Melted heart season two episode 13 & 14

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 13/14
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[ Season Two ]
♡ Episode 13 ♡
She knew who he is,but she’s not really sure. And then the idea stuck into her,,it’s Romeo,Ronnie’s twin brother. Even though he have never seen them together unless all the band are pres£nt,,but he’s the one right beside her right now.
She swallowed ha-rd ly trying not to drool,but she could not even control her eyes anymore.
” Hi ” She finally gro-an ed out
” Thought we are in a starring competition ” Romeo sm-irked
They are both arrogant,, but it look cute anyway.
” But I won right??” She asked
” No,,,you gave up first ” He replied and looked away
She chuckled when he said that, he was really in a competition with her??
That’s funny enough,,
” You also like watching the water ??” She found herself asking more questions
” This is my first time here,,, ” He confessed
” Oh,,,” She blurted finding no more word from her ton-gue.
” So,,you always come here? ” Romeo asked still starring at the water
” yeah,,actually, I believe Mermaids are real and I really want to see them one day ” Kim said and Romeo couldn’t help but to chuckle
The lady beside him is crazy,,mermaids??
” They are not real,,I only see them in movies and re-ad about them in books,but I don’t think they are real ” Romeo said
” But what if they are real?? What will you do??” Kim asked and Romeo turned his face to her
” Are you a mermaid??” He asked
” what?? How can I be a mermaid??? Am a human ” she said
But Romeo expression scared her a lot,,,he immediately gr-ab her hand r0ûghly
” Tell me now!!! Are you a mermaid?!!!” He yelled angrily
” I swear,,am not a mermaid. plea-se believe me,,,am human ” she bur-sted into tears
As if that’s not enough,Romeo left her hand and started laughing
” What’s funny??” Kim managed to ask even though her eyes is still blurring from the tears
” You’re so fragile,,I was only pu-lling your legs and you end up crying??can’t st©p laughing. You’re funny ” Romeo said laughing more
” I was really scared,,I thought you were going to throw me into the water ” Kim said and wipe her tears
” even if you’re a mermaid,,I won’t do that. ” Romeo replied
” Am human ,,okay?? I only like them,,they are always beautiful with those tails ” Kim said and breath out
” Humans can be prettier than mermaids ” Romeo said
” I don’t think so,,have you seen any human who looks prettier than a real mermaid???” Kim asked
Romeo’s mind immediately went to Preet,,,not Rose,,but Preet’s face. The first time he met her,,,even though she was not dressing elegantly,, she was just simple yet she looks so beautiful without trying. And when she bec@m£ Rose again,,he had the thought in his mind that, she was really born to be beautiful. Even though he have been trying his best not to stare at her ,,,,he could not afford to loose his brother again.
” You have??” Kim asked again after waiting for some minutes without his reply
” Yeah,,,, ” Romeo finally answered
” Wow,,,who??” She asked.
” St©p asking me questions Kim,, I c@m£ here to clear my head ” Romeo said
She pouted and kept quiet
But it only lasted for few minutes,,
” Let’s go somewhere else,,I suddenly feel bored ” She said
” I can’t remember us coming here together, you can leave ” Romeo said
” let’s go together,,, you want to clear your head right?? Then come with me ” She said
Romeo faced her and Sighed
She’s surely a talkative,,,
” Okay,,but if it’s not fun,get re-ady to be punished ” he said
” Trust me ” She win-ked
” We just met today,,st©p behaving like you know me ” He said and walked out leaving her behind
She scoffed and ran after him
” Ronnie and I are friends,,, so I just think we should be friends too,,you guys look alike ” She said and he faced her
” We don’t look alike,,where’s your eyes ??”
” Oh,,not again,,,okay,,let’s just leave. ” She said walking beside him silently
They are both the same,,,,arrogant, but Ronnie is worst
She will never forget how he told her to her face that she’s not his type,,,she felt embarras-sed. But when she discovered that he have a girlfriend, she decided to just give up. Not like she doesn’t like him again. Who wouldn’t???
