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Semi Finale B
Few Days Later
♡ EPISODE 29 ♡
” I am sorry son,,,I was just too selfish to un-derstand you then ” Mr Silver said to Ronnie
” Who Cares about your apology right now??” Ronnie snapped and walked out
Mrs Silver immediately ran after him,,
” Ronnie ,,wait ”
” Mom ,let me be right now,, plea-se ” He replied without looking back and walked out.
He entered his car and drove out ,,,,,
After he discovered that Preet was really gone,,he have not being himself since then,, he fired all his guards, including the maids ,but they all didn’t leave. They made up their minds to stay with him until he recover from the shock.
He drove into the nearest bar ,,he got down and went in .
The guard the other members as-signed to always follow him without his knowledge immediately called Ryan
📲 You mean he went into a bar??
Ryan asked immediately
📲 Yes sir,,
📲 Text me the address right away !!!
📲 Okay sir.
Ryan immediately ran out of the mansion,,thank God the address is close . he drove out in full speed . In few minutes ,he was there alre-ady. He rushed down from the car and ran in.
” Nooo!!!!” he screamed as he ran to Ronnie who was about drinking from the glas-s. Ryan poured it away immediately.
” What do you think you’re doing right now!!” Ronnie yelled at him angrily.
” I should be asking that from you !!! Idiot!!! Do you wanna die?!!!! The last time you drank this,, you almost died!!!” Ryan yelled back
” Do you think I want to live?? Just tell me one reason why I still have to live !!!’ Ronnie shouted
The people there all focused on them,,
” You’re crazy Ronnie,,,let’s go home ” Ryan said and gr@bb£d his hand
” Am not going anywhere,, you can leave alone ” Ronnie threw his hand off
” Ronnie!!! St©p!!! And come with me right now!!!
” Damn!!” He kicked the chair angrily and went out.
Ryan Gave the waiter some cash and walked out also.
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” You’re not driving that car of yours,,come here ” Ryan told him
They both entered Ryan’s car ,,,
” I can’t believe these,, you should just calm down okay?? You can’t die like this,, ” .
” Why?? Why,,,,,,why did she let me,,,,fall in love with her ,,,,when she’s not going to stay forever ??? Why??? Why must I always get hurt for loving someone???? Why!!!!!!!!!” Ronnie screamed and bur-sted into tears
” Ronnie ,,,,,,,it’s okay,,,,I know you’re really hurt,,,but you have to let this go “.
” If I ever find out who did that,,,,,, am gonna burn the motherfv¢ker alive !!!!! Oh ,,,,,Preet ‘ He continue crying.
❤ Elena’s pov ❤
” How’s Ronnie ??” I asked Ryan as we take a walk together
Everything have not being the same since what happened,, even the school is something else. Everyone is sad to see Ronnie feeling all sad,,,he doesn’t even come to school again.
” He’s a mess ” Ryan replied and I sighed
” I don’t know what to do,,, should I cry ?? Or maybe I should shout?? I’ve done all that but it’s not just working,,, thinking about it makes me wanna die ” I cried
He immediately pu-ll-ed me into a warm hvg,
” I un-derstand,,, I am also hurt. Even though we are not that close,,but seeing Ronnie like that alone is hurting me so much. You just have to be strong ,,,,for Me ” He said patting my back
I only nodded because I can’t bring myself to talk,, my voice won’t come out.
” I love you,,,, always be careful okay?? I can’t lose you too ” He said and I felt a cold thing on my n£¢k
I raised my head and I discovered that he was also in tears,,,
” Ryan ,,,,” I called and wipe his tears
” It hurt,,,,, it hurt so much Elena,,,,,,,I don’t know what Ronnie is gonna do to himself anytime from now,,,,I don’t want to think about it. I won’t be able to take it if anything happen to him ” He said in tears
” Nothing is gonna happen to him,,,,pls st©p crying ” I said and hvgged him again
” I just can’t help it,,I love Ronnie a lot ,,,” Ryan said hvgging me more ti-ghtly.
A tear dropped from Romeo’s eyes as he watched Ronnie crying with Preet’s picture in his hand. Thank God their mother was able to convince him to stay here for now,,,he immediately wipe his eyes which was still we-t and closed the door to his suite silently.
He walked downstairs,, he met a maid on the way.
” Is that not Ronnie’s food ?? Why are you taking it back?? ” He asked
” He said he’s not hungry ” She replied with a bow
Romeo sighed,,, he haven’t eaten for days ,how can he not be hungry???
He breath out again before going out.
