Episode 3


(Morena’s house)

Mr Castillo: The money is gone.

Miguel: It was the only solution. Either that or they would have killed you.

Mr Castillo: Where’re we gonna get money for you to get the scholarship form?

Morena: There’s always a way Dad…

(Next Day)
(Balacar Middle School)

Mrs Ninel: Good morning Miguel.

Miguel: Good morning Mrs Ninel.

Mrs Ninel: So, Did you get the money for the form?

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Miguel: (sighs) I wasn’t able to, Mrs Ninel.

Mrs Ninel: Miguel, The deadline to get the form is today, What’re we gonna do now?

Miguel: I have an idea. But don’t worry, I’ll bring the money for the form before school closes.


Mr Landeta: Castillo, What’s up?

Mr Castillo: I’m good….Landeta, I need to talk to you about something important.

Mr Landeta: Hmm, Like what?

Mr Castillo: See, My son is applying for a scholarship exam and he’ll need $100 to get the form. I had it but yesterday, Our house got robbed and the robbers collected the last money we had.

Mr Landeta: Ohhh, That’s bad

Mr Castillo: Yeah, I was wondering if I could burrow $100 from you. I’ll pay you pack as soon as possible.

Mr Landeta: Okay. Although, I only have $80 with me.

Mr Castillo: No problem. (Mr Landeta gives him the money) Thank you very much.

Mr Landeta: You’re welcome.


Morena: Hey.

Russell: Hi

Morena: I heard you were looking for someone to sell you a “Swiss bracelet”

Russell: Yeah. But it costs $60 and I don’t have up to that.

Morena: Don’t worry, I could sell you mine for $30

Russell: Hmm, Fairly used…(thinks) Deal!

(Morena sells her bracelet)


Morena: Dad! I’m back

Mr Castillo: Were you able to sell it?

Morena: Yes Dad. For $30.

Mr Castillo: That’s good. I burrowed $80 from Mr Landeta.

Morena: I should hurry to Miguel’s school to give him the money before school closes, And I could buy some groceries with the remaining $10 on my back.

Mr Castillo: That’s a good idea.

(Morena takes $100 to meet Miguel outside Balacar middle school)

Morena: I came on time. Here’s the money.

Miguel: Thank you so much.

Morena: You’re welcome. Now go hurry!

(Miguel goes to meet Mrs Ninel)

Miguel: Mrs Ninel! I brought the money.

Mrs Ninel: Thats good. (She gives him a form) Fill it.

(Miguel does as instructed and Mrs Ninel collects the form back when he’s done)

Mrs Ninel: You’re gonna have to study very hard for this exam.

Miguel: I will Mrs Ninel.

(That evening)
(While Miguel is studying, The power goes out)

Miguel: The power’s out. What happened?

Morena: Dad couldn’t pay the electricity bill.

Miguel: (sadly) Awwwnn, Now how am I supposed to study?

Morena: Don’t worry, I told Diego yesterday that you’d be coming to his house today to study and he said no problem.

(At Diego’s house)

Morena: Thanks for letting my brother study over at your house.

Diego: You’re welcome anytime. I’m really happy he’s getting a scholarship.

Morena: Me too.

(Morena takes out a small bag and hands it to Diego)

Morena: Here, I brought them for you.

Diego: (collects the bag) Hmm thanks.

(Morena hears the toilet flush)

Morena: Is someone else here?

Diego: Actually….

(Isabella comes out of the toilet)

Isabella: (angrily) Ugh. What’s this poor church rat doing here?

Morena: Ugh, And what’s this spoiled snob doing here?

Diego: Its okay you guys. (To Isabella) Her brother came over to study and she accompanied him.

Isabella: (To Morena) And why couldn’t he study at your house? Oh I forgot. Your father doesn’t have enough money to pay the electricity bill.

Diego: Isabella stop it.

Isabella: (sighs) Whatever. I’m just stating facts. (she puts her earphones in her ear)

Morena: (To Diego) Maybe we should leave…

(She stands up from the couch)

Diego: No, no, no…It’s alright.

(Morena sits back down)

Diego: (he opens the bag of nachos and starts eating them) Mmmm…You bought them?

Morena: (smiles) No, I made them myself.

Diego: They’re tasty and delicious.

Morena: Thanks.

(Isabella takes out her earphones)

Isabella: I’m hungry. (To Diego) Umm…Where did you you get that from?

Diego: Morena brought it.

Isabella: Why am I not suprised? No wonder they look so cheap!

(Morena glances at Isabella)

Diego: You want some?

Isabella: Never.

Diego: I thought you’re hungry.

Isabella: I am but I don’t eat foods like this. But Diego, I can’t believe you’re eating something like this…

Diego: Why? Isn’t it food?

Isabella: (sighs) Whatever. I’ll look for something else to eat.

Morena: I don’t think you’re hungry because if you are, You would have eaten what you were offered.

Isabella: (angrily) Hey! Who the hell do you think you’re talking to like that? It seems like you’ve forgotten that you and I are of different class. Look, Even if you get all the opportunities in this world….You will still be poor, You’re just very WRETCHED!

Diego: (warningly) ISABELLA!!!

Morena: (To Miguel) Pack your bag and books. (To Diego) We’ll be leaving now…

Diego: Morena wait!

(Morena and Miguel leaves his house)


Episode 4

(Outside Diego’s house)

Diego: Morena wait!

(Diego catches up to her and holds her to prevent her from going further)

Morena: (crying) Isabella’s right, Isn’t she?

