Melted heart season two episode 21 & 22

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 21/22
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Season 2_Episode 21
Preet opened her eyes as the morning sun shone directly on her face,she gro-an ed and sat down uprightly on the be-d,she discovered that Ronnie was no more in. And she was still nak*d ,,she sighed when she remembered last night, she still couldn’t believe she told him to be ha-rd on her,,what was she thinking?? But it’s cute anyway.
She managed to stand up and walked into the bathroom,,, she took her bath and after putting on a light dress,she went out of the room straight to Molly.
A maid was helping her get dress alre-ady,,
” Morning mam ” The maid greeted immediately she saw Preet
” You can leave,I will do the rest ” Preet replied
The maid bowed and walked out,,,
” Hey baby ” Preet smiled and pe-ck her cheek
” What do you say in the morning?? ” she asked with a frown
” Good morning ” Molly replied and hvgged her
” Don’t forget that ” Preet said and she nodded
She helped her with the dress and also her hair,,
” You’re hungry right ??” Preet asked
” Yes,am starving ” Molly pouted
” Guess we are the same,high five ” Preet said and they both High five before walking out of the room with smiles pla-ying on their faces
They went downstairs chatting and laughing at the same time,,even the maids wonder what an adult and a kid can be saying so ha-rd ly,, they looks so cute together.
” Morning mam ” The maids greeted
” Morning all ” She replied and helped Molly sit
They started eating,,
” Molly??” Preet called
” Huh??”
” Do you want to go out with me ?? It’s boring here right ??” She asked
” Yes!!!!!” Molly shouted
” Okay,,we are going to see my mom ,,you love that right ??”
” Of course ”
” Good,,now finish up your food ” She said and patted her head
” Why is she not picking up?? I really want to see her ” Akeelah pouted as she sat on the king sized be-d
Michael entered and shook his head
” You should calm down,,she will call back when she sees the call,,” He said
” am so sad,,I missed her so much ” She said
” Come on,,let’s go eat something ” Michael said pu-lling her up
She pu-ll-ed him to herself instead,, their faces close to each other that they could feel each other’s breath,,
He didn’t waste time before capturing herl-ips in hers
He pu-ll-ed away and scoffed,,
” Let’s go ” He said and stood up
” What ,,,,Korean? American? Chinese ?” She asked
” Phili-ppian ” Michael replied
” What?? I don’t eat that,,, ”
” Then you should go and cook American food ” Michael snapped
” I will ,,” She replied and stood up
” It’s Chinese ” Michael sm-irked
” I don’t care anyway,,am starving ” She laughed and they both went out
” Hey Akeelah,, morning ” Ryan said waving his gloved hands
” Did you cook all these?? ” She asked
” Yeah,,enjoy ” He replied with a sm-irk
” That is hell lie,he can’t cook ” Michael said
” But,,,the kitchen gloves ” Akeelah said looking confused
” Don’t get confused,, he’s pla-ying pranks again ” Michael said and Akeelah laughed
Ryan re-moved the gloves and sat down,,Just then Wyatt c@m£ downstairs,,
” Oopa!!! ” Akeelah shouted and Michael scoffed
” Why shouting his name when am here ??” He said
” Don’t be jealous, she’s yours anyway ” Wyatt replied
” Hi ” He said to Akeelah with a smile
” You’re not eating?? ” Ryan asked
” No,I nee-d to go somewhere ” He replied
” Where ??” Michael asked
” Am going to see Jennie ” He said and they nodded
” Jennie Unnie??? Oh my God,,, will she come here?? I really want to meet her,,plea-se bring her here ” Akeelah said happily
” No,,,,she’s not going to come here ” Wyatt replied
” But,,why?? ” She asked sadly
” Akeelah,, you should eat. You said you’re starving ” Michael said giving her a spoon
” Yeah,,same here ” Ryan also gr-ab the cutlery and began eating.
Michael faced Wyatt and then back to his food,,Wyatt smiled and went out of the mansion
” Why can’t she come here??” Akeelah asked
She have always wanted to see Jennie in physical, she always watch her on TV and now it’s an opportunity to meet her,but why are they acting strangely??
” You talk too much ” Michael said and put the chicken into her mouth
Ryan bur-st into laughter,,
” That’s funny ” He said pointing at Akeelah’s mouth with the chicken in her mouth
She frowned and took the chicken out of her mouth,
” Ryan Oopa,that’s not funny,,” She pouted
” I was just asking a question,, I think she’s Wyatt’s girlfriend, so why can’t she come here ??”