Ronnie pe-cked Rose’s cheek before going into the car,,he was on his way to the Silver house,,he really missed his mother a lot,not his father though.
His mind drifted to what Preet said,,,what if they don’t like her?? He only hissed inwardly, who cares if they like her??
He love her and nothing is ever going to change that
Few Minutes Later
Ronnie got down and all the guards bowed with their faces looking bright ,they all love Ronnie ,no doubt to that
He smiled and greeted them all before going in,,,
Old Nanny was the one who saw him first,, she hvgged him and patted his back like he was still the baby she nursed.
” Old Nanny,, you look more beautiful ” Ronnie said and she laughed
” Are you ma-king fun of me?? Am getting old ” She replied
” old and beautiful then ” He said
” Thank you Ronnie,, I’ve missed you so much. Are you doing well??” She asked and he un-derstand what she meant
” I will tell you every details,,,but let me see mom first ” He said
” Okay,,waiting ” She turned to leave
He smiled and took the stairs,,
” you’re welcome sir ” The maids she met greeted him with their flushing face and he wonder what’s wrong with them
He finally got to his mom’s suite,,but unfortunately for him, his father was also there.
He really didn’t want to see him,,not like he doesn’t love him but he just don’t want to see him.
” My son ” His mother said moving closer to him before giving him a warm hvg
” Mom,I’ve missed you so much. How are you doing??” He asked
” Am fine son,,,have you been well,,did you eat well,,,did anything happen?? ” she asked tou-ching him as if he’s some kid
” Mom,,am fine,,am really fine ” he said
” Am glad you c@m£ back to your old self,,,I was really sad seeing you that way ” She said and rou-ghed his hair
This is not the best time to tell her about Rose,,he will come back for that.
” Son ” His Fathers voice finally said
” Father ” he said walking closer to him
He bowed his head lightly,,
His father patted his back,,,
” You look more happier than when you were leaving,,whatever it is,am sure America was a good choice ” His father said
” Yes father, it was a good choice. A great one ” He replied with a smile
” I heard you brou-ght an American lady home,,is that true???” His father asked
Gosh,,when will people st©p with rumors??
” she’s a Ko-rean ” He replied
” Why don’t you introduce her to us??we will like to meet her,,”
That was what he will never expect,,
” You want to meet her??” He asked to be sure
” Of course,,bring her some other time and let’s have dinner together. We should know our son’s girlfriend ” His father said
” She’s my fiancee,, not a girlfriend ” he said inwardly but he kept quiet anyway
” Okay ,,,I will do that. She will love to meet you ” He said
” What about Molly??” He asked
” her room,,she have been bringing out different clothes, she said you will be here to take her. She could not sleep last night ,just because she can’t wait to leave ” His mother chuckled
” I don’t know what will happen if Ronnie didn’t show up ” His father said
” I won’t be able to watch that ” His mother said and he smiled
” I will go now,,,” He bowed before walking out
He went straight to her room,,
” no,,that one is more prettier,,I don’t want my brother to get mad at me if I look ugly ” He heard her voice
She was talking to her nanny
He laughed inwardly, what will he do about this girl??
He finally went in,,,she turned and ran to embr@ce him immediately.
” Brother!!!! ” she shouted as he lifted her up like a baby
” I can see you’re getting re-ady ” Ronnie said and k!$$£d her cheek
” Am all done,,can we leave now??” She asked
” of course,,where’s your bag ??” He asked
” That’s it ” she pointed at three big boxes on the floor
” Molly,,, we are not going out of Korea,,how come they are three?? ” he asked
” Hello sir ” The nanny c@m£ out of the inner room
” Thanks for everything,, she’s a spoilt br@t,,I know ” he said
She only smiled and nodded her head
” oopa,,am not stubborn anymore,, am gentle ” Molly said with a smile
” I know ” He replied
” Let’s get going ” He said
The nanny carried two out of the bags while Ronnie carried the last even though she insisted that she can carry all but Ronnie won’t watch her struggle with them.
