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Mine episode 7 & 8

💞💞 Mine 💞💞
( You’re mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 7
“I like noticing details that no one else sees.”
Dominic POV✨✨
“Dawson?” I repeated the surname again tried to recall something. I read again all the information that I received from Anthony. Everything about Ara was there, as I requested him to investigate the last three days.
“Derrick Dawson?” I narrowed my eyes at the name. “Really?” I turned my eyes to Anthony that sat in front of me.
“Yes, she is Dawson but it seems like she is not really being exposed to the media,” Anthony explained clearly like he can read the question inside my mind.
“Here,” he passed me a photo. I smile when my eyes noticed the girl in the photo with a middle-aged man and woman in the photo. They had a big smile on their face; a happy family photo.
Uncle Derrick and Aunt Mary, that was what I called them since I was a child. He was one of my dad’s best friends and they were a partner in business as well. I never expected Ara is their daughter.
I only knew that they have one daughter that studies overseas but I never met her. I love how fate pulled us closer to each other.
“I think you need to be more focus on the part of her boyfriend,” Anthony’s voice snapped me back to reality.
I looked at him with a confused look and I turned the file to the part of her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend sound better to me.
“Matt Scott.” I read the name loud and look at his photo that was attached together.
A tall guy with black hair and brown eyes. I remembered this was the guy that chased her in the bar for the last few days. The guy whom Ara claimed they broke up because of the feeling issue.
“I think there is something about this guy. I heard that he is a playboy and there are few cases that he abused woman,” Anthony words caught my attention.
I shook my head at the fact. I can’t accept that Ara was one of the victims.
“Don’t tell me about my girl..hmm…I mean Ara also included?”
“From what I got there, unfortunately, it was confirmed but to what extent I don’t have any idea since I can’t dig more information on that,” he looked at me flipping the file page by page.
“But, if you want me to dig deeper into that I will try my best,” he added. I paused for a moment and think about the plan in my head.
“No, keep it first. I will try to get this detail from her. I want to know everything from her.”
“Do you think she will let you know? I could sense that she keeps everything from her parents.
I guess you know Dawson’s family. They will not let this kind of thing happen to their daughter plus she is the only heir in the family.”
“I will try to figure out something. I just want to keep her safe from that bastard for now. I only knew that he still haunted her and chased her like a mad man.”
“Now I’m wondering how you get to know her. I can see how much she affected you.”
The wide grin on his face didn’t go unnoticed.
“I bumped into her in the hotel the last two weeks ago. She ran into my room while escaped from that bastard.
I didn’t know her name that time until I saw this,” I took out the bracelet from my pocket with the wording ‘Arabella’ on it.
“And last three days, we spend some time at my penthouse,” I smiled when the memory of that night played in my mind.
“What? Just accidentally bumped and you are spending the night together? Don’t tell me you are getting yourself into a one-night stand.” He looked at me with confusion.
“Hell, no!” I raised my hand with a stop sign tried to stop his negative imagination.
“I never into it and it will never happen that way,” I affirmed.
“Actually that night I bumped into her at William’s bar. And again that night she tried to escape from that bastard.
I noticed that and I help her out from the situation. I ended up brought her to my penthouse. I mean I forced her,” I explained to him in detail.
“I don’t think girl or women are allowed at your penthouse, right? You never bring anyone there before, bro. What happens now? What spell that she used to possess you for this exemption?” I can see the excitement on his face.
“Well…” I inhaled deeply before answered him. “Maybe she just spelled me with something that makes me attract to her like a magnet,” I added honestly.
“I don’t know, man. I just feel like I want to know more about her and I want to meet her again after she ran into my hotel room that night. I guess God knew my heart, and he helped me with the second met.”
Anthony walked to me and patted on my shoulder. “This is indeed good news,” he grinned. “Now what is your plan?”
“Is it too cliché if I say I want to mark her as mine?” I heard Anthony laughed at my silly question.
“Now you turned to be a possessive man. Hope she can deal with your possessiveness.”
He said and shook his head in disbelief.
“Like she has other choices,” I said with a devilish smile


