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Mine episode 27 & 28

💞💞 Mine 💞💞
( You’re mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 27
Arabella POV✨✨✨
“Hey, sweetheart. Wake up, please.” I heard someone called my name but my eyes are too heavy to be open to the familiar voice.
“Ara sweetheart, please open your eyes,” he pleaded.
This time I opened my eyes and saw him sitting beside me on my bed. His hand was placed above my head while his other hand holding onto my hand.
“Thank God, you finally awake!” He half screamed and he seems relieved. A smile can be seen on his lips, clearly.
“What happens?” I asked couldn’t figure out what happen earlier.
“It was your gastric again. How are you feeling now? Do you still feel pain?” I can see his concern.
“I’m fine now. You don’t have to worry,” I said and pulled my hand away from his grip.
“Leave me alone. I want to rest,” I said when I recalled about the dinner last night and the breakfast this morning. I’m not sure why I’m being sensitive but his absence made me upset.
“I’m not going to leave you again. I’m sorry,” he apologized but I turned my body from him and my back was now facing him. He sighed probably sensed my ignorance.
A moment later, I heard a knock on the door and Aunt Monica entered the room with a bowl of porridge and milk on the silver tray. She smiled at me when she noticed that I was awake.
“Ara, you are awake. Are you feeling better? I should’ve made sure that you had your breakfast this morning.” I sat on the bed and leaned on the headboard. I felt bad for not having breakfast and made her felt guilty for my own fault.
“I’m good now, aunt. It’s not your fault. I’m sorry for not eating the breakfast that you prepared this morning. I fall asleep,” I explained tried to erase her guilt.
“It’s okay but now please eats something. You will need to take your medicine later. Do you want me to feed you?” She asked pointed at the porridge.
“No, just put it-” I wanted to say something but someone interrupted my words.
“Just leave it to me. I will feed her,” he took the tray from Aunt Monica’s hand. I looked at him tried to protest but he just ignored me without looking at me.
“Then I will leave her to you. If you need anything just call me. I will be at the kitchen,” Aunt Monica said and patted my head as a mom did to her daughter. I nodded with a smile. She left the room and closed the door behind.
“I can eat myself,” I said after being silent for a while.
“Can you stop being stubborn?” He said moving away from the bowl so that I can’t reach it.
“Can you stop being persistent?” I mocked.
“You knew the answer,” he said with a serious tone.
“I told you I want to rest. Just leave me alone like what you did last night and this morning,” I said more like a tantrum which only caused him to chuckle. I stared at him with anger.
“I never know that I bring that much impact to you,” he said with a deep smile while his eyes fixed on my face. I didn’t spare him any smile in return. Not after what he had done.
“To repay you, I will feed you now. So, please be a good girl and finish this porridge.” He tried to feed spoonful porridge to me but I shook my head and tried to snatch the spoon from him.
“Arabella Duncan,” he shouted my name which makes me shocked. This was the first time I heard him yelled my full name which makes me almost laugh but I hold it.
“Please, sweetheart. Before I call mom and tell her that you skip your breakfast today,” he threatens me. Childish move! I gritted my teeth and obeyed his command.
“Good wife.” He patted my head which made me slapped his hand in return. I finished the food and took my medicine afterward.
“Ok, now done with the food and medicine. We need to talk.” His words made me worried.
I glanced at him waiting for his next word but he just stared at me in silence. We are still sitting on the bed with our bodies rested on the headboard.
“About what?” I asked tried to control my emotion.
“About this.” He shows me his phone.
That was the picture of Matt and me at the cafe where we met yesterday.
I remembered that time I patted his hand tried to encourage him after he told me about his issue with the drug.
“Are you spying on me?” I knew he can sense my pissed-off tone.
“No, of course not.” He shook his head instantly.
“Then how do you have that picture?” He sighed before answer.
“Someone sent it to me but it was a private number and I still didn’t find out who is that person.”
“This is ridiculous!” I yelled at that person that invaded my privacy. “What is their motive by doing that?”
He shrugged his shoulder.
“Probably, want to create some mess in our life,” he paused. “Which was a success,” he continued.
“Sorry, I should talk to you earlier about this,” he said admitting his mistake.
“Wait,” I said tried to figure out something. “So this is the reason you said that I broke your heart last night.” The sentence came out as a statement.
“Did I say that?” He looked confused.
