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September 25, 2021


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Mine forever episode 18

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💛 Mine forever 💛

( Attracted to each other )

Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒

Episode 18



Alexander’s Pov~~


A year ago….

“I am home sweetheart. Where are you?”

I was home now, back from my business trip and was excited to meet my girlfriend/fiancée. God I missed her so much. I wanted to surprise her so I came back without informing her.

But little did I know that I’ll get a surprise from her or rather say give me heartbreak instead.

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I couldn’t believe what I saw in front of me as I entered into my bedroom.

“What the hell are you doing here? And you Cherry! “I was beyond furious. She was with Antonio, one of my business partners.

Damn they were tangled together naked in my apartment. Damn she is my fiancée and she is sleeping with someone else in my absence.

“Alexi…God. How come your home? God…no… I mean…Just a second. Let me just explain. Please.” She stood there wrapping the thin sheet around her body, looking all alarmed and worried.

I lost my patience and seeing my girl with someone else made my blood boil. Antonio, he stood there wrapping another sheet around his torso and stood there without any shame.
The nerve of that guy!
I immediately stepped forward and landed a heavy punch on his left cheek. He fell on my bed and groaned in pain. Cherry shrieked out watching my action.

“Get out of my apartment. I will talk to you tomorrow. Leave now.” I yelled at him. He picked himself up from my bed and while dressing himself up he left without a word.

I turned towards Cherry, she was scared.
“Why? Why did you do this to me?

I loved you Cherry and trusted you with my life. You were supposed to be waiting for me here and what I see is… it’s unforgivable. You cheated me. Cherry why did you do this?” I asked her in anger.

She winced with my high pitched tone. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and tears were flowing down from her cheeks.
“I…..I just…I am sorry.” She said in a whisper.

“You are sorry!” I paced right and left in the room in anger.
“You were never here with me. You always left me and was busy in your work. You have no time for me. When was the last time we spend time together. I don’t even remember.

Antonio gives me his time; he loves me and makes me happy. What else would you expect me to do?

You cannot expect me to wait for you my whole life just to spend time with you. You just love your work not me.” She looked at me and said with irritation.

“You are my fiancée dammit. You could have talked to me about your feelings.

I do care about you and though I am busy in my work I always made sure to check up on you. We always talked over skype. You can’t blame me for this. Seriously!! I think this is a mistake that I have made.

O god. I am done. You are free from me. It’s done…Our relationship…. We are done. You can leave now. “I said in a stern voice and gestured towards the door.

“Alexander. Please. I…” she was about to say something but I couldn’t bear the fact that she slept with Antonio. So I left the apartment.

I headed straight to one of the bar and got drunk till I was totally tipsy. I was stressed with all that happened before and so I called up my best friend Ray to talk about it.

As Ray understood my state of misery he came to the bar and picked me up and dropped me home.

Next day, morning I couldn’t get up from bed due to the hangover and don’t remember how I ended up in my own bed. My head was exploding with pain. Took some medicine and slept off again.

I woke up in the afternoon, went into kitchen. There was a sticky note on the fridge by Ray and I understood yesterday he dropped me home. Then I helped myself with food prepared by him and a glass of juice.

I was pondering upon my thoughts while looking out from my balcony. I was all heartbroken and all angry upon my life. What went wrong?

I remembered our first meeting; it was during a charity event. I was introduced to Cherry by the event organizer.

She was wearing a silver sequence gown which had a slit in front. She looked absolutely gorgeous and was walking the ramp for that event. We instantly hit it off well.

Then in a month we got to know each other and started dating. I liked how confident she was and carried off herself very well. She is a social butterfly, loves camera and her modelling career is just shaping up currently and works hard to get at the top place.

I helped her to get at the top of it and in six months she became a supermodel and together we became a power couple.

True I was busy most of the time with my work but I did take time off to spend with her. I thought everything is awesome and felt I found a perfect match for myself.

Yes I love her and that’s the reason why I proposed her. Damn, why she said all those things. She made it seem like it’s my entire fault that she slept with him.
Come on. How could she do that?

I was completely loyal to her. Yet she broke my trust and my heart. She cheated me.

