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Mine forever episode 31

💛 Mine forever 💛
( Attracted to each other )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Pearce Family

Archer Pearce and Annie Pearce
(Father) (Mother)

{Two Sons}

Ashton Pearce Alexander Pearce
(Eldest) (Youngest)
↓ ↓
»Married to » In a relationship
Estelle with Scarlet Reeves

(Two Children)

Ethan and Emily
✴ Sera Reeves is Scarlet’s younger sister and she is a college student.
Hope Family

Brad Hope and Tessa Hope

Taylor Hope
✴ Taylor is a mutual childhood friend of Alex and Scarlet.
✴ Alex calls her by the alphabet “T”.
A short nickname given by him.
✴ Taylor calls Scarlet as Letty and Scarlet calls Taylor as Lorry .
Santoro Family

Stefano Santoro and Rose Santoro

(One Son)

Vincenzo Santoro
(A.k.a Vince D’costa)
✴ Vince was an ex employee, wroking as New Senior Assistant Manager in Pearse Industries.
» Stefano is the leader of Italian Mafia hence Vince is the future leader of his mafia clan.
» Luca Donati is his right hand man.
He is taking care of the business set up in New York for his mafia clan.
1⃣. Ray Smith
~ Best Friend of Alex (kind of a brother) and owner of Reney’s Restaurant. He was married to Reney but she died due to a car accident.
2⃣. Nell Lawrence
~ A good friend and Co-onwer and Managing Director of Highland Group of Industry.
3⃣. Max Baxter
~ A very loyal friend who tracks all details and information for Alex.
Roy is Max’s friend who had also helped Alex at one point for tracking Scarlet’s whereabouts when she had resigned working as his PA.
4⃣. Derek Miller
~ Best Friend of Scarlet and Taylor.
5⃣. Dave Maccoy
~ A good friend of Scarlet and CEO of Maccoy Industries. The one Scarlet joins after resigning from Pearce Industries.
6⃣. Mrs Madeleine
~ Senior employee of Pearce Industries and was PA to Mr. Archer Pearce.
7⃣. Cherry Antonio
~ Ex fiance of Alex and ex wife of Antonio.
Antonio was a business partner of Alex and reasons are known to you why they separated and all.
8⃣. Lorenz Rosario
~ Business friend of Alex.
He is married to Bia , they are high school sweethearts.
9⃣. Maximo Rosario
Aka Max
~ Younger brother of Lorenz and business friend of Alex.
🔟. James Knight
~ The Royal Mafia leader and he rescued Scarlet from Vince.
Scarlet’s Pov-~~
” I think it’s best if I resign from the post of PA. What do you think?” I asked Lorry with a thought.
These past days were such a hell of a ride with being kidnapped by Vince and all the revelations about his family being in Mafia that I was completely baffled.
The day when I returned home I was relieved to feel safe again but somewhere deep down I was still scared.
Something bad will happen, he will come again to take me away, Alexander will leave me due to misunderstandings, all of them will hate me because I am with Vince but they are unaware of the fact that he kidnapped me once again, I am trapped and I want to go home.
These were the thoughts that constantly came up into my mind all the time.
Giving me horrible nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night, crying like a little baby…so scared that I cannot handle it.
If Alexander wouldn’t have been there with me during those nights, I don’t know what I’ll do or how I will manage to calm myself down. I love him so much, I love all of him.
I can’t live without him and I realized during those times when he patiently rocked me back and forth in his arms and kissed me on my forehead while gently caressed the side of my head.
Saying soothing words into my ears so that I forget all the scary thoughts and worries. He even started working from home rather than attending office. Meetings were canceled or got postponed.
It was all done for me so that he can be closer to me and take care of me.
It’s a huge thing for me because this person adores his work more than anything.
He worships his work and now he is adjusting and compromising it for me.
Two days ago,
“Hey, you don’t have to do this. I am fine, besides Estelle and Sera are here to take care of me.
You need to get back to office. I don’t want your work to be hampered because of me and all those employees depend on you and your success.
I know how much you love working…”
He interrupted while pulling me towards him and said,
“I love you more. You are more important to me. Losing a contract won’t affect me or my employees in any way.
I can always win a deal and make millions and provide job to people, heck that’s why I am a CEO. But if I lose you then I won’t be able to get another you ………..because you are irreplaceable to me.
I lost you once but it will not happen again….no matter what, I will find you Dove…I will find you because you know what? You’ve got my heart period.
Though I wanted this to be done at the right moment but I think I can’t wait anymore longer and I need to do it right now.”
He looked into my eyes more intently and I was confused.
“I never knew I will ever fall in love all over again.
Being heartbroken once was enough for me and so I had sealed my heart from any kind of emotions to affect me.
Yes work was the only thing I did very sincerely and I loved it. But that was a distraction, kind of hiding myself and that was my world, a safe zone. But it changed when you entered into my world.”
I smiled remembering our first meeting.
“You slowly, unknowingly made a spot for yourself in my heart.
A genuine one with loads of patience you tolerated all of my bullshit behavior. I guess I was so pissed off because you affected me in lot ways.
Your face, your eyes, your smile, your habits….it was like you were always there on my mind.
I missed you so much during when I am away from you or when I am home, thinking all about you.”
I thought back and remembered the time when he packed a punch across Vince’s face and pulled me away from him.
“Hell, you are so unaware of the attractions from the other men that I could literally feel it what they all want from you. That’s why I was more pissed.”
