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Mine forever episode 19

💛 Mine forever 💛
( Attracted to each other )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 19
Scarlet’s Pov~~
“Scarlet. Do remind me to get a gift for Mr. and Mrs. Rosario for their anniversary. Also add the event into my schedule as well.” Mr. Pearce said thoughtfully.
We were on our way back to the hotel after our small dinner with the Rosario’s. I must say they are very kind people. And now Bia has become a friend of mine and we have decided to have some girl time this weekend.
I am very much excited!
I was thinking about the few things which I am going to do while I am in Italy and suddenly my phone buzzed with a text message.
Max:” Caro, tomorrow I’ll pick you up at 9 am. I promise you, it will be fun tour. 😁”
With a smile on my face I texted him back.
Me: “Okay. So where are we going?”
Max: “Oh you’ll see. It’s a surprise outing. Dress comfortable, no worries you will love it!”
“Whom are you texting?” Mr. Pearce asked me intently.
“Max.” I replied while reading the text and I was smiling and feeling excited. I wanted to know where he is taking me tomorrow so I started texting him back. Suddenly a very angry Mr. Pearce grabbed my phone and threw out of the window of the moving car.
With wide eyes and open mouth, I stared at him with utter shock.
I couldn’t understand. What is wrong with him.
“Why did you do ….” He interrupted me and said.
“Shut up…. !”
I was beyond angry. This is pissing me off. I waited for the car to stop at the hotel. After half an hour we reached.
As soon as we entered our suite, Mr. Pearce turned towards me and said,
“You are not going out with him. No arguments.”
What! I thought he will apologize to me for my phone, instead of that he ordered me not to go out with Max.
I was fuming with anger and I couldn’t stop myself from lashing out on him.
“Unbelievable. You should be apologizing for what you did now. But no!!! You are ordering me not to go out with Max!
And if you don’t want me to go out with him, then why did you give permission to him when he had asked you a while ago?”
“Scarlet, I’ll get you a new phone and I am sorry. It’s just…”He was angry I could see that and he did say sorry but he is still not getting the point.
“You cannot buy everything in life Mr. Pearce. Relationships and friendships are not business deals.
And that cellphone was my first one which I brought from my own savings. And you don’t have to buy me a new phone as I can get one for myself. “I said and made him understand things because he is behaving like a brat.
“Scarlet, I know. Yes, you can afford things for yourself. But I did a mistake by throwing it and damaging it so that’s why I said I’ll get you a new one.
I just… I don’t want you to go out with him.” He said irritated.
“Why? He is a nice guy and I don’t see anything wrong going out with him. So … I think we should stop this discussion. Besides you cannot order me what to do or not in my personal life. I can take care of myself.”
I mean seriously. What is wrong with him?
“I won’t allow you to do so. That’s final.”
He said in a very firm tone.
“What are you? Are you my jealous boyfriend? We both know we aren’t in a relationship then why are we fighting upon this?” I lost my calm and asked him.
He was angry. My words ticked him off. He came forward, pushed me and my back hit to the main door. My both hands were held up by him and he was staring at my lips. Then he lifted up his eyes and looked into my mine.
A strong emotion was showing and I took a look at his feature. He is so damn handsome. Like a model. But right now both his eyebrows were pulled down with glaring eyes at me. Which gave me chills right now.
I don’t know if it is due to fear or him being so close to me. I am also breathless right now.
“Your right…. I am not your boyfriend… YET.
But I already told you that I want you to be with me. Be mine and you are mine.” He said in a husky voice. Then I remembered him saying those words at the beach and him being angry whenever he saw me with another guys.
His glare turned into a soft look and he caressed my cheek while interrupting my thoughts and suddenly his soft lips were on mine. A strong amount of emotions exploded inside me with his single touch.
I could feel my irregular heartbeats and that deep down feeling in the pit of my stomach. His both hands were on the sides of my waist. My hands rested on both sides of his shoulder.
He was about to deepen the kiss but then I remembered the whole point of me being angry with him. So I pushed him away with my full strength. But he was too strong so he didn’t move much.
His lips left mine and I could still feel the sensation of the kiss and my face colour has changed into a shade of red. First I calmed myself down and then looked at him and said,
“I am not YET yours. So stop being so jealous. And don’t you dare touch me like you did today during the dinner. Or else…”
I said and moved a bit away from him, I was now standing nearby to the couch.
