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Mine forever episode 25

💛 Mine forever 💛
( Attracted to each other )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 25
Scarlet’s Pov~~
“Ooooh wow…. Let’s see…..
Aren’t these names cute? Don’t you think Scarlet?”
Estelle was showing me an article of Ashton’s birthday party.
Apparently, she also had uploaded a picture of mine and Alex holding each other in our arms on her Instagram.
Currently she is getting numerous likes on all the pictures of the party. As for our picture, a lot of people commented and liked along with ship names, which she is excitedly showing to me.
“Well, I am your no. 1 fan. I totally ship you two and my ship name for you guys is AleSca.”
Lorry said giggling.
“I totally agree. They both look cute together. A perfect match, a match made in heaven.” Sera said with dreamy eyes.
“Aww…” Estelle and Taylor cooed together.
I blushed and giggled along with them. They were totally discussing about me and Alex the whole while. Estelle and Taylor loved Sera a lot and they were enjoying each other’s company.
Well, even Ray was accompanying us for our girl’s day out. I felt bad for him, he had to tag along with us girls and we were all talking about fashion, food, gossips etc.
His complaint was that how much of a crap we talk with each other especially the hot gossips and relationship status of actors.
Currently he is on a call, talking very seriously to someone. I hope everything is fine.
We were just having some refreshment juice in a shopping mall food court and suddenly my phone started ringing.
I quickly received the call without noticing the caller id.
“Scarlet….please…help…please…need you.”
“Hey, where are you? What happened?”
“Alex’s old apartment… Please help.”
“I’m coming. Calm down I’m coming.”
“Who was it?” Estelle asked me with concern.
“Cherry. I guess she is… in some kind of trouble. I need to go.”
“Wait. Where is she? I’ll come with you.” Taylor asked with a frown.
“She is at Alex’s old apartment. No I’ll go…you guys stay here and I’ll be back in some time.”
“No…Letty I am coming along with you. Now let’s go.”
“Okay fine Lorry. Estelle just be with Sera and inform Ray once when he is done with his call. Yeah?
Sera stay here with Ray and Estelle. We will be back soon.”
Taylor and I left the food court and hailed a cab.
“Umm…I don’t know the address.” I said to myself while thinking how stupid I was. I don’t know many things about him. We haven’t talked much about his past.
“Please take us to Hotel Seawood’s.”
Taylor said to the driver and I looked at her questioningly. How come she said …wait she knows where is his old apartment? How?
“How do you know?”
She muttered something under her breath which I couldn’t hear and replied,
“Umm…well, resources sweetheart.”
For time being I ignored the weird questioning feeling which I am having towards Taylor.
Right now I need to focus on Cherry. What must have happened to her? She called me for help and why?
She was in a panic mode. Oh god is her baby okay?
So many questions were running on my mind right now. My cellphone started vibrating again but it stopped and it got switched off. Great!
The phone is dead now.
After thirty minutes we reached the hotel and got inside to the reception. The building was quite tall, royally built for elite people in the society.
We asked for Cherry and the reception lady smiled and helped us with the direction for the elevator.
Taylor pressed for the penthouse floor. Again I looked at her questioningly.
“How you know?” I asked her.
She sighed and was about to reply but I interrupted and said,
“Aah… yes, resources right?”.
She shrugged her shoulders and smiled.
I rolled my eyes and stood quietly with her. The elevator stopped and we stepped out. I was feeling weird somehow.
We walked through the hallway and towards the center right side we saw the penthouse door. It was a bit open, hence we pushed the door completely and entered inside to see where Cherry is.
The apartment was quite a spacious one but I stopped admiring it. I need to focus.
“Cherry where are you?” I called out for her. But she was not in the living room. Taylor checked towards the kitchen area while I moved further into the two spare bedrooms. But it was empty.
I was about to move towards the next room but I heard Taylor shriek.
I instantly ran out towards the kitchen but she was not there. I moved towards living room again and I saw her lying on the floor. Her back was facing me and I could see that she was injured.
I moved towards her body and held her head in my lap while tears started flowing down my cheek.
