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Mine episode 19 & 20

💞💞 Mine 💞💞
( You’re mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 19
Arabella POV✨✨✨✨
The brightness of the sunlight hit my face and I automatically covered my face with the blanket, in an attempt to get more sleep.
I curled my body and turned to the other side trying to shield myself from the light while keeping my eyes shut.
I touched a pillow beside me and I hugged it lazily getting comfortable. I shifted my body closer and buried my face on the pillow.
A moment later, I felt something wrapped around my body and it felt strange. I opened my eyes to look at the ‘pillow’ that hugged me back.
My eyes widened at the real thing lying next to me. He gazed at me with a big grin on his face while one of his hands wrapped my waist and his other hand placed underneath my head. Our faces just a few inches away.
“Dominic Duncan!” I called out his name aloud.
I tried to move my body and loosened his grip, but he tightened his hand instead.
“Well, good morning to you too sleepyhead,” he placed a kiss on my forehead.
“What are you doing in my bed?” I wriggled and pushed him away, but he pulled me closer and made me completely rested on his chest.
The worst part was he even locked my leg with his leg. Great, now I’m totally wrapped by this monster.
“This is our house and that means this is my bed too. Don’t struggle, let me cuddle with you like this for a while,” he said, sniffing on my neck.
“You smell nice,” he added and with that, he suddenly pulled me on top of his body.
I raised my head and looked at him which was now lying underneath me. I placed both of my hands on his chest trying to balance myself.
“Get away from me, you pervert,” I scolded him irritatingly, but he just shook his head while his hand still wrapped my waist tightly as he could sense that I will run away anytime if he loosens his grip.
“We can’t enjoy our first night together but at least let me enjoy my first morning with you here,” he smirked and I hit his chest in return. Shirtless chest if I may add.
I just realized that he was shirtless; his muscle was shown clearly in front of my eyes allowing me to scan at his muscular body freely.
“I guess my wife enjoys her first morning with me.
” He chuckled, aware of my eyes that examined his bare body. I could feel the heat hit my face. Wrong timing!
“You love what you see?” He purposely teased which made me blushed more.
“No!” I struggled to release his hand from me but failed as expected. I only heard he let out a peal of laughter, enjoying my condition.
“Don’t resist, sweetheart. This is all yours,” he said making a smirk.
“I don’t love it and I don’t want it. Let me go, Mr. Duncan. I need to take shower,” I pleaded.
“Ahh, great Mrs. Duncan! Let’s go for a shower together. I haven’t taken my shower yet.”
He suddenly lifted me up from his body and carried me in a bridal style, causing me to scream lightly.
“You are unbelievable. What do you think you are doing? Put me down,” I chided, shaking my leg expecting that he will listen to me, but he just ignored me and laughed at my action.
“Wow, your nightgown is sexy,” he said and playfully looking at me up and down which I quickly covered my body with my hand.
“Pervert,” I mocked and I punched his chest.
“Don’t provoke a guy in the morning,” he whispered to my ears which make me shiver as I understood what he tried to emphasize.
I stayed quiet and bit my lips without realizing it. He suddenly made me nervous with his words and his action.
“And there you are, biting your lips again,” he said, making me look at him.
He smirked and walked to the bathroom while still holding me in his arms. He placed me down and released his grip once I stable myself on the floor.
“I will wait for you for breakfast. We need to talk about something. See you soon,” he said and ready to leave the bathroom.
“I’m not hungry. You can eat alone, no need to wait for me,” I said bravely which make him paused his steps and turned around to face me.
“This is not a choice, sweetheart. This is your husband’s command.” He narrowed his eyes on me. I rolled my eyes, getting more piss at him.
“Yeah, yeah, Mr. Persistent,” I mumbled in a low tone, but he heard me clearly which make him release a peal of light laughter.
“And don’t forget that this Mr. Persistent always won.” He announced proudly.
“See you later, don’t make me wait too long,” he added before walk out of the bathroom.
