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Melted heart Episode 7 & 8

[ the girl he never noticed ]
Episode 7
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
I stood still waiting for what is going to happen next,,, he st©pped pla-ying and stood up. Is he coming to me??
He brou-ght out his phone and walked out,, I breath out and watched as he walked out, is he catwalking right now?? I smiled,, he’s so cute. The bell suddenly rang,,, oh no, I have to get to the Silvers Mansion right now
I rushed out and went straight to my locker,, I gr-ab my [email protected]©p and phone,, I can’t see Elena right now, I’m sorry. I immediately walked out .
I run throu-gh the hall way,, it’s the fastest way before getting to the school gate. This place is so quiet,, thank God I won’t face any glare from the students
A hand suddenly gr-ab me ,,I wanted to scream but he prevent me from screaming with his palm,, who thefu-ck is this ??
I looked up and check the person,, Romeo??
” Hey beautiful, we meet again ” he smiled and win-ked.
” Sir,, what do you want from me?? Why do you keep on following me around?? ” I asked
” Just one night plea-se,, I promise to give you alot of money ” he said
I scoff,, is he $h!ting with me right now??
” Do I look like an hallot to you?? Next time you tell me that,, I won’t take it easy with you, trust me ” I said and turned to leave. He gr-ab me again,,
” Okay,,, how about a k!ss?? plea-se,, ”
I shook my head ,,there’s no way am giving my first k!ssto this [email protected],,
” No ” I snapped angrily
” No?? Why?? Am not your type?? ” he asked
I kept quiet and look away
” Other girls would have agreed right away, what’s so different about you?? ”
” Am not like other girls ” I snapped
” What if I f0rç£ you?? ”
” Don’t you dare ”
” Come-on it’s just a k!ss,,, why acting like am the first guy who will do that?? ”
I wi-de my eyes as he said that,,
” Or,, am I the first ??” he smiled
I scoff,
” Can you let me go right now, ”
” Just do what I want and I will let you go ”
I threw his hand off me and ran away,,,
” I will still taste thatl-ips of yours ” I heard him saying
In your dreams,, I said inwardly.
” Hey student ,where is your car?? ” the man in the gate asked
” ,,,it’s faulty ” I answered and ran out
I hissed inwardly ,so every students have their own??
I find a taxi and went straight to the Silver Mansion.i am late, thanks to Romeo.
🎻 Ryan’s pov 🎻
I walked downstairs and met Wyaat and Michael smiling at their phones, what are they looking at?
” What’s going on?? ” I asked
” Your crush ” Micheal replied ,,I raised my brow and moved closer to them,, they were starring at Elena’s picture she just uploaded,, I must confess, she look so damn h0t.
” She’s so beautiful ” Wyaat said and win-ked at me
” Guys st©p ” I said and sat down
” We all know you are dying for her inside your mind, so why pretending?? You should just tell her you like her before its too late ” Micheal said
” What if she doesn’t feel the same way?? I hate being rejected and you know that ” I said with a sigh
I really do love her so much,, but I don’t have the boldness to tell her. Am scared of getting rejected ,,,,,,I always stare at her pictures all day, Its so stupid, she doesn’t even know about that.
” You should just try your luck ”
” I can’t do that,, I will get over it ” I said
‘ you are lying right now ‘ my mind whispered
” Get over it?? This dude is crazy,, I can’t believe the almighty Ryan is scared of a girl ” Wyaat laughed
” Am not scared of her,, am only scared of rejection,, I won’t be able to take it ” I replied
Just then Romeo and Ronnie [email protected]£ in,,,
The manager for the band was with them,,
” Guys are you preparing for the concert,, it’s next week. ” He asked,, we all kept quiet
” What,, you mean you are not preparing at all?? ” He asked looking shocked,, nob©dy answered
” I can’t believe you guys right now ” he said and
We all faced each other and then back to him,,
” How do you expect us to win this when you’ve not prepared for anything?? Is this a joke to you?? ”
” Manager Kim,,, it’s not like that ” Micheal finally spoke up
” Then, how is it like?? We can’t fail to the opposite band ”
” We have something to tell you ” I said
” What is it?? ”
” Ronnie,,,, Ronnie will be performing with us for this concert ” Wyaat broke the news
” What??!!!!!! Ronnie!!! Is that true?? ” He asked turning to him,,, he nodded with a smile
” Oh my God,, that’s great news!!! ” He shouted and hvgged him
We all smiled,, this is the first time Ronnie said he’s going to join us in a live concert,, it’s like a dream come true,, our fans are dying to see him on stage but we were not able to change his mind and now he’s joining us. I wonder why he suddenly decided to do that,, anyway it’s great news
After rehearsing for few hours, we all sat down on the floor feeling exhausted alre-ady.