He entered the car and drove out ,,,
He parked his car outside and knocked the gate,,, the gate opened and he went in.
” Is Jennie in??” he asked the guards
” Yes sir ” They replied
He nodded and went in ,,Ava and Mia st©pped what they were doing when they saw Romeo
” Where is Jennie ” He asked
” Her room ,,,but,,,,” Before she could finish, he was alre-ady upstairs.
He ban-ged into her room without knocking,,
” What thefu-ck!!” Jennie shouted
She was just half nak*d ,,Romeo didn’t care anyway. He gr@bb£d her and pinned her to the wall. His hand on her throat,,,
” Romeo, what are you doing??,,,,, you’re hurting me!!”
” What did you do to Preet ??” he asked ,even though his voice was calm,,,he was burning with anger
” What,,do you,,mean??” Jennie asked in pain
” St©pfu-cking pretending!!!!! You killed that innocent girl!!!!!! You are hurting my brother!!!!! Tell me now or I expo-se you to the world!!!! ” He yelled in tears
” Romeo,,,,,,let go of me,,,,,am gonna die ” Jennie cried
” Die!!!!!!” He shouted adding more pressure to her n£¢k
” I didn’t kill her,,,,,plea-se,,,,,,, let,,,me ,,,go ” she cried
” You’re still lying!!!! Just die!!!!” He shouted again
” Romeo !!!! St©p!!!!” Ava shouted trying to re-move his grip from Jennie’s n£¢k
” Get the hell away!!” he pushed her away .
Wyaat rushed into the mansion,,,someone called him and told him that Romeo is about to kill Jennie ,,he doest even know who the person is.
” Where are they!!! ” He shouted
” Upstairs ” Mia replied getting scared
He immediately ran up,,,he met Jennie struggling for breath,,
” Romeo!!! ” He yelled and pushed him away from Jennie
Jennie fell on the ground and fainted,,.
” Jennie!!!” Mia and Ava ran to her in tears
” Romeo what is wrong with you ” Wyaat asked angrily
” Let me go!!! ” He yelled and walked out of the room ignoring Jennie who la-id lifeless on the floor
Wyaat immediately carried her up ,,,,Mia covered her with a towel, they went downstairs,,,,,
They rushed her to the hospital,,,,
” Oopa ,,,,,,,plea-se,,, st©p crying ” Molly said wiping Ronnie’s tears with her small palm
” Am not crying,,,, leave ” Ronnie snapped and stood up from where he was
He rou-ghed his hair feeling as empty as ever ,,,
” Do I have any reason to live ??’ he asked himself
” Don’t say that,,, I am one of the reasons,,, you can’t leave me alone ,don’t do anything stupid ” Molly said
” What do you know?? Can you just leave? I want to be alone ” Ronnie said without looking at her
” You’ve stayed alone all day,,,and ,,,,”
” I told you to get out!!!!!” He yelled .
Molly bur-sted into tears and ran out ,,
He kicked the chair angrily ,,,,he took his car key and decided to go to Preet’s mom.
He should see her more often,,,,
Light open in a very large mansion,,,, different cars ,,many guards ,,inside was out of this world,, the maids can be seen walking all around doing things.
They all dressed beautifully,,,, one of the rooms was Four people,, three men and a woman.
Another b©dy was lying lifeless on the be-d,,,
” Mrs Taylor,,, what do you think we can do ??? This b©dy is damaged alre-ady,, I told you, we shouldn’t have brou-ght her here,,,,” One of the men said
” Shut up,, can’t you see that she’s still breathing slowly??” Mrs Taylor snapped thinking of what to do
” Slowly you say,,,she’s gonna die soon. ”
” I am the surgeon here!!!!!!! How dare you teach me what to do!!!!” she suddenly yelled angrily
” We are doing a complete surgery,, get re-ady. I can’t take her to the hospital to avoid questions ” she said authoritatively and walked out
♡ Episode 30 ♡
One Year Later ::::::::::::::::::::::
📺It’s one year now that the Crystals have become silent to the public,,, their fans are worried about them ,,,they don’t even see them around any longer. So last night one of the members who we all know as Wyaat made live video telling all their fans that they will soon get back ,,,but not any moment from now,,he also added that they will be leaving Korea soon,,where are they going?? They will be going to America to take a long break ,,and after that. They are sure everything will come back to Normal when they return and……….
Elena stood up and Turned the TV off ,,,,
” They are leaving??? Ryan didn’t tell me anything ” She said almost in tears
She immediately stood up and put on a jacket, she arranged her hair and walked out of her room.
