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More than a game episode 3

🎲🎲🎲 More than a game 🎲🎲🎲
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🀄 Book three 🀄
🐳 Ivan 🐳
I cursed at Napoleon who took the ball, he was running to our end zone. This was the only chance I had to prove to coach that I was better than Hans and can be the new quarterback instead of the other guy. Hans wasn’t just good at being a quarterback but also skilled at being a center and cornerback. Sometimes, coach even risked it by changing his position because he was perfect at each of them. Hans was also the only young quarterback I know that could throw and catch his own pass, one who was fast enough to score a touchdown at dire times. His agility and speed was another thing. Since he started playing, he had never sustain bruisei, not even a scratch and that was impossible to believe. Hans had been training to be a quarterback, cornerback and center since he was two. That is possibly why
Coach losing him was such a big blow to him and the entire school, Hailey and Lee kept shut to my relief but so far, nothing was working. Coach insisted I remain the middle linebacker. He finally gave me a chance to play as the quarterback but I was messing up. We were losing miserably and I was to be blamed with my bad calculations and obsession to score a touchdown.
‘Jet!’ I shouted with frustration, calling out to Jet who was the center to tackle Napoleon from the other team. He was too far, he couldn’t reach Leon.
I face palmed myself angrily. Another failure. I sighed heavily, sliding my hands to my hips and looking at my annoyed teammates. Leon ran across the field, smirking at me. I glared at him. The announcer’s comment wasn’t making anything better for me. ‘Mould! Come here!’ Coach shouted.
‘Fuck!’ I ran to him and smiled at his angry face.
‘What the fuck do you think you are doing out there Mould! Is this the Chance you were asking for?! I always knew you couldn’t do Hans’ or Michael’s job but you keep insisting! Now look where it has landed us! Not even a single point!’
‘Sorry coach Winston,’ I apologized grumpily.
‘Maybe he needs a professional help,’ my eyes widened at that voice. Coach’s head and mine snapped to his direction. Sauntering to us in uniform and helmet being played with in his hands, was my worst enemy; Hans Kendrick.
How is he here?!
Why is he here?!
How is this happening!
‘Kendrick!’ Coach shouted in delight. ‘You’re back!’
‘I never left sir,’
‘But you didn’t resume,’
‘Business trip with my father,’ he said nonchalantly.
‘Wait a second! Who is that with Coach Winston?! It’s Hans Kendrick! Red Lion’s quarterback!’ That stupid gossip. I winced at the new scream that erupted from the crowd. Soon they were shouting his name. My teammates all ran to him, surrounding and welcoming him back. Trust Hailey to do something to mock me. Being the captain of the cheerleaders, she organized them to start a chant for Hans.
‘Go change your uniform son, the real player is back.’ Coach said, giving my back a hard smack. I nodded grudgingly and walked away.
Hans returning was one thing, his new change was another. He intentionally let me get tackled four times, I almost broke my ribs. So far, the game had taken a turn and we were in a draw. One more touchdown and we’d win.
‘Ivan! Look out!’ He shouted. I turned around too late, the ball collided with my face. The force sent me staggering back and crashing into our teammate. He ran over to me with an apologetic look. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t calculate the throw,’ he apologized, giving me his hand. I slapped his hand away, returning it to my throbbing nose. ‘I’m sorry, did I break your nose? It’s bleeding.’ He said mockingly.
‘Bastard,’ I spat. He smirked and winked at me before jogging off. I inhaled and stood up.
‘You have to treat your nose Ivan, it’s bleeding badly.’
‘Mind your fuck Jet, this is my own business.’ He raised his ~hands up in surrender. I huffed and w~ alked out of the field to coach.
‘Sit, you’ll get treated but that’s the end of you playing in this game, you are jinxed tonight.’
‘Geez thanks coach, I didn’t notice.’ I said sarcastically. He sneered.
Few minutes for the klaxon to go off, we were yet to score another point. All the players scattered across the field, the other team charging at the halfback. Just at the last second, he threw the ball towards Hans who caught it easily. The opposite team quickly turned to attack Hans. His eyes swiftly ran through the field, catching his target. He ran with the ball, skillfully sliding between the legs of two players from opposite team. He stood up with such a speed I barely saw him do it. With one powerful throw, he hurled the ball towards Jet who was closer to the end zone and far from the opposite team. Jet caught the ball in a haze, not expecting the ball to be thrown to him.
‘Jet!’ Hans shouted. Jet snapped out of it, turning around quickly and hitting the end zone just before the klaxon went off. The crowd erupt with cheers. I sighed and looked at Hans whose eyes was on me. ‘You see that?’ He mouthed. ‘That is just one of the ways I can show you that no matter what you do, you can never be better than me. Get ready to meet the demon in me.’