I was then completely focusing on my work. I broke off the partnership with Antonio and my business and personal life was being discussed in the media as a hot topic which was quite annoying.

After a week, Cherry requested to meet and talk. I decided to go and meet her as I still had feelings for her.

She begged me for forgiveness and was crying like hell. She accepted her fault, apologized and asked for a chance. Well, I thought about it a lot and gave her a chance.

For three weeks everything was almost back to normal. A year we were together everything was good between us, once again after one year and three months I proposed her and we got engaged.

But yet again, there were a lot of speculations about her having an affair with Antonio.

The media made a big fuss on my relationship with her and Cherry and Antonio’s. It was such a hard time for me that I then started to investigate the matter without her knowing.

Yet again, I was betrayed by her. She was seeing him and spending time with him behind my back.

She was with me only to get the fame and to build a strong modelling career which she successfully got and is now actually gaining a lot of attention.

I confronted her and all she said is that she is out of love with me. Mostly she blamed me for that. And I don’t know what made me think to give her a damn second chance when all she did is make a joke out of me in front of the whole world.

All I showed was my true feelings for her but she just never saw it and was way too selfish and a bitch to do so wrong with me.
——End of flashback—–

I am lying on my bed thinking about my past. The experience of my past relationship only made me furious and since then I changed. I never showed much of my emotions.

I built up walls and never allowed any girl to break and enter into my heart. I hated that feeling of a relationship. I was sick of the entire love thing. The word love meant nothing to me since then. Yes I started having meaningless sex and nothing more than that.

I only dedicated myself with work and built up a business empire. The Pearce Industries, which I am proud off and today I am in this position and have power.

Nobody can mess with me.
But now, one girl did capture my attention due to her innocence and awesome attitude.

My hell of a sexy personal assistant…Scarlet Reeves….
She is smart, absolutely beautiful, and feisty at times and must say efficient at whatever work she does. I can’t replace her with anyone else.

I took notice of her since first day. Though Taylor mentioned about her and insisted to give her a job. I never thought she might be this awesome.

I don’t know what she did but whatever it is, she is slowly making my life colorful. She is changing me making me feel things which I never felt before. Not even with Cherry I felt this strong connection.

And so I want to explore this feeling with her. I feel warmth inside myself and I am happy to be with her and I always want her to be in my sight. I want to make her happy, see her sweet smile. This is crazy.
I hope this business trip helps me to know more about her and her feelings too.

I am so looking forward to this trip.
Sighing I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Scarlet’s Pov~~
I am in Rome, Italy!!!

We are on our way to the hotel which I booked for our three week stay. Mr. Pearce is sitting next to me checking all the documents while I was enjoying the view outside from the car.

Then somehow I don’t know when I fell asleep, that I found myself being curled up onto my boss. He held me from across my shoulder and my head rested on his chest.

I was beyond feeling awkward with my cheeks turning a shade of red. I quickly pulled up myself and sat properly on the seat.
“Sorry.” I mumbled.

He smirked while pulling me closer to him and placed a kiss on my head. I just couldn’t help myself from his contact, I blushed.

I was feeling something deep down inside me, a ticklish feeling, which I am unaware how to explain. I just felt good being in his arms so I slept off once again inhaling his scent.

In an hour we reached the Marriott Grand Hotel Flora. A very grand hotel having stylish decor which is exclusively designed for refined luxury.

The receptionist Nicola greeted us with her sweet smile. We gave our names and she checked through some details in her list and gave two room keys and Mr. Pearce got confused.
‘Umm…why two keys??”

“Sir, bookings were for two.” She replied.
Soon he turned towards me and so I confirmed it.

“Yeah… Well we won’t be staying together in one room right? So…”
“Wrong! You are sharing a room with me babes” He winked at me and turned towards Nicola.

“Tesoro, abbiamo bisogno solo di una suite in modo da annullare la prenotazione dell’altro. Grazie.”
(Sweetheart, we need only one suite so cancel the booking of the other one. Thank you.)

He said in Italian which was totally hot! But then I stopped thinking how hot that was and focused on the current situation of us sharing a room.

“Sir, that’s not possible as we are not sharing a room together!” I whisper yelled at him.