“Oh ya, sweetheart, make sure you lock the door. I’m not sure if I can restrain myself.’ His words made me glared at him, I tried to throw the towel near the bathtub at him, but he managed to run away.
I immediately shut the door behind him. His laughter echoed in my room as he walked out.
“What a wonderful morning!” I cursed.
💞💞 Mine 💞💞
( You’re mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 20
Dominic POV✨✨✨
We are now on a private flight heading to Italy, which also known as a beautiful and romantic city.
Yeah, you guess it right, this is for our honeymoon. I look at my sweetheart who’s slept peacefully on the bed. I sat opposite her mesmerizing her figure.
You might be curious how I manage to convince her for the honeymoon trip.
I smiled recalled the day when we talked about the plan. It happened in the last two days.
I was waiting for Ara to have breakfast with me, which I commanded her as I jokingly said in the bathroom earlier.
The breakfast is ready served on the table. There are sausages, sandwiches, and yogurt placed on the table waiting for her.
A moment later, Ara walked into the dining area and takes a seat opposite me.
She wore short pants with a loose pink t-shirt and she tied her hair in a messy bun. She still looks cute in that outfit. I smile at my own thought.
“Don’t tell me I look sexy in my loose t-shirt,” she said mockingly snapped me back to reality. I chuckled at her words.
“You look cute in that outfit,” I said which make her rolled her eyes playfully.
“Who prepares all this?” She asked while her eyes examined the food on the table.
“Aunt Monica, she is the one that does the house chores in this house,” I said while pouring her a glass of orange juice.
“Thanks. And where is she now?” She asked while her eyes scanned the surrounding tried to find the person that I mentioned.
“Probably in the garden. I will introduce you to her later. I purposely asked her to give us some privacy,” I said jokingly to her.
“And for now, let’s enjoy our first breakfast together as newlyweds,” I said, sending her a wink and she just shook her head with whatever look.
“You said you want to talk to me. About?” she asked while taking a bite of her sandwich.
“About what newlyweds do after officially married.”
“What? You said you won’t force me to do that and now you are demanding me to do it,” she said with an angry tone which makes me almost choke on my food. I laughed loudly while she looks at me annoyed.
“This is not funny, Dominic Duncan.”
“What is in your mind, sweetheart?” I pinched her cheek lightly. She slightly shifted away from me and looks confused.
“And what are you talking about?” She asked innocently.
“Oh, that,” she said tried to hide her blush.
“You didn’t mention it clearly and just in case you don’t know that I don’t have the power to read people’s minds,” she tried to defend herself.
“Well, at least for now I know what’s inside your mind. I never thought you are this naughty.”
I shook my head feeling funny.
“That comes out as a mistake,” she said.
“The sweet mistake and it’s ok. As I told you earlier, everything that you saw earlier is all yours, and even the hidden part that you haven’t see yet also yours,” I said and gazed down at my body which made her eyes widen in shock.
She threw the napkin at me which made me laughed happily.
“Ok, ok,” I raised my hand in surrender when she slapped my arm.
“Back to our topic, the honeymoon.
Do you have any place that you want to go?” I asked while we resume our breakfast.
“Do we really need to do this?”
“Of course, we are newlyweds and we have one week off from work.”
“But I don’t want to go for a honeymoon. We are not really married too and I prefer to rest at home.”
“Ah-ha, don’t ever try to escape from this. I can give you an exception for last night but not for our honeymoon.”
She sighed at my words mumbled something which I can hear it clearly.
“The most annoying and persistent guy in the world,” she said more to whisper to herself.
“What did you said,” I pretended not to hear her words.
“Nothing,” she said with a fake smile.
“So, any places that you want to go?”
“Hmmm,” she hummed while slightly twirled her head thinking about something. “How about Italy?” She asked with a genuine smile.
“Sure, anywhere you said. So, Italy it is.”
Just like that, I successfully lured her into my honeymoon plan. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
TBC 💢💢💢💢


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