With a panic stricken voice I called out her name. But she was losing conscious. There was blood on the floor and head was bleeding.
“Taylor. Please. Stay with me….Oh god.” I was trying to hold her up. But I was not able to hold her steady.
I turned around to see her standing there with a gun pointed at me. Her eyes were void of any emotions. She was clearly looking like a deranged person.
“Cherry.” I whispered her name in a very low voice. Afraid to move, I stood near to Scarlet’s unconscious body.
My heart was beating so rapidly that I might get a heart attack right now. What is wrong with her?
“Look what you’ve done? Look at her.
Look what you’ve made me into. A total mess…. You….
You…. Scarlet is a thief.
You stole everything from me.
“What?” I asked her confused and very carefully in a low tone.
She laughed hysterically.
“Oh what a bitch…. Being all innocent…..
I said you’re a thief. You took away everything from me…..My peace, my happiness, my love, my Alexander.”
She yelled at me angrily.
“What!” I asked her with sadness. Alexander.
“Yes. I love him and he loved me. Then you came along and changed everything. You stole him from me. How could you?
You are so ugly. You don’t even have a status. You are a bitch who just wants to have his money. Hell, you don’t even have a career for yourself. Look at you….”
“Stop… please Cherry….Stop.” I am hurt with all her words but my friend is injured, I need to save her. Cherry is gone crazy. What am I supposed to do? I need to calm her down.
“Just calm down Cherry and put the gun away. We’ll talk it out.” I stated calmly wiping away my tears. If I yell at her she will lose it and one of us definitely will get injured. I need to stay calm.
“No…. I want you away from him. He is mine. You back off. Go to hell….I don’t know. All I do know is that I love him and I need him.”
She broke down in tears and started rambling out words. All her bottled up emotions were coming out. But she still had the gun pointed at me.
“You don’t know anything.
He was my first love. The only one who loved me, who supported me and made me who I am today but somehow due to the distance created between us made me turn away from him.
I got attracted to another man, who I thought was more capable of making me damn happy than Alex.
I know it was a huge mistake from my end for all the complications. I learnt my lesson. I suffered and endured a lot because everything turned out to be a nightmare for me.
I realized that Alexander is the one for me. He is my savior, my love and my life. I need him and I will not allow anyone, not even you to take him away from me. Even if it means that I have to kill you.”
I gasped. She was about to pull the trigger but stopped. She gave a wicked chuckle.
“Aaahh… No. No no no no no. I need a happy ending. I don’t want to be a murderer. So…I give you a chance.”
“What?” I frowned at her.
“Take her.” She commanded while snapping her fingers in air. Two heavily built men grabbed my both arms and dragged me out of the penthouse.
I was struggling to get free from their hold but they silenced me by making me sniff a handkerchief.
I started losing my conscious, Alexander was the last word that I uttered and then I slipped into darkness.
At Pearce Industries
Alexander’s Cabin~
” Hmm…”
“Just hold on a sec.” Max said as he was on a call.
“Baxter what is it?”
“Cherry has kidnapped Scarlet!”
“Where are they now?”
“I’m trying to find that from my team. Wait let me check, yeah?”
I nodded in response while pacing from right to left in my cabin.
I shouldn’t have send her out with them. I should have kept her with me, here in the office. Damn that Cherry. Wait a minute.
“Check for Vince’s whereabouts now. I want to know where he is currently and he is up to?”
“Cherry was last seen in your old apartment. Hotel Seawood’s receptionist confirmed it.
The lady said two visitors had come to meet her. It was Scarlet and Taylor as checked from the security cameras. One of my men found Taylor injured and lying on the floor all unconscious. They have taken her to the hospital.”
“Shit…Shit….shit…shit… Baxter I need to know where they took her. Find her please.”
“Got Vince….he is in his apartment. There she is…it’s Cherry.”
Baxter turned his laptop towards me showing a video of them. He had setup hidden cameras in Vince’s apartment.
He checked in his bedroom, kitchen and spare room area through the camera but Scarlet is not being seen anywhere. Where the hell did she hide her?
“Look ……they are moving out. I’ll tell one of my men to follow them. We need to get going as well.