“Yes. We are. Now come on. I got the keys.” He said with a smug smile and took hold of my hand and walked towards the elevator wing
O god! How am I supposed to handle his hotness while sharing a room together? Damn

We stepped inside the elevator and there were few more people along with us who entered inside. One cool looking tourist guy stood in between me and Mr. Pearce. He turned looking at me from top to bottom, smiled and then winked at me.

My eyes went wide and looked away. The next thing I knew, Mr. Pearce moved in front and pulled me towards him, placing an arm around me.

The cool guy backed off and he left when the elevator stopped at his floor. I pulled myself away from Mr. Pearce, the elevator stopped at our floor and we stepped out and headed towards our suite.

Our suite was quite spacious and comfortable. I sighed and took a seat on the plush sofa in the living room just then I got a message in my cellphone. It was from Mr. Rosario’s personal assistant texting regarding the meeting.

“Sir… Mr. Rosario has invited us over to their house today for dinner meeting.” I informed him while checking few texts which I got from others as well.

“Okay and stop being formal with me. It’s Alexander.” He said as a reminder for me.

I looked up at him and nodded as a reply. He went inside to change and I got a call so I was attending it.

S: “Hey, Lory!” (Lory is Taylor Hope)
S: “Yeah. Everything’s fine. We just checked into the hotel.”
S: “You too be careful and Take care bye!”
I just turned around after my phone call with Taylor and my eyes widen yet again with a gasp.

“U….I…. Why?” I was not able to form words.
“What?” He asked me confused.

“Why are you without a shirt?” I asked him while I shamelessly looked at his toned upper body.

He just shrugged as a reply and got a bottle of water for himself.
My heart was beating irregularly and my cheeks were turning a shade of red. Damn him!

“Who were you talking to?” He asked me while having a bottle of water.

“Uh-umm… I. It was Lorry. I mean … Taylor.” I replied while calming myself.

“Uh-uh. Okay. So you go get changed and freshen up. I’ll just order food till then.”

“Ok.” I mumbled and stood there ogling his six packs once again. His body muscles were being flexed while he moved around and I couldn’t stop myself from taking my eyes off him.

He is so perfectly built, well-groomed and look so freaking handsome like a Greek god.

“Can’t take your eyes off of me? Hmm…I know I get that look by numerous girls but you can admire them all you want I don’t mind.” He said cockily.

“Phhtt… I’ve seen better…” I quickly remarked without any thought. Though it’s a lie, but I didn’t want to boost his ego.

“What!! Seriously… you’re lying.” He said with raised eyebrows.
“You don’t know me so don’t judge me too much.”

I replied confidently while he stared at me intently which made me shiver a bit.

Before he could say anything I straight away headed inside to the room to be away from him and get some oxygen for myself to breathe.

After making myself calm down I got freshened up and came out feeling all good. But then again, I am not able to control my irregular heartbeats while I see my hot as hell of a boss.

And there he is….still without a shirt!
Such an imbecile guy…. Can’t he wear some clothes? God help me to go through this.

Whatever this is.!!
After an hour we visited Mr. Rosario’s home for dinner. It’s a huge Italian modern built villa.

Huge, spacious and interiors are all white with golden decors. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. One can only dream to have such home.

“Mr. Alexander Pearce. Finally we meet.”

A 6 feet tall, dark haired man came forward and greeted us warmly in his thick accent. I guess he is in his thirties, looked very handsome wearing a dark grey suit.

Mr. Pearce and Mr. Rosario shook hands with each other and we all sat down in the main hall. They already started discussing about work and I was too bored to listen to it. Rather than focusing on their conversation I started admiring the beauty of this place.

Suddenly through my peripheral vision, from left side I saw someone heading towards us. I turned and our eyes met for a fraction of second and I recognized the person.

It was him….the dark haired, midnight black eyes, mysteriously handsome guy, Mr. Maximo Rosario.

He greeted Mr. Pearce first and then he turned towards me.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you again Caro.”

He greeted me with his hot Italian accent and wore a sexy smile while holding my right hand and then placed a feather light kiss on it.
“It’s indeed a pleasure Mr. Maximo.” I replied to him curtly and then he sat down right next to me.

I could feel Mr. Pearce’s gaze on me and Mr. Maximo. Hell, he looks pissed off! What is wrong with him? My boss and his mood swings. God knows what takes over him.