I frowned upon hearing that because I had no idea about it and seeing that confused expression of mine he chuckled and gave a peck on my nose.
” You are so beautiful in and out that I couldn’t stop myself for falling in love with you and that’s why I was hell bend to make you mine and asked for a chance.
Because the day I met you, I had already got that spark. You… You are the one for me Dove.
You are my world and I want you to be the only one for me this life, for the next life and so on.”
My heart was racing while listening to him. I love him and I never imagined that he, the most renowned Billionaire CEO, My Boss will ever develop these feelings for me at that time when we met for the first time. This is so crazy.
All those moments flashed across my mind starting from the time I was introduced to him in his cabin, him being arrogant towards me, taking care of me when I was sick, dragging me away from the charity event and that night, the day when he took me to a beach and asked for a chance.
Our trip to Italy, our first date night, moving in with him in his penthouse and finally the time when he came to rescue me with others and being in his arms feeling safe and loved.
Suddenly he moved more closely to me and pressed his forehead onto mine and I closed my eyes.
” Scarlet, will you be mine. Mine Forever?”
He asked while holding my hands together and then bend down on one knee, brought out a small blue box from his inner coat pocket and said with a loving smile,
“Marry me.”
My breath hitched while unknowingly tears ran down on my cheeks and I was having a roller coaster of emotions.
Taking a deep breath and smiling at him along with tears I replied,
He pulled out the ring and placed into my left hand ring finger, a beautiful simple diamond ring which meant I am his and only his.
Standing up immediately, he pulled me giving a breathtaking kiss which clearly meant- Your Mine and whispered into my ear,
” I love you . ”
End of flashback.
At present~~~
Lorry (aka Taylor) got too excited when I told her that Alex proposed me and she screamed into the phone and decided to meet me today at Reney’s for lunch.
Discussing the worries and fears I have now being in a spotlight.
” Why? What’s wrong?” She asked me with concern.
“It’s just….I think I should do something else.” I said while looking at my diamond ring and touching it with my finger while thinking few things.
Lorry sighed and held my left hand up showing it to me and said,
“Is it because you are now going to be a wife of a billionaire, hashtag CEO that your feeling…. it’s not right working as his PA? News about you in tabloids is affecting you?”
I nodded in response as I was disturbed with the articles that came up on newspaper and television about our proposal, wedding, my background and news about me being a gold-digger.
Like seriously!
Though few of them congratulated and were happy to hear the news while others were having a huge problem with it.
Especially all the single ladies out there were discussing about me.
“Oh come one…Lexy…! You know all these people will say whatever they want but we all know that you are no gold-digger nor seduced him to climb up the social status ladder as per the high society thinking groups.
You know who you are and it’s on you how to mold yourself to be stronger and inspire others through your resources.
Trust me Media can be nasty and you’re wedding is a major hot topic right now and they will upload all your details but that’s what they do, twist and turn all information making it into very interesting news to capture attention of public.
It’s their job and people are always dying to know what is going on with high profile people.
If you want them to talk about you in a good or different angle then you need to buckle up and start showing them girl power.
This is a long and only piece of advice from bestie Taylor Hope to the future beautiful bride Miss. Scarlet Reeves.”
“Still… this is something which I knew will happen if I get associated with Alexander and it’s dreadful. Loosing privacy and always being in the limelight for unwanted reasons.
You know how much I hate it when I get all these unwanted attentions, it makes me very conscious.” I said truthfully to her.
Taylor is right, I know. I don’t have to feel this way and I know who I am and people close to me know it too.
They will always be there for me and everything will be fine. I just need to calm down as life is really going to change drastically.
But in the end I have Alexander with me and together we will be fine.
“Hmm…I know! Just calm your nerves down. I know it’s difficult to handle all this at the start but eventually you will get used to it.
You have all of us and doesn’t worry Alexander will always protect you from harm.
Trust me he is the best and he will do everything in his power to protect the people he love especially you.” She said with a smile and held both my hands together.
I am so darn happy to have a best friend like her. I am feeling a bit relieved now and was smiling at her words.
“Awwww… I am so excited for your wedding because finally Alex and you fell in love with each other. I was so damn sure that he was totally into you.
Oh! I so wish I could meet someone who would sweep me off my feet and ask to marry!” She said dreamily and that’s when I remembered something.
“You could have told me you know….” I asked her.
“What are you talking about?” She got confused.
“You and Alexander being friends…. You…”
“OHKAY…let me explain. At that time, If I had told you… Then you would have never accepted the job.
You wanted to get a job on the basis of your ability and I wanted you to have the best.
I knew he would give you a chance if I asked him to….. But I swear he gave you the job solely because you deserved it.
And mostly I did because the pay was immensely good, its safe and its one of the most highly reputed company. It was a golden offer for you all in all.
Not because he is my friend and did a favor but you were capable of doing it.