” I really can’t wait for next week,,, ” Micheal said
” So Ronnie,, how do you feel about this?? ” Wyaat asked
” I don’t know,, maybe happy. Am leaving ” he stood up
” You’re not staying here?? ” I asked
” Am not ” He replied and went out
” You’re not going with him?? ” I asked Romeo.
” No,,, am going to take my bath ” he said and went upstairs
” When will those two ever act like twins ” Micheal asked
” Sometimes I wish Ryan and Ronnie are twins ” Wyaat said and I bur-st into laughter
” You’re crazy dude ” I said and went upstairs .
I met a maid coming downstairs,,,
” Have you clean up my room?? ” I asked,,
” Yes sir, it’s all tidy ” she replied with a bow
” Thank you ” I smiled and entered my room.
My eye went to the large frame on the wall ,,,it’s a picture of Elena. I t©uçhed her face and sighed,,,, I wish I can get you out of my mind but it seems impossible for me.
I went into the bathroom and took a cold bath,,, after that. I put on another clothes and went downstairs,,
” where are you off to?? ” Micheal asked
“I don’t know,, just going out to cool my [email protected] ” I replied and took my car key,,
” do you want me to help you talk to her?? ” Wyaat asked
” You’re crazy ” I laughed and went out of the mansion
” Sir,, where to?? ” The guards asked
” Don’t worry about me,, am going alone ” I said and entered the car,, I drove out not knowing where am going exactly .i just need to do something to get her out of my mind right now.
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
” Hey Preeti ,,take this to Ronnie. ” The old nanny hand over a wine and the cup to me in a tray. I guess it’s nonalcoholic because I heard he’s allergic to alcohol,,,
” Okay mam” I said and walked out of the kitchen. I took the stairs and finally got to his suite,, I knocked the door and waited patiently for him to open,,,,
The door opened,,, I went in and dropped the wine and turned back,,
” OMG!! ” I shouted and t©uçhed my heart when I saw him at my back with his two hands in his pocket.
” Am sorry sir,, I,, never knew you were there ” I said with a low tone
” You ,,,,,,you work here?? ” he asked like he’s surprised,, wow he recognize me
I nodded my head positively,,
” Do you know you still need to be punished for stalking me?? ” he asked and sat down crossing his legs
He still remember that??
” Am sorry,,, I won’t do that again ” I said looking down
” stand there until I tell you to leave ” He said and sip from the wine.
” okay sir ” I said and stood there watching him doing everything .
He was pressing two phones at the same time,,, soon he took the [email protected]©p and started operating on it,, does he ever rest??
💋 Elena’s pov 💋
Mia rushed in [email protected] like someone being chased,, what’s happening?
” What’s going on?? You look finished ” I asked
She ran to me and sat down, she brou-ght out her phone and show me,, I re-ad the headlines,,
# Crystal Ronnie Will be performing for the first time on live concert #
” Oh my gee,, I can’t believe this ” I said,, I checked the comments
♥️ I can’t wait to see you oopa!!
♥️ this is amazing!!
♥️ I can’t believe this!!
I smiled, of course this is what everyone have been waiting for
” Has Jennie find out about this?” I asked
” No, you are the first person am showing ” she replied.
” She’s upstairs with Ava I guess ” I said
” I will be back ” she said ran up
I scoff,, she’s the newscaster. Crazy girl,,,
I decided to check the picture I uploaded about an hour ago,,, I [email protected]
What?? 1million views,, 800 thousand likes, 700 thousand comments. Wow,,,
I went throu-gh the comments.
♠️ She’s so beautiful
♠️ I love you Unnie
I smiled and scrolled down,,, a comment caught my attention,,,
♠️ Love this,,,
It’s something usual,, but why does it have more than 2000 replies?? I checked the name,,, oh,, it’s from Wyaat. I smiled.
I suddenly wonder maybe Ryan saw the picture,,,,, he always avoid people and I don’t know why..
I’ve been trying to call Preet but she’s not picking up,, I hope she’s not angry with me about what happened earlier. Jennie is just a crazy being, how can she do that ??I can’t wait to see her tomorrow.
I better go and catch some view before coming back to this house, I took my head warmer and went out.
I told the driver that I will be going alone, I got into the car and drove out,,
👑 Ronnie’s pov 👑
Ryan 💌: Did you see how everyone is happy about this?? ,,,am not in the mansion right now anyway
Am in a group chat right now,, these guys are just too noisy
Wyaat 💌: they can’t believe it
Me 💌: there’s nothing special about it though
Michael 💌: of course there is
I scoff and dropped the phone,, I looked up only to see the girl slee-ping while standing. Is she kidding me right now?? How can someone sleep while standing?? This girl is full of different characters I don’t know,,
I chuckled and stood up,, I walked toward her and tapped her shoulder .
