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September 25, 2021


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Mine forever episode 27

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💛 Mine forever 💛

( Attracted to each other )

Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒

Episode 27



Alexander’s Pov~
“Alexi…I…” Cherry took a step forward towards me but I held up my hand gesturing her to stop.

Ashton and Father left and gone back inside to be with rest of our family members while others were looking at Cherry with anger.


You are such a lying bitch Cherry and never imagined that you could do such a thing. Why?

What have you got in the end by doing all of this? Tell me.
What for? Is it for me?

Well, have you thought about it, that if you hurt my family and people whom I care what will be the consequences for you?” I roared at her in anger.

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Ray was holding me back from being more violent because I really feel like murdering her right away. Maximo came forward and sat on one of the chairs in front of us.

“Now tell us, in that damn mafia villa where is she kept? For god sake tell me she is safe.” Derek asked with concern.

“She is safe and will be happy with Vince. I did all of this for our sake Alexi. Can’t you see? I love you and I can’t live without you… All I need is a chance to show you how much I love you.

I need you. Please.” Cherry was crying and she knelt on the floor with head held down onto her both hands.

“I am sorry for everything, for hurting you, for leaving you and for not understanding your love for me.

I was selfish.” She said while sobbing.
“And now you are being the same…. Selfish…” Ray said while looking at her angrily.

“I am selfish for him and for his love. I will do anything for him.” She said with strong emotions while pointing at me.

“You want a chance to show your love for me right? Then show it. Help me in getting back my love.

Tell me what Vince is planning.” I said while I looking straight into her eyes.
She was looking livid now….Furious.

“She will never be yours.” She hissed at me.
“What do you mean by that?” Derek asked confused.

“They are getting married. They will leave tomorrow to Italy, to his father’s house and there all the arrangements have been done already.”

“No..No…That’s impossible. She will never say yes to it.” I said furiously while clenching my fist.

“How can he marry her when she is not ready? What the hell he is planning.” Ray said with a thought.

“Do you think he will abuse her? Or force on her…” Derek said with a thought but got interrupted by Baxter.

“Alex, I got it. She is in the second floor, B wing hall, and last room.” Baxter informed.

“You tracked her….how?” Derek asked.

“I had a tracking device inserted into her mother’s ring which she always wears on her right hand. I knew she will be in danger at some point.” I said while looking into Baxter’s laptop.

“Good…Now send me the address of the villa to me Baxter.” Maximo said while typing away something on his cellphone very calmly.

I had completely forgotten about his presence. We all were looking at him with questioning eyes.

“I said I have a plan but you were more interested in having a chit chat with her.

My plan is in place… I need help with the address and please contact the FBI guys Baxter.” Maximo said while still texting someone.

“Why contact FBI and what is your plan?” Derek asked while narrowing his eyes at him.

“For resources we need FBI, we can rescue her much more easily and they can nab those idiot mafia gang. It’s a win-win situation. As for the plan….you see it for yourself.” He said with a smug look.

Derek, Baxter and Maximo was discussing about the plans while I was looking at Cherry she was about to call someone one.

Ray immediately moved towards her and grabbed her cellphone and switched it off. Ray was about to ask her something but she came forward to me.

“I will never allow you to have her. You won’t see her….Ever.” She yelled at me while grabbing my suit coat.

“I will get her back no matter what and I will ensure that you suffer for all your wrong doings.

You are my biggest mistake in my life Cherry.
But scarlet, she is my biggest blessing in my life. You gave me pain while she gave me happiness.

You can’t force someone to love you. You and I were never meant to be together.

The day when you realize it, I suggest you to live your life in a better way without any greed, without hatred for others and above all be a good human being.” I saw pain in her eyes and she was hurt with my words.

I sighed as I was tired with this drama and removed her hands away from my coat.
“But I love you Alexander.” She said in a low voice.

“Do you really? If you did, then you would have helped me in getting back my love. My happiness…” I said while hoping she will understand by what I meant.

Though I am angry for all that she did. But it’s no use yelling at her, it will only make things worse and I know somewhere down the line, she is not that bad.

I just need to make her realize that she is walking on the path of destruction by hurting herself and others. She can be a better person and move on in her life.

“You will never do like that if you were in my place and Scarlet in yours. Or will you?” She asked.