Diego: Just ignore her. That’s just her perspective not the actual truth. You shouldn’t get bothered by what she says. Besides you should realize that the only thing she’ll want is to provoke you and bring you down and you’ve gotta let her know that she’s just wasting her time.

Morena: (cleans her tears) I guess you’re right.

Diego: Come on, Let’s go back…

(Diego, Morena and Miguel return to the house)

Isabella: Oooh, The cry baby’s back.

Diego: Isabella, Enough! If you’re gonna stay in my house then you’re gonna have to respect Morena. What has she ever done to you that made you hate her so much?

Isabella: Ohhh so you’re taking her side?

Diego: Yeah.

Isabella: Alright then….We’re over!

Diego: Fine!

Isabella: Oh so that’s it? You’re just gonna break up with me like that?

Diego: You’re broke up with me first.

Isabella: I only did that to see your reaction, And now I know that you don’t truly care about me!!!

(She packs her things and leaves his house)

Diego: I’m really sorry about her.

Morena: Its alright. (To Miguel) Go continue studying.

Miguel: Okay.

(Morena’s house)

Morena: Dad I’ve been thinking, How about I continue my search for a job?

Mr Castillo: But Morena, Most jobs here in Balacar aren’t lucrative.

Morena: I know but it’s better than sitting home all day doing nothing.

Mr Castillo: I should be the one searching for a job.

Morena: No. I should be the one working not you, You’re almost 50 and you’re supposed to be resting not working.

Mr Castillo: (sighs) Fine.

Morena: I’ll speak to my friend, Diego. He can help me in my search for a job.

(Diego’s House)

Morena: Diego hi.

Diego: Hey Morena.

Morena: I brought something for you. (Hands him a takeaway plate)

Diego: Oohh, What is it?

Morena: Tortilla wraps.

Diego: Sounds yummy.

Morena: Diego, I came to see you. I need a job but so far, All my efforts to find one here in Balacar have proved abortive, So I need your help….

Diego: Well that’s not a problem. What kind of job are you looking for here in Balacar?

Morena: Well. Since I’m a very good cook, I was thinking of getting a job in a restaurant.

Diego: Most restaurants in Balacar are of low quality. I wouldn’t even advise you to work there.

Morena: So what do I do now?

Diego: Most high quality restaurants are in Mexico City. The pay is enormous.

Morena: So I’ll have to travel all the way to Mexico City to get a job?

Diego: Sounds stressful isn’t it? But its not. Balacar isn’t very far from Mexico City. You could even take a cab there.

Morena: Whoa, You’re serious?

Diego: Yeah.

Morena: This is amazing. Thank you so much Diego. (She hugs him)

(Back at Morena’s house)

Morena: Dad, I’m back.

Mr Castillo: So was he able to help you in your search?

Morena: Yeah, He told me there’s vacancies in many restaurants in Mexico City. And I’d be lucky to get a job there and the pay is huge!

Mr Castillo: But it’ll be overly stressful for you, Going to and fro from Balacar to Mexico City everyday.

Mexico: I know….

Mr Castillo: I have an idea. My stepbrother, Roberto lives in Mexico City, Maybe I could talk him into letting you go over to stay at his place.

Morena: That’s great. But I’ll need to sell some of my things so I can make enough money to travel to Mexico City.

Mr Castillo: I can also help you. I also have some clothes you could sell.

Morena: Alright. Thank you Dad.


Morena: I just want to thank you once again, Diego. You’re a true friend.

Diego: You’re welcome, Morena.

(Just then, Someone knocks at the door)

Diego: Speak of the devil…

(Diego goes to open it and it’s Isabella)

Isabella: Hi Diego. I came to apologize to you about the way I acted earlier. I really hope you forgive me and I want us to get back together….

Diego: I’m not the one you should be apologizing to. It’s Morena you should apologize to.

(Isabella looks at Morena scornfully)

Isabella: (without remorse) I’m sorry.

Diego: I didn’t hear anything.

Isabella: (loudly) I’M SORRY!

Morena: Apology accepted. (quietly) Even though you don’t really mean it. (To Diego) Umm… I’ll be leaving now.

(Morena leaves Diego’s house)

Isabella: So…. Do you forgive me?

Diego: (sighs) I forgive you.

Isabella: (hugs him) Awwnn, Thank you so much!

(A week later)
(Balacar Middle school)

Mrs Ninel: Congratulations Miguel! You passed the scholarship exam!!!

Miguel: Woah, Really?

Mrs Ninel: Yes! The Principal and the Board of Education wants to see you.

(Miguel goes to the Board of Education)

Principal Alonso: Congratulations Miguel Castillo. You passed the exams and you’ve been awarded a scholarship.

Miguel: This is exciting! Thank you so much!

Principal Alonso: You’re welcome.

(That night)

Miguel: Dad, I have great news! I passed the scholarship exam!

(Mr Castillo hugs his son)

Mr Castillo: You did it. Just like I knew you would. (teary) You’ve made me very proud.

Morena: I was able to sell the items to make enough money today to buy some foodstuffs to prepare our favorite food – Mac and cheese. We’re gonna celebrate tonight!

Miguel: (excitedly) Yeah!


Morena: Dinner’s ready.

(Morena leads her dad and her brother to the dinner table)

Mr Castillo: (takes a spoon out of the hot mac and cheese) Mmmm… You’re an extraordinary cook, Morena.

Morena: Thank you Dad….Let’s eat!

(Morena and her family enjoy their dinner together)



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