Come on lover boy let’s find your girl.”
We quickly left and followed Cherry’s car. I called up Ray and told him about the situation.
Ray has already dropped off Estelle and Sera at my home with my parents. Ashton will be staying at home along with the guards. I want everyone to be safe.
Cherry is really going to pay for all this shit that she pulled now. I knew there must be some reason why she behaved so nicely with everyone especially making me believe her… through emotional talk. Nice one though.
She even lied about being pregnant. She was pregnant but lost that unborn baby due to an accident because of Vince while living with him. Well, she continued the role of a pregnant lady to gain my trust and care towards her.
At first I believed her but later on I felt like…she is just pretending all of it though I just kept along with her act just to get a confirmation from Baxter.
I had never really believed her totally, so I did a thorough check about her. Though whatever happened with Antonio is all true and she did suffer a lot with him.
All that tortures of his triggered her behavior into a madness. She is totally gone insane and now she wants me like anything.
“Alex, I don’t get it. Why all this drama? She is well aware of all the things you can do to her for abducting your girl.
I mean… you have all the resources and power to end her life, career etc. Then why would she take so much trouble to do all this shit?”
“Maybe it is all for attention. She wants me like anything hence she is proving me what she can do to have me even if it means to take Scarlet away from me.”
“What about this Vince guy. He is not insane like her. I have done a background check and the only thing I’ve got about him is a connection with Italian Mafia and that secret thing.”
“Well, I don’t know about that guy. Maybe his only motive is to get Scarlet. Which I’ll never allow, I can’t believe about that secret thing. Firstly, I want my Scarlet back in my arms.
She is mine and I am actually afraid….afraid of losing her. So damn Baxter, tell your guys to get me details. I am going insane right now.”
“Okay…okay…let me check.” Baxter called up his team and was talking to them while I was getting tensed by every second.
Scarlet, where are you baby. Please be safe. I’ll find you. Oh damn man!
I was occupied in her thoughts. I feel scared… for the first time in my life I feel so scared that…. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack this instant.
I closed my eyes and suddenly all those moments of us being together flashed in front of me.
Alexander’s Pov~
Flashbacks ..
(Note: While sitting in the car along with Max he thinks about all of the below flashbacks.)
Our First Meeting~~~~
I was heading to my cabin when I saw Maddie standing along with Scarlet….My new Personal Assistant.
“Sir, she is here.” Mrs. Madeleine informed to me.
“Good morning Miss Reeves. Welcome to Pearce Industries. As a start you can get a coffee for me. All the rules and tasks will be informed to you by Maddie.
Maddie, do show her office and introduce her to what she has to do. And after that you can come to me, i will give you, well your rest of the day tasks.”
I said all these things without looking at her because I was checking an important update from one of my client but I got no response from her.
So I looked up at her and said,
“Miss Reeves I didn’t receive an
answer from you.”
“Yes Sir.” She answered me obediently. But the instant I looked at her I was mesmerized with her eyes. Those electric blue eyes and her beauty were intriguing me. But I quickly averted my eyes off her and said,
“Good. You both may go now.
Our First Elevator Ride Together~~
It was our first time to ride the elevator together. I asked her to accompany me to one of my hotel for official purpose.
My private elevator was having some technical issue and hence it is under construction so we are using the other elevator for the time being.
We entered into another elevator and he pressed the ground floor button.
But the elevator was stopping in between for other people to enter and the space inside were getting smaller and smaller as a lot of people got in. Now it’s packed and we were unable to move.
The people entering were all managers and clients not the employees as employees used a separate elevators on the other side of the wing.
Suddenly Scarlet got pushed by some idiot and landed onto me and we were in close proximity. She was facing me and I instantly held her in my arms to keep her steady.
I don’t wanted her to get hurt so gently I placed her head over my left shoulder and kind of hugged her in a protective stance. The moment I held her in my arms I felt a connection. I felt a jolt.
I wanted to protect her and hold her like this forever. I could feel her body stiff right now and she was trying to calm her nerves down. Her eyes were closed for a moment as she took several small deep breaths.