Mr. Maximo interrupted the discussion between his brother and Mr. Pearce and said,

“Well, I think I should take Miss. Scarlet away for some time as she’ll die of boredom. I’ll give her a tour around our house. Well, Caro I must say you will love this place. Come.”

He put forward his hand for me to take it and I did. He guided me towards a different direction from the main hall towards the backside. Well, I didn’t look back at Mr. Pearce because I thought its fine to take a tour of this home rather than sit with them doing nothing.

“So, how are you Miss. Scarlet? Hope you like it here.” He asked.
“I’m good Mr. Maximo. Yes I like it here. It’s a beautiful place.” I replied genuinely.

“Please call me Max. No formalities between us.”
“Ok. Max.”

“Hey have you visited any places around here yet? You can explore a whole lot of beautiful sights or check out exhibitions and have dinner at best places.

I can show you around some of the coolest places on earth you know? If you would like to then I promise I won’t let you down.”

He said in a husky voice and then winked at me. I turned a shade of red.

We were now out in the backside patio which looked so beautiful and I really loved the way this home is built. A comfy set of chairs were set facing a mermaid fountain and the place is surrounded with lamp post.

“Isn’t it beautiful? Just like you!” He said suddenly.

“Huh?” I asked as I didn’t hear as to what he said right now.

“Nothing…. Would you like to have something?”

“No. I am fine.”

“So would you like to have the tour tomorrow with me?”
“I….I don’t know.”

“Wait. I know. Give me your cellphone.”

I slowly took out my cellphone and he immediately snatched it from me and started typing away something.

“Here. I have saved my number into it. If you are ready just text me. I’ll be there for you.” He said with a charming smile.

I smiled back and we headed back inside. When we entered back into the main hall I saw Mr. Pearce looking at me very intensely. A shiver ran through my body and it felt like I did something wrong and he caught me doing it.
God what is wrong with him.

I pushed away my thoughts and we all headed to the dining area. Each of us settled down comfortably. Mr. Pearce was seated to my right while Mr. Maximo was seated to my left.

We had a great time having dinner with the Milano family. During the conversation I got to know that Mr. Lorenz Rosario was 33 years old, successfully running his family business since ten years and have a beautiful wife Bia. She prepared dinner for us today and is a very kind person.

On the other hand, Mr. Maximo is 30 years old, single and very much ready to mingle.

He started to help his brother in business just two years ago. And business with Mr. Pearce is the first overseas project they decided to do.

“Oh, Mr. Pearce we would like to invite you both actually for our anniversary celebration this coming Sunday. It’s just a small family function. I hope you both will attend it.” Mr. Lorenz said genuinely and waited for a reply.

“Yes sure we will. Thank you.” Mr. Pearce replied with a smile.
“Tomorrow I was planning to take Scarlet with me for sightseeing. I hope you don’t mind Mr. Alexander.”
Mr. Maximo said while facing Mr. Pearce.

I could see anger in his eyes but then quickly he got calm and gave him a nod as a reply.

I just sat there quietly not knowing what to say or how to react? While Mr. Maximo, I mean Max, was continuously talking with me. Asking me few things like where I grew up, family, favorite things etc.

I told him about myself in short and he was surprised with my accomplishments till now. He also complimented about my beauty and I blushed whenever he said so.

Suddenly I felt a hand gripping on my right thigh. I immediately turned towards Mr. Pearce. His left hand was on my thigh but he wasn’t looking at me.

He was having a normal conversation with Mr. Lorenz and Bia. Damn, he is sitting there like he isn’t doing anything while I was squirming inside due to his touch.

I pushed his hand away and glared at him as a warning. But he wasn’t even looking at me, but smiling. Hell, such a jerk.

Once again he placed his hand on my right thigh but this time he was taking his hand higher, I was getting all uncomfortable, breathless and sweaty. I stood up abruptly and excused myself and headed towards the washroom.

I feel awkward for leaving the table so suddenly. But what else can I do?

That jerk of my boss made me do it. What is wrong with him?
I know I should confront him about it later but right now, I will have to keep my cool.

He is so dead later!!!!!



TBC 💛💛💛

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