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Morena episode 11 & 12

Episode 11
(Chuks Restaurant)
(Morena and Daniel go to the dish washing area)
Morena: Why do you let Cecilia behave like that towards you?
Daniel: I guess I just want her to like me more.
Morena: You shouldn’t put yourself in a submissive position just to please her, You’re better than that. Look, The more you keep trying to please her, The more she’ll keep disrespecting you and taking you for granted.
Daniel: Well, I’ve never had a real girlfriend before. All the girls I’ve dated in the past weren’t even dating me back. They were just toying with my feelings… I thought Cecilia was the right girl, Clearly she isn’t. Too bad I’m just realizing that now.
Morena: We’ve all made poor choices but for some of us, It’s not too late to amend them.
(Pascaline enters the dish washing area)
Pascaline: Morena, You have a client.
Morena: Alright, I’m coming. (To Daniel) We’ll continue our conversation later.
Daniel: Yeah no problem.
(When Morena leaves, Daniel ponders over what she said)
(That evening)
Morena: Good evening Aunty.
(Aunt Maria ignores her greeting. Morena then attempts to go into her room)
Aunt Maria: Morena get back here!
Morena: Ma?
Aunt Maria: Where the hell were you this morning?
Morena: Umm… I had to go early to work today because my boss doesn’t like tardiness
Aunt Maria: So you expect me to be taking my kids to school everyday when I have someone like you at home?
Morena: But Aunty, I can do that on my days off. But I have to leave to work early every other days.
Aunt Maria: Do you know you’re very stupid? How dare you try to tell me how to do things around my own house?! Look, As long as you’re living in my house, You’ll obey my orders. And from now on, Before you go to wherever you work, You’ll do all the house chores and take my kids to school.
Morena: But Aunty, if I go to work late I might lose my job.
Aunt Maria: Then so be it.
(Morena sadly goes into her room)
Aunt Maria: Silly thing! I won’t allow an outsider come in here and destroy my home!
(In Morena’s room)
Morena: (crying) Why is life so harsh? I thought coming to Mexico City would be better for me but everywhere I go, I keep meeting enemies. (cleans her tears) Lord please help me get through this….
(That night)
Aunt Maria: Juan! Juanita! Come down for dinner!
(Juan and his sister go to the dining room)
Juanita: We’re here Mom.
Juan: Let me go call Morena.
Aunt Maria: There’s no need. She’s had dinner already.
Juan: Okay mom.
(Aunt Maria serves her kids their food)
Juan: Hmm, Mom, your chili’s delicious.
Aunt Maria: Wow, Really?
Juan: Yes mom.
Aunt Maria: (smiles) Enjoy your meal.
Juan: I will… Do you know that Morena’s chili tastes great too.
Aunt Maria: Juan, Keep quiet and eat your food. Haven’t you been taught in school that it isn’t good to talk while eating?
Juan: Sorry Mom.
Aunt Maria: Better!
Aunt Maria: Morena!!!
(Morena comes downstairs)
Morena: You called me?
Aunt Maria: Wash all the plates in the sink. And when you’re done, You can eat the food scraps.
(Aunt Maria goes to meet her kids and they watch TV while Morena washes the plates)
(Next Day)
(At Chuks restaurant)
Nina: Morena hey.
Morena: (sleepily) Hi Nina.
Nina: What’s the matter? Didn’t you sleep last night?
Morena: I did. But only for a short while. I slept late last night and I had to wake up early to take my aunt’s children to school and do all the house chores.
Nina: Your aunt makes you do all the house chores?
Morena: Yeah.
Nina: Is she maltreating you?
Morena: Yeah. She used to be nice to me before, I don’t know why she’s changed.
Nina: Awwnn you poor thing. Why don’t you call your dad and tell him?
Morena: Because my dad doesn’t have a phone. Even if he did, If I call him and tell him, He’s gonna have a fight with his brother over this and when that happens, I’ll have to leave his house and Mexico City and return to Balacar which means I’ll be quitting my job.
Nina: Ohhhh…
Morena: Don’t worry, I can endure. Besides good things never come easily. I’ve gotta be strong and resilient even in hard times, If I give up now then all my hopes and dreams may just come crashing.
Nina: All will be well someday.
Morena: I hope so.
Nina: Why don’t you go get some rest? Clients aren’t coming in until later.
Morena: Thank you Nina, You’re a good friend.
(A man and his children enters the restaurant, Cecilia rushes to them)
Cecilia: Good afternoon sir, Welcome to Chuks restaurant. May I take your order?