Finally the elevator stopped at the ground floor and people walked out of it. She too stepped out of my hold and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
And then we both silently walked out of the elevator. But I could still feel that warmth of her body on mine.
Saying Sorry For the First Time in My Life~~~
I was so mad seeing my ex-lover that all my anger was lashed out on Scarlet that day at office. I troubled her so much with shit load of extra work.
She tolerated my bad behavior and had stressed her out.
Later on, it was Ashton who made me realize that I did wrong. It was unfair and she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. She was my best employee.
As soon as I realized my fault, I mentally started preparing about how to apologize to her and called her inside my cabin.
But the problem was…I just…I didn’t know how to say the “Sorry” word to her. That word was foreign to me and I felt too damn difficult. It was just one word.
Yet I couldn’t!
She was sitting in front of me with a pen and a notepad.
I looked up at her and I just…….noticed how beautiful she is.
She was saying something to me at that time but I was not listening instead I just looked at those pretty pair of electric blue eyes and the movement of her lips while she spoke.
She looked like a gorgeous model. At that moment I felt something for her, some kind of unknown feelings started to develop inside of me which I couldn’t understand or explain.
“Sir…is it okay to reschedule your today’s meetings?”
“Yeah….” I was in a trance and then she interrupted it by asking something and I just replied to it without knowing what it is!
“I wanted to ask you regarding the meeting of a client which is on Sunday; could you please give me the details for it?”
I was such a dick by making her work on Sunday. I braced myself and started explaining to her…
“Scarlet, these past days it’s been shit. I know. I…just, it’s been rough for me so the thing is we will reschedule that meeting from Sunday to Thursday so that you have an off on Sunday. Okay?”
“Scarlet, I’m sorry.”
I saw from my peripheral vision that she whipped her head up and was staring at me in shock.
Yes because I said sorry to her and that was a first for me.
Entry of new employee i.e Vince D’Costa.
“Are you going somewhere?” I asked her while eyeing Vince. From the day he had joined I didn’t like him being around her.
“We both were just about to have lunch right now, Sir. It’s already late.” Vince replied to me politely.
Hell no!
“Scarlet. I need you to accompany me right now for a meeting with the manager of Hotel Bliss project. We will grab lunch for you on the way. Now come on.” I ordered her and left first.
Though she was not required for that meeting but I didn’t want her to be with him. Hence I ordered her to come along with me.
And then that incident~
He pulled her closer, held her in his arms and kissed her, that made me go all out like a hulk. I landed a punch on his right cheek and Vince fell on the ground.
She gasped and was afraid. But I couldn’t contain my anger towards him.
He kissed her. How dare he do that? She is mine. At that moment I felt that jealous feeling so strongly and it confirmed that I got feelings for her. I like her.
It irked me when Vince was with her and I really care about her. She affects me in every way.
I was very much pissed off and raging with a shit load of anger.
Vince slowly got up from the floor holding his cheek.
“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I asked him menacingly.
“I…can explain. Please.” Vince said while holding his hands in the air.
“You…come with me.” I said to Scarlet while grabbing her hand. Then pointed a finger at Vince and said,
“You…leave right now. You’re fired. Out…!” I roared at him.
Angrily I dragged her along with me in my cabin.
I immediately closed and locked the door and then pushed her towards the left side of the wall. At first I stood there clenching my fist then when I faced her, I softened a bit.
“Why did u punch him?” She asked in shock in a low voice.
“Why did you kiss him?” I asked her angrily and took a step closer to her.
“What? I… but…he… “She raised her voice to defend herself but I interrupted.
“Is he your boyfriend? Or…He paid you to be with him?”
I asked this annoyed while being closer to her ears. I was beyond mad.
Instead of replying to me she got angry and instantly slapped me across my face.
“How could you say like that?
I am not like other bimbos who are dying to do anything for money. I certainly don’t need to explain to you anything and I don’t wish to work with you anymore.
Goodbye Mr. Pearce.”
Saying she left me in a shocked state.
She left me. She freaking resigned.
That hurt me.
Next day, I missed her presence terribly in my office. Felt empty.
Then Taylor visited to my office to talk about Scarlet.
