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Mine episode 9 & 10

💞💞 Mine 💞💞
( You’re mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 9
“No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.”
Arabella POV✨✨✨
I am on my way back to my family’s house. It has been two weeks since I did not visit them due to my heavy workload.
I’m sure they will be mad at me if I can’t make it again for this week. I chuckled as I imagine my mom’s sulking image in my head.
We were really close and I always share my secret with them except for all the nightmare caused by Matt. I’m sure they will freak out if I tell them about the bad things that he had done. I knew my dad well.
He will find someone to teach him a lesson and I wouldn’t want the situation to get worst.
After two hours of ride, I finally arrived at my family’s mansion.
As usual, the security opens the main gate for me as he recognized my car. I nodded at him and smiled, thanking him. He returned my smile and slightly bows as a sign of respect.
“Mom!” I screamed once I stopped my car in the parking near the entrance where I saw my mom standing there with her sweet smile curved on her face.
“Baby girl,” she called and opened her arms for a hug. I made a short run towards her and hugged her firmly.
“I miss you, mom. Sorry, I couldn’t make it last week,” I said still in her embrace. She patted my back softly.
“I forgive you for that but if you didn’t come today I will be sulking at you.” She let go of me and holding my hand walking towards the house. I chuckled at her comment. As I expected.
“Where is dad?” I asked turning my eyes around looking for his figure.
“He is in the room with his conference call. He will come soon.”
I sighed at her words, “As usual.
Mom, why don’t you advise dad to stop working so hard?” I questioned her because I knew dad never stop working even during the weekend. Such a workaholic!
Like father like daughter, my inner voice spoke. ‘Oh, shut up,’ I snorted inaudibly.
“You know honey. It is just the way he lives and you know he will never listen to me.
Only for other things but not about work. As he said, that is his hobby.” She shook her head remembering what dad used to say about his work.
Hobby, that was what he claimed, and he can’t even stay away from it even during the weekend.
“He is getting old mom. He can’t keep living like this. He needs to rest at least during the weekend,” I complained.
“Don’t worry, honey. He knows his limit,” mom convinced me.
I heard a clearing throat sound.
“I heard someone called me old,” he pretended to get angry. I hollered with a light chuckle and move forwards to hug him.
“Finally dad, here you are,” I let go of him.
“What did you call me just now?” He asked faking his anger. I laughed at his action and I saw mom shook her head nevertheless she laughed too with our conversation.
“Come, let’s have our breakfast together,” mom said gesturing us to move to the dining table.
I saw pancakes, salad, eggs, bread, and some fruits were served on the table. I knew mom prepared breakfast herself.
Even we have maids in the house but mom loves to prepare food by herself and the maid will help her with the small works in the kitchen.
“Morning, Ara,” Aunt Vivian greeted me. She worked for my family for a long time while her husband works as our family driver. They lived in the staff house at the back of the mansion.
I never treated her as a maid since cared for me like her own daughter. I always spent my time with her whenever my parent was away from home.
I stepped closer and hugged her. “Good morning, Aunt Vivian,” I threw her a smile.
“How are you?” I asked, letting go of my hand.
“I’m fine as always sweetheart,” she said smiling at me.
“How about you? Busy with work?”
“Yeah, seem to be like that.”
“Please have your breakfast,” she brought me to my seat. I take a seat opposite of mom where dad sat at the head of the table.
I placed eggs and bread on my plate while Aunt Vivian poured me a cup of green tea.
“Thank you,” I said to her politely.
“How is your work? Everything is good?” Dad asked while his hand busy with the food on the table.
“That is the reason I can’t come back last week, dad. We have to settle with the editing before publishing it,” I explained.
“So you still don’t consider coming back to work at our company?”
“Dad..” I narrowed my eyes at dad which only caused him to chuckle. I saw mom smiled and softly hit his arm. She knew dad like to tease me.
“I’m just joking, honey.” Dad looked at mom which caused her to shook her head.
“But you really need to find someone to replace your place. A son-in-law sounds great for me.” I was shocked by his words, alerting by his seriousness this time.
“It is too early, dad. Besides, I don’t have anyone yet for now,” I said munching on my bread.
“What if I find someone for you?” His words made me shocked and I coughed because of that.
“Oh my God, honey. Calm down.” Mom rushed to my side patted my back lightly. I gripped the cup next to me and gulped the drink to feel better.
“I’m okay, mom. Don’t worry,” I said gesturing her to return to her seat. I look at dad waiting for his next words. He never touched anything about relationships nor talks about marriage before this.
“I’m serious this time, Ara. If you don’t want to replace my place in the company then you need to find a replacement for me.
Who else can I trust except my son-in-law.” The look on his face convinced me that he was serious this time.
“You know I don’t like to get involved in the business world and I’m not ready to get married by now,” I said tried to protest.
“You will never be ready if you never give yourself a chance.”
“But, dad I’m still young. I still want to be single at this moment.”
“Ara, as you said I’m getting old and I need to rest.
And you also know that I’m not going to rest if no one can help me at the company. I can’t just simply hire a person to do my job and put the company at risk.”
I almost cry with the fact because I knew that was the reason dad worked so hard.
The company was inherited from my grandfather and with dad’s hard work the business expanded rapidly.
He needs someone to help him but I really don’t want to get involved with the business and my interest in business always zero.
“Take it slow, honey. You make her uncomfortable.” Mom comforted dad, aware of the tense topic. I heard dad sighed. I didn’t mean to let him down.
“Ok, I will consider what you want,” I surrendered knowing that there was no point to argue. Maybe this is the only way I can let dad have time to rest and step down from his work.
Dad grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss on the forehead. A smile on mom’s face appeared.
“I know that you care for me,” Dad said with a smile on his face; a big satisfied smile.