“Or else what?” He challenged me and advanced towards me like a predator in hunt.
“Dove, come here. You know that you have the same feelings as mine. Then why beat around the bush. You like it when I touch you. My kisses make you feel a lot.
And yeah you are very much kissable.” He said in a husky soft voice which made my knees go weak. And he had a smile on his face which made me feel to move forward to him and be in his arms. But no, I didn’t move.
“Sir, I think you should take some rest….Goodnight.” I replied keeping my feelings away as I was too tired and angry with him. Besides I don’t want to argue more about anything with him.
In a swift moment he came forward and pulled me towards him. I was in his arms right now feeling his warmth and inhaling his scent. Which made me feel calm and my head was placed on his left shoulder.
I could hear his pounding heartbeats. I placed my hand on his heart and I could feel my heartbeats too, beating in the same rhythm as his. It’s an incredible feeling.
Suddenly he pulled us both onto the couch and we fell onto it. I was on top of him and he smiled looking at me like he won a jackpot right now. We were looking into each other’s eyes.
He is a handsome devil, all too perfect. His so damn sexy smile makes my heart skip a beat. His warmth makes me feel protected. How am I supposed to ignore these feelings which I get for him when everything is so complicated?
All I ask to myself is, why me?
I could see happiness in his eyes while mine holds a lot of unanswered questions. I am tempted to kiss him right now. So that’s what I did
I kissed him.
He adjusted his body weight on me and kissed me back. In between the kisses he said,
“Please. Don’t. Go.”
“No…I Won’t.”
I replied. I don’t know why I agreed upon his request. It just came out.
Hearing upon my words his face lit up like a Christmas tree. I didn’t knew, me going out with Max was a great deal for him. Though it wasn’t a date or anything as such still he was worried.
Well now as it’s sorted he got relaxed. Shifted towards one side and putting his arms around my waist he pulled me closer to him. Cuddled into each other’s arms in silence, it felt safe. His eyes were closed and after few minutes he fell asleep.
Everything was different right now. I thought and even I drifted off to my own dreamland along with him.
Alexander’s Pov~~~
Soft lips…
Smooth skin….
Angelic face…..
She is so beautiful. ….
I always want her to be with me like this, in my arms, every morning. Damn, I feel so…complete with her.
She is mine.
This girl has clearly invaded my mind and heart. I don’t know how?
But I want to be with her. She is different from all.
And I know, yesterday I was a jerk due to my behavior. I shouldn’t have thrown her cellphone. Maximo, that idiot made me do it. He was taking her out for a date which she isn’t aware of. For her it’s just an outing with a friend.
Common man, anybody would notice that he is interested in her. The way he made conversations with her, always being considerate, polite and even staring at her all times.
All this just ticked me off. I wanted to tell him to back off, she is my girl. But then again, she will just say I behave wrongly. For her I am the only one who is always wrong and others are always right.
Last night it ticked me off when she said that I am not her boyfriend and that we aren’t in a relationship.
Yes…I get it. We aren’t together yet.
But I made it very clear to her that she is mine.
I couldn’t resist myself from kissing her so I did. I kissed her and yes she is very much kissable.
But another great thing that happened yesterday was that she kissed me.
She kissed me
I am going crazy, I know. But it’s good. I feel good.
Instead of ordering her, I requested not to go out with that idiot. And she said yes!!!
I was finally relieved to hear those words from her. So I kissed her and pulled her beside me. Hugging and cuddling, we both just slept off together.
Now here I am, with my beautiful girl enjoying my lovely morning peacefully.
She is such an angel. I placed the loose strands of hair behind her ears and gave a feather light kiss on top of her forehead. She squirmed a bit but was still asleep. I slowly got up without waking her up and headed towards the washroom. Got freshened up and went near to the balcony.
Gave a quick order for our breakfast then turned towards my cellphone to check up on my schedule.
Hmm have to visit the site for the new project with Mr. Rosario.
Rosario’s… I won’t allow that idiot to have my girl. Somehow he will try to convince her make new plans for his date.
I will have to think of something. Cool, change of plans. 😁
I am going to take her on a date.
Scarlet’s Pov~
I feel tired and lazy to get up. Just then I remembered about last night.