She told me it was Vince who initiated the kiss and she doesn’t have any kind of feelings towards him apart from friendship. I misunderstood her.
Then I remembered our main conversation.
“Also, she still doesn’t know anything regarding us, we being childhood friends and she still thinks this job, which she had been achieved only because of her education and her skills.
Not because I called you up and asked for a favor, so do not tell her all this. It’s a secret between us. Okay?”
“Okay.” I replied to her.
Back to Present…
And this secret of ours is still a secret. I haven’t told Dove about me knowing Taylor. Taylor is like a sister to me and she was my partner in crime while we were kids.
My god I hope both are fine, my Dove and Taylor.
I texted Ray and gave him the address of the hospital where Taylor is admitted. I told him to check upon her.
After driving an hour suddenly Baxter slammed on his car brakes.
“What the hell are you….?
“Shush lover boy.” Max said in a whisper and pointed ahead. I looked towards the direction he has pointed with his finger and I saw a humongous Villa.
Vince and Cherry entered the main entrance gate after thorough check up and few formalities performed by the guards stationed outside.
We stopped our car a bit behind, out of their view so that they don’t get a hint of us following them.
“Damn that’s the lion’s den!” Baxter whispered yet again with wide and excited eyes.
“What!” I exclaimed as I have no idea what he is talking about.
“This is the Italian Mafia’s hub in our city. Hell it’s restricted and a very dangerous territory to enter. And I think there will be more people surrounding this area. People such as them…
“He pointed towards his right side; a black SUV was stationed near to the motel.
“Those are our very own FBI guys.”
“Shit. You mean…”
“Yes indeed. She is under their watch. Obviously he wouldn’t hide her in any other place when he has such powerful connection to help him do whatever he wishes to. Now this is all fucked up.
We will have to go back home for now and layout a proper plan to get your girl back.” Baxter said while driving us back home.
“Baxter you better lay out a proper, safer and faster plan. Ray can also help us out in this and….”
Suddenly I was interrupted by a phone call.
“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” A familiar voice said over the other end of the call in a thick accent.
Perfect. It’s him.
“Why the hell you care Maximo? What do you want?” I snapped at him.
Maximo Rosario, my Business Partner for Italy project…
(Note: I hope you remember our very own Max who had proposed Scarlet but she realized that she has strong feelings for Alexander)
“I do because it’s about Scarlet.” He said in a very serious tone.
“She is my…” He interrupted me.
“She is kidnapped and is now under the watchful eyes of the Italian Mafia.
It means she is absolutely in the hands of that son of a b***h- Lucca Donati who happens to run a business of trading innocent girls across the sea for you know what!” He yelled at me in frustration.
I was stunned with his information. I tried to open my mouth and say something to him but no words came out as I was processing his information in my mind.
“I’m on my way to your place and we will talk about this.” He disconnected the call.
I closed my eyes for a moment to contain my anger. I came across her beautiful smiling face in my mind and it helped me to calm my nerves.
But when I opened my eyes, I was beyond angry for all the things that is happening in my life. Especially with my Dove and I swear that bastard Vince is going to pay for it. I will kill him that’s for sure.
“Baxter drives faster. We have a guest coming home tonight and also I need a lot of answers from my father.”
At Pearce’s Residence~
” Where is she?” Mom asked me with concern and fear.
“She is yet to be found but we will get her back Mrs. Pearce. Don’t worry.” Baxter replied to her.
I could see my whole family is worried with this situation. Especially Sera, mom said she was crying the whole time begging to rescue her sister. Somehow Estelle and mom assured her that I will bring Scarlet back home safely.
Hearing that she somehow calmed a bit and due to tiredness she fell asleep. Taylor was shifted in our house along with all the needed medical assistance.
I didn’t want to take a chance by keeping her in the hospital. The kids are also here along with their nanny. My house is fully protected 24 x 7 by guards. Right now we doubled the security.
After half an hour I, Ashton, Ray, Derek, Baxter and My father- we all settled outside in our patio area for discussion.
Baxter explained the situation to everyone. He then pulled out the file which had details on Vince. He handed that file to my father.