” Oopa?? You look happy,,your face is no more cold ,why??” Molly asked
” You don’t like it this way??” He asked
” I love it,,I want to see this face everyday. And I want to thank the person who made your face warm again ” She said
” you will soon meet her” he said
” Really??? I will be glad !!” She shouted
She bid her parents goodbye and soon,they were out of the mansion.
Minutes later
” wow,,Oopa’s house is big!!!! ” Molly shouted running in while Ronnie followed and then two guards who carried her bags
How can a little girl have heavy loads like this???
Molly suddenly st©pped when someone started coming down the stairs
She have never seen her before and she wonder who the lady is,,
She moved back to where Ronnie is,,this time Rose alre-ady got to them
” Who is she?? ” Molly asked
Ronni smiled and bend down to see her face well,,,he turned to face Rose who had no expression on her face and then he faced Molly again.
” you asked me earlier that who was behind my warm face right??” Ronnie asked and she nodded
” Well,,,,she’s the one standing right here ” Ronnie said pointing at Rose who was alre-ady in tears
Molly left Ronnie’s side and went to Rose who also knelt in front of her,,She immediately hvgged her ti-ghtly to herself.
” Thank you Miss,,,,,”
” Rose ” Rose said
” Thank You miss Rose,,,,for ma-king my brother happy ” Molly said
” It’s nothing,,,,,,,, and you’re beautiful Molly ” She said arranging her hair with her f!ngers
” Thank you Miss Rose ” She replied and hvgged her again
Ronnie only smiled as he watch the drama and when Rose finally looked up at him,he gave her the face of ” I told you she will love you”
And Rose smiled.
._Episode 14 ♥️♥️♥️♥️
” Do you think this one will look good on me ??” Jennie asked Elena as they both pick different clothes
” Everything looks good on you ” Elena replied
” Thanks,, I will take it then ” Jennie said with a smile
They continue checking out different things in silence until Jennie broke the silence,,
“I don’t know why,,,,but,,,I’m missing Preet ” She said and Elena turned to face her with shock written all over her face
” You,,,said something just now ” Elena said
” you heard me ” Jennie scoffed
” Seriously ?How is that possible?? As long as I can remember,, you’ve always hated her ” Elena said rolling her eyes
” Well,,that was then. And besides, how can I still hate someone who’s dead ??” She said and Sighed
” She’s not dead,,st©p talking like she’s really dead ” Elena blurted out
” What are you saying?? She’s not dead?? We all heard about it,,what it caused and how Ronnie broke down after everything, now you’re saying she’s not dead??? I even heard rumors that Ronnie c@m£ with an American girl,is that true?? I heard she’s more prettier than Preet ” Jennie said curiously
” She’s a Korean,” Elena said
” Really?? Is she Ronnie’s new girlfriend?? ”
” She’s not his new girlfriend,, see,Jennie can we talk about something else??? ” Elena said
” Am just curious ” She pouted
” Let’s go and pay,,and shut up. ” Elena snapped
” We can’t fight here,,I don’t want people to say something bad about our band,,,I will let this slide ” Jennie said walking beside her
Elena only shook her head and chuckled ,,
Molly continue starring at Rose like she wants to remember something but she still kept quiet,,,she just asked for her normal milk and she watched as Rose prepared it for her.
” Little Molly,is there something on my face??” Rose asked and faced her before handing the cu-p to her
Molly was sitting down on the large kitchen table by the center,
” No,,,,” she replied and took the cu-p from her
” Feel free around me okay??’ Rose said and rou-ghed her hair
She only nodded and sip from the milk,,,her expression suddenly changed but still she didn’t talk,,she keep on drinking until the cu-p bec@m£ empty,,,
” You’re done,,I will carry you ” Rose said and lifted her up in her arm
” No,,drop me,,,you won’t be able to carry me ” Molly said
Rose only chuckled and dropped her,,,,
” let’s leave then ” She said and moved forward only to discover that Molly is not following her.
