Million tears episode 8

💔😥(Sister’s Betrayal)💔😥
✍️✍️Episode 8✍️✍️
Glory left the next morning and I sat down looking around the house
I felt bored and I decided to go to my shop
I called Alice and asked her to resume work today
I got re-ady and left for shop
I got to shop and saw another padlock in my shop
Could this be Jimmy’s handwork?
I asked without expecting answer from anyone
I think Jimmy is trying to bit more than he can chew
What sort of nons-en-se is this?
What gave him the right to lock my shop?
Was he the one that started up this business for me?
Or did he pay a dime for me in the shop rent?
What gave him the courage to lock my shop?
I asked raging angrily and I called mom Glory
She didn’t pick up the call
I called her twice and she didn’t pick
I decided to go lodge a complain in the police station
I am going to arrest Jimmy
I said and left angrily
I got to my car and drove off
I got home and was perambulating the house
I remembered a lawyer that once c@m£ to buy fabrics from me that gave me her contact
I picked my phone and searched for it and luckily, I saw the woman number
I quic-kly dialed her number and luckily, she picked up
Hello ma, good afternoon ma
This is Mrs Miranda
The fabric seller
Yes ma
The woman you gave your contact two months ago
plea-se ma I would like to see you if possible today
Where can I meet you ma
Oh, you live at ikorodu too
That’s nice
I will be there in a short while
I don’t know there but I will ask people
Thank you ma
Thank you so much..
I said and hanged up the phone and rushed to my car and drove off to where she asked me to meet her
Luckily, I met her there and we exchanged greetings
We got into my car and sat down
How are you doing darling Miranda? You are not looking bad but you are looking more slim compared to the first day I met you
Are you on weight loss ti-ps? She asked and I smiled
My eyes saw what my ears couldn’t carry
In fact, the past four days have been hell for me
As I am.speaking to you right now, I am no longer living with my husband and that is why I called you
I want you to prepare a divorce papers for me latest today and tomorrow
plea-se. I said and she looked at me and smile
Miranda, whatever it is, divorce is always the last option
Have you thought about this?
She asked and I nodded
Very well ma’am! I replied and she smiled again
What exactly is it?
I met you two months ago and you told me how sweet your husband can be
What suddenly went wrong to the extent of seeking for divorce?. She asked
I never knew my husband is a wolf in sheep’s clothing
I am even ashamed to say this but I will explain everything to you
I said and narrated everything to her and she was shocked
This is unbelievable and betrayal of the highest order!
For real?
Your own blood sister? She asked
Yes Joyce! And my annoyance is that she is not even feeling remorseful at all
She even had the audacity to asked me not to go into my house to take my properties
I suffered so much for this girl
I pas-sed throu-gh a lot cos of her
Why did she pay me back this way?
I just can’t get over the shock
Sometimes I pretend to be smiling but de-ep down inside me, I am dying emotionally
My only sister took away my source of joy from me
How come she is pregnant for my husband and I can’t get pregnant?
I have gone to several hospitals and I was told that nothing is wrong with me
I am even suspecting she is the reason behind my childlessness
Joyce, my anger right now is that the shop that jimmy locked up isn’t his
I got the shop myself
Paid the rent and have been building it over the years.
What gave him the effrontery to padlock it with a different key??
After everything he did to me, he still had the courage to lock my shop.
I said smiling
Don’t worry
Thank God you c@m£ to me
I will handle this case perfectly and will treat the so called jimmy f–k up
For locking up your shop, he will be accused of taking 1.5 million naira from your shop
I promise you
First of all, we will start by writing a petition to the area commander police
Zone 2
I will write a petition there
And listen, I am not collecting a dime from you
I am doing it just for friend’s sake but after the case, you can appreciate with anything. She said and I nodded
I thanked her happily and she promised me that everything will be sort out tomorrow
Go home
My petition will get to Zone 2 today unfailingly and Jimmy will be arrested today or tomorrow
Your divorce paper will be re-ady tomorrow or in two days time
I will try my best for you hun
Men like jimmy nee-d to be dealt with.
She said and I thanked her happily
Thank you so much for this as-surance
God bless you ma
Its nice meeting you again
Thank you ma
I said and we shook hands and she got down from my car and I drove off
I drove home happily
Jimmy has crossed the lines this time and I will show no mercy to him
I said driving happily
As for Ella, I pray God give me the courage not to l@ycause on you cos I feel like causing you till you die
I don’t want to
No matter what, you are still my blood
I will leave you for karma
I don’t have anything to say to you. I said as I continued driving home happily
I got home and met mom Glory standing in my door mouth
Mom, good day ma
I wasn’t expecting you
I called you twice and you didn’t pick
Hope all is well?
I asked and she smiled
Not that much dear
I got home this morning and Monica my neighbor told me that Jimmy has been looking for me with police men
She said he told them that I tied his wife with rope and locked her in the toilet and in that case, it is called attem-pted murder
I am so scared to go home now
She said and I smiled
Hahahaha! Don’t worry mom
The case will be settled
He won’t do more than a dead rat I promise you
I have gotten a correct lawyer that will handle the case perfectly
I got to my shop and met it locked with another padlock
So I remembered a barrister woman that c@m£ to buy goods from me two months ago
We got talking and we exchanged contacts
So I called her and she asked me not to worry that Jimmy will be dealt with
I will call her right now to tell her to add your case to the petition that she intend writing. I said and dialed her number
She picked it up and I explained everything to her
She asked me not to worry
That the case will be handled
She told me that her husband is the as-sistant commissioner and I was so happy.
Glory and I hvgged ourselves happily
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