicia: (hisses angrily) That useless guy…

Morena: So you’ve broken up with him?

Alicia: The guy fv¢kin’ ran away from his own damn house and I haven’t seen him since then.

Morena: Wow. And I thought the both of you are a match made in heaven.

Alicia: Huh? No we’re not…

Morena: Ohhh

Alicia: Babe, I’m in nee-d of a job, plea-se help me…

Morena: It’s ok. I’ll give you a job here in Morena’s Place.

Alicia: Really? Thank you so much Morena, You so nice…

Morena: But before you can start this job, You’ll nee-d to go to a culinary school so you can learn how to cook properly.

Alicia: A culinary school?

Morena: Yes. I know of a very good culinary school and I’ll tell you the place. It’ll really help you in your cooking….A friend of mine, Isabella, used to be a terrible cook but now, She’s arguably one of the best cooks that I know.

Alicia: Wow. I’mma try it out.

Morena: No problem. And when you’ve mastered the art of cooking then you can come back. You alre-ady have the position.

Alicia: Thank you very much Morena, God will bless you.

Morena: Amen. One more thing…

Alicia: What is it?

Morena: Alicia, If you’re going to work here, I don’t want any form of hooliganism. No chasing your colleague with a knife, No speaking vernacular English or ghetto talks. If you’re going to work here, You’ll nee-d to behave yourself and also speak proper English.

Alicia: (smiles) No problem ma. That’s better isn’t it?

Morena: Absolutely.

Alicia: I should give you a hvg…

(Alicia stands up and goes to hvg Morena)

Alicia: Thank you very much Morena. I really appreciate this.

Morena: (smiles) My plea-sure…


Episode 46


(Weeks later)
(In Cecilia’s house)

Cecilia: (angrily) I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Morena is now the CEO of a restaurant while I’m still a mere cook (she looks at her face in the mirror) A mere cook with a disfigured face….Morena cannot get away with this! I know exactly what to do!

(Cecilia goes to meet some goons in an alley)

Goon 1: You wanted us to meet you here?

Cecilia: Yes. I have a job for you. (Shows him a picture of Morena) You see this woman, Her name is Morena. I want you to kidnap her and kill her immediately then discard her b©dy. And make sure the police isn’t able to trace this back to you. un-derstood?

Goon 1: No problem.

Goon 2: This’ll cost you about $10,000

Cecilia: Here’s $5,000… (she hands it to them) Once you’ve completed the job, I’ll give you the remaining.

Goon 1: (grins) Nothing’s too big for Big Sam to handle.

Cecilia: Whatever. Just do it!

(In Uncle Roberto’s house)

Morena: (shows him some pictures) Uncle, I was thinking of buying one of these duplexes, (points) This one costs $500,000. (points) While this one costs $630,000 and its much bigger.

Uncle Roberto: I’d say go for the bigger one.

Morena: Hmm, Alright then. I’ll speak with the agent.

Uncle Roberto: This is incredible. Business is really booming in just few weeks.

Morena: It’s all God’s doing.

Uncle Roberto: At this rate, Your restaurant is going to be one of the most prestigious restaurants in all of Mexico City.

Morena: I believe so. When I settle down fully, I’ll tell my dad and brother to come over to Mexico City.

Uncle Roberto: That’s a great idea.

Morena: I’d also like you to come and live with us.

Uncle Roberto: Thanks but i’m much comfortable here.

Morena: Okay sir.

Uncle Roberto: Juanita’s funeral is in few days.

Morena: (sighs) May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Uncle Roberto: Amen. Maria was s£ntenced to 9 years imprisonment with ha-rd labor.

Morena: It’s well…

Uncle Roberto: (stands up from the sofa) I nee-d to go and pick Juan from school.

Morena: Okay, I even nee-d to head to the grocery sto-re to buy avocado. I’m ma-king guacamole and tortilla ch!ps for dinner.

Uncle Roberto: Hmm…Sounds yummy.

Morena: It will be…

Uncle Roberto: Alright then. Make sure you lock the doors before leaving.

Morena: I will.

(At the grocery sto-re)

Morena: Hello

Sales clerk: Good day miss, What do you wanna buy?

Morena: I’d like to purchase some avocados…

Sales clerk: How many exactly?

Morena: Four will do.

Sales clerk: Okay…That’ll be $8.30

(Morena notices one of the goons staring at her)

Sales clerk: (calls her attention) Uhhh…Miss?

Morenaa: (looks back at the sales clerk) Oh sorry. How much is it again?

Sales clerk: $8.30

Morena: Okay, Here….

(Morena pays the sales clerk and she packages the avocados and leaves the grocery sto-re, The man that was staring at her, follows her)

Morena: (thinks) I wonder who this person is…

(Morena picks up her pace and walks hastily back to the house, Suddenly two goons approaches her)

Goon 2: St©p there!

Morena: (frightened) What do you want?

Goon 2: I just want us to have some fun…

(One of the goons sneaks up on her from behind and knocks her out with chloroform)

Goon 1: (menacingly) Yes! We’ve got her!

Goon 2: (looks around) Great. No one saw us….