” hey,, girl,,, hey girl,,,,, hey,,,, ” what type of sleep is this right now??
I rou-ghed my hair and tapped her again,, this time, she almost fell and thank God I was really fast to catch her ,,and she fell on me.
Damn,,, what is this right now??
[ the girl he never noticed]
Episode 8 ♡♡♡♡♡
👑 Ronnie’s pov 👑
How can someone sleep like this?? She’s not even waking up, what do I do? I sighed and carried her ,,I walked into the inner room and la-id her on the be-d ,,her long hair was all over her face ,,I arranged it and sat down on the sofa watching her slee-ping soundly,, I can’t believe am doing this right now .
Am sure she’s going to freak out when she finally wake up, such a sleep Head.
🎻 Ryan’s pov 🎻
I used my face mask before getting out of the car ,,,I walked into the place popularly known as Public be-droom ,,only commoners come here ,but who cares?? Am just a human like them ,,I think this is going to help after all ,,i paid and sat down on the long couch ,,I always come here with the members anyway,that was a long time ago ,we’ve been friends from childhood aside Ronnie . we only [email protected]£ friends when he joined the band.
I covered my face from the light and soon ,I sle-pt off .
” wow ,,,this place is really amazing. Am gonna take a picture,,I am going to show Preet ,,she’s really missing a lot ” I heard the voice ringing in my ears
” damn ,,she’s so noisy ” I muttered
” Oh,,,am so sorry I was loud,, biane ” the person said
I opened my eyes to see the person ,,she was using a facemask ,,,but Wait, I know her . oh ,,its Elena. I was about to cover my face again when she turned to me .
She smiled ,but the smile disappeared almost immediately,,,
” oh,,,Ryan ” she called with a smile
” keep it low ,,I don’t want any disturbance here” I said
💋 I just heard someone calling Ryan ,,,
💋 it can’t be the Ryan we know,,oopa can’t come to a place like this
💋 should we just confirm??
I turned to Elena and sighed ,,
” I can’t believe you expo-sed me ” I said
” am so sorry,,I never knew I was loud ”
” your voice was like music Elena ” I replied
” I can help you if you don’t mind,, I will just cover up ”
” how ??” I asked
She immediately rushed to me and hvgged me on the couch ,,what is she doing?
” What are you doing? ” I asked
” just keep quiet and stay still” she said
💋 oh no ,,he’s not the one
💋 he even [email protected]£ here with his girlfriend,, Ryan oopa doesn’t have a girlfriend yet
💋 let’s just go back
They left ,,,Elena finally pu-ll-ed away.
” see?? The plan worked ” she win-ked
What ??she doesn’t even know what she just did ,,my heart right now is beating really fast ,,damn.
I cleared my throat and stood up,,
” you’re leaving alre-ady?? ” she asked
” Yes” I replied and walked out of the place,,i [email protected]£ here to clear my mind and now,she hvgged me ?? My head is really burning up right now.
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
I smiled in my sleep,, this place smell so nice .its also comfortable,, I feel like slee-ping forever. But wait ,something is not right ,,I opened my eyes. This room is strange,, I turned to the other side and grasped when I saw Ronnie on the couch with his phone.
Am I in Ronnie’s room?? Okay ,try to remember what happened,, he asked me to stand and then,,,, oh no,,,I sle-pt off. Does that mean ,he carried me and la-id me on the be-d??
Holy Molly!! How do I face him right now??
” you’re awake ,,” he turned to me
I immediately get down from the be-d ,,
” Am so sorry sir ,,I promise never to cause trouble for you again ,plea-se forgive me ,,,I am ,,,,,,,”
” she’s so loud ,,” I heard him murmured and I kept quiet
” Biane,,” I said silently with my head bowed
” you can leave ,,,” he said
” thank you ” I answered and turned to go
” Your name?? ” he asked and I turned back to him
” sir??” I asked looking surprised
” am asking you to tell me your name,, or you don’t wanna tell me?? Okay ,you can leave,,,”
” No,,,,,I’m Preet ,,,Preet Davis ” I said
” Okay ” He nodded
I smiled a little before walking out of the room .
I breath out immediately I got downstairs,,
” and where are you coming from?? ” the old nanny asked with her brow raised up
” well,,,,uhm,,,,,” I stammered
” she’s coning from my room ,any problem with that?? ” a tiny voice suddenly asked and I looked up
Molly smiled at me ,,
” oh ,,am sorry ” the nanny said and walked away
I moved closer to Molly ,,
” why did you say that?? That was a lie ,” I said
She smiled and gr-ab my hand taking me upstairs, what is this kid up to ?? We entered her room ,she sat down and keep on smiling
” hey ,what are you smiling at??” I asked
” Do you like my brother?? ” she win-ked which make me to scoff,,what does she even know about like?
