Melting his icy heart Episode 9 & 10

Episode nine
Prince Eric💓
“Hello” I answered my ringing phone and went to the bathroom.
“Your betrothed is coming over this evening” the person on the other end said.
“What do you mean by betrothed?” I asked.
“Someone you’re supposed to get married too” mother replied.
“No mother, I’m not interested. If she comes here, you’ll hate how she’ll return to you” I threatened but she alre-ady hung up.
I called her back immediately, it rang several times but she didn’t answer.
I threw the phone into the bathtub angrily.
“Set this house on fire, that way that girl won’t come. By the way, what’s Daisy doing on your be-d?” The second voice said in my head, sounding foreign to me.
Funny how it’s been long I heard the voice, thinking about Daisy or being with her alleviates the voice. The more I stay with her, the voice disappears but what do I do with the unknown betrothed coming?
Daisy 😐😐
Prince Eric’s ringtone woke me up from my sleep and fortunately, I heard all the conversation.
A betrothed wants to come when my work is in progress so she can take all the credit for herself, I won’t allow that.
Never ever.
I ti-ptoed out of his room to mine and brou-ght out my phone.
I unlocked it and found two missed calls and a new message.
I cli-cked on the message and re-ad, it said 💬Dear applicant, we appreciate your work but we’ll have to call it off now. Kindly visit the office and claim your reward 💬
There’s no way I’m leaving here for someone else, I can’t claim a reward of something I haven’t done.
I put all throu-gh the s£nder and waited as it rang.
📞 “Hello, this is Zena. How may I help you?”
📞”Oh hi Zena, I felt to let you know you can’t ask me to leave here neither can you bring his betrothed here.”
📞”Why? And how do you know someone his coming?”
📞”He’s angrily talking to himself” I replied.
📞”The prince never talks to himself whenever he’s angry.”
$h!t.. I swore internally
📞”Well he does now he’s mentally unstable. I’d advice you not to bring anyone here so I can heal him completely. My uncle thought me the tricks” I said, hoping she buys it.
📞” Omg! Is his situation that worst?”
📞”Sadly yes” I replied in a sober voice.
📞”You nee-d to vacate here immediately then”
📞”No no no” I replied quic-kly “I’m the only one that can help him”
📞”Ohh, the king nee-ds to hear about this.” She said.
📞”And yeah, the prince asked me to collect the girl’s number, he claimed to have misplaced it”
📞”Okay, sure” she answered and called the number for me then hung up.
I took a de-ep breath and placed a call to the number. No one should call me selfish, I’m just helping the prince.
📞”Hello” a very silky voice answered
📞”Hi, I learnt you’re the prince’s betrothed”
📞”So I would advice you not to go over, the prince is mentally unstable and it hasn’t been known to the world except for a few people.”
📞”Why are you telling me this?”
📞”Because I’ve followed tabs of you and you’re my celebrity idol. I so much care about you” I lied effortlessly.
📞”Turn the car” she ordered and hung up.
Hmph…..she couldn’t even say thanks! I’m doing her a favour.
“Daisy?!” I heard the prince call out.
I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it run. I can’t let him see me, he might look throu-gh me and know what I’ve done.
Episode Ten
Hmph…..she couldn’t even say thanks! I’m doing her a favour.
“Daisy?!” I heard the prince call out.
I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it run. I can’t let him see me, he might look throu-gh me and know what I’ve done.
“Come on out Daisy, I know you aren’t bathing” the prince said, his voice coming from the door.
Seeing there was no way out, I opened the door timidly and c@m£ out with my head down.
“Now tell me why you lied?” He asked, using his f!ngersto raise my chin up.
“I did?” I asked.
“St©p replying me with questions”
It was so ha-rd to look at him in eye.
“I heard your conversation” he replied “why did you do it?”
“Because I love you” I blurted out s-en-selessly.
“Hmmmhhh… love me?” He asked throatily.
Heavens! Did I just say that?! Gosh I’m so stupid..
I st©pped thinking about everything else when he placed hisl-ips on mine, k!ss!ngme slowly and yet very pas-sionate.
His scent filled my s-en-ses and everything that happened next was on impulse.
“I think we should st©p” he rasp out. He was lying on t©p of me on my be-d.
“No no, plea-se don’t st©p” I said quic-kly, not wanting the moment to end.
“Are you sure?” He asked even though his eyes was saying otherwise.
I re-moved my blouse in response and felt him turn ha-rd . I smiled triumphantly internally, glad at the effect I have on him.
Gently, he stood clad in front of me, I m0@n ed in plea-sure as he su-cked at my nip-ples ha-rd and used his ton-gue to pl@ywith them. The s-en-sation was so much, I arched my bag, enjoying every bit of it.
He rode inside of me slowly at first, then fast and placed soft k!sses all over my b©dy. Also, I stupidly kept whispering in his ears, telling him how much I love him and how I have strange feelings with him around.
And so that’s it, I helplessly got myself attached to the prince and fell in love. I guess I’ll just have to be patient with him till he falls in love with me.
One month later,
I turned to him on the be-d, my head lying on his ba-re che-st while he stro-ked my hair after we finished having another round of a pas-sionate S-x.
“I love you” I told him, hoping to get a response this time but as usual, he pretended not to hear.
“Did you hear me?” I asked. “Why aren’t you saying you love me?”
“Can we not talk about love?” He replied, k!ss!ngmy forehead.
“Who am I to you then? I want an honest answer.”
A small smile pla-yed on hisl-ips and I let myself relax, maybe he really cares about me.
” Someone I use to clear my head, that st©ps the voice, you’re a means of distraction to get a break from my head.” He said, the he froze as if realizing what he just said.
Ouch that hurts, the truth really hurts.
I gave a small laugh and looked at him intently in the eye “Glad I meant something to you then and I’m very useful” I k!$$£d him lightly on thel-ips and left for my room sadly.