Goon 1: Good. Now let’s go

(They put Morena in a small car and drives off to an abandoned building)

(Cecilia goes to visit Maxwell – Her sugar daddy)

Cecilia: Darling. I’m here.

Maxwell: (pe-cks her on the cheek) Wow, You look even more beautiful today.

Cecilia: (impatient) Yeah, yeah….So where is the car you promised to give me today?

Maxwell: Come with me….

(Maxwell takes Cecilia to the garage)

Cecilia: (amazed) Wow! A Lexus jeep?

Maxwell: Yeah. Its all yours.

(She hvgs him ti-ghtly)

Cecilia: Thank you so much darling! (She k!sses him)

Maxwell: You’re welcome my sweetheart.

(Cecilia enters the car)

Cecilia: (sniffs) Wow! I love that new car smell. (To Maxwell) Hop in. Let’s cruise around town.

Maxwell: Don’t worry about me. Just enjoy your new car.

Cecilia: If you say so. (screams in excitement) Wooohooo!!!!!

(When Cecilia drives out of the compound, A much older woman alights her to st©p)

Cecilia: Ugh, Who’s this old hag?

(Cecilia st©ps the car and comes down)

Cecilia: Yes?

Woman: Excuse me, How did you get this car?

Cecilia: (suprised) My sugar daddy gave it to me?

Woman: (laughs) Your sugar daddy?

Cecilia: Correct.

Woman: And if I may ask? Who’s your sugar daddy?

Cecilia: Mr Maxwell.

Woman: Oh really, And are you aware that this is my car and Mr Maxwell is my husband?

Cecilia: (rudely) I don’t have any business with that! He gave me this car out of his free will!

Woman: (angrily) Didn’t you hear the p@rt where I said that this car is my car?

Cecilia: But he gave it to me as a gift…(hisses at her angrily) plea-se I don’t have time for this….

(Cecilia attempts to enter the car and drive off but the woman f0rç£fully pu-lls her out and pushes her to the ground, bruising her skin in the process)

Cecilia: (gro-an s) Owww….

Woman: Give me those keys!

(The woman snatches the keys from Cecilia and enters the car and starts it)

Cecilia: My car!

Woman: (hisses) Which ”your car”? You better get out of the way before I crush you! Worthless who-re!

Cecilia: (enraged) I’m not going anywhere, You this old hag! Get out of my car!

Woman: (to the gateman) Bosco, Get that lady with the disfigured face out of here!!!

Gateman: Yes Madam.

(The gateman walks to Cecilia)

Cecilia: (furiously) Don’t you dare t©uçh me!

(The gateman ignores Cecilia and chases her away)

Woman: (thinks) So Maxwell is slee-ping with girls that are his daughter’s age? I’ll deal with him!

(At the abandoned building)

Goon 2: We’re here. Let’s do this quic-kly!

Goon 3: I feel really bad about this…

Goon 1: St©p being a softy, Kragger and let’s get on with this.

Goon 2: I wonder why you let him join us on this mission

Goon 1: (sm-irks) He nee-ds to learn…

(Just then, Morena regains consciousness)

Goon 2: (taunting) Ooohh, The damsel’s awake.

Morena: (looks around) Where am i? (looks at them) Who are you?

(They ignore her question and grin evilly at her)

Morena: (sobs) plea-se let me go….I do anything you want, I’ll give you anything you want….

Goon 2: We don’t nee-d anything, You bit-ch.

Goon 1: (sm-irks) Any last words?

Morena: (crying) plea-se let me go….

Goon 1: (laughs maniacally then looks at the other goon) Do it.

(The second goon plants a bomb then puts a timer on the bomb and it starts ticking at 1:59)

Goon 2: (To Morena) In the next two minutes, You’ll be b!own to ashes (laughs menacingly)

Goon 1: (sm-irks) Au revoír. (To the others) Let’s go!

Morena: (cries ha-rder) No, plea-se!!!

(The three goons immediately run out of the room)

Goon 3: Wait!

Goon 1: What is it?

Goon 3: We can’t just take an innocent life…

Goon 2: Why should we give a fv¢k? We don’t even know her….

Goon 3: That still, She doesn’t deserve to die this way.

Goon 2: (enraged) What’s the hell is wrong with this guy?

(Kragger runs back into the room)

Goon 1: Kragger! What the fv¢k are you doing?

Goon 2: Forget him! Let’s go!

(They run out of the abandoned building)

(Kragger goes back into the room)

Morena: (suprised) Huh?

Goon 3: (holds a knife to the ropes) Hold still.

Morena: (sighs in relief) You c@m£ back?

Goon 3: Yeah, You don’t deserve to die this way….

Morena: Thank you…

Goon 3: You’re welcome. Now hold still….

(He frees Morena from the ropes)

Morena: What about the bomb?

Goon 3: Don’t worry, I’ll try to defuse it. Just go!

Morena: Thank you!

(Morena immediately flees the building, And when the goon turns back to the bomb timer, He sees it on 00:01)

Goon 3: Oh no….

(The bomb detonates and the whole building explodes immediately)