Melted heart season two episode 15 & 16

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 15/16
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Season 2_ Episode 15 ♥️♥️♥️♥️
❮ America ❯
Olivia watch the shining stars as she sat down beside the pool with her legs inside the water pla-ying softly with the cold water,, she breath out. She still can’t believe she’s stuck in America,she called her father about two days ago maybe he could do something about it. Even her father want her to stay in America,,
“fu-ck!!!!” She shouted splashing the water all over with her legs
” Is something wrong?? ” A voice asked behind her
She looked back and it’s the person she doesn’t even wanna see.
He’s been doing some things to her that she doesn’t seem to un-derstand. Whenever he’s close,her hearts always pick a race .
” What are you doing here??” She asked
Harry ignored her and sat down beside her
” I never said I want you to sit beside me ” Olivia snapped
” I don’t nee-d your permission ” He replied
” What??”
” I said I don’t nee-d your permission, do I??” He faced her and her heart skipped a beat
Why does he have so much effect on her,,
Her eyes went down to his pinkl-ips and she immediately looked away before he caught her starring.
” Leave ” She said
” Are you okay??? I heard you screaming ” Harry said calmly
” I just told you to leave! ” She half yelled
” Do you hate me that much??”
” What??” She faced him when she heard that
” Do you hate me so much,,,that,,, you don’t want me beside you???? ” Harry asked starring straight into her eyes
” Or,,maybe,, because am poor???” He asked
Olivia couldn’t talk,,she just keep on starring at hisl-ips as he talk,,,her mind keep on telling her useless thought. She didn’t see him as the person he is,,, definitely an ordinary guard can’t have so much effect on her.
” Are you even listening?? ” his voice made her come back to reality
” I don’t hate you ” She find herself saying the word and she almost regret it
” Then why do you keep on pushing me away??” He asked
” Harry,,,,can you st©p the question??? ” She said and stood up
Harry also stood up and hold her hand
” Let go of me ” She said calmly
” Tell me ”
” I don’t have anything to say,,just,,stay away from me. Do you un-derstand??!! ” she yelled and pu-ll-ed her hand from him before walking in.
Harry sighed and stood there watching her until she’s out of view,,
❮ Korea : Seoul ❯……6:30pm
” Guys ,I will be back. I nee-d some fresh air ” Jennie said putting on a face cap
” Am coming with you ” Mia said
” No,,I don’t want any disturbance ” She replied and walked out of the mansion
She decided not to take her car,,it’s just to take some fresh air right???
Her two hands tucked into her trou-ser as she walk,,,she keep on walking and watching different people.
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She smiled when she saw two high school students laughing together as they walk,,a male and a female.
” Love is everything ” she suddenly said and breath out.
She bu-mped into someone and almost fell but the person gr-ab her hand preventing her from falling,,
” oh,,am really sorry ” she bowed
” It’s fine ” The voice replied
Wait,,the voice sounds familiar. She looked up ,,,the person was using a face mask but she still recognized him
” Wyaat ” She called as he turn to leave
He turned back to her feeling surprised that she called his name even though he was using a mask.
” It’s you ” Jennie smiled
” Who are you?” he asked
Jennie smiled again before removing her face cap which only revealed her nose andl-ips
” Jennie??”
” Yeah ” She replied
” What are you doing here??” He asked
She immediately put back the cap on her head before she attra-ct any b©dy
” What do you mean??” She asked
” It’s late ” Wyaat said
” It’s just 7:00 ,,,not really late. I only c@m£ to ,,,,get some natural air ” She said with a smile
” Oh,,,,okay,,,bye,,,,” Wyaat said and turned to leave
” Wyaat wait ” she immediately called
” Huh??”
” Uhmm,,,I’ve always wanted to say ,thank you. ” She said nervously
” For what??” He asked even though he knew what she meant
” For everything ” She replied and they ended up starring at each other for a long time,,,
They seem lost in each other eyes,,
They were suddenly interrupted by the heavy rain fall,,,
” Oh my God ” Jennie said
” Come with me ” Wyaat immediately gr-ab her hand and started running until they got to where there’s shield
The rain keep on falling heavily like it’s not going to st©p
” I don’t think it’s st©pping anytime soon ,what do we do??” Jennie asked
Wyaat only kept quiet,,Jennie felt embarras-sed with his silence. She sighed and keep on starring at the rain,,she was alre-ady cold. She wra-pped her hands around herself.
Wyaat watched as she wra-pped her arms together,, she was freezing. He immediately pu-ll-ed off his hood and put it around her. Jennie faced him with a surprise face,
” You will nee-d it ” She said
” You nee-d it more ,,just put it on ” Wyaat replied
She smiled and put it on,,it smelled like him which made her love it more.