She st©pped and faced her,,
” Molly what’s wrong???” She askesaid You’re,,,,, Preet” Molly said and she wi-den her eyes in amazement
” What???? What did you just say???” She asked
” Tell me the truth,,,,,,it’s you,,,,it’s really you,,,,,but why is your face like this??? ” she asked
” Molly,,,,,,,,,,,you’re right” Rose said
” I knew it,,,,,but,,your face,is my brother aware of this?? ” She asked
Rose blinked out tears and knelt in front of her,,,,
” My face is like this,,,because,,,,, the one you know,,got destroyed ” She said in tears
” ,,,,,you didn’t leave my brother??? Then why did he always cry ?? I asked mom and she told me my brother is like that because you left him. Where did you go??”
” You can’t un-derstand Molly,,,,” Rose said and wipe her tears
” So,,it’s you,,,” Molly said and hvgged her ti-ghtly
Rose only bur-sted into more tears,,if this little one can recognize her as Preet,she suddenly got hope that her mom is going to believe her.
Few Minutes Later
Rose sighed out and went out of Molly’s room ma-king sure she’s not waking up,,she closed the door behind her and backed it from outside,,h0t tears poured down her eyes,,,,nob©dy seems to un-derstand that she’s in pain.
It’s not as easy as everyone think it is,,,,to just face her mom like that,she will freak out. But after what happened between her and Molly some minutes ago, she suddenly grew the courage and hope from no where.
She’s re-ady to meet her mom,,nothing is going to change tomorrow. She will see her mom tomorrow,,,, she wipe her tears and went inside her own room. Ronnie is not home,he went out some hours ago. She always smile whenever she think about him,,,he’s really the most amazing man she will ever meet. Just the best for her,,
She checked the whole room and old memories filled her head like it happened yesterday,,, the first time she c@m£ into this house,,how Ronnie carried her in after she told him that she still have to think about what he said after keeping him waiting for two days.
She remembered his revenge and she couldn’t help but to smile,,even though the tears are not st©pping. She wonder how he was when she left,,,it would have been really ha-rd for him. But he still waited,,,,,he waited like he knew she was somewhere waiting for him too.
” Preet ” The voice said behind her ma-king her come back to reality
She turned back only to find Ronnie starring at her
She immediately wiped her tears and run into his arms
” did you cry? ” Ronnie asked
” No,,,,just,,,, ”
” Don’t lie ” Ronnie interrupted
” Molly find out about me ” she said and broke into tears
” What ?? How??” Ronnie asked in surprise
” I don’t know,,, but she felt something about me,,,,and she said out my name. I was also shocked ”
” I told you,,, nothing changed about you. Just your face ” Ronnie said and used his thumb to wipe her tears
” I am re-ady to meet mom,,,,tomorrow ” She said with a smile
” Am glad ” Ronnie said and hvgged her again
She pu-ll-ed out from the hvg looking straight into his eyes,,,,
” I love you Ronnie ”
” I love you more ” He replied and k!$$£d her softly on thel-ips.
” Wow,,,this is amazing ” Romeo said as he stare at the fireworks displa-y
” I told you,,,” Kim smiled and faced him
” Am not the firework Kim, st©p starring at me ” He said
” You should try to be nicer,,,you’re annoying! ” Kim half yelled and scoffed
” You don’t have to tell me,,I know ” Romeo replied
” Thank God you know ” She murmured
Minutes Later
” So,,when will I see you again??’ Kim asked even though she almost regret asking that
” St©p dreaming, we won’t see each other again ” Romeo replied and entered his car
Kim walked to him ,,,,
” I really want to meet you again,,and I know you also want that, st©p behaving like a j£rk ” She said
” So,,what do you want right Now??” Romeo asked
” Your contact” Kim said
Romeo took her phone and pressed his number on it,,he dialed it and his phone rang out
” Now you’re happy,,” He sm-irked
” We are both happy, j£rk ” Kim replied and left in her car
” What?? j£rk??” Romeo asked himself and suddenly smiled
He saved her number as Stupid Kim Nana before driving off.
Kim on the other hand saved his number as Arrogant j£rk