Man: Don’t worry Cecilia, Morena will take it.
Cecilia: (frustratedly) But Sir, I can make any food you want to eat. Just let me take your order.
Man: I already told you its fine! Morena will take it.
Cecilia: But sir, You’ve been my client for ages and you know how well I can cook, Why then are you suddenly going for someone as low class as Morena?
Man: Her food tastes better. Period!
(Morena goes to meet the man)
Morena: Good afternoon sir. Welcome to Chuks restaurant. May I take your order?
Man: I’d like a large plate of pasta and meatballs and two small plates for my kids.
Morena: (takes it down) Alright sir. Your order will be with you in about 10 minutes.
(Cecilia looks at Morena angrily as she goes into the kitchen)
(In the kitchen)
(Morena cooks the food while Cecilia watches in anger)
Morena: Finally, I’m done cooking.
(Morena and Cecilia exchange angry glares)
Morena: Hmmm, This is gonna be sooo delicious.
(Morena attempts to take the serving spoon but Cecilia takes it away from her)
Cecilia: Have you lost your mind? Why the hell would you try to use my serving spoon?
Morena: No, You’re the one whose clearly lost her mind! Who made the serving spoon yours?
Cecilia: I use this spoon everytime so its mine, Go take another spoon from the store.
Morena: So you can use that opportunity to pour another bottle of hot sauce in the food? Look, Am I the one who told the clients to stop requesting your services? Hand me the spoon now!
(Rafael enters the kitchen)
Rafael: Morena, What’s the matter?
Morena: I wanted to use the serving spoon to dish out the food for my client and then she collected the spoon, saying its hers.
Rafael: Cecilia. Give her the spoon.
Cecilia: Who the hell do you think are telling me what to do? You better go back to vile pit you crawled out of.
Rafael: You both should calm down before Mr Rodriguez hears your voices.
Morena: Cecilia, If you don’t give me that spoon on the count of three, I’m gonna smack the rudeness out of you, 1….
Cecilia: 2,3….Do your worst!
(Rodriguez enters the kitchen)
Rodriguez: What’s the noise all about?
Morena: Sir, I was done cooking my client’s food and when I was about to dish it out, Cecilia took the serving spoon claiming its hers.
Rodriguez: Cecilia, Give her the spoon, NOW!
(Cecilia does as instructed)
Rodriguez: (looks at Morena & Cecilia) I don’t want to hear anymore noise from the two of you or else….You both can say goodbye to your jobs!
Episode 12
(Chuks Restaurant)
Rafael: I’m glad Mr Rodriguez didn’t say he was gonna deduct your salary.
Morena: Me too. Seriously, I’m really tired of Cecilia. She’s too saucy, rude and arrogant. No wonder everyone hates her.
Rafael: Don’t worry Morena, I’ll make sure you don’t get into trouble with her.
Morena: Thanks.
Rafael: So, Are you free this evening?
Morena: Hmm, It depends if I get off work early. Why’d you ask?
Rafael: Well, I wanted to take you out. Just me and you.
Morena: Awwnn that’s so sweet. Don’t worry, We’ll do that when I’m free.
Rafael: (smiles) Ok no problem.
(Rafael leaves)
Nina: Wow. Rafael totally has a crush on you.
Morena: Don’t be silly, Nina.
Nina: I’m serious, I’m surprised you haven’t noticed it yet. The way he talks to you, The way he looks at you…The signs are right in front of you.
Morena: He can’t have a crush on me, We’re co-workers. That’d be weird.
Nina: So? What about Daniel and Cecilia? Aren’t they co-workers?
Morena: But….
Nina: There are no buts. Go for him if you like him.
Morena: Whoa whoa, Slow down there, I don’t have feelings for Rafael. I just see him as a friend that’s all, Besides we’ve only known each other for about a month.
Nina: So?
Morena: So I don’t have feelings for him.
Nina: Fine.
Andrew: Bro, I heard what happened between you and Cecilia. Damn, That girl is a bitch.
Daniel: Worse.
Andrew: I would’ve given her a proper beating.
Daniel: (laughs) Yeah, But it isn’t right to hit a woman.
Andrew: I know but still, She deserves it…. So you’ve broken up with her?
Daniel: Yeah.
Andrew: So, How about Morena?
Daniel: What about her?
Andrew: When are you gonna ask her out?
Daniel: Dude! I just broke up with Cecilia, It’s too early for me to enter into another relationship.
