Melted heart season two Finale

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 29/30 (Final Episode)
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Season 2_Episode 29 ♥️♥️♥️♥️
❮ THE WEDDING ❯ Three Weeks Later
The whole place was filled,it was like it’s the whole country or something. The invited and the uninvited,, nob©dy want to miss this wonderful day. Who won’t come to the wedding of three Crystals?? Getting married to Three Angels?? Sure nob©dy wanna miss it.
The Three grooms were alre-ady waiting patiently for their beautiful brides,,,inside them, they were really happy. Even Romeo feels happy about this,he wouldn’t denial that.
Soon there were loud noise,,flying flowers everywhere,, the three brides are coming in
❤ Oh my gee,,they look so amazing!!
❤ Look at those wedding dresses
❤ It’s gonna cost billions!!
❤ Wow!
They walked slowly to their soon to be husbands.
Ronnie smiled and pu-ll-ed Preet really close to himself like she’s running away.
” You look so beautiful ” He whispered
” You’ve not even seen my face ” Preet blu-shed
” Do I nee-d to see your face?? I’ve always see the face everyday right?? ”
Preet blu-shed and suddenly bec@m£ happy because her face was not expo-sed.
The Priest faced them with a wi-de grin,,
” How should I say this? Husbands, hold your wives ” He said and they chuckled
After blessing them, they inser-ted the promise rings.
❤ They are so handsome,, am jealous
Ronnie smiled at Ryan who also grinned in return,,
Elena win-ked at Preet,,,they all appeared really happy.
” Oh ,,am the happiest woman on earth today ” Preet’s mom said almost tearing up
” Ooma,,,you don’t have to cry,,you should be happy ” Preet said wiping the alre-ady falling tears
” Am happy baby,,I just can’t control my tears,, it’s tears of joy ” She said and hvgged Preet again
” Bestie,,congratulations, am so happy for you ” Akeelah said and pe-cked her two sides cheek
” Wow,,,it was really awesome ” Akeelah said dreamily as she walk with Michael
” Yeah it was,,,” Michael replied and suddenly st©pped
” Why did you st©p??” Akeelah asked and faced him looking confused
” Do you want to be the next bride ??” He asked
” What??”
” Well,,,,hmm,,” he cleared his throat and went on his kneel
Akeelah g@sped and quic-kly covered her mouth with her palm
” My love,,, ” He started
” plea-se,,,, be my wife ” He said and warm tears rolled down Akeelah’s eyes
” oh my God,,,, Michael,,,, yes,,,yeesss ” She said and he inser-ted the ring ,he stood up and pu-ll-ed her into a soft k!ss
” I love you ” He said
” I love you more ,,,I really do ”
” Surprise ” Ronnie said as he carried Preet in his hands in a bridal style
” Wow,,where are we??” Preet asked
” Our new mansion ” Ronnie whispered
” Is this a palace?? ” She asked in astonishment
” More than our palace, you love it right? ” Ronnie asked
” Are you kidding me?? You’re still asking?? This is beautiful!! ” Preet shouted
” am glad you love it ” He pe-cked her cheek
” You should know that everything that comes from you will always be loved by me ” Preet said
” But you’re the only one I wanna spend my life with ” Ronnie replied.
They finally got to the master be-droom,, Preet g@sped at the sight,
” Wow,,,did you prepare for all these?? ” she asked starring at the beautifully arranged room
Different designs everywhere, the room look so large also.
” Yeah,,, and besides we should prepare for our honey moon,,the others want us to decide where to go ” He said ma-king her sit on his l@ps
” Hmm,,,,,,,Paris ?? How about that?? ” she asked
” Wow,,,That was the same thing Elena said,,,then it’s Paris ” Ronnie smiled.
” I can’t wait,,when are we leaving?? ”
” Tomorrow of course,,, ”
” Honey,,, let’s go take our bath and then,,, ” She win-ked
” Make the babies stronger??” Ronnie asked
Yes,,the doctor alre-ady confirmed that she’s having a set of twins inside her,,a boy and a girl. What else will they wish for??
” Yes,,make the babies stronger ” She laughed
Ronnie helped her take off her dress,,they both walked into the bathroom
He placed his palm on her belly and smiled
” I can’t wait to see them,, they will be the most cutest thing ” He said
” Yeah,,me too ”
Romeo smiled sheepishly as Kim walked out of the bathroom looking h0t,,,this is probably the first time they are having se-x.
