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Mine forever episode 14 & 15

💛 Mine forever 💛
( Attracted to each other )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 14
Scarlet’s Pov~
The car stopped moving and the driver came out to open the door for me. I stepped out and was amazed to see the person waiting near to the entrance of the Grand Restaurant.
He is 6 feet tall, has got shiny black hair kept in style, deep dark eyes which is now focused on me and he is looking all hot wearing a simple white shirt and black suit.
Right now he is standing in front of me with a huge smile and I just stood there in awe.
Derek is mine and Taylor’s best friend. We graduated together and then he had to go to Chicago for his dream job. Tonight I am meeting him after 6 months.
“Scarlet…You look stunning in this dress.” I thanked him for his compliment and we hugged each other for a minute and then he guided me inside to the restaurant.
As the name suggests, this whole place is grand. Everything here looked way too expensive. But this guy, how come he is here? I have so many questions running in my mind.
We were taken to the top floor in a private section which is having a balcony with a beautiful view of the city and cool breeze was flowing inside the room.
“You didn’t even inform me that you are coming here in NY. Instead you lied to me that you are busy with your work. That’s so not fair!” I gave him a stern look and he chuckled.
“I wanted to surprise you. That’s all. See… I get all these amazing reactions from you when I surprise you like this. I didn’t want to miss it.”
“Chill babes. There is a major project which is to be handled by me. And I have set up one of the headquarters here for my work so here I am.”
“Oh so you are here for work. Huh. And here I thought you missed us, so you came to spend some time with us. You’re definitely an asshole.”
“Hahaha, well yeah I did miss you guys so I chose this location. So…
hey, I heard you are working for Pearce Industries.
Mm….I also saw some pictures of you on Hot News. Well, are you dating that guy?”
“No…It’s false news.”
“Oh Okay!”
“So did you meet Taylor?” I asked him so that he doesn’t ask me further on Mr. Pearce and me.
“Hell yes. I surprised her too and she invited me over for today’s event. Tessa is awesome for organizing such events. And I must say…
You look… beautiful today. I mean… you are beautiful but…in this dress you look more beautiful.” He said in his low husky voice while looking straight into my eyes.
My cheeks turned pinkish and once again I thanked him for his compliment with a smile and a gentle nod. Though he is attractive and all but I am not having any, that kind of feelings towards him. I see him as my best friend and that’s it.
“Hey, I am staying at a hotel so can you suggest me some place where I can have an apartment of my own. I am here for this whole year.”
I looked up at him and grinned.
“Yes. There’s a perfect place for you. The room next to us is a vacant one so you can check it out. We’ll be neighbors then.” I suggested him and then we decided to meet up the landlord tomorrow after my work.
Once our dinner was done, Derek and I got back to the charity event. We met up with Taylor and her parents. The event was still going on with few activities and some of them were in the food counter to fill their stomach.
Suddenly someone grabbed my left hand and was dragging me away from the place.
It was Mr. Pearce and he was holding my hand with pressure. I tried to pull my hand away from his tight grip but it was paining and of no use.
“Mr. Pearce. Leave my hand. Please.”
No response.
He is not even looking at me and kept on dragging me ahead till we reached near to his car and pushed me in.
What is wrong with him?
I don’t understand.
Tears formed in my eyes due to the pain and I was angry as well.
This is not the way you treat a girl.
Damn him!
Alexander’s POV….
I couldn’t take my eyes off of her while she stood on that stage looking so damn beautiful and the guys over here are all ogling her with their perverted eyes. I don’t like it a bit.
F**king idiots!
I will win this bidding and her as well. She will be my date tonight and no other guy will lay their hands on her or else they will f**king see hell on earth.
The bidding had just started and several people called out the bid one by one. But one person made a higher bid, James Morgan. He is one of my business rivals.
Another person called out a higher figure which irked James. I was waiting for the right time to call out the highest bid on her. Suddenly I got a text message from one of my project manager.
The message said that he wants me to meet now as soon as possible to check out an important detail. I had to leave but I can’t leave without winning this bid and date with her.
So I called up one my bodyguard and gave him instructions to bid instead of me and a handwritten note for Scarlet.
She took a glance over at the crowd were I stood among others. I was looking at her intently and held the eye contact for two seconds then she looked away from me.
It was time and I had to leave now so I stood up and left.
An hour later….I came back to the event from my office after finishing up the work. The bidding event was over and so I checked with my bodyguard regarding the result.
“Sir, Actually… I did called out the bid at the right time as per your instruction and was about to win it but someone new appeared from nowhere, called out a higher amount than ours and won the bid. I…I am so sorry.” He said with a tensed expression.
I glared at him and fired him. Idiot!
Scarlet was nowhere to be seen so I started searching for her and tried to contact her. Her cellphone is ringing but she is not answering it.
Damn women! Where the hell is she?
I was restless, angry and worried.
I contacted my friend Max to do a search and track her whereabouts.
I was sitting at a table all alone having a glass of champagne, waiting for a call from Max. Once when he will track her, I am going to drag her with me to my place.