They stayed in silence for some minutes before Wyaat broke the silence,,,
” Can you run??” He asked
” What??” Jennie faced him looking confused
” I guess you can’t ” He sighed
Jennie immediately hide her flushing face ,,,
” Climb on ” Wyaat said and showing her his back
” What??? I can’t do that,, I have so much weight ” Jennie said shaking her head
” Climb on,,I can’t stay here for ever,,they are probably waiting ” Wyaat said
Jennie gave up and climb on his back,,,,he carried her and they entered the rain which was still raining cat and dog .
” Hey ,,are you okay??” Jennie asked
” Am fine,,thought you said you have weight ” Wyaat replied
” Oh,,” Jennie said with a light smile
Soon they got to where Wyaat’s car is,,he dropped her
” Get in ” He said and opened for her
He also entered and drove off,,,
” We are here ” Wyaat spoke out as he st©pped the car in front of the GOLD’s mansion
He got no reply and he turned to face her,,,she was alre-ady asleep. He keep on starring at her,,,he couldn’t take his eyes off and he wonder why.
He moved his hand to her face and re-moved the hair strand from her face,,,,
He sighed and got down from the car,,,he opened the side where Jennie was sitting. He carried her in his arm and headed into the mansion,,
The girls looked shocked when they saw him with Jennie in his hands,,,
” What happened to her ??” Elena asked running toward him
” I guess she’s got cold,,she fell asleep ” He replied
” Oh my God,, thank you ” Mia said
Wyaat nodded and took the stairs,
Elena faced the girls looking confused,,
” He,,,knows where her room is??” She asked look confused and shocked at the same time
” Yes ” Mia replied
” How???” Elena asked
” Long story ” Ava answered
Wyaat dropped her on the be-d,,,he took off the we-t hood and covered her with the duvet
He stood up and turned to leave,,,he opened the door but suddenly st©pped. He closed the door and moved back to her,,,his eyes went to herl-ips,,his face moved closer to her and he was about k!ss!ngher when she opened her eyes,,,he didn’t move back.
Jennie looked shocked but she immediately closed back her eyes,,Wyaat moved to k!ssher again but his phone rang interrupting .
He brou-ght out his phone from his trou-ser,,Ryan was the one calling
📞 Hey,,,where are you?? Everyone’s worried
📞 Am on my way
He replied and hanged up,,,,
He looked at Jennie who was starring back at him,,
” Bye ” He said shortly and went out of the room.
Jennie threw the pillow away angrily,,, she badly want him to k!ssher.
The door bur-st open and her friends c@m£ in,,,
” What happened??? ” Mia asked
” Nothing happened ” she snapped and walked into the bathroom.
Season 2_Episode 16 ♥️♥️♥️♥️
❮ Note:::: From this episode,,Rose won’t be referred as Rose again. She will be called Preet from now,,so don’t get confused . happy re-ading😍😍😍 ❯
” Hey,,don’t feel nervous okay??” Ronnie held Preet’s hand as they entered the car.
” I can’t help it ” Preet replied with a light smile
” Am here,,” He said and k!$$£d her hair
She nodded and closed her eyes resting her head on Ronnie’s shoulder
Minutes Later
They both got down from the car,,Ronnie hold her hand ti-ghtly to calm her down.
” You’re welcome sir ” The guard greeted
” Thanks ” Ronnie replied shortly before they finally entered.
They met the maids doing some things,,
” Hello sir ” They all bowed
” Ooma??” Ronnie asked
” She’s,,,,”
” Son !” Her voice interrupted the maid who was about to reply Ronnie
They all left immediately.
” Hello mom,,how’re you doing?? ” Ronnie asked and hvgged her
” Am good,,,,and ,,she’s?? ” she faced Preet
” I will just,,excuse you” Ronnie said and walked out
” Mom,,” Preet called bur-sting into tears,,she hvgged her so ti-ghtly that her mom was speechless
They were like that for almost ten minutes until she broke the silence,,,
” Preet????” She suddenly said and unlock from the hvg
Preet nodded immediately,,,
” you’re the one????? How,,how come???? ” She asked with her eyes filled with tears alre-ady
” Mom,,,I survived,,,, but,,,my face,, was changed ” She cried out
” Oh my,,,,my daughter ” She hvgged her again
” I was scared, ” Preet said.
” Why??”
” I thought you won’t know me,,I thought you will push me away,,I was really scared ”
” I will always recognize my daughter ” Her mom replied and k!$$£d her hair
” How did you meet Ronnie???”
