Million tears episode 13

😥💔Sister’s Betrayal😥💔
✍️✍️Episode 13✍️✍️
I can’t wait for the exact time Fred asked me to meet him cos I know that it will be full of surprises
Maybe he is hosting a birthday p@rty for me
Thanks to Joyce for convincing me to give Fred a chance
He is the best thing that have ever crossed my life
Fred have made my life so beautiful that I forgot totally about Jimmy and Ella but whenever they cross my mind, I always pray to God to keep the both of them alive and safe to witness what I will become
Ever since I married Jimmy, he have never for once wished me a happy birthday not to talk of buying me a gift
Fred posses all the qualities that Jimmy doesn’t have
I even wonder what made me accept Jimmy’s proposal at the first time
Anyways, God knows the best.
Let me go take my bath, eat breakfast and wait impatiently for the time that Fred asked me to meet him at the restaurant
I said and went straight to the bathroom
I was done bathing and eating and I decided to call Alice to let her know I won’t be in the sh!ptoday
Hello Alice
Good morning how are you?
Are you in the sh!palre-ady?
Okay that’s good
I won’t be coming to shop today so make sure you are very concentrated and careful to avoid ma-king mistakes during calculations and also being careful with the customers to avoid upsetting them
Don’t forget to let me know the amount you made today
Okay take care. I said and hanged up the phone
I la-id on my be-d thinking about my life and thanking God at the same time
I sle-pt off on the be-d and woke up exactly the same time Fred asked me to come
Oh my!
This is 2pm alre-ady
I should be in the restaurant by now
I shouldn’t keep Fred waiting
I said and rushed to the bathroom and had a quic-k bath
Put on my best dress and applied a little make up
I am 13 minutes late but Fred will un-derstand
I said walking towards my car
I drove down to sweet s-en-sation restaurant and called Fred
He asked me to come inside
Hmmm, I soliloquized and went inside
I went inside and was surprised to see Joyce and her husband, Glory and other Fred’s friend
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you Mira. Happy birthday to you
They sang happily
I was so happy but Fred was not there
Joyce c@m£ and led me to the chair but I was still confused cos Fred is not there
I know you are looking for him
But he organized this p@rty for you
He is not around
He traveled to Canada this morning
Joyce said smiling
Am I a kid?
Why are you whining me
He traveled to Canada with Nigeria number right?
I said and she bur-st out laughing
Anyways, Fred won’t be here
Now take a look at that wonderful cake
Isn’t it beautiful? Joyce asked pointing at a p@rticular direction
I looked at the direction she is pointing and admired the cake
Indeed its beautiful
I replied and was surprised to see Fred kneeling right before me with a ring in his hand
Miranda, ever since I met you, my life have been so complete
I don’t care what people think about you
I don’t care if you are a divorcee or not
I don’t care if you were unable to give your ex husband a child
I don’t care about your past.
All I care about right now is to spend the rest of my life with you
All I am after right now is to make you the mother of my unborn kids
You complete my life and always put smile on my face
I love you so much Miranda and I want to spend the rest of my life with you
I want to walk you down the aisle
Will you say yes to me
Miranda, will you marry me? Fred asked as I continued shedding tears uncontrollably
Yes Fred
I will marry you
I said and offered my f!nger to him
He fixed the ring and everyone cl@pped while taking pix
This is wonderful
Joyce said and I smiled staring at the ring
I hvgged Fred and smiled
You never ceased to amaze me Fred
I wasn’t expecting this. I said smiling
Thank you for saying yes to me
Today is the happiest day of my life
Fred said and I hvgged him
Everyone kept taking pictures of us and I was so happy
Everyone was dancing while Fred and I danced together.
I want everything to be done within one month
Who are we meeting for the bride price and traditional marriage? Fred asked and I smiled
All we nee-d is just church wedding and that is all
My parents are dead and our uncle never cared about us
They don’t even know if we are dead or alive
So just down to the altar and that is all. I said and he nodded
I can’t wait for that day
I can’t wait for the day we will exchange our vows. I Fred said and I nodded
Same here. I replied and we continued dancing.
********** **********
James, I saw your wife picture all over Facebook
She said yes to one handsome dude like that
They really look cute together
The video is in my phone here. Jimmy’s friend William said and Jimmy was shocked
Its a lie!
Which young guy will want to marry a divorcee that was unable to bear child six years after marriage
Its a lie
Maybe its someone that looks like her
Jimmy replied and William bur-st out laughing
I told you that you are losing a precious gold but you wouldn’t listen
Now someone far better than you in everything have proposed to her
You weren’t patient enough
You went and impregnated her sister that you keep fighting with everyday
They both of fight like cat and dog
And I think that’s best for someone like you
Karma is paying you guys a visit soon
Take a look at their picture
Even your wife posted it on Facebook herself with a caption
“And I said yes to the LOML” she posted the video too
The guy even mentioned that he doesn’t care if she is a divorcee or not
He don’t care if she was unable to bear child
Take a look at the video. Williams said and handed it to Jimmy
He watched and a tear dropped down his cheek
You are crying?
I told you but you didn’t listen
Hope you see what your deaf ears caused you. William said and Jimmy gave him the phone
I can’t watch this
Its so heartbreaking
Miranda is still my wife
I will get her back no matter what. Jimmy said removing his two sandals
You are a joker
Maybe you want to spend the rest of your life in the prison
Remember you signed in the police station that you will never pester her
Not just police station but from the headquarters
Those people don’t take bribe
I rest my case. William said and left Jimmy shattered and broken
Oh nooooooooo!
I will get my Mira back. Jimmy said and left
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