“Last night when you were drunk,” I tried to remind him about his not so sober state last night and he just nodded weakly.
“I can’t remember that,” he admitted.
“Why don’t you tell me about him? Why you meet him again? Don’t you scare that he will abuse you again? And what he wants from you now? For God’s sake, you are married now and you are my wife!”
He raked his head and moved away from the bed standing at the edge of the bed.
“Hey, calm down,” I said tried to talk some sense into him. I felt the tension between us and I don’t want it to be like this.
“Come here,” I gesturing him to come closer and offering my hand to him. It was the first time I offered myself to hold his hand. I just follow the instinct that told me this is how it should be. He moved closer and accepted my hand.
“Do you really want me to answer all the questions that you asked just now?”
“Just tell me everything,” he said while playing with my hand that he holds tightly in his palm.
“Yes, I admit that I met him yesterday. He apologized. We just want to make everything clear between us.
To be true, he used to be a good boyfriend until he was addicted to drugs.
Now his condition is better and he is still under treatment to free from drugs,” I explained hoping that I can clear his doubt.
“Do you still want to be with him?” I never expect he will ask me that silly question. I almost laughed but I suppressed my laughter.
“Hmm, maybe,” he looked at me with his eyes double in size and he tightens his hold but it wasn’t hurt me.
“Ouch, you are hurting me,” I said playfully.
“Second chance. Let me change my question. Do you still want him back?” He uttered the words clearly and stared at me waiting for my answer.
“Isn’t that the same question?”
“Just answer it.”
My husband will be jealous if I still want my ex back.” He smiled, satisfied with my answer.
“And who is that jealous husband?” He raised his eyebrows. Playful Dominic is back!
I shrugged ignoring his question which caused him to tickle me and that’s how we ended our dramatic episode with peace.
💞💞 Mine 💞💞
( You’re mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 28
Arabella POV✨✨✨
My relationship with Dominic was good for the past few weeks since we clear all the misunderstanding and mess that created by some stranger which we still don’t know who.
I asked Dominic to ignore it and not to waste time investigating it. It might be some childish paparazzi that digging into people’s privacy out of boredom.
I wait for Dominic at the restaurant that he booked. We agreed to dine out together today since it was Friday night.
We wanted to change the ambient and enjoy the night. Don’t get it wrong, we are still husband and wife on the paper but with no feeling involved.
There is no loving word between us but he loved to joke and sometimes make my heartbeat increased its normal pace which was crazy.
I was snapped to reality when I heard my phone rang. I saw Dominic’s name appeared on the screen and I answered it without hesitation.
“Hello, sweetheart. I will be a bit late. There is some urgent thing that I need to settle. Can you wait for me for a while? Just give me 10 minutes then I will be there,” he explained.
“Sure, just 10 minutes,” I said with a threatening voice.
“Yes, sweetheart. Just 10 minutes and I’m all yours. Please don’t run,” he pleaded like a child who made me chuckled.
We ended the call afterward. I check on the menu while waiting for him to arrive.
“Hi, Arabella,” I heard someone called my name and I turned to look at that person.
A woman with dark hair and fair skin that wore a tortoise short skirt standing in front of me. She looks beautiful but there is something about her that makes me feel uneasy.
“Hi, do I know you?” I asked as I can’t recall that I ever met her before. She smiled and took a place opposite of me. Woah, that’s kinda rude which I didn’t even invite her to sit.
“Nope but I do know you as Mrs. Duncan which was supposed to be me,” she said arrogantly. I was shocked by her sudden confession. I just praised her beauty a moment ago and I take that back. Her personality wasn’t beautiful.
“Oh, forget to introduce myself. I’m Grace. Used to be Dominic’s lover and will be again in the future,” she said smirked. Gosh, if only I have a gun with me now I will shoot her with my own hand.
Such a shameless woman to claim my husband to be hers. Wait, did I mention husband just now? I can hear my inner voice giggled like a teenager that fall in love.
“Oh, Ms. Grace, it is not pleasant to meet you like this.” I purposely played with my wedding ring that placed beautifully on my finger.
“I’m sorry to snatch the title of Mrs. Duncan from you but unfortunately it belongs to me now, officially.”
I showed her the ring. “If there is nothing important, please move away from the seat.” An eye for an eye.