” Akeelah just eat up!!” Michael half yelled
” It’s okay,,don’t shout on her. ” Ryan said
” Fine ,,I won’t ask again. But can you just take me to Preet after this?? ” She murmured and continue eating
” Hey,,,am sorry okay?? I didn’t mean to shout at you,,I was just,,,,,,,,” Michael tried to explain
” It’s fine,can we go now??” She said looking away
” I am sorry,, just look at me ”
” Am not angry okay?? Let’s go ” She replied
” Okay,,” Michael said and started the car
In few minutes they were in front of Ronnie’s house,,Akeelah got down from the car walking toward the gate
” Akeelah wait,” Michael said running after her
” I am really not angry,,,I mean it ” She said and hvgged him
” Am sorry,,,, just that,,,, I don’t like her ” He said
” You don’t like her?? She’s Wyatt’s girlfriend,,, do you want him to hate me too ?? Why ??” She asked looking concerned
” It’s a long story babe,,,non of us like her,,that’s the truth ”
” I am confused,,,it’s fine. But are you not going to come in?? This is Ronnie’s house right??” She asked
” He’s not home,,, I can only say hello to Preet. ” He smiled
” Okay”
The gate opened by itself since it recognized Michael,,
” Wow,,,it open alone?? ”
” If I am not here with you,,it’s gonna alert the guards that you’re an intruder ” Michael replied and she chuckled
” Okay,,I guess it’s cool the way you are here ” She said and pat his hair
” Sir,,,” The guards bowed
” Hi ” Michael greeted holding Akeelah’s hand as they walked in
” Wow,,,this place is really hvge. Is it a palace?? ” she asked
” do you want to live in a palace?? ” Michael asked
” Yea,,,maybe someday ” She smiled
” Soon ” Michael said
” Really??”
” Yeah ”
He opened the front door and Molly was the one close to the door,,she immediately recognized Michael
” Oopa!!!” She shouted and hvgged him
” You’re going somewhere?? ” Michael asked looking at her dress
” Yeah,,,” She smiled
” Who is she ??” Akeelah asked
” Ronnie’s sister ”
” Wow,,you’re so cute ” Akeelah said tou-ching her cheek
” Thank you ” Molly replied shyly
” Baby,,,did I hear you shouting Oopa?? Is Ronnie back??” The voice c@m£ from upstairs
” It’s Michael Oopa!!” Molly shouted back
” Michael?? Ooh,,am coming right away ”
” She will be surprised ” Michael whispered to Akeelah
” I can’t wait ,,I will hide behind the door ” She whispered back and gave Molly the sign to keep quiet
She nodded.
” Pretend like you don’t know me ” She whispered to Michael who seem to be confused but still nodded
Akeelah went back outside,she knew what she’s up to
Soon Preet c@m£ downstairs looking beautiful as usual,,
” Hey ” Michael smiled and give her a light hvg
” Wow,,it’s really nice seeing you,, what are you doing here?? Ronnie is not home ” She said
” So,,I can’t come for you ??” Michael asked
” Of course you can,,just surprised ” She smiled
” Anyb©dy home??” Akeelah said
” Who is there ” Preet asked
” Someone you love ” She replied
” Really?? Come in ”
Akeelah c@m£ in grinning ha-rd ,,she g@sped
” Akeelah,, is that you??” Preet asked immediately
” Yes of course girlfriend ”
They both hvgged each other ti-ghtly,,
” I missed you so much best friend ” Akeelah said
” I miss you more ,,, I can’t believe this,,,where ,,,how ,,I Mean,, why did you come here ??” Preet asked
” Well,,,I c@m£ because of someone I always tell you about ” Akeelah smiled
Preet immediately un-derstood,, she turned to Michael who was sitting down looking uninterested
” Akeelah guess what ” She said
” What ??”
” Your crush is here ” She said
” Where??” Akeelah asked
” Michael,,,meet my friend. Akeelah,,, she’s a really big fan of yours and ,,,she’s crushing on you ” She whispered to Michael
” Really ?? Crushing on me ?? How did you know that?? ” Michael asked also pla-ying along
” Well,,,back in America, she always stare at your picture, k!ssthem,,and do some stupid things whenever she sees you on TV ” She explained
” Wow really?? That’s unbelievable,, it’s so nice to meet you miss ” Michael said bringing out his hand for a shake
Akeelah immediately hvgged him and they both laughed out,,,Preet bec@m£ confused
” What’s happening?? ” she asked
” Well,,we c@m£ together and,,he’s my b©yfri£nd” Akeelah said and pe-ck Michael’sl-ips
” I don’t gr-ab,,, he’s your b©yfri£nd?? How?? When?? ” She asked
Akeelah told her everything that happened back in America and she g@sped
” Am happy for you,,that’s what you’ve always wished for ” She smiled
” I told you right?? ” Akeelah said to Michael
” But am mad at you,,,you didn’t tell me anything,, gosh!!!! ” Preet said
” Am sorry Bess,,,am really sorry. It happened so fast,,am sorry ” She hvgged her
” Am so happy to see you again Akeelah,,,, ” Preet said
” You’re going somewhere?? ”
” Yeah,,am going to see mom ” She replied
” Am coming with you Bess ,,”
” I guess am not nee-ded anymore,, am leaving. You both should be careful,,, ” Michael said and pe-cked Akeelah’s cheek before going out
” Thank you oopa” Preet shouted and hvgged Akeelah again
” Baby,,you are cute ” Akeelah carried Molly and they all went out .