She is such a stupid girl, unaware about her safety and going on a date with some unknown idiot.
Why is he taking so long to track her? I thought to myself.
I kept on checking my cellphone for any update but nothing was on my phone. No messages nor calls from him neither her.
I was becoming impatient by every single minute that I kept on drinking more champagne.
After an hour, I stood up, turned around grabbing my cellphone and I saw her. She was standing along with a guy along with the Hope family and happy conversing with them.
I am f**king worried about her and trying to contact her and there she is smiling and enjoying her time with an unknown guy.
Seeing her with someone else made my blood boil so I headed straight towards their group, grabbed her hand and dragged her along with me without uttering a word to her.
Episode 15
I can’t believe she was on a date with some random guy when I was all worried and tensed about her. I was just looking straight ahead with all these thoughts running in my mind.
She was trying to free her hand from my hold but I gripped more tightly.
Soon we reached towards my car and I pushed her inside and headed off to my penthouse.
The car drive was silent. I pulled the car into the parking lot of my building and came out of it. I held her hand once again and dragged her towards the elevator.
“Mr. Pearce. What the hell?” She got irritated and snapped at me.
I was taken aback but then I got pissed off.
I neared towards her but she took a step back.
“Stop…Don’t you dare come near to me. Or else….” she said while pointing a finger at me.
“What will you do?” I asked her challengingly and narrowed my eyes at her while taking a step towards her with a smirk.
Her eyes widened and then she took a deep breath and was about to run. But I hoisted her up from her waist and held her body onto my shoulder. She started beating me up on my back while protesting to put her down.
“Let go of me. What is wrong with you?”
I ignored her protests and stepped into the elevator. The elevator stopped at the top floor and I stepped out from it and opened the door with my keycard. After entering I locked the door with a security pin lock.
It was dark inside but I didn’t turn on the lights instead headed straight into my bedroom. I roughly put her onto my bed and stood in front of her. She immediately sat up and I could see that she is pissed off.
I removed my suit jacket and threw it aside, pulled up my shirt sleeve and unbuttoned it. She started to look away asked in a low voice,
“W…what the hell are you doing?”
“Why? Are you scared of me?” I was looking at her intently.
She immediately looked straight into my eyes and said,
“NO.” She immediately replied with confidence and stood up in front of me. I didn’t utter a word just stood there staring at her while trying to calm my anger. She moved past me but I pulled her onto me.
“Where do you think you are going?” I asked her angrily.
“I am going Home.” She replied while pushing me aside. But I didn’t budge.
“Two f**king hours I was worried. Worried thinking where the hell you are? You were not even picking up your damn cellphone. Was he that interesting? That you avoided your my call.” I fumed at her.
“What?” She asked puzzled.
“You were with that guy, all smiling and having a gala time. While I was freaking out of my mind thinking about what happened to you?”
“I…I was with… ”
“Where did you go with him?
Did he take you to his apartment?
He did. Didn’t he? Did he kiss you?
Did he touch you?
She was quiet and that made me angry.
Answer me dammit!” I yelled at her harshly.
“Please stop it, you’re drunk and I am sorry for making you worry about me. But in future, you don’t have to as I can take care of myself.
And as for all the questions that you have asked me, well that’s none of your business.”
That’s it. I was beyond angry.
I tightened my grip across her waist and held her closer to me. Her both hands held onto the collar of my shirt tightly.
“Well, now it is my business. I want to know. Were you enjoying with him?”
“Alexander. It’s…”
Hearing my name from her mouth I couldn’t resist the urge, so I quickly kissed her soft lips passionately while holding her waist with one hand and the other hand was holding the back of her head.
She was not kissing me back instead she stood there frozen. I could see that her eyes were closed.
I slowly started kissing her che
ek then gave feather light kisses along her neck and placed a soft kiss in the hollow of her neck. I heard her taking a sharp intake of breath. I was starting to feel her up by moving my hand from her waist to her upper part of the body.
Suddenly she pushed away both of my hands and slapped me across my face.
When I looked at her she was shocked and stood there covering her palms on her mouth.
“I…I am s…sorry.
I… I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She said while being scared.
I didn’t expect that slap from her and neither uttered a word to her.
Instead I took steps towards her and she moved back till she hit the bed and fell onto it. I leaned closer onto her while placing both my hands on either sides of her body.
She stiffened and I could see fear in her eyes and tears were forming and it made me stop from going further.
I don’t want to hurt her but she made me angry and I can’t see her with someone else.
I got off from her and left her alone in my bedroom.
I stormed out into the living room in anger.
Sat on my couch and ran my hand through my hair while thinking about her and the guy.
Why do I care about her so much?
She is my damn PA.
Then why does my heart ache so much? These thoughts kept on running inside my mind forming a headache.
She was still inside the bedroom while I took out a bottle of champagne from my minibar and quietly sat outside the balcony.
Drank from the bottle and blocked all kinds of thoughts that are coming into my mind causing me pain and losing my temper.