“Don’t take it for granted. It won’t be long. You never know how much Dominic loves me that he is willing to do anything for me and I believe that doesn’t change.” She stomped away from the table.
I can sense the ridiculous confidence from her words which made me pissed but I don’t want to show it to her. I won’t let her had the satisfaction of spoiling my mood.
Hate to admit but she really had done some damage to my supposed-to-be happy dinner.
My mind won’t stop thinking about her words. Does Dominic still love her? Am I the third wheel in their relationship now? Will he divorce me and get back to her? This nonsense started to occupy my mind.
Why do I care so much? Unexpectedly, my heart pinched and I hate this feeling.
Dominic snapped his fingers and brought me back to reality. He sat in front of me and stared at my face. I didn’t realize his presence.
“Daydreaming, huh?” He asked jokingly to which I just smiled as a response, fake smile.
“To be exact 10 minutes,” he said pointed at his watchband.
“Yeah, since I didn’t run,” I answered tried to act normal as nothing happened. I won’t let him know about the incident earlier.
“Have you order the food?”
‘Nope, some crazy women came and pissed me off just now,’ I said in my heart which I wish I can say it out loud.
“Nope, I was waiting for you. Let’s order together.” He smiled at my answer.
That word ‘together’ seems to tie both of us closer day by day which made me worried. I can’t imagine my days without him. It was a mistake, I shouldn’t let him brought any effect to my life.
“Sweetheart,” I heard his voice calling for me. The nickname that sounds like my middle name, I love it too.
“Are you okay? You zoned out again,” he asked out of concern. I nodded without any words.
“What happens? Come, spill the beans. Work? Tired? Stress?” He holds my hand and rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb.
‘Please, don’t treat me like this.
I might fall in love with you.’ I pleaded quietly in my heart. It makes me strange to stay in this condition.
“I’m okay, just hungry,” I lied to avoid his question.
“Your stomach, okay? Do you have gastric now?” He looked nervously cute which make me want to laugh.
“Yeah, I’m good. I’m fine, Dom. No worries.” My body is doing great but my mind doesn’t seem to be that way.
I want to let it out but I couldn’t.
“Hmm, I feel like you are hiding something,” he said staring at my eyes. I felt like a trapped rat now, with a cheese maybe to make it worthy.
“Dom,” I called his attention and tried to gather my courage to continue my sentence.
“Yeah? Tell me, I won’t bite,” he said with a burst of light laughter.
“Why don’t you tell me about your past?”
“My past as in?”
“Everything, your childhood, schools, friends, family and-” I paused wondering if I should continue.
“Hmm, ex-girlfriend,” I finally said the word. I avoided his eyes, scared to look at his reaction.
“I can sense something fishy here,” he whispered near my earlobe which makes me shiver. I bit my lips as his action suddenly made me nervous.
“Look at me,” he cupped my chin and made me turned my eyes on him. He looks at me with a raised eyebrows and a smile at the edge of his lips.
“What is in your mind? The last part, that’s your concern, right?” I shook my head, embarrassed to admit.
“No, I concern about everything.”
“You concern about me?”
“Yeah, I concern about you,” I said without me realizing it. I wanted to facepalm myself.
“No..wait, no. What did I say just now,” my voice stuttered and all I heard was his laughter filled my ears.
I can feel the heat on my face. I guess my face now looked like a rotten potato. This wasn’t what I plan and now I regretted it.
“Stop laughing,” I tried to cover his mouth to stop him but he caught my hand still laughing hysterically. Oh, what a happy Dominic!
“You are so cute when you are jealous.”
“Dominic, I’m not jealous.” I pouted dislike that he laughed at me while that woman keeps disturbing my mind.
“It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to know anymore.” At that time, the food arrived and the waitress placed the food in front of us. Dominic tried to talk to me but I ignored him.
We went back home after dinner and he caught my wrist before I entering my room.
“Sweetheart,” he called and made me turn to face him. I looked at him emotionless.
“Hey, I’m sorry, okay?” He sighed when I didn’t show any response.
“My ex, I don’t want to talk about her. She wasn’t worth our time.”
What should I suppose to feel now? Happy? Satisfied? Or relieved? It doesn’t make me feel better anyway. I nodded my head and walked to my bedroom.
I ignored him when he called my name several times, my middle name that he created, sweetheart. Not tonight, Dominic.
TBC 💢💢💢💢


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