Arabella POV✨✨✨
I woke up when I felt the bright sun hit my face. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock that was placed on the nightstand. It was nine in the morning.
I yawned and sat on the bed. I walked to the bathroom for my morning routine. With a black t-shirt and short pants, I headed to the dining room ready for breakfast.
I heard some voices and laughter while making my way to the dining room. I recognized the voice, it sounds familiar.
As I stepped closer to the dining room, I saw dad and there was a guy wearing a light purple casual shirt sat next to dad. I couldn’t see his face as his back was facing me.
“Morning, honey,” dad greeted me excitedly when he noticed my appearance.
“Morning, dad. I don’t know we have a guest-,” I didn’t finish my words when the guy turned my way. I jolted in shock. No way!
“What is he doing here?” It was out of the blue. I could hear my voice emerged.
“This must be a dream right?” I walked closer to the guy that was standing in front of me. I pinched his arm, hard. He flinched.
“No, this is not a dream,” I muttered to myself couldn’t believe my own eyes.
Suddenly, I felt a pain on my cheeks. Wait, it felt like someone squeezed my cheek, both sides. “Ouch..” I squeaked.
“This is not a dream, sweetheart.” The voice whispered to my ear. Yes, it is him. Mr. Persistent that kept pestering me.
And now he is at my house, or to be precise, at my family house. I slapped his hand and stepped away.
I tilted my head to the side and gazed at my parents, asking for some clarification, but they grinned as if they were enjoying some sweet scene in the movie.
“Seems like we can cut the first step to introduce each other,” dad chuckled with so much happiness.
“Ara, honey. Dom, come, let’s have our breakfast together.” Mom interrupted us.
She acts like she can read all the questions that popped out from my head.
I took a seat beside mom while he sat beside dad, annoyingly across me. I glared at him irritatedly. He just ruined my day again.
“Dad, mom, explain. Who is he? What is he doing here? How did you know each other? When? Why?” With one breath, I blurted out all the questions from my head.
All I can hear was laughter from the three of them. They were getting fun with this morning scene. This wasn’t a sitcom!
“Still remember Uncle John?” I tried to recall the name and I nodded remembering his face. He was one of dad’s close friends, and he visited us frequently with his wife, Aunt Sofia.
“This is Dominic Duncan, his son,” I almost fainted with the reality. Whatever his name, I don’t care.
“What a small world,” I shook my head.
“Indeed.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes at him, suffocated with the small world.
“Dom told us how you guys meet in the restaurant in the last few weeks.” Mom chided, eyeing me. I narrowed my eyebrows getting confused. Restaurant? Last few weeks?
I thought our first met was at the hotel. I looked at him and he slightly nodded.
“Yes, aunt. We met in the last few weeks at the restaurant. It was the first time,” he spoke. It seems like he got some hidden plan that I’m not aware of.
Dominic POV✨✨✨
I moved a few steps closer to her. She sat freely on the chair facing the pool with her book and a cup of tea beside her. She seems to enjoy her book and not even realized my presence.
I silently walk to her closer and sat on the empty chair beside her. She finally turned her face to me.
“What are you doing here?” Annoyed, that was written clearly on her face but still, her voice made me happy. It sounds like a lullaby that could make me falls asleep.
I rested my chin on my palm, with my elbow on the table. I looked at her face, mesmerizing by her beauty. Damn, everything about her captured my eyes. She always did.
“Done eyeing me?” I saw her face blushed while questioning me. I shook my head as a ‘no’ and kept looking at her with my deep eyes.
“Ugghhh,” I heard her growled as a dislike.
“You are pretty,” I praised her, sincerely. She rolled her eyes playfully.
“Ahh, that’s cute,” I said chuckled at her response.
She pinched me at my arm, for the second time today. I was not painful at all and I like the way her skin touched mine. I know I sound like a pervert now but I can’t help.
She was one kind of spell to me.
“That is the second time for today,” I grabbed her small hand. She wiggles tried to escape from my grip. “Let me go,” she protests and I let it go unwillingly.
“Tell me,” she demanded looking at me. I raised my eyebrows signaling her to continue.
“Did you..did you tell them about Matt?” She stuttered as if she was scared to mention the name in the house.
“Do you want me to?” I asked her even though I can predict her answer.
“No..” she trailed off, shook her head weakly, and lower her gaze to the floor.
I knew her parents were not aware of him and especially what he has done to her, his violent action.
I balled my fits at that thought. I don’t know how serious he had hurt her but still, it made me angry every time it crossed my mind.
“I won’t tell them about him.” She turned her eyes and looked at me. I loved the way she put on the sweet smile. It melted my heart even more.
“Promise?” She asked for confirmation still with her sweet smile shooting at my heart. God, I can stare at her with that smile for a day. It can cause diabetes, too sweet and too good to be true.
I nodded my head, “Promise but with one condition.” Now I killed her smile and replaced it with a curious look.
“Marry me.”
“Be my wife.”


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