As time passed I have no idea what happened next as I closed my eyes and everything blacked out
Scarlet’s Pov~
What is happening right now? I can’t believe it. He is kissing me passionately and I am frozen. I couldn’t respond to him as my mind was totally shut.
The only thing I hear and feel are my heartbeats pounding inside me.
He slowly started kissing my left cheek and gave feather light kisses along my jaw and placed a soft kiss in the hollow of my neck.
A shiver ran across my body and I took a sharp intake of breath. He moved his hand from my waist to the upper part of my body but I pushed him away.
He smirked and took steps towards me while putting away his unbuttoned shirt. He is half naked and I was awestruck with his perfect body.
I moved backwards till I hit the bed and fell onto it. He hovered on top and leaned closer onto me while placing both of his hands on either sides of my body.
His emerald green eyes were staring at me and I was getting all tingles all over my body.
I like the way he looks at me.
I like when he is with me, I feel safe and this is all crazy but I feel something which I have never felt before.
He nuzzles at the hollow of my neck and showers me with soft kisses. His hand slowly travels down to the sides of my body and stops at my butt and he squeezes it.
I immediately jerked up, opening my eyes and stood up. Then I realized, it was just a dream. But a bit similar to it had happened yesterday night and I am still here at his apartment.
Oh god! This is crazy.
Why did I dream something like that and most importantly….. I liked it. What is wrong with me?
Why was Alexander behaving so different yesterday? He was so angry at first and though I said that I am not scared of him, I definitely was.
The way he was looking at me, it made feel self-conscious and gave tingles inside my stomach. Argh…damn him.
I need a warm bath to feel better and to calm my nerves also fresh clothes to change. I opened his closet, grabbed a clean bath towel and a white shirt with black boxer from his cloth rack.
After half an hour I was fresh and got dressed in his shirt and boxer. Slowly, tip toeing I entered the living room to check up on him.
The couch was empty. Where is he? I thought to myself.
When I looked left, I saw him in the balcony, lying on floor sleeping without any blanket looking breathtakingly handsome.
Damn. I should stop crushing on him.
He is my boss.
Suddenly he stirred in his sleep and I froze for a second. His eyes were still closed so I quickly went inside and brought a blanket out for him.
He must be feeling cold so I draped the blanket over him. Well, I do care for him.
Then I placed a glass of water and a tablet near to his side. He will definitely need it later.
I went into the kitchen to prepare some breakfast and coffee for us.
The breakfast was ready and I placed it on the table for both of us. Just when I turned around, got collided with a strong muscly toned-up body.
Alexander, he is up already now and staring at me intently. I was…well looking everywhere except at him and took a few steps back from him.
“Scarlet.” He said in his raspy morning voice which is actually sexy and fluttery and….lord that’s it. Stop.
He took a step towards me and my heart was racing, I immediately looked at him while biting my lower lip. He wore his shirt which was unbuttoned entirely showing off his ripped upper part of the body.
“Don’t look at me like that.” He ordered in that same raspy voice while running his hand through his hair and inhaled a sharp breath.
To break this tensed atmosphere between us.
I said in a firm voice,
“Sir…Breakfast is ready. Please have it. And we are late for office.”
Suddenly his cell started ringing and he attended the call while moving to the balcony.
I need to get out of here like right now.
“Scarlet.” He called out while coming towards me but once again his cellphone started ringing. He took a glance at it and then attended the call while looking at me.
Alexander: “Yeah. I know.”
The caller: ……
Alex: “Yes. Don’t worry.”
The caller: …….
Alex: “No. Estelle is coming over, she is bringing clothes for her and then we will be heading over to office.”
The caller: …….
Alex: “I don’t know. I will explain it to you later. I need to go. Bye.”
Estelle? She is coming here! She is aware of me being here with him. Gosh this is too much to know all at once.
What will she think about me? Plus he is looking so deviously handsome while giving off his charm right now and I am getting chills standing with him in his apartment. The feeling happening deep inside of me is what I am not able to control.
I just want to stay away from him. I really need to…
It’s getting so hot in here. Phew!
He neared towards me and I stood there frozen, my head is again getting blank and I can feel the heat rushing onto my face making it blush with redness.
Suddenly he held me in his arms and captured my lips with his.
My heart skipped a beat.
I closed my eyes and placed both hands on the sleeves of his shirt. I lost all of my sense and felt like I am floating in the air.
And I like it…no I want him to kiss me and hold me in his arms. His lips are so soft and addictive.
I don’t want him to stop!
What? NO!!!
What the heck are you doing? He is your boss. And it’s not right and you will get hurt. It’s always better to avoid this feeling rather than getting your heart broken into millions of pieces in future.
My subconscious mind is making me understand the fact but my heart is sending me strong signals of want.
His touch is giving off sparks inside me and I can’t imagine this is happening with me.
The doorbell made me jolt out of my current state and I pushed him forward with all my force. The kiss was broken and he was so not happy with what I did.


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