The guards immediately opened the car for them,, they got in and in a minute, they were out of the Mansion chatting and laughing.
Season 2_Episode 22 ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Olivia pu-ll-ed Harry away from herself after the k!sswhich lasted for about a minute,,
” What do you think you’re doing??? Do you want to die?!!” She yelled
Harry scoffed,
” Olivia,,tell me,,you also have feelings for me. You don’t have to hide it,,tell me. I love you so much ” Harry said holding her face in his hand
” Let go of me ” She said and threw his hands off
” I said I love you,,you also feel the same why do you keep on pretending??? This is your last chance Olivia,tell me now ”
” And If I don’t?? ” she asked
” Then am going to st©p bothering you ,,I promise. ” He replied
” I don’t love you,do you get that??? !!” She yelled and walked away
” You will soon come back,,I know that ” Harry said and took his phone out
He called someone,
📞 Boss!!
The voice shouted from the other side
📞 Get the car re-ady and come here,,am leaving. And also,,,book a flight for me,,pri-vate one,,am going back to korea tomorrow morning ,really early
📞 Okay sir
He hanged up and went into Olivia’s room,,
” What the hell do you want???”
” Am here to tell you that,,, you can go back to Korea now. But ,,I won’t be there with you anymore,,,am going back home. I won’t bother you anymore,you won’t see my face anyone. Bye ” He said and walked out
Olivia felt a p@rt of her leave,,,what is he talking about?? She’s not going to see him again??
‘ I thought that’s what you want’ her mind told her
But right now,her heart is saying something else,, she want him to stay so badly ,,but she can’t possibly go and tell him that. Her pride won’t let her do that,, never. She la-id on the be-d silently for about half an hour until she heard cars coming into the compound,,, she immediately stood up and walked to the window,
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She saw two men or maybe guys coming in,,she didn’t move. Soon,,the guys c@m£ out again but this time with Harry,they opened the car for him and he entered, they also entered and drove out of the mansion.
He’s really gone ????
A knock c@m£ on her door,,
” What!!” She yelled
” Mam,,,should we start preparing for our flight back to korea?? It’s all settled now ” The guard said
” yes ” She said silently and the guards got out ,that was when she discovered that she’s in tears
Why is she tearing up?? She immediately wipe it off and la-id back on the be-d but she couldn’t take her mind off him,,why?? She wondered and soon fell asleep.
” Wow,,I really had fun today,,,wow!!” Akeelah shouted as they got back home
” Yeah me too,,I really missed you so much ” Preet said
” Well,,am here now. We will always stay together ” She smiled
Molly was alre-ady slee-ping so one of the maids took her upstairs
” Ronnie won’t be coming home ??” Akeelah asked
” I don’t know,,, and he didn’t call. I am going to call him right now ” Preet said and brou-ght out her phone
📞 Honey,where are you??
📞 I will be home soon
📞 Okay,,,I missed you so much. Love you
She said and k!$$£d the phone
” Awwn,,that’s cute ” Akeelah laughed
” Shut up Akeelah ” She snapped
” Michael will be here soon,,,I will come see you tomorrow ” Akeelah said
” Okay,,I won’t be bored anymore ” Preet replied
They suddenly heard cars coming in,,
” I guess they are here ” Akeelah said
” Yeah,,,let’s go ”
They both walked out of the house and in front of them is Ronnie and Michael chatting but st©pped when they saw Akeelah and Preet.
” Ronnie!!! ” Akeelah shouted and hvgged him
Ronnie smiled and also hvgged her back,,but he was surprised that she was with Preet.