I clenched my fists in anger. ‘Fuck you.’ I mouthed back.
‘I already fucked you,’ he laughed as the team jumped on him. I rolled my eyes to Maggie who was part of the cheerleader. She was looking at me with disappointment. I looked away, smiling as I remembered I still had her to make him feel terrible.
It’s not over yet Hans.
⚡ Hans’ standpoint ⚡
The football players decided to celebrate my return in a karaoke bar. The cheerleaders and some couple of students tagged along. I was smiling brightly as they all sang the funny theme song Lee created a year ago. They all stood with cups in their hands and their free hands on their chest like they were reciting an anthem. I averted my eyes to Maggie who was sitting nervously with Ivan. He came so he won’t look affected but I knew he was. I winked at Maggie who turned red almost instantly. I laughed and averted my eyes to Lee who climbed the main round table.
‘Shout the salute!’ She shouted, her voice standing out over the others.
‘Hans on back!’
‘Hooah!’ They shouted, beating their chest. ‘Hans on quarter!’
‘Toss and catch!’ She shouted.
‘Ook hooah!’ I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous chant.
‘Hans of Red Lions!’
‘Quarterback Champ!’ I laughed and shook my head at their signature nodding and then the lion roar. Lee did that herself and forced them all to learn it. At first it was stupid to them but they soon started enjoying the ridiculousness of the chant.
‘Can you guys sit down and stop embarrassing me now?’
‘Why should we?!’ Lee shouted. ‘You saved Red Lions! Just when someone’s bad luck was about to ruin us, you came out like Superman! Am I right boys?!’ Her question caused a hullabaloo. I smiled and looked at Ivan.
‘Three cheers to Hans and Jet, for a wonderful game,’ Hailey toast. Everyone lifted their cups.
‘Hans! Hans! Hans!’ They drank their drink half. ‘Jet! Jet! Jet!’ Then they finished it.
‘You guys better make sure Riley don’t drink again. If you don’t want him to strip and try to marry Ivan.’ Hailey sniggered. Everyone laughed while he scoffed.
‘It was just that one time!’ Riley shouted.
‘Making out with Ivan, that was epic, right buddy?’ I asked him.
‘You must feel really good about yourself,’ he spat angrily.
‘Oh I am, I did what you were struggling to do in just thirty minutes. Doesn’t that make me a hundred times better than you? Even my little sister can do a better job as a quarterback than you. Too much of stolen puss have weaken your already bad skills.’ They all stared at me quizzically, except my sisters. Hailey was smirking and Lee giggling. None of them were expecting such words from me.
Wow, I am too nice.
‘Hans, are you and Ivan fighting? I can’t help but feel the tension between…’
‘Even a cat will know they are fighting Riley, that was a useless question.’ Jet replied.
‘I stopped feeding the dog for a minute and he bite me by eating my bone,’ I looked at Maggie and sneered. The cheerleaders laughed.
‘I wouldn’t have ditched your ass if you weren’t so bad in bed. You were completely ballless.’
‘Is that so? Lela, wanna get a stand with me and testify to her accusation?’
‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’
‘Hans, don’t do that, you’ll hurt Iris.’ Hailey whispered. Ivan furrowed his brows at her name.
‘Ah, I forgot to mention that I wasn’t actually dating you because I liked you, I only dated you as a bet…’ Her eyes widened. ‘Ask your sweetheart over there, he knows what I’m talking about.’ I said nonchalantly, sipping from my drink.
‘Ivan, what is he talking about?’
‘Yeah Ivan, what?’ Lee giggled.
‘Let me explain it, we made a bet to see who would be able to find out if you were a pathetic screamer or a soft moaner. I won, you scream too loud it deletes all the pleasure from the sex. All I ever digested were thunder sized headaches, church bell ringing eardrums and confusion. That my dear, is why our sex life sucked. I don’t derive pleasure from girls that are capable of pulling my house down on me. Tell me Ivan, how do you manage her? Do you wear earplugs because I certainly did.’
‘I will not have your fucking mouth insult my girlfriend!’
‘Do you ever use any other swear word other than fuck? And mind you, it’s my leftover.’ Everyone laughed.
‘What’s that Maggie? Is that tears?’ Hailey taunted. ‘Oh, I’m so sorry,’ she mocked. ‘You just weren’t good enough.’
‘Shut up Hailey,’ Ivan snapped. Hailey scowled at him.