Arabella POV✨✨
It has been a week I kept receiving white roses from my so-called wolf, Mr. Persistent.
I wanted to ask him to stop sending all those roses but I don’t know any ways to contact him. He turned my office into a garden full of white roses. I admitted that I love white roses but this is just too much for me.
I don’t like to be a hot topic in the office. Everyone starts to talk about me since every morning the delivery guy will call out for my name as if to inform everyone that the bouquet belongs to me.
“Ara, time to go back home,” I heard Lucy shouted in front of my room. She is one of my teammates that always reminded me not to overwork myself.
“Soon, Lucy. No worries, I will make sure no overtime for today,” I smiled to convince her and waved my hand at her before I turned my attention to the digital clock that displayed on the laptop’s screen. .
I looked at the time and it showed six in the evening. “30 minutes more,” I muttered to myself and continue with the unfinished work.
“Finally,” I dropped the pen from my grip and leaned towards the chair, ended the work for today. I spun around on my rolling chair facing the big window that shows the view of the city.
“Oh, again..” I trailed off. The night view of the city just showed me that I exceeded my thirty minutes. I looked at the screen to confirm the time, nine sharp. I face palm myself.
I turned off the laptop and grab my purse from the desk getting ready to leave the office. It was dark outside. I guess I was the last one again tonight, as usual.
I turned off the light and closed the door. I was shocked when my head hit someone on the chest. I twirled my head to see that person’s face.
“Gosh, you again! What are you doing here?” My eyes enlarged due to the shocking effect. I never expected he will show up in my office.
“To see you,” he said with a smile on his face. I rolled my eyes at his answer.
I pushed him away when I realized we were standing too close to each other. He didn’t budge instead he lowered his head to meet mine and I heard his whisper.
“Don’t you miss me?” His breathe fanning on my neck as he whispered the question to my ears. He pulled my wrist and brought it closer to his chest. He gazed at my face. Gosh, too close.
Too close. My inner voice rumbled. I bite my lips, nervous with the close distance.
“Beautiful,” I looked into his eyes when he said that and I can see his eyes were fixed on my lips.
I immediately released my lips and pushed him again, with double strength. This time he took a step back and released the grip on my wrist.
“I don’t miss you and I don’t want to see you,” I said firmly crossing my hands on my chest.
“Ouch, so painful.” He placed his hand on his heart gesturing a heartbroken action. I almost laugh at his action. Well, it looked cute though.
I suppressed my laughter and walk away from there headed to the lift. I heard his footsteps trailed behind me.
“Dinner with me?” He asked while I pressed the lift button to the ground floor without looking at him.
The lift door opened after a few seconds, I entered while he follows from behind.
“Not in my to-do list,” I snickered when we entered the lift and pressed the close button going to the ground floor.
“Please,” I heard his pleading voice.
“I’m not hungry,” I refused and turned my eyes to him that standing next to me.
“Please,” he pleaded again but this time with a pouted mouth. Oh gosh, what a sudden attack and it almost makes me burst out laughing. How old is this guy? Like 5 years old?
“I said I’m not-” I stopped my words as I heard my stomach growled as a protest. The growling sounded likes ‘you are lying’ to me.
“Damn,” I closed my eyes and cursed my tummy.
“Seriously? You need to betray me now?” He clutched his stomach as he burst out with laughter. I shoot him an annoyed look, and he raised his hand as a sign of surrender.
“Ok, I know. You are not hungry,” I can still see he tried to hide his smile.
“But, I still want to have dinner with you,” he said looking at my face. I felt his finger pressed on my lips shushing me not to reject him. Did he just touch my lips? My inner voice asked.
“Say one more word I will seal your lips with mine.” This time, I saw he stepped forward leveled his face to mine.
I step back but my back touched the metallic walls of the elevator indicated that no more space behind me.
I avoided him by angling him to the side and immediately nodded my head as a ‘yes’ for the dinner and this time the lift open widely. Sigh, wrong timing lift. You should open earlier. I scowled.
“I hate you,” I said while my leg immediately moved a few steps further from him to avoid him. He hollered a light chuckle behind me and in no time he walked right next to me while his hand gripped my waist tightly.
“It’s exceptional this time,” he snickered as he realized I covered my mouth with my palm.
Less than 10 minutes walking, and we arrived at the nearby restaurant. I purposely suggested the nearest restaurant to avoid spending more time with him.
Luckily, he agreed without any protest. If he disagreed, I can foresee that we will have another round of argument which again will end up with him warned me with ‘I will seal your lips with mine’.
After returned the menu to the waiter, I turned to look at him that kept smiling in front of me. I folded my arm on my chest and shoot him with an annoyance look.
“What is your name?” I asked when I recalled that he never told me his name. I saw he grinned at my question.
“Ah,” he moved forwards leaning his chin on his hand. “Now you are interested to know more about me,” he winked.
“Gosh, you are so annoying,” I rolled my eyes which only caused him to chuckle. “Why you keep sending me those flowers?”
“Because you loved it.”
“Yeah, I did, but you don’t have to keep sending it to me. My place looks like a garden than a workplace and everyone keeps gossiping about me.”
“Isn’t that good?” He asked nonchalantly.
“Good?” I looked at him curiously.
“Yeah, so they know you are taken.” He grinned.
I didn’t realize the waiter was on his way to send our order. “I’m not taken,” my words caused the waiter to look at me.
I glanced at him and smile shyly. I heard someone clear his throat to distract my attention.
“Enjoy!” The waiter said and left the table.
“I do not belong to you,” this time I said in a lower tone, but he shook his head.
“Soon,” that is the only word that came out from his lips. I’m tired of arguing thus I decided to enjoy my food and gave him the silent treatment.
After done with the dinner, he accompanied me to the parking lot where I parked my car. I tried to refuse him but as always I never won and this Mr. Persistent will never leave me until he gets what he wants.
I pressed the alarm and ready to get in the car when he helped me to open the door.
“Thanks for accompanying me for dinner today,” he said standing beside my car.
“Unfortunately, I was being forced,” I answered straight to the point but as always he just laughed at me.
“Oh yes, to answer your question just now,” I narrowed my eyes on him, in an attempt to recall my question.
“My name,” he solved my confusion. “I will let you know when the time comes,” I rolled my eyes again to him as I thought he will tell me his name.
“As if I really want to know, Mr. Persistent,” I settled in the car and about to close the door when he held the door.
“Bye, Ms. Stubborn,” he smiled. “Night and see you again, soon.”
“No,” I protested, but he closed the door before I could continue with my words. I gritted my teeth and saw he waved his hand to me.
I revved up my car engine to life and drive away leaving him behind. I saw he waved his hand again through the side mirror.
TBC 💢💢💢


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