” You guys know each other?? ” Ronnie and Preet asked at the same time
” I should be asking you that ” they both said again
” Okay,,she’s my friend. She’s the one I’ve always told you about ” Preet said
” I know her,,she’s Michael’s girlfriend ” Ronnie replied
” Now I know am the only on who doesn’t know,, Akeelah get out of here,let’s not meet again ” Preet pouted and she laughed
” Am sorry ” Akeelah hvgged her
” Goodnight Bro,,” Michael said and tap Ronnie’s shoulder before leaving with Akeelah
” Bye Preet ” Michael said loudly
” Bye ” She replied
” I missed you,,, where were you all day?? ” She asked Ronnie
” Our concert is coming up in the next two days,, remember?? ” he said
” Wow,,that’s true. I can’t wait to see you on stage again!!! But,,,you must be really tired ,,,” she said patting his back
” You don’t have to worry about me,,,how are you doing?? Where’s Molly?? ” he asked
” She’s asleep ,,let’s go in ”
” I nee-d to go back home now,,it’s late ” Wyatt said to Jennie
” No,,,let’s just stay here like this ” She pouted and hvgged him more to ti-ghtly
” Jennie,,,I nee-d to leave. I don’t think we will see each other again this week,,,we have a lot to do. ” Wyatt said
” Fine ” she murmured
Wyatt pe-cked herl-ips and stood up,,,
” Am going to see Ronnie tomorrow ” Jennie suddenly said
” What?? ”
” I nee-d to talk to him Wyatt,,,,I want to apologize to him,,,I don’t want him to reduce the love he have for you just because of me ” Jennie said
” You think he’s going to see you?? You should know better ”
” Then I will text him,,am really sorry for everything I made you go throu-gh it’s all my fault ” She said
” It’s not your fault,,I fell in love with you,nob©dy f0rç£d me,,it just happened. So how is that your fault ??”
” I love you too,,,I really do ” She replied and hvgged him
” I promise not to let you down,,,really ” She added which made Wyatt smile softly
…………………Next Morning
Preet sighed as she woke up and noticed that he’s gone,,again. Now a days,she ha-rd ly spend time with him,,they only see each other at night and sometimes he won’t even come home.
She got up and walked into the bathroom,,,, After she’s done , she put on a short and t©p.
She walked into Molly’s room,,,
” Good morning ” Molly said and hvgged her
” Morning baby” Preet replied and k!$$£d her cheeks
They both went downstairs to eat breakfast,,
” Enjoy your meal mam ” The maids said and gave her the cutlery
She gave Molly a bite from her fork ,,,,
” Eat up ” She said and pe-cked her cheek
” She’s treating the kid like she’s her mother, so cute ” The maids whispered among themselves
Preet took a bite and chewed slowly,, she suddenly feel like pouring out everything she swallowed
She immediately stood up and rushed into one of the bathrooms ,,,,she pored everything out
She felt weak all over,, she washed her mouth and splash water all over her face
” mam are you okay?? Is it the food?? plea-se don’t sack me,,I will prepare something better” The maid who cooked the food started pleading
“,Am fine,,it’s not the food. Just some reactions ,,” She replied
” Are you okay?? You look sick ” Molly asked looking concerned
” am fine,,just eat up before it gets cold ” Preet replied with a smile
” You won’t eat ??” Molly asked
” No, am fine ” She replied
” I want to take a nap,,I will be fine when am awake” She said taking the stairs
” I will come with you !! ” Molly left her food and ran toward her
” But,,your food ”
” Can you give me some snacks instead?? And milk?? Bring it upstairs ” Molly told the maids
” Okay mam ” The maids replied
” I will take care of you ” Molly said and hold Preet’s hand
Preet laughed inwardly, take care of her??
“fu-ck ,,,am so tired ” Ryan said stretching
” I can’t believe you’ve completed two songs,,, we are the best ” Michael said
” I nee-d to leave ” Ronnie said
” What?? Can’t you just stay here for today?? ” Ryan said
” And besides,,, it’s late,,just sleep over ” Romeo added
Ronnie sighed,,he really missed Preet too much that it’s hurting him. He want to be close to her right now,,with his arms around her.
” Okay,,am going to tell Preet I won’t come home ” He said and walked out
The phone rang but she’s not picking up,, what’s wrong??? Or maybe she’s asleep alre-ady?? After Calling for like four times without answer,he gave up. She’s alre-ady asleep,,,,
He went back inside,,
” You’ve called her??” Romeo asked
” I guess she’s asleep ” He replied
“fu-ck,,” Preet muttered
She felt really sick that she can’t un-derstand what’s happening to her,,, right now all she want is Ronnie,but he’s not here.
She rushed out of be-d and entered the bathroom pouring out again,,,,
” What’s wrong with me?” She asked herself after washing her face
Her head was pounding so ha-rd that she was beginning to tear up ,,,,
She even poured water on her hair but it only wors£n because she got cold,,
” I should just call Ronnie ” She said and walked out of the bathroom.
Just like that she fell and lost her consciousness,,