‘Wanna make her big boy?’ Lee asked challengingly, jumping down from the table. She loves fighting and I seriously wonder why. Ivan stepped back, knowing fully well she will beat him up to a pulp.
‘Look, we are here to celebrate Hans return, not fight. If you can’t behave yourself Ivan, then you can leave with your bag of sounds.’
‘Ouch man,’ I laughed at Jet’s comment. He had always disliked Ivan. Many do but I was blind to why.
‘This isn’t over Hans, I won’t stop until I show you what I’m capable of.’
‘And that is?’ I snorted. ‘You are capable of nothing… Other than failure that is.’
‘Don’t insult me!’
‘I wouldn’t have shown up if I wasn’t at home watching you run around the field like an aimless cockroach. I had to come save your low fat ass, and t help the team rather. What the fuck were you doing in the field? You couldn’t even lay out a single plan or calculate who you were passing to.’
‘Ivan, let’s go,’ Maggie said shakily, tugging at his arm.
‘I know you are just pretending to not care but I know you do. It pains you to see me with Maggie, it burns you. If it didn’t, why weren’t you in school for a month? Why didn’t you show up?’
‘I spent my month strengthening my relationship with the girl I actually love. And to think I was cheating on her with this thing, hiding her to consider your feeling. Well, I don’t care anymore.’
‘You were cheating on me?’ Maggie gasped.
‘You’re not the only one I cheat on her with, don’t feel special.’
‘Ivan, you like making me watch you date my leftover, I don’t mind. Hope you have the heart to bless my relationship with Iris Hathaway, I’ll be more than glad to introduce you to her on Monday.’
‘You’re joking, right?’
‘Oh, I’m not, didn’t she tell you she had a boyfriend?’ He opened his mouth to say something but shut it back. He took Maggie’s hand and stomped out. I chuckled. The hardest blow would be Iris.
🐳 Ivan 🐳
I hammered on iris’s apartment door aggressively, I didn’t believe the lie Hans uttered. Hi omeano on+23354 to be added to story headquarters room .Iris did yell at me countless of time that she had a boyfriend but I never saw her with a guy so I assumed she was lying. It wasn’t true, it couldn’t be true. Hans don’t have the guts to date the girl I like behind my back.
You never showed or told him about her… My subconscious reminded me.
The way I see it, he knew.
I heard the locks of the door snap open. She tugged the door open, a murderous look on her face. ‘Are you crazy! What are you doing here at this time?!’
I grabbed her bicep roughly and dragged her out of her apartment. ‘Is it true?’
‘What’s true?’
‘You, dating Hans Kendrick.’
‘Yes, now let go of my hand.’
‘That’s not true,’ I chuckled. ‘You’re lying, you’re both lying!’ I yelled. ‘Do you expect me to believe that you are suddenly dating him?! There is no way in this planet both of you can meet. You’re a church rat and him a castle cat. No way!’
‘Wow, thanks for the insult. If it makes you feel better, then okay, believe what you wanna believe but don’t be too shock when you see him with me. As for how we met, I’m sure you know I work for his cousin.’ I let go of her hand and reeled back.
‘This is a game, you are both playing this to upset me.’
‘If that helps you sleep at night, fine, whatever you say.’
‘Why would you date him?! What does he have that I don’t?! What did he offer you? Money?!’
‘Love, care, kindness. You knew me for two years, chased me for as long as that but never for once offered to help me save my dying mother. You were fully aware, used it to taunt me sometimes and mocked my background. Hans never did. When he met me, he didn’t look down on me, didn’t insult me whenever I rejected him and come back later like nothing ever happened. He did the first thing I expected you to do, paid my mother’s bills and gave me a comfortable life. I’ve only been seeing him for five months but what he have done for and shown me, is nothing compared to the nothing you have done for me.’
I gritted my teeth together. ‘Five months?’ That was a month before he started dating Maggie.
‘Yes, five.’
‘You are aware he is just dating you for your body, just fucking you. He had another girlfriend, one he loves…’
‘One you were sleeping with,’ she corrected. ‘Maggie Simenon, I know, he told me. And you say he is using me for my body? Just using me for sexual satisfaction?’ She gave a short dry laugh. ‘Dude, he have never even made me uncomfortable by asking me for sex, we haven’t gotten to that stage. What did you do the first time we were alone? You tried to rape me.’
‘That…I was drunk.’
‘Mm hm,’ she smirked. ‘Deal with it sweetheart, I’m dating him and there is nothing you can do about it, end of conversation.’ She walked back into her apartment and slammed the door shut. I inhaled and growled.
This is a game, I won’t fall for it.
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