Million tears episode 10

😥💔(Sister’s Betrayal)😥💔
✍️✍️Episode 10✍️✍️
But officer, I didn’t steal her money
I didn’t even enter the shop at all
Why would you ask me to pay 2million naira
How will I pay for what I know nothing of? Jimmy asked frustratedly
Mr man, that’s none of our business
The statement here says you broke into the shop, stole 2million naira and locked it with another key
If you are not paying the money then get re-ady to go to jail. One of the police men said and Ella cried
Officer my husband is innocent of this accusations
He knows nothing about the money they are talking about
She is only using it as a revenge because she couldn’t get pregnant for him and I did. Ella said and the police shunned her immediately
You talk too much
Shameless woman
Get out of here
I don’t even know why you were allowed in here at the first place
Get out
Go home
Mr Jimmy, are you paying the money or not? plea-se don’t waste our time
He asked and Jimmy nodded
I will pay but God knows I am innocent
I am very innocent
Sweetheart, go get me my cheque at home
Its inside the cu-pboard
plea-se be fast
I nee-d to get out of here. Jimmy said and Ella frowned
That’s the only money left in your account
You want to give it to them?
Miranda so you want to collect the money knowing fully well that he didn’t steal your money?
Miranda its unfair oo
Its unfair
Ella said as tears was about flowing down her cheeks
I looked away and Jimmy asked her to go bring the cheque and she left
Joyce brou-ght out the divorce paper and placed it on the table
Mr Jimmy, here is your divorce paper
Sign it so your divorce with Miranda will be official
She said and Jimmy collected the pen and signed it
Officer, plea-se make sure he and his wife sign that they will never ever pester Miranda around and will be held responsible for any thing that happens to her and that he won’t bother Mrs Glory
Joyce said and the police man nodded countless times
Your wish is my command ma
I will do just as you have instructed
Mr Jimmy, plea-se sign un-der here that you will never ever disturb Miranda and you will be held responsible for whatever happens to her.
You will not cross her shop, you won’t threaten her and you will never pester her.
And Glory as well, you won’t ever arrest her
The police officer said and frowned
Officer how much did they pay you?
These women tied my wife with rope and left her in the toilet
Before I returned, her b©dy was swollen
What if I didn’t get home on time?
You are not justifying this matter at all
How much did they pay you?
I will pay times five of it. Jimmy said angrily
Shut up
We don’t take bribe here in head quarters
We work according to the commissioner’s order
Beside your wife deserve everything they did to her
She is so disgusting and talk too much
I wonder how you cope with her sef
Look at the wonderful, S-xy and mature woman you left for that parrot
Some men can never be grateful
plea-se sign the papers immediately the policeman said and he signed the papers
************ ************
@Jimmy’s house
Honestly sweetheart I won’t stay to suffer with you if anything happens to your business!
Why would you give her the 2 million naira when you know fully well that you didn’t steal any money
You couldn’t even defend your self
You call yourself a rich man and you don’t have common lawyer.
Look how a woman defeated you over a common case
Ella said berating angrily
Shut up!
What do you know?
You called that case a mere case?
What do you know you w—e?
Don’t get on my nerves cos I just returned from the station
I don’t want more problems
Besides you are the cause of all these problems
Because of you, I have spent 2.1 million naira
I used a hundred thousand to bale myself plus the two million naira I gave to them
Why would you give me such advice?
I never wanted to go lock the shop but your stupid advice pushed me to do what I didn’t want to do
So you want me to go to jail right?
And instead of you to encourage me, you are here blabbing nons-en-se
You are blabbing nons-en-se
Your sister have never talked to me in this manner so don’t dare talk to me like that again
You get that?
Go to the kitchen and get me something to eat
Ungrateful human being
Jimmy said and Ella cl@pped her two hands together
For real?
Are you talking to me in this manner because you spent ordinary 2million naira?
You are changing seriously
Or is it because of the divorce paper you signed?
Remember I am carrying your baby
Don’t talk to me like that again
Your baby won’t be happy with you if you do. Ella said tou-ching her tummy
Go get me food to eat or you want me to starve the same way you want me to be jailed?
Jezebel! He said and went to the kitchen himself
What is the meaning of all these name calling naa?
What is it?
Why calling me names?
Is it my fault that you got me pregnant and your barren wife couldn’t
I don’t like it o
plea-se st©p talking to me like that. Ella said and walked inside angrily
*********** **********
Mom Joyce, honestly I really appreciate your efforts..
You did so very well and I thank God for the day I met you.
Without you, I would have seen hell.
Thank you so much…
Here is a cheque of 500,000 naira
I promise I won’t forget this day
You helped me get my divorce paper at the snap of a f!nger
I so much appreciate you. I said handing over the cheque to her
Thank you Miranda but that is a hvge amount of money
I don’t think I can accept that. Joyce said and I frowned
Honestly I will feel bad forever if you refuse this little token from me
plea-se take it from me plea-se
Its from the depth of my heart. I pleaded and she smiled and collected it
It’s okay
Thank you so much
You deserve to be happy
You don’t nee-d a man like jimmy honestly
And your sister too is so shameless
She don’t have an iota of decency on her
I marvel at her behavior
She behave like an uneducated fool
I wonder what she have been learning in school
No wise human being behaves like that
She really hates you and I am sure that is her reason for behaving that way.
She wants to hurt you by all means but I thank God for the kind of human being you are
You are a strong woman.
plea-se keep being you. She said and I nodded
Thanks ma
As for Ella, I have cut ties with her
Nothings about them bothers me anymore
I have move on with my life
Whatever God wants me to be, I will surely be it
Without jimmy or Ella, I will survive
Everything happens for a reason and only God knows why this happened
I believe it is about to open another door of opportunities for me. I said and they both nodded
That’s my girl!
This is what I want to hear from you
You have truly moved on
Glory said and I smiled
I di-pped my hand into my bag and brou-ght out another cheque
Mom Glory, you are the mother I never had
I appreciate all your efforts for me
Thank you so much for everything you did for me
plea-se accept this little token from me as a gift of appreciation to you
Its a cheque of 300,000 naira
Thank you so much for everything and I promise I will pay your house rent for next year
Once your house rent is due, just let me know.
Thank you so much for everything ma. I said and handed the cheque to her and she hvgged me happily..
God bless you my daughter
God bless you..
You are strong woman.
Women like you are rare and I hope some women will come learn from you
And I surely know that karma doesn’t miss road
Nemesis will surely locate your ingrate of a sister
God bless you once again. She said happily
We all hvgged ourselves and p@rted ways
I called Alice and asked her to resume shop the next day.
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