So sorry…..I did hide this tiny little detail. I just wanted you to be happy and stable as even Sera is depended on you. I just… wanted things to be good for you.” She started saying everything all in once.
I smiled at her and she relieved a long breath. She apologized once again for it.
“I am glad though and thank you. You are my best friend and I am not angry with you.
It’s just that we have no secrets between us and suddenly you knew things about him which I never knew. That made me curious and a bit jealous.” Taylor laughed at that.
“Well, how did you get to know about our friendship? He told you ….even when I told him not to. OMG.” She asked furrowing her brows together.
“Nope…I overheard it while he was on call with you yesterday and eventually he told me everything.”
I laughed at her expression.
“Alright alright… I am sorry…Now, all’s well that ends well.
Also, I wanted to ask you about Cherry. Where is she now? Is she going to come back to make trouble in your paradise in future?”
“Yeah you are forgiven. Well… Alexander said he spoke with her one last time and she has gone to Britain, at her Mother’s house and will start over her life. Hence she is no more a threat in future.”
Thank god! She isn’t coming back to our lives.
Well, we need to discuss a lot but our time is up and we need to get back to work so further discussions will do later.”
So meet you on Friday night, dinner and discussions along with the whole family?” I said while getting up and hugged her.
“Cool. I’ll be there.” She said and we turned to see Ray coming towards us with a smile.
“Hey beautiful girls are you both done with your lunch?” He asked and we answered him with a yes.
“Well, the front side of Pearce building is totally packed with paparazzi.” He informed.
“Oh damn!” Taylor sighed.
“Don’t worry, I’ll escort Scarlet first inside Pearce building and then I will drop you T, at your workplace.”
We both nodded, moved out of the restaurant and four bodyguards were already waiting outside to escort me.
Ray walked alongside me as he was aware I get nervous facing the reporters.
Two of the bodyguards stayed at our sides while the other two was walking alongside Taylor, she was used to such attention and hence was walking straight without any issues.
There near the entrance all the reporters and camera men spotted us and started clicking pictures and were yelling out questions after questions.
Ray held my hand and said into my ear,
“You don’t have to answer anything, just keep walking straight. Calm down.”
I was taking small breaths to calm myself down. These people were trying to come closer to me in order to ask questions or take pictures. But bodyguards were quick to make them stay away from me.
Only few more steps were left to reach the glass door but suddenly someone, somehow pulled me back, due to which I turned around and was now facing the crowed.
They surrounded me and bodyguards as well as Ray were near to the door and was pushed back while I was being pushed into the center.
Recorders were being shoved in front of me while people were pulling me towards each of their side to face them, to listen to their questions and waiting for my answers.
I was totally getting hurt here and there because something or the other scratched my skin. On top of it I was nervous and didn’t know what to do.
Alexander came rushing outside and with the help of more five bodyguards he came towards me and grabbed onto my arm quickly holding closer to me while keeping my head low and protecting from everyone, we both moved forward.
He was angry though with the way this all turned out. But he told the people outside he will give an interview about things they want to know.
Requested them to clear out right away as it’s creating a great difficulty for everyone with all the commotion and they all left after ten minutes.
“Are you alright?” Alexander asked with concern while checking my hand for small scratches while Taylor and Ray were worried for a moment but I gave assurance of being fine.
“Yes.” I calmed myself down but felt all drained out of energy.
Receptionist girl came and handed me a bottle of water. Mumbled a thank you to her and drank water from it.
Ray and Taylor left while Alexander and I headed towards our floor. Once inside cabin, he quickly pulled me for a hug.
“I know this is uncomfortable for you, these sudden attentions and media following you and showing info on you…
Negative comments and pulling you down, false accusations of my relationships with other girls and claiming things, lies and etc. etc. etc.
You have taken a step into my world and I promise you Dove, no matter what, I will always support you and I will protect you. You need to trust me.
It’s a best of both…worlds, good and the bad. You need to just deal everything in a right way. I know you can and I am there with you.”
“I trust you. Together we will make our world beautiful.” I said and took a deep breath, inhaling his scent made my nerves calm down.
Though I was shaken up with what happened today, I still hoped for the best and happy to be with the person I love the most.
We have that core quality of understanding each other which helps a relation to stay stronger and happier.
The people who have embraced me in his arms… is the one I love the most.
What else can I ask more? I’ve got the best and perfect gift from life.
Mr. Alexander Pearce – CEO/Boss/Lover/Future Husband.
Mentally stated it!
While he pulled me from our hug and smashed his lips onto mine while biting my lower lip which made me smile.
Internally giving that fluttery feeling always which makes me blush now and then. But these notorious kisses of his are the ones which I die for.
“I love you Scarlet.” He said in between giving me trailing kisses along the side of my cheek towards the neck region and then gave a feather light kiss onto crook of my neck and then bit onto the skin, shooting a jolt of pleasure and I replied him with a gasp and a moan.
TBC 💛💛💛


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