Million tears episode 2

😥💔(Sister’s Betrayal)😥💔
✍️✍️Episode 2✍️✍️
So the next day, I forgot taking my booklet to shop so I decided to call Ella to bring it for me but she didn’t pick up
I was about going home to bring it myself when one of my very good customer c@m£
She bought a lot of goods for me worth almost 200k so it took a lot of my time
I called Ella over and over again to bring it while coming or come help me stay in the shop while I go home go get my booklet cos I don’t trust Alice my sales girl but she didn’t pick
So after rounding up with my customer, it was around and I decided to go get my booklet cos there a lot of important things jotted down in the book and since my house is not that far from shop, I will go get it
I got home and climbing the stairs, I heard Ella and my husband James laughing out loudly
Is this for real?
I asked myself happily
Did my husband change overnight and what is he doing home by this time?
You are so sweet. I heard Ella said laughing
I got to my door mouth and opened the door when they suddenly went dumb
I have told you times without number that I am not happy having you here
Go get married you are of age
Are you not ashamed at yourself? My husband yelled at her angrily and Ella frowned
Brother why are you treating me this way?
This is getting too much. Ella said shedding tears and I was more than confused
What exactly is going on?
I just heard the both of you laughing out loud some seconds ago
How come you changed the t©pic immediately you saw me? I asked confusedly
Sister I don’t think you are right
I was on call just few seconds ago
I was on call with Tricia my friend. Ella said and I looked at her confusedly
Lies was written all over her face and my husband kept straight face to the television
And what about my husband?
He was on call too? I asked and she was shocked
Sister plea-se you are getting it all wrong
Maybe it was an imagination
Your husband have been yelling at me since he returned home and here you are saying you heard us laughing together. I am out of here biko. She said and walked out on me
Ella, you are walking out on me?
By the way, hubby what are you doing home by this time of the day?
You are putting on shorts unlike you!
You are watching ro-mantic movies unlike you
What is going on
Is there something you are not telling me? I asked him and he stood up angrily
Tell your sister to get married before I lose my temper on her
I am getting tired of her pres£nce here. He said and attem-pted to walk into the be-droom
That does not answer my question Jimmy
What are you doing home by this time and why are you putting on shorts unlike you and at the same time watching ro-mantic movie which is also unlike you
What is going on? I asked as my voice was beginning to choke
So its now a crime for me to come home at will and wear whatever suites me at home because of your witch sister right?
Don’t worry
I am leaving!
He said, went inside, put on his clothes and walked out right before me
Tears dropped down my cheeks
I am totally down, confused, angry and speechless
What exactly is going on?
Is Ella telling the truth?
Are they pretending to be fighting?
But I am sure of what I heard
I know my husband voice and I heard Ella voice too clearly
I heard her said “you are so sweet”
Was she referring to the person she was calling
Oh God, plea-se let it not be what I am thinking! I said and wiped my tears and heard Ella laughing again
This time louder
You are so sweet! I heard her say again and my mind bec@m£ at rest again
Let me believe nothing is wrong or going on between them
Let me believe my instinct is deceiving me
God forgive me for ever letting such thought come across my mind. I said and walked into Ella’s room
Ella, I have been calling you for over 2 hours now but you aren’t picking up my call
You didn’t even bother to call back after you saw my missed call
What happened? I asked her and she frowned
I am sorry sister!
My phone wasn’t with me and when I saw your missed call, I didn’t had airtime to call back
I am sorry about that
So what brou-ght you home by this time? She asked and I smiled
I forgot my booklet and you know it can be very important to me on daily basis
Even the few hours I spent without the book affected me a lot
Go get it for me inside. I said and she’s stood up and went inside my room
I sat on her be-d and noticed the place I sat was we-t
I t©uçhed it and it was thick like discharge or sp-erm
My heart skipped 10 times beat
What is this?
Oh my God!
This is c-m
This is sp-erm !
What happened here?
Ella, it shouldn’t be what I am thinking.
What do I do? What do I do?
I nee-d to think fast before she returns
I think there is nothing I can do now cos I don’t have any evidence
Or maybe she’s having discharges. I said and walked out immediately
We both went to the shop but I kept flashing back all what happened at home
I am so confused
What is this?
Why did I even went home at the first place?
I really don’t un-derstand
Let me just believe my instinct is deceiving me. I said and wiped it off my head
I got home in the night and when my husband sle-pt off, I took his phone and noticed he pas-s worded it
I tried taking his f!nger to unlock his f!nger prints but he woke up and sle-pt back again
This is unlike jimmy
Jimmy hates pas-swording phone
How come he pas-sworded this one?
How do I make him unlock it?
How do I get to know his pas-sword?
I tried my name but it didn’t unlock
I tired his name it didn’t unlock
I tried his account numbers, phone numbers, everything I could think of but it didn’t unlock
A thought c@m£ into my mind that I should use Ella
But my husband hate Ella so much
He can’t use her name as his pas-sword
I said and continued trying everything I knew but none worked
I finally decided to use Ella and to my greatest surprise, it unlocked
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