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Mine forever episode 3 & 4

💛 Mine forever 💛
( Attracted to each other )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 3
Scarlet pov~
But it’s spacious with a desk and a plush chair placed in the middle. Even I had a computer to work on. Walls are white and backside there is a large window which faces a small garden area.
She showed me that I had notepads and all other stationeries kept in drawers. Files were neatly placed on my desk. And she guided me with all the basics.
Then Mrs. Madeline welcomed me inside her room. It’s a bit similar to mine but her walls are painted in light blue color.
“Oh dear, it’s a bit mess in here. I have a lot of things to do and was busy working without clearing out few of the stuff which is not needed now.
But don’t you worry I will guide you in your work and don’t hesitate to ask for help.” She said giving me a soft smile.
“Thank you Mrs. Madeleine.”
“Oh you can call me Maddie.” She said while waving her hand and gestured me to sit.
“Maddie he said to bring him a coffee. Just tell me where is the cafeteria and how does he wants his coffee?” I asked her thoughtfully.
“Yes dear. Come, I will help you with that. I will tell you more things about him and the company.” She said.
We headed towards the cafeteria which was straight ahead and once again passed through the reception desk.
On the way she explained to me that the first room towards right is the cafeteria room while it’s opposite is a small waiting room. Ahead there are four more rooms both on opposite sides which are kind of relaxing area for guests who comes for conferences.
Straight in the end is the large conference room which is currently locked.
Every once in a month we have a big conference meeting and every week we have a report meeting. So it’s our duty to organize those meetings and events of our company.
My main duty is to support my boss in all way by making his job a bit easier by scheduling and arranging things. She also said various other things as well.
“I’ve heard a lot about Mr. Pearce being very serious and tough as hell in business. Plus it’s hard to work with him because of his mood swings, anger issues and perfectionist behavior. Is that true?” I asked her as I have heard many people talk about him that way.
“Mr. Pearce is a gentleman and he is hard on the exterior side but he has got a huge heart. He is a hardworking individual like his father and would give his best to achieve success.
You must have heard a lot of things about him….professional as well as personal but in the end he is a human being with flaws like you and me.
Working with The Pearce Group is a major opportunity and life changing experience.
Alexander is a good guy and those who don’t know him portray him in a different way all together.
That’s their way of judging and analyzing him while media members constantly look up onto his life because he is a man with absolute power, loaded with money and lastly blessed with good looks.
The Handsome Devil is the name given to him by all.” She said with a thought and I felt like he is not that bad as they say.
Maddie is the senior most working employee here and she also served as personal assistant to Mr. Pearce’s father when he was taking care of the business empire as CEO.
After his retirement she was assigned to Alexander Pearce to continue as his assistant. Now she has already completed five years with him and is considered as an asset to the company. That says a lot and I already like her.
We went inside the cafeteria room which had light cream colored walls. Tables and chairs were neatly arranged and there is a food counter which had employees stationed. At a corner there was our coffee machine kept.
“Mr. Pearce likes to have a black coffee with one cube of sugar every morning, afternoon and at evening.”
Maddie said while pouring coffee into the mug and placed it on the tray. Also a sugar packet and a spoon were kept beside it. She then passed on the tray on my hand and wished me luck.
Maddie had to go and get some work done so I headed straight to my Boss’s cabin with his coffee in my hand.
I gulped and knocked three times and entered in. Placed the tray on table, added a cube of sugar into the coffee and stirred it well.
I was just about to give him the mug but suddenly his right hand collided with my hand which held the hot coffee.
The hot coffee got spilled over onto his hand and I dropped the mug on his lap which in turn spoiled his suit too.
I gasped again in shock and was trembling in fear right now.
Well shit! What a nice start with a cup of coffee for my boss. Isn’t it?
I thought to myself.


Scarlet’s Pov~
“Oh shit.” He cursed under his breath.
“I am so sorry. I….I just…. Oh God…” I was unable to say anything so I just quickly pulled out a few wipes from the nearby tissue box and dabbed it on his hand.
Cleaned up his table and brought some ice, a piece of cloth and handed over to him.
‘Watch what you do. You may leave now. I’ll call you later.” He said angrily while placing the ice and cloth on his hand.
“YES sir. I am sorry. “I whispered in a low voice.
He dismissed me for a while and then through the intercom informed me to get some files from the department on 37th floor, also arrange them alphabetically.
It was a relief that he didn’t fire me for the coffee thing.
I just followed his command and started getting files and arranged them in my cabin. I must say I am a bit scared now.
After an hour boss called me up into his office cabin. I took a notepad, a pen and also the files and headed over to his cabin.
Here we go…
He stood in front of the table, both hands supporting on it with one leg crossed over the other. I was sitting on the chair facing right opposite to him.
He was looking at me for a few seconds which made me squirm a bit on the chair.
“Wehave a list of things to be done tomorrow so I want you to note down and makearrangements for it.
1. Fix a meet with Mr. Arnold Shaw, Project Manager for hotel Starlight.
2. Book a reservation, table for two at Royal’s for lunch with Nell Lawrence.
3. I want all the board employees gathered for a meet regarding the new plans for Phoenix Project. Keep it after lunch.
4. Remind me a Meet with Mr. Kazuya Kanagawa at morning 10 am.
5. And lastly, visit to Hotel Paradise. ”
He said all these while looking at me but I just focused on noting down things because this time I don’t want anything to go wrong.
“So arrange all these accordingly and I hope u made a note of all these.”
“Yes sir.” I replied.
“Oh and here, these are the important numbers you can contact them and arrange meetings as we discussed.” He passed on a paper to me and I took a look at it.
“Sir is there anything else apart from this you want me to do.”
“Well yeah, get me lunch from The Reney’s.
They know my take just tell them it’s for me.” He said thoughtfully.
I nodded in response, left his cabin and checked my watch. Its lunch time and so I decided to grab lunch for my boss and as well as get some food for me as well.
Reney’s is just opposite to our office. It’s a small shop which provides delicious food and my boss prefers his lunch from here always.
Maddie said they always keep a theme. I guess today’s theme is red, so I see red everywhere. Tables, chairs, uniforms, menu’s etc. all are red. They also have a special menu set up on the board.
I approached the counter and a very handsome person was taking up the orders.
“What would you like to order Miss?” He asked me politely and I gave him a small smile.


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