” I will be back ” she said briefly and went out.
” Where mam??” A guard c@m£ to her
” Crystals ” She said softly .
He opened for her and she entered,, soon they were there. She got down and went in,, she met Michael and Wyaat in the living room.
” Hey Elena” They seem happy to see her
” Hi,,,how’re you doing?? ” She asked with a light smile
” Cool ”
” Where is Ryan??” she asked
” Upstairs ” They replied
She nodded and went up,,, she knocked the door slowly
” I told you I want to be alone Wyaat ” His forever sweet voice said
” Hey,, it’s Elena ” She said
” Elena?? ” He immediately opened the door.
He pu-ll-ed her into a hvg ,,like he’s never gonna let go.
” You’re leaving??? ” She asked in tears
” How did you find out ??” Ryan asked
” I watched the news ” She replied
” You can come along if you want ,,,,but,,,how about your own career?? ”
” Am coming with you,,, I don’t care . I can’t stay here without you ” She said and hvgged him again
” Really??? ”
” Yes,,, trust me ” She smiled.
” Mom,,,,,” Ronnie called and hvgged her immediately
” I watched the news,,,,are you really going to be fine?? ” Preet’s mother asked
” I can’t be fine,,,nothing can make me fine,,,,” Ronnie said sadly
” Son,,,,you have to move on. It’s one year alre-ady,, ”
” I can’t,,,, I don’t think I can love anyone like I loved her ,,,,I can’t ”
” Are you crazy??? You can’t possibly die being single ,,okay??? Just get yourself another lady and I know with time you will love her ” She said
” I don’t want to ” Ronnie said and pu-ll-ed away from the hvg
” I can’t believe you right now ” She scoff
” I don’t want to make her sad,,,,I can’t love anyone ” He insisted
” What can I do to you right now?? You have to come to your s-en-se,,, okay??”
” Mom,,,,st©p telling me to do what I don’t want to. I know you also feel sad ,you’re just hiding it,I’ve promised to take care of you forever so why pushing me away??”
” Am not pushing you away,,,, Ronnie,,,now,,you’re like a son to me. Am giving an advice I would have given to my son if I had one ” She explained
” Still,,am not moved. We are leaving tomorrow,, I will s£nd more guards here,, make sure you don’t go out alone. Make sure you eat well,,,you’ve lost some weight ” He said forcing out a smile
” You also lost more weight, st©p talking like you’re fine ”
” Don’t worry about me ” He sighed
” Everyone nee-d the old Ronnie back,,,,plea-se . take Care of yourself,,,,, you are not handsome anymore with this face of yours ” She said
Ronnie f0rç£d out a smile
” Try to smile more often,, ”
” the only reason why I always smile and laugh is gone,,,,I don’t think there’s nothing to smile at right now ” He said
” You’re so stubborn,,,,Mrs Silver c@m£ over today ” She said and sat down
” Mom c@m£ here??? Oh,,,,” Ronnie said
” She’s worried about you,,,,”
” She shouldn’t be ” Ronnie said
” Am leaving,,,,bye . I will be back soon,,trust me ” He said and hvgged her before walking out.
He entered his car and sighed out,,,,,,
” Is going to America really gonna calm me down and heal my heart?? ” He asked himself before driving out.
Why,,,,why did you have to leave so soon?? Why didn’t you just take me with you???
Tears rolled down his eyes as he drive,,it’s like it’s now more easier for him to cry than to smile.
Akeelah jumped up immediately she saw the news
” Oh my gee!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed out loud
” What the h**k Akeelah,, you almost broke my eardrum!! “Rose said as she walked out from the kitchen with ice cream in her hand
” I can’t believe this,, come listen to this “She dragged Rose and made her sit beside her
” What is it??” She asked
” The Crystals are coming to America for a little break ” She said happily
” So what?? Who are they?? You always shout Crystals here Crystals there,,what’s so important about them?? You’re really obsessed ” Rose said showing that she’s not interested as she keep on devouring the ice cream
” They are awesome Rose ,,they also look h0t!!! And do you know something?? One of them is called Ronnie ” She whispered to her
” So what?? ”
” Are you crazy??? You’ve always screamed out ” Ronnie ” From your sleep for the past one year,,,, I think he’s someone you have to remember,, maybe you can get your memory back. But I don’t think it can be this Ronnie,this one is a celebrity ” Akeelah said
” Oh,,,,,”
” I will show you their pictures,, ” She said and went in
Rose and Akeelah have been best friends for a year now,,,they met in Mrs Taylor’s mansion,, Akeelah is a model and she’s close to Mr’s Taylor. She went to visit as usual that day when she saw Rose,,Mr’s Taylor later explained to her that she actually lost her memory due to an accident,, that’s all she know about that. Nob©dy knows her real name or age ,so Mrs Taylor named her Rose,,,,she look beautiful ,,and now she’s also a well known Model in America.