‘Believe me. I will. I will let her go if she loved someone else. All I want is her happiness even if it will break my heart. But here, the case is different. She loves me and I love her, now and forever.”

I said sincerely to her and I could see the realization forming in her eyes. Cherry struggled with her inner emotions but she did see what I meant.

“I am sorry. I am sorry for everything.” She said with trembling lips, tear stained eyes. She started crying for a whole thirty minutes in my arms constantly asking for forgiveness.

Ray was watching us and he sighed in relief as she at least realized her fault and now asking to forgive her. Now all her craziness will stop and we can actually settle things in a better way.

Once when she was done crying, then for a moment she closed her eyes and mumbled something.

“What?” I furrowed my eyebrows.
“Her mom…

They have her mother. Scarlet is unaware of the fact that her mother is alive.” She said while pacing back and forth.

“Do you know where they have her?” Ray asked.

“I heard Vince talking with someone over a call last week….I am not able to remember though.” She said while trying to remember.

“Son of a bitch…He will blackmail her with her mother.

That’s how he will marry her. But how he met her mother?” Ray said and I was shocked about her mother being alive.

“Please Cherry, just try to think.” I said with hope.

“Co-incidence…. Scarlet had once shown him her parent’s picture and he instantly recognized the women.

She lost her memory due to an accident but she started a new life and was working as a maid for the owner of Harlow Industry, the current place where Vince is working now.

So he kidnapped her and took her to some other place which I am not remembering.”

“Where is that place?” I asked.
“The …. Basement area I guess.” She said and turned towards Baxter as he hacked into their camera system and was checking the whole area as well as inside the mafia villa.

“You are a genius Baxter.” Derek said while patting his back.
Max was on call giving instructions to someone.

Cherry, Ray and I joined the group and got into discussions with the plan and located the basement area as well.

Max was too stubborn to tell us about what he was doing but in the end we somehow coaxed him to divulge his plan.

Apparently, there is another very powerful Billionaire who do business deals with such mafia clan and he can enter into their turf without any issues.

I tripled up security around my house to protect my family and Taylor. Somehow the media got an info about Scarlet getting kidnapped by the mafia and all and my Media Damage Control Crew (MDCC) is taking care of it right now.

It was also informed to the FBI as well so they are well aware of the situation and hence it will be a very secretive rescue operation.

“Don’t worry; we will get her back safely.” Ray said with determination while patting my back.

“And if next time you put her in danger due to any xyz reasons then beware.

I will sweep her off her feet and take her away from you for sure.” Maximo warned me with a serious tone.

“Dude you never had a chance with her. She was unaware of her feelings for Alexander back then when you tried hitting on her.” Derek said with a smile.

“Oh you f**k off. I was just being the bigger person here and made way for him.

He should be grateful to me for the sacrifice I made.” He muttered the last part under his breath while Derek chuckled.

“You can say whatever you want but she was destined for Alexander. You cannot change that fact now. Can you Maximo?” Ray asked him with a smirk.

“Oh damn you! All I am saying is, she is too good for him. If he hurt her then I won’t sit back. I will take that chance and make her mine.”

Maximo said with a smirk now.
That’s never going to happen.

“I will be the only one for her in this life, next life and every life after that; she is mine and Mine Forever.” I stated with true feelings from the bottom my heart.

Like a love promise.

“Scarlet’s fate is sealed with him forever. Now you my friend, get over it. Period…” Baxter said while still looking onto his laptop.

I could see Cherry feeling uncomfortable while listening to all our words but she gave a tight lipped smile.

“Well, you find love unexpectedly. So wait for it and keep your eyes wide open to see it for yourself.

Never know with whom you will fall in love. Its all a game by our Mr. Cupid the mischievous love god.” Baxter said with a thought and everyone agreed with that fact.

And I remembered Estelle’s words to me,
“You have to keep your heart as well as eyes open. You never know, maybe she already appeared before you.

But you missed to see her only because you have kept a big lock on your heart and a blindfold on your eyes.”

[NOTE: These words were said by Estelle to Alexander in Chapter 4. Please refer it if you don’t remember.]

Those words were true by Estelle because Scarlet came into my thoughts that night. She captured my attention and made a place in my heart.

It was a second chance for me to believe in love and I explored my true feelings for her.

She is the reason for the difference in me.




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