Million tears episode 11

😥💔(Sister’s Betrayal)😥💔
✍️✍️Episode 11✍️✍️
Its been 3months now and I am doing just fine
Sometimes I feel sad for being betrayed by my own sister but sometimes, I thank God cos I know it happens for a reason
So many men approaches me but I don’t give any one a chance for now
I know age is not by my side but I nee-d to take a break
Most of the men that approached me are married men but I vowed never to cause my fellow woman tears cos I know how I felt during mine
God will surely bless me with a good husband that will take me as I am
My everyday prayer points is for God to bless me with my own child immediately after marriage
I don’t want to experience being embarras-sed by people again
I really want a child of my own
Joyce and I bec@m£ very good friends
She asked me to give a man a chance in my life but I told her I will but not re-ady yet
Babe you are 28 years old naaa
James is good for you
He is ever re-ady to settle down.
Joyce said and I smiled
Is James his name?
God forbid
Another James again?
When I have not yet recover from the other James that broke my heart
I never knew his name is James sef
If not, I wouldn’t have even given him chance to talk to me at all.
James ke?
God forbid. I said and Joyce bur-st out laughing
It doesn’t matter naa my love
It doesn’t matter at all
Will you now tame all Ella as husband snatchers because of what your sister did?
No naa
Don’t think like that
Joyce said and I tapped her
Babe, its none of my business
Listen, if it doesn’t matter to you, it matters to me oo
It matters to me big time
It matters biko
I said and Joyce bur-st out laughing
If you don’t want James, why not go for Fred?
Fred is cool and loving
That his name alone is so ro-mantic and all men that ba-res Fred are always caring, ro-mantic and faithful
I believe Fred is also re-ady to settle down
He is well to do in his business even though he doesn’t have a car
I would advise you give him a chance
Don’t waste time much
You are happy
What else are you waiting for? Joyce asked and I nodded
Okay, agreed!
I will give Fred a chance
I replied and she hvgged me happily
That’s my babe!
That’s my love
Contact him naa
She said and I frowned
No no no
He is the one that nee-ds me, so he will come looking for me
I said and she nodded
No problem
I agree with you. Joyce said and we both laughed
*********** ***********
@Jimmy’s house
Honestly I am sick and tired of this
How can they be telling me that my baby heart beat its not normal
I have gone to two different scan and this is what they keep saying
Ella said as she wipe her tears and James eyed her from head to toe
What is the S-x of the baby? He asked
Why are you so concerned about the S-x of the baby?
Our baby’s life is at stake here and all you keep asking is the S-x of the baby
Will the S-x of the baby put food on your table?
Let’s seek for solution first before you ask of the S-x of the baby
Ella replied and James flared up
Shut up your mouth you small witch
I asked you a question and instead of you to answer me, you are whining me
What is the S-x of the baby?
I really don’t know if you are a witch or not cos ever since I started living with you, everything has changed
My business is going down
The baby you are carrying which I am not even sure if its mine is abnormal
You are not giving me peace either
You are either complaining of w@!st pain, tummy pain, back pain or dizziness
I have spent almost all my money cos of you
Three months ago, I spent 2 million naira cos of your stupid advice
You pushed me to do what I never wanted to do
You made my beautiful sweet wife divorce me and now you are saying the baby’s breathing is not normal
I won’t take it lightly with you if anything happens to my child I promise you. Jimmy said raising his voice angrily
Jimmy, go and collect microphone from the church and use it to announce this bull$h!t you are vomiting to the whole world
You should be ashamed of yourself cos the baby’s health is all your fault
Is it not what you put inside me that I will give to you?
Are you not the one that put this baby inside my wo-mb
Whatever happens to him or her, you will be held responsible okay
Bloody nons-en-se. Ella said and sat back on the cushion
I won’t blame you
I won’t blame you at all but blame myself for coming to you for the first time
I am going to get my wife back and I will divorce you
That baby you are carrying is not mine
Get out of my house you witch
I am frustrated of you alre-ady
Get out of my house you witch
Jimmy said and left while Ella bur-st out laughing
Shameless man
Instead of you to tell me that you have spent all your business money on your sidechicks, you are here telling me that I am the cause of your business coll@psing
Go and get Miranda back naa and see if she will not baptise you with boiled water
A fool at forty. Ella said and jimmy rushed out of the room angrily to go hit Ella and she stood up and ran inside her room ban-ging the door and at the same time laughing
Miranda’s POV
I was sitting on my sofa watching TV when my phone rang
I picked it up and greeted her
Good evening mom Glory
How are you doing? I asked
I am fine my daughter
How are you too? She asked
I am fine ma
Just sitting alone watching TV
I replied and she chuckled
Good of you
I will be visiting you tomorrow
~_Gist full yakata for ground
Gist plenty_~
I can’t wait to come tomorrow so I can gist you
I am sure you are gonna be happy hearing this
Glory said and I smiled
I can’t wait then
I will be waiting in the shop
I replied and she laughed
Gist lover
I know you love gist a lot
Don’t worry
I will feed you to your satisfaction tomorrow. She said and hanged up the phone
What could it be? I asked my self wondering.
I dropped my phone and it rang again
I took it and it was Fred calling
I am beginning to fall for Fred ever since Joyce convinced me about him
I smiled and picked up the phone
Hello Fred! I said and he greeted
Angel of my life
Good evening
How are you doing today? He asked
I am as cool as never before. I replied and he laughed
plea-se will you be chanced tomorrow
I want us to hang out around the town plea-se
plea-se don’t say no
plea-se say yes this time
You have been saying no to me everyday of my request
plea-se say yes
He pleaded in his ro-mantic voice as usual
Yes but not tomorrow
I have an appointment tomorrow
I replied and he murmured
Can we hang out in the night then?
Maybe by 7pm
plea-se? He said and I scoffed
I replied and he shouted
Thank you thank you thank you
Thank you so so much
Sleep ti-ght honey and have a nice dream
He said and I nodded and hanged up the phone
I kept smiling at Fred’s voice until I sle-pt off in the sofa
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