Oh god! I kissed him!!!!.
A smile crept across my mouth and it was like an intense kiss moment that we shared yesterday. It was a small confession through that kiss; I do have feelings for him.
Damn shit!.
I got up instantly. How stupid of me!
But it’s not wrong kissing a guy because you love him.
Love him. Did I just say that…?
Oh no. This is bad. This is bad.
I can’t let myself get hurt and then tend to my broken heart in future.
He is The Alexander Pearce, CEO.
Being in relationship with him is like a big crime. Besides he himself is not sure about the feelings which he has for me.
Oh god, I’m going crazy now.
I got up and headed towards the bedroom, got freshen up and then I realized he is not here.
Where did he go?
At the table I saw breakfast and a note.
I had to leave early for the meeting. I have kept my credit card on the table. You can use it.
I don’t need his credit card. I have one of my own. Damn him.
I stared at his credit card and then at his note.
Well, I’ll do my shopping with my own money. So I kept the note and his credit card inside my purse safely and headed outside.
It’s a beautiful day. I still can’t believe I’m here. I could feel the fresh air surrounding me and the warmth from the sunlight. I am in awe with this place.
I was walking along the streets and headed into one of the mall. The very first thing which I wanted to get was a cellphone for me. So I purchased an android phone which was cool enough for me.
Then I thought I’ll kind of get gifts for Lory and for my sister Sera. I need to call Sera it’s been two weeks I’ve not spoken with her, I miss her so much. We often call each other but this time she might be worried about me as I’ve not spoken with her since two weeks ago.
She would have loved to come here and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. One day I will travel along with her to many more beautiful places and make memories with her. After my shopping I was totally exhausted and hungry so I decided to go to a small restaurant and I found one.
The place had a nice comfy ambience and a variety of food. I know there is a communication barrier between me and these people but with sign languages we understood each other and a big thanks to google translator as well!!
So, I had a great time here for shopping and food. Now it was time to get back to the hotel. I was just about to walk towards the hotel when I heard someone calling my name.
I turned around to see who it was.
“You…? What are you doing here? “I asked him with a surprised look.
He was smiling charmingly and replied with his thick Italian accent,
“Well, was looking for you. Remember we were supposed to go together for a tour today. But I guess you already are enjoying a tour for yourself.”
“Oh. Yeah. Well, I was just doing a bit shopping nothing much.”
“I got to know that you lost your cellphone. I tried calling you several times and then contacted Mr. Pearce.”
“Yes. But I got a new one. See.”
“Oh!! Hmm wait a minute let me see. It’s cool and I need to save my number into it once again. Oh yes, here done. And now come on lets go. I’ll show you some cool places around here.”
He caught my hand and pulled me along with him towards his red Ducati superbike. I couldn’t say No to him. So we settled onto his bike and rode off through the streets of Rome.
He showed me several historical sites, churches, street shopping market, cafes, street food areas etc. He even gifted me a very beautiful red gown.
He is a really sweet guy, well natured and quite charming and a sexy Italian. Yes I like him, who wouldn’t?
He definitely knows how to impress a g.irl and shower all his attention towards her.
But I am not feeling those sparks inside me like the weird feeling in the pit of my stomach or difference in my heartbeat when I am with Alexander.
Suddenly I remembered about our last night’s kiss and my cheeks got redden and I was smiling like an idiot.
“What is it that you’re smiling about?”
Max asked me curiously while we were near a lake side view.
“Oh nothing…It’s just a beautiful memory.” I replied while I looked at him. He was smiling back at me and then suddenly his expression changed and he came forward towards me and held my both hands in his and said,
“Caro….I think I need to tell you this right now.
I really find you very much attractive and I always tell you that. It’s the truth, you are always in my mind and I feel like your perfect for me. You are kind, smart and a hard worker.
I really feel lucky to meet you and want to know you more and more so that if things work out with us then we can have a future together. ”
Right now he is on his knees. Kissed my hands and looking right into my eyes. I was beyond shocked to listen to whatever he just said right now.
“Will you be my girlfriend Caro? I promise to keep you happy always.”
I was standing there like a statue; I could see admiration for me in his eyes. Then I looked at our hands and then near to max’s shadow I saw another shadow of a man. I looked up to see who it is.
TBC 💛💛💛💛


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