” What are you starring at??” Kim smiled with her face flushing out
” You’re really beautiful ” Romeo said and pu-ll-ed her closer to himself,,
” You’re also handsome ” She replied and theirl-ips crushed against each other.
The k!sswas so rou-gh and sweet,,, Kim was only in a short towel so it was easy for him to lose it with one f!nger,
” honey !!” Kim chuckled and k!$$£d him again.
He smiled and tickled her bre**t slowly causing a small m0@n out of her mouth,,he left herl-ips and proceeded to her bre**t ,,he su-cked on it like he’s feeding on something
” Oh my ” Kim m0@n ed out sweetly
He finally lifted her up and la-id her softly on the be-d,,,
He immediately took off his armless and then his short,,Kim smiled shyly as she saw him moving closer.
He resumed in k!ss!ngher and then inser-ted his di-ck slowly into her
” Honey,,be gentle ” Kimmy said and he st©pped
” Why?? You’re not a v!rg!nright??” He asked
” Am not,,,but it was only once and it’s been long. ” Kim replied looking away
” Oh,,,okay ” Romeo smiled
Months Later,,,,,,
📞 Boss,,you nee-d to get home right away,,,Mam Preet,, I think she’s in labor. And she doesn’t want anyone beside her,she’s only shouting your name
📞fu-ck,,I will be there right away
” What’s happening?? ” Ryan asked
They were together doing some business
” I think it’s time ,,,I nee-d to go take her to the Hospital ” He said rushing out of the office
” Am coming with you ” Ryan said
” Okay,,,”
They both rushed out and was about going to the car when Ryan’s phone rang
📞 Sir,,you nee-d to come home right now,,,,it’s mam Elena
📞 What’s wrong with her??
📞 I don’t know,, but I think she’s expecting the baby now
📞 Oh no,,I will be there
” You can go,,we will meet at the hospital ” Ronnie said and drove out of the company
He got home and ran to Preet who was crying ha-rd on the floor shouting at anyb©dy who tries to t©uçh her,,
” Baby” Ronnie called
” Ronnie,,are you here ??” She asked in tears
” Yes,,don’t worry,,you will be fine ” Ronnie said lifting her up
” It hurt,,,oh no,,my back ” She shouted
” Just stay still,,,we will get there soon ”
He finally dropped her into the car and drove out,,,three maids rushed back into their room to pack the stuffs they will be nee-ding.
Season 2_Episode 30 ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Grand Finale
” She has delivered ” The doctor said as he shook hands with Ronnie who breath out in relief,,but he was more worried about Preet at that moment
” How is my wife?? ” he asked looking concerned
” Well,,she’s fine. You can go in and see her”
” And the babies??” He asked
” They are okay,,and ,,,they are angels” He smiled and shook hands with him again
Ronnie was relieved as he made way into the ward Preet was. She smiled when she discovered he was in,,,
” Honey ” She said weakly
Ronnie remember how she was screaming an hour ago and he felt sad.
” Am sorry if it hurt so much ” He said and lean downward to k!ssher forehead
” It’s okay” She replied
Ronnie smiled and turned to see the two babies slee-ping peacefully in the baby be-ds,,
” They look so beautiful ” He said
Preet was about to respond when Mrs Silver rushed in,,she doesn’t seem to care about Ronnie’s pres£nt. She was all over Preet and the babies even though they were asleep.
” Daughter,, thank you so much. Thanks to you am seeing my grandchildren ” She said in tears and k!$$£d Preet’s cheek.
She moved to where the babies are,,
” How come they so much look like my son??? Which one is male?? ” She asked but Preet was alre-ady slee-ping
” They both look like little angels” She said and took their hands
” I guess you forgot about me ” Ronnie finally spoke up
” What’s my business with you??” She joked
” Now that’s it?? Wow ” Ronnie smiled and hvgged her
Ronnie suddenly remember Ryan,,he excused himself and went out of the ward,,,to call Ryan.
” Wow,,you’re so lucky. Am jealous of you ” Harry said and gave Ronnie a gentle hvg.
” You don’t have to be sad,,,you will definitely find someone you love again ” Ronnie said
” I Don’t think I can,,,I don’t think so ” He replied sadly
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More people c@m£ in,,,,it’s the baby shower of the popular Ronnie,,,
Right after the birth of the twins,,they’ve bec@m£ popular.