Father started going through all the contents in the file.
But he was cool as an ice. No surprised reactions given at all with the information mentioned in it. While Ashton was curious as to know what it is hence after once father read it, Ashton took from him and started going through it.
“Well, would you explain this entire thing father?” I asked him calmly to get a clearer picture of all this.
“Hmm… very well….” He sighed.
“What the hell! Vince is your son.”
Ashton yelled in anger while gripping the file. Ray and Derek were shocked and then all pair of eyes was on my father to get an answer to it.
“To be honest yes…in a way he is. But he is not my son.” Father said in a neutral tone.
“Please explain father.” Ashton said.
Now we all were curious.
“Well, he is my cousin sister’s son. So he is your brother in that way. Not that I am having another affair or anything like that. Hell I’ll never cheat on my wife, your mother. She is my world.”
“But why then my sources gave me info stating you as his father?” Baxter asked while frowning because his sources give apt and true info.
“Well, Vince’s mother i.e. my sister Rose requested me to hide the identity of her child’s father. She did the biggest mistake of her life by falling in love with a dangerous man.
She never wanted that man to know he has a son, as that will force her to let her son follow the footsteps of his father, footsteps which will lead to the dark side of the world. She was afraid. But I couldn’t take care of her and the baby. I was so much involved with my work.
Besides that your mother was busy with Ashton and you both. Hell I never even told your mother about all this because our family can be in danger.
So I had send Rose and Vince away to Mexico. I made all arrangements for them over there and gave Rose new identity, so that man can never get to them.
In every once in a while I received letters from Rose about how Vince has grown up and going to school and she is also has a steady job, life was good. After a couple of months, I got a call from her boss stating that she and her son is missing.
I personally visited there in Mexico and ordered my search team to get into finding them. But I couldn’t get any trace of them. It was like they got vanished.
I knew why! Its that man, he found them that’s the only answer to it.” He sighed and was sad while remembering the past.
“So who is this man?” Ashton asked.
“But I don’t understand why Scarlet is being kidnapped by him? What did she do?” Derek asked confused.
“And why is Vince involved with the Italian Mafia?” Ray asked with a serious expression and I was pissed off with all this.
“Don’t tell me. It is him…isn’t he. His father is….” Baxter voiced out.
“Yes Indeed. You got it right. He is Stefano Santoro.” Father said.
“Who is Stefano Santoro?” Derek asked curiously.
“He is one of the leaders of The Italian Mafia.
Well, there is more….
Actually…I met him after Ashton’s birthday party. I only knew Vince D’costa as our company employee not that he is my sister’s son.
That day he revealed to me his true identity as Vincenzo Santoro- son of Stefano and Rose. We had a talk and I came to know that Stefano found out about him and he took them both to Italy during when they were in Mexico.
He was very angry at Rose first for not telling about Vince. But eventually he forgave her but unfortunately she was killed by one of Stefano’s enemy.
And then he also said about Scarlet…” father hesitated to continue as he looked at me with concern.
“What about her?” I asked him.
He sighed and said,
“Apparently he too has got strong feelings for her. He said he needs her in his life. I think he is serious about her the same way you are Alex.”
“Shit. Fuck.” Derek, Ray and Baxter said in unison.
“So how are we going to get her back?”
Derek asked with concern. Baxter was calling his team to get more info on Stefano and his mafia gang. Dad said he has a file on Stefano and will give Baxter tomorrow to go through it.
“We need a full on planning and we need to get inside that Villa somehow to get her out from there safely. How…?” Ray said while calculating a strategy in his mind.
But I was so much disturbed right now hearing upon dad’s words. Never… That’s never going to happen.
He will not be able to take her away from me. I was so engrossed with my thoughts and suddenly I heard a familiar voice from across the entrance of the patio.
“I have a plan.” He said with a smirk.
All heads whipped to the direction of the entrance and was stunned to see him of all people standing there along with someone whom we hate to acknowledge at this time of situation but shocked to see with him.
” Maximo Rosario ” I said in a low tone.
” Cherry .” Derek, Ray and Baxter said with a shocked expression.


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