Andrew: But she’s perfect for you. I mean, Morena is everything a man would want in a woman. She’s hardworking, intelligent, compassionate… Unlike that hoe you were dating.
Daniel: When the time is right…
(Daniel leaves the kitchen and goes to serve his client)
(Later on)
(A lady enters the restaurant)
Cecilia: Good evening ma, May I take your order?
Lady: Don’t bother. Morena will take it, She’s a better cook.
Cecilia: (angrily) But what is there that she can make that I can’t make?
Lady: I already told you, Morena will take it!
(Morena goes to meet the lady)
Morena: Good evening ma, May I take your order?
Lady: I’d like to order a plate of tamales and chicken to go.
Morena: Your order will be with you in 10 minutes.
(In the kitchen)
Rafael: Morena, Do you need help with anything?
Morena: Yeah, Please help me fry the chicken.
Rafael: Okay
(Daniel enters the kitchen)
Daniel: Hey Morena, Do you need any help with that?
Rafael: As you can see, I’m already helping her!
Morena: It’s alright…I could use you both’s assistance. Three pair of hands are better than one.
(Cecilia watches in jealousy as Daniel and Rafael assists Morena)
Cecilia: (angrily) Nosy parkers. (She hisses as she goes out of the kitchen)
(Later on)
Lady: Thanks for the wonderful meal. (She gives Morena $300) Here’s a tip.
Morena: Thank you very much ma.
Lady: No, I should be thanking you. Your food was amazing.
(When she leaves the restaurant, Morena goes to share the tip with Daniel and Rafael)
(Later that evening)
Guillermo: Morena. Daniel. You both will be working a night shift today.
Morena & Daniel: Okay sir.
(At Diego’s house)
(Diego and Isabella watch the sunset)
Isabella: Yellow is such an awful colour.
Diego: (smiles) I like how you hate everything about the world.
Isabella: I don’t hate you.
Diego: I don’t hate you too.
(Isabella pulls him into a kiss, He breaks it few seconds later)
Diego: Babe, It’s been really long since you last cooked for me. And the food you made the last time was delicious.
Isabella: Thanks.
Diego: I wanna eat spaghetti and sauce.
Isabella: (nervously) Umm…Ok, I’ll go prepare it.
(In the kitchen)
Isabella: Oh no, Not again. I don’t even know how to make spaghetti… I wish I had listened to my mom and learnt how to cook. (An idea pops into her head) I know what to do.
(Isabella orders spaghetti and sauce, When the order arrives, She pours it in a plate and goes to serve Diego)
Diego: Wow, Your food tastes amazing. Where’d you learn to cook like this? I can’t wait for us to get married, Our kids are gonna enjoy your cooking.
Isabella: (smiles nervously)
(Uncle Roberto’s house)
Juan: Mom, It’s past ten and Morena isn’t back yet.
Aunt Maria: I know.
Juan: Aren’t you worried?
Aunt Maria: I am but…
Juan: Maybe we should call her to know where she is.
Aunt Maria: Don’t worry, She’ll be home soon.
(She goes into her room)
Juanita: Will you stop worrying yourself about her. Look, Morena isn’t a good person like I thought she. was.
Juan: Why’re you saying that?
Juanita: Don’t you know she’s trying to steal Dad’s affection from us? Its best if we don’t even see her again.
Juan: Who told you that?
Janita: Mom did.
Juan: Why did she say that?
Juanita: Because it’s the truth. Morena isn’t a good person, Juan. The sooner you realize it, the better.
(At Chuks restaurant)
Daniel: Good evening miss, May I take your order?
Woman: I’d like a plate of French fries and soda.
Daniel: (writes it down) Okay.
(In the kitchen)
Daniel: I wonder what person would come to the restaurant late at night.
Morena: Maybe the person doesn’t know how to cook or the person is just returning from work and is very hungry.
Daniel: I’m exhausted. These potatoes are so sturdy.
Morena: Stop complaining. (she goes to meet him) Don’t worry, I’ll help you with it (sings) You shut it out, And I can’t hear a word you say, I’m talking loud not saying much…
Daniel: Whoa, You know David Guetta?
Morena: Of course.
Daniel: Titanium right?
Morena: Yeah. That song is my jam.
Daniel: Mine too.
Morena & Daniel: (sings) I’m bulletproof, Nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, You take your aim, Fire away, fire away. Shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium, Shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am Titanium!!!
(Morena and Daniel smile at each other, Just then, Daniel leans in and kisses Morena)


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