Million tears episode 17 – finale

😥💔(sister’s betrayal) 😥💔
✍️✍️Episode 17✍️✍️
✍️✍️final episode ✍️✍️
We got to the hospital and the lady was rushed to emergency room
She was injured so badly and I felt so bad for her
The man that hit this lady beyond recognition will never smell good thing in his life
I said amidst tears
Not so long, my husband c@m£ out from the doctor’s office with his countenance changed
Sweetheart, hope all is well with her? I asked and he nodded
Yes love but she has fallen into coma
I just pray she wakes up so she can go back to her people. My husband said and I nodded painfully
That man that killed the innocent baby and injured this woman beyond recognition will never smell good thing in his life
Sorrow will remain his portion forever
I ha-rd ly curse people but this p@rticular one has so gotten into me
I hate seeing my fellow human being in pain. I said and my husband held my hand and we left together
Did you tell the doctor that we will be leaving? I asked staring at him
We will come back to check on her tomorrow or next
You nee-d rest
You have over stressed yourself a lot today
Let’s go home
You nee-d to rest. He said and we left
I just hope she is not your sister Ella. Joyce said and I frowned
What are you saying? She can’t be Ella.
Are you telling me that I can’t recognize my own sister?
She is not Ella. I replied furiously
I just hope so. Glory said and Joyce nodded
Exactly my thoughts
Joyce added and I eyed them
I just thank God Fred asked me to go shopping with him
God just wanted to use us to save that lady
You nee-d to see the way the car grinded her little baby
The innocent baby died painfully
Ever since yesterday, I have lost appetite for food
Whenever I remember the corpse of the innocent child, I lose appetite immediately
How I wish we all saw this together
I said in tears and Joyce and Glory stared at me
I can relate
Pregnant women feel too emotional
Next time, don’t see what you can’t get over.
Remember you are pregnant and you nee-d to eat a lot of food cos of your baby
So try eating something
Just for your own good
Joyce said and I nodded
I will try! I replied and they both laughed and left me perplex
Sweetheart any good news from the hospital? I asked my husband immediately he stepped into the room
She woke up from coma but the doctor said she was injured badly on her head and it affected her br@in and he don’t think if she can ever be normal again.
Fred said and I bur-st out crying
God why? God why?
She was just hustling to feed herself and her little baby
Why did she end up this way?
I said crying loudly
I can un-derstand why you are feeling like this
Indeed blood is thicker than water
Fred said and I was confused
What do you mean sweetheart? I asked wiping my tears
I am just returning from the hospital
I went inside to check on her and she asked me to go
The doctor said she doesn’t allow anyone to enter there
That treating her is even by false
She keeps shouting she don’t want to see anyone except her sister Chioma
She wants to see Mira not the doctor
I went inside to confirm and she did the same thing
She threw her pillow at me and asked me to get out
She don’t wants to see her baby or anyone ap@rt from her sister Chioma Miranda
So I as-sumed she is Ella your blood sister. Fred said and I closed my ear
Whaaaaat! Noooooo!
Fred plea-se tell me you are just as-suming. I said shedding tears
That is why I said I as-sumed
You know I have never met her before
But from the picture of her you showed me, she looks exactly like her
oh nooooooo! Ella I never wanted to set my eyes on you again
did fate actually bring us together again?
I hate you Ella
I said scratching my head in a confused state and Fred c@m£ close to me and held my in the shoulder
Love, I think you nee-d to forgive her
karma have dealt with her alre-ady
she deserves everything she went throu-gh
I only feel for the little baby that died painfully
this time, she nee-ds you to recover cos all she keeps talking about is you and you alone
she doesn’t even remember her child
Fred said and I felt pained
oh no. this isn’t happening
can I ever forgive her?
I asked wiping my tears
Yes you can
No offence is too much too forgive
we nee-d to go back to the hospital now
Fred said and I nodded
I called Joyce and Glory and asked them to meet me at the hospital and we left
We got to the hospital and Glory and Joyce c@m£ at the same time
I asked Joyce to go in firSt to confirm what Fred was talking about
I looked throu-gh the window and truly it was Ella
Get out
get out
I knew you somewhere right?
but you are not Mira
Get out
are you Mira
I want to see my sister Chioma Mira
I want to see her. She said and threw her pillow on her and Joyce c@m£ out
Glory went in and Ella bur-st out laughing
Glory .
Glory help me to get Mira plesse
she is your friend
I want to see her
I knew I offended you too but plea-se I nee-d to seek Mira’s forgiveness first. plea-se
Ella said and started crying
I went inside with Joyce and Fred and Ella saw me and went on her knees immediately
sister Miranda, plea-se
plea-se, plea-se and plea-se forgive me
I know I don’t deserve any forgiveness but for the sake of our late parents
plea-se find a place in your heart to forgive me
I am not asking you to accept me back
All I nee-d is your forgiveness and nothing more
plea-se sister Miranda
I have suffered a lot for this past one year and I knew that I was only being paid back for what I made you go throu-gh
I lost my baby too
plea-se forgive me. Ella said in de-ep tears and I hvgged her back in de-ep tears
It’s okay
I have forgiven you from the depth of my heart
I said and she hvgged me wiping her tears
Glory, forgive me plea-se. She pleaded
If your sister can forgive you, then who am I not to forgive you? Glory asked and hvgged her
we sat down and I introduced Fred to her
she narrated all that transpired between her and Jimmy and I felt bad for her
I promised her that I will pay her house rent and start up a small business for her but she must not come to my matrimonial home until I trust her again
She thanked me happily and we all left
Three weeks later, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and we lived happily ever after
fiction story written and composed by PRINCESS JOSEPH