Akeelah have always thought that she look beautiful just because of the surgery but something about her just tell her that she must really be some h0t chick even before the accident,, well,,that’s all.
” Here are their pictures ” She said sitting down with her
” Here is Wyaat,,,and then Michael,, my crush ,,,,,,and this is Ryan,,,,Romeo,, and his twin brother,, Ronnie ” She pointed at them as she called out the names
She t©uçhed Ronnie also,,,
” He’s so handsome ” she smiled
” Ronnie??,,,,,Ronnie,,,,,,,,Ronnie,,,,,,Silver,,,,,,,,Ronnie,,,,Preet,,,,,,” Rose keep on saying as she hold her head ti-ghtly
” Rose ,,what’s wrong?? Are you hurt???” She stood up immediately and threw the pictures away
” My head,,,, hurt ” She said and fainted
………… Hospital………
Mrs Taylor and Akeelah waited patiently for Rose to wake up ,,,,,soon she opened her eyes
” You’re awake!!” They both shouted and ran to her
But to their surprise she didn’t allow them to t©uçh her
” Rose,,are you okay???” Mr’s Taylor asked
” Rose ??? Who is that??? ” She asked looking confused
” Your name ”
” No,,,am Preet,,,,not Rose. And who are you two?? How did I get here??? I should be on my way to see Ooma,,,did you kidnap me???? Am gonna call Ronnie right now ” She said trying to look for her phone
” I think she got her memory back ” Mr’s Taylor whispered to Akeelah and she nodded in agreement
Rose’s eyes caught with the mirror in front of her
” Who is that?? ” She pointed at herself
” It’s you ”
” Me?? Are you crazy??? How can that be me?? I know what I look like,,,anyway,,,just give me my phone,, I nee-d to call Felix,, am getting out of here ” She said standing up
” Who is Felix?? ”
“My driver,,,so give me my phone”.
” Rose ,there is something you should know,,
” My name is Preet ,,,not Rose !!!” she yelled
” Okay I will be calm with you,,, Preet,,,a year has pas-sed alre-ady ” Mr’s Taylor said
” What do you mean by a year has pas-sed??? Am I traveling back in time?? I just left school some minutes ago,,and I was going to mom,,,and then,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then,,,,,,,,,,, and,, then,,,,,,haaa!!!” she screamed out again holding her head
” Preet!!!!” they hold her immediately preventing her from falling
” And then what???”
” Someone c@m£ from nowhere and,,,,,wait,,,,he killed Felix and poured acid on me ,,,he also threw a bomb into the car and pushed the car somewhere I don’t know,,,,,,,,, ”
” You’re getting it,,,but that’s all you can remember because,,,, we opened the car just before the bomb exploded,,,,, some of my guards were even hurt as a result,,,, “Mrs Taylor explained
” My face should be destroyed by now,,,,,no!!!!!!!! You changed my face????!!! ” She shouted and fell on the ground crying
” Rose,,,no,,,I mean,,Preet,,that was the only solution. I couldn’t watch you die when you fought so ha-rd for your life ”
” You mean,,,I’ve left Ronnie for one year right now??? What if he’s in love with someone else???? Even if I show up right now,,,he’s never gonna know it’s me !!!!” she cried more
” Are you really saying The Ronnie,,,, from Crystal is your b©yfri£nd??? ” Akeelah asked and she nodded
” Then,,you’re Preet,,, his beautiful girlfriend??? ,,oh my God!!! I can’t believe this!! ”
” Am not Preet anymore,,am not pretty any more!!! ” She shouted
” No,,you’re wrong,,, you’re still beautiful ”
She stood up and walked closer to the mirror,,, she t©uçhed her face,,,,
” Maybe am still beautiful,, but it’s Preet Ronnie loves,, not Rose ” She bur-sted into tears again
” The Crystals are coming to America tomorrow and they will be staying for some time ” Akeelah said
” So?? He wouldn’t even know me ,,” She replied
” Don’t worry,,,,,we will make him fall in love with you over again,,and then you can now tell him who you are ” Mr’s Taylor said
” How is that possible??? ” She asked
” Trust me ” Mrs Taylor win-ked
End of season one

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