” America mom,,,, I lost my memories. But I got it back ” She explained
” You must have pas-sed throu-gh a lot,,am so sorry baby ”
” No mom,,,Mrs Taylor really took care of me,,,she made me rich,, she’s really someone I can’t forget ” Preet said
” What have I missed ???” Ronnie asked walking in
Preet immediately run to hvg him,,,,
” I told you right ??” Ronnie said and hvgged her ti-ghtly
” I can’t believe this,,, I finally have my daughter back,,” Her mom said as tears rolled down her eyes
” It’s okay mom,,she’s here now ” Ronnie smiled
” Thank you so much Ronnie,,how can I thank you enough ???? ”
” Am your son right,, do you nee-d to thank me??” He smiled.
” I really missed you so much ,,,,” Elena pouted as she hold Ryan like she’s not letting him go
” I also missed you ” Ryan replied with a smile
” Are you sure ?? Your face looks like you don’t ” Elena said
” Come on,,this is how my face looks like ” Ryan laughed
” Why didn’t I notice ” She said
” Elena,,” Ryan called and made her face him
” What is it??”
” You don’t have to doubt me,,,I really missed you so much. And am happy that am holding you right now,,,don’t ever doubt my love ,,okay??” He said tucking her hair behind her ear
” Am just,,scared ” She said truthfully
” Scared?? Of what??” Ryan asked looking surprised
” Am scared of you leaving me some day,,,Ryan,,I won’t be able to take that ” She said sadly
” Elena,that’s never going to happen. Trust me,,,I love you so much ”
” I love you more,,plea-se, don’t ever leave me ” she said and hvgged him
” I won’t,,” He replied and unlock from the hvg
” You’re so beautiful,, you know that right??” He asked with his flir-ting voice
” No,,,tell me more ” She sm-irked
” Let me show you ”
” How??? ” Elena asked
” Close your eyes ”
He smiled when she closed her eyes, he pu-ll-ed her closer and crushed hisl-ips on hers. She respond to the k!ssimmediately,
Their ton-gue fighting for entrance as they held each other ti-ghtly,,, after a while, they unlocked from the k!ssand smiled at each other.
Night 🌇
” Hey Molly,, Come on,let’s go and have dinner ” Preet said happily as she entered Molly’s room
” No,,am not hungry ” Molly pouted
” Why??”
” You left me in this mansion since early in the morning,, you’re just coming back. Am not eating anything,, just leave ” She said and la-id on the be-d backing her
” Honey,am sorry ” Preet said
” No,,” Molly replied
” Okay,,what do you want ???” She asked
” You will do what I want??” Molly asked and immediately sat up
Ronnie entered also after waiting for Preet for some minutes,,
” She’s mad??” Ronnie asked and Preet nodded
” So,,what do you want??” Preet asked
” I want to go out too,,,and have fun,,,can you do that??? ” She pouted
Preet faced Ronnie and he nodded,,
” Okay Molly,,let’s spend tomorrow together ” Preet said and she immediately smiled
” Really?!!”
” Yeah”
” And Oopa too right??” Molly asked Ronnie and he nodded
” Yeah!!!! Let’s go eat!!!” She shouted and ran out of the room
Preet smiled and turned to leave,Ronnie gr-ab her hand and she faced him again. Ronnie hold her cheek and moved his face closer to k!ssher,,,
” What if she comes in ??” She asked raising her brow
Ronnie sighed and left her,,he hold her hand and they both went out of the room.
They sat down and waited for the maids to serve each of them,, after they are done,they all started eating.
” Do you want help with your food ??” Preet asked Molly
” Yes ” She replied shyly
” Come here ” Preet said
She moved to her side and she started feeding her
” Don’t you think you will make an amazing mom??” Ronnie whispered to Preet
” I know ” She replied with a wi-nk
Ronnie pe-cked her cheek
” What the hell is he starring at ??” Micheal whispered to Ryan pointing at Wyaat whose focus was on his phone
” Let’s take the phone from him ” Ryan whispered back and they both nod their heads at the same time.
They moved closer to Wyaat who didn’t notice them,,
Micheal immediately hijacked the phone from him and they ran upstairs,,,,
They entered Ryan’s room and locked the door ,,,,they sat down on the couch and opened the phone since they know the code.
They both g@sped at the same time when they saw the picture he was looking at,,
” Jennie????” They asked each other at the same time.
” Don’t tell me,,it’s what am thinking ” Ryan said
” I hope not,, ” Michael replied
” Guys,,open this door ” Wyaat’s voice could be heard knocking the door
” Go and open the door ” Ryan told Michael.
He nodded and opened the door for Wyaat,
” Give me my phone back ” Wyaat said
Ryan handed the phone to him calmly,,,, he took the phone and turned to leave
” You don’t,, like her do you??? ” Ryan asked and he st©pped
” I never said I liked her ” Wyaat replied
” You can’t d@t£ her Wyaat ” Michael said
Why can’t he d@t£ Jennie na 😩😩