Different diaper companies have been calling,, which was of course answered by Elvis. They want to make the twins ambas-sadors,,,
” Boss,,am tired of receiving different calls” Elvis complained
” Just Ignore ” Ronnie replied shortly and smiled at the guest coming in
Elena have giving birth to a very cute baby boy also,,they were the talk of different countries, all over the TV news,,
❤ This is really amazing
❤ We all know Ronnie and Ryan to be best friends but getting married at the same time and their wives giving birth at the same time is like a miracle to me
❤ It’s really something unusual but so cute
❤ I saw the babies,,they look so heavenly
❤ You’re so lucky to have seen the babies,,,the whole mansion was filled up when I got there
Different people, different comments. But everything was smooth
” Miles ( Ryan’s son ) is gonna get married to Quinn ( Ronnie’s daughter ) when they grow up,,it will be cute ” Ryan said to Ronnie pushing his head backward
” Sorry Ryan,,but my daughter will have to choose someone she love by herself ” Ronnie scoffed
” Don’t worry,,she won’t have a choice than to love him ” Ryan laughed out
Harry walked out of the mall,,he c@m£ to get something for his stubborn little sis who have been pressuring his life. He must get her something before even planning to visit his parents or he’s gonna regret it.
He suddenly bu-mped into someone,,the scent was familia but he waved it off and helped the person with the stuffs which fell off
” Thank you ” Was all the person said and then he decided to steal a gaze at the person
He was shocked but called out her name
” Olivia??” He called and the person turned back to him looking confused like how did he know her name??
” Harry??” She also called out when she saw his face
” Olivia!! ” Harry shouted and pu-ll-ed her into a ti-ght hvg
” Oh my God!!! You survived!!! ” he shouted
” I guess I survived because of you ” She said
” What ?? How ??”
” Because,,,, you were in my head and I couldn’t die,,I have to confess my heart first and then I found myself awake in the hospital after many months,, without anyb©dy knowing. I got to Korea just last month,, and Harry,, am going to tell you this,,, I love you too and I hope it’s not too late for me ” She said sniffing in her tears
” Its not late Olivia,, I’ve waited ,,I really waited like I knew,,this is my happiest day ” Harry hvgged her again.
He couldn’t wait to tell Ronnie about it.
” Oh baby,,,you’re so cute ” Preet said as she brushed the not really long hair of Quinn who smiled out her toothless grin
” You look more cute when you smile,, smile again ” Preet said
Quinn responded in her baby voice which Preet doesn’t seem to un-derstand but k!$$£d her cheek anyway.
Ronnie also walked in with Finn in his arm,, the boy look so handsome but the p@rt which catch people’s attention mostly is the amazing eyeba-lls,,
❤ Is that some magic or what??
❤ Those eyes are beautiful
And even though the baby Finn knows nothing,, his pictures are all over the internet and was alre-ady the most beautiful baby with an amazing eyeba-lls,, at his young age.
Many people believe he’s going to be the Ladies guy just like his father. And to Quinn,,,those sharp eyes of her mom,,
” Is he asleep??” Preet asked Ronnie
” No,,he love starring at me ” Ronnie replied and dropped Finn in the baby Carrier
” Of course he would,,” Preet replied and also dropped Quinn beside Finn.
The two babies lie on their backs starring back at their parents who was now leaning on the baby Carrier.
” They are the most amazing things in the world ” Ronnie said with a wi-de smile
” Yeah,,,I want to spend the rest of my life watching them grow” Preet said
” We are going to do that together,,, ” Ronnie said and pu-ll-ed her into a warm hvg
” I heard Wyatt just proposed to Jennie ” Preet smiled
” Yeah,,they will make such great couples ” Ronnie replied
” I now believe everything happens for a reason ” Preet said
” Yeah,,if she didn’t break my heart then, I won’t have met you ” He said
” No,,we are going to meet,,,because it’s our destiny to be together and it will always find every way to come true” Preet smiled
Ronnie pu-ll-ed her closer and t©uçhed her cheek
” I love you so much ” He said sweetly
” And I love you more”
” I promise to be the best father and best husband ” He said
” And I will be the best mother and wife,,,, ” She replied and theirl-ips crushed on each other
They finally pu-ll-ed away and continue starring at each other’s face
” Gosh,,why can’t I get enough of you??” they both said at the same time which resulted in them laughing out while their little angels also smiled seeing their parents happy.

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