” what do you mean?” I asked
” Don’t lie ,,I went into my brother’s room some minutes ago ,,I saw you slee-ping on his be-d ,,he didn’t see me anyway,,, ” I immediately covered her mouth with my Palm
” listen,, that was a mistake okay ,,,nob©dy must hear about this or I will be in trouble, do you un-derstand?? ” she nodded,, I sighed and re-leased her sharp mouth ,,
” but you,,,,,” she wanted to talk and I covered her mouth again
” Molly st©p” I pleaded ,,the silly girl started laughing that I also joined her .
” Preet Unnie?” She called
” yes?”
” Can’t you just live here instead?? ”
” I have to take care of my mom too,” I answered stro-king her hair
” okay ,,,can you make me a cup of milk??’
” yeah sure,” I smiled and got up
She even blew me a k!ssbefore I walked out of the room ,,rich kids and their problems.
I went downstairs thinking about what she said ,,do I like Ronnie?? Well it’s true I love his pres£nce, he’s really different and he’s not a flir-t. But that doesn’t mean I like him,,,if I like him ,then am just dreaming, he can’t be mine ,,
I went into the kitchen ,some maids were there doing some stuffs I don’t know. I prepared the milk and went out again ,,
💄 Suzanne’s pov 💄
I hissed inwardly the moment she went out ,,I don’t like her one bit. I just hate the fact that she’s the one serving Ronnie right now,,
” Where do you think she was ,,all day?? ” Tera asked
” I don’t care ,you can ask her when she come back ” I snapped
” don’t you think she’s being treated more nicely than us?? We always do the [email protected] works ,,she do the simple task ,,am so jealous of her ” Avila pouted
” and she’s also pretty,, just like her name . she also have a nice shape,, am very sure Romeo won’t get his eyes off her if he see her,, but I can’t say about Ronnie ,,he never admire any girl ” Tera said ma-king my blood boil
” can you just shut up right now?!! ” I yelled
” sorry,,just saying my mind ”
I sighed ,,,,Ronnie is my next Target,, I’ve gotten Romeo,, we’ve made love with each other but am not going to be satisfied until I know what Ronnie taste like .but the useless beings here are really spoiling my plan !
Don’t worry ,Ronnie ,I will soon get you. Am sure you won’t be able to resist my se-duction.
♔ Writer’s pov ♔
In an average room ,,looking at the room ,one would know that it’s a fan girl’s room. Different pictures of the crystals pasted all around the room ,,,three girls were talking and laughing at the same time,,,
” I can’t just wait for next week again!! I mean ,,seeing Ronnie?? I can now die in peace ” one of them said with a wi-de grin
” me too ,,I don’t know why he suddenly wanna show up on stage ,but am sure my prayers are finally answered ” another one said
” So ,,Akeelah ,,,you’re planning to meet with Michael oopa and tell him you love him?? Do you think he will ever accept your love?? And besides, you’re not even a Korean, you’re a black american even though nob©dy can find out unless you tell them”
” come on, Elena,,black can get married to white as well ,,just because am black doesn’t mean am not beautiful. And Ifu-cking love Micheal a lot ,,even if he reject me ,,I will be able to get a heavy burden out of my heart ” Akeelah said with a sigh
Shes a die [email protected] fan of the Crystals,even though she have no opportunity to meet with them ,,they go to America too but she still don’t have the luck to meet with them .and now,,she’s in Korea.
Next week is like a dream for her ,,,,,
” I hope I meet them like I wish for ” she prayed silently
Wait ,,,do you think he will like me because am black?? I hope so ,,,.
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
” hey Preet ,,,take this coffee to Romeo ” old nanny said and I immediately felt my heart in my mouth ,,,
” You mean sir Ronnie?? ” I asked to be sure
” no ,,Romeo ” she repeated
” uhm,,,actually, am about going home” I said
” then take it to him and go home,, nob©dy is here right now ,that’s why am s£nding you ” she said
” okay ” I said and took it from her
As I climb the stairs,, fear grip my heart ,what if he try to do something stupid??
I finally got to his suite ,,I breath in and out before knocking the door.
” come in ” the voice said and I opened
He was looking outside the window ,,I think this is an opportunity
I immediately dropped the coffee and turned to leave .
” st©p” he said and I felt a beat in my heart
” turn” he said again
F**k,,,,,,I turned to him .
” what?? Its you?? Good timing ” he said and moved closer to me ,,,I also continue moving backward until my back t©uçhed the wall .
He used his too hands to pin me to the wall preventing me from escaping,,,
” now ,,,you can’t run away from me and you know that ” he smiled
” sir ,,plea-se,, let me go ” I pleaded
” why are you acting this way?? Just a k!ssand I will never disturb you again ” he said
” no ,,,plea-se,, I can’t ” I said alre-ady getting more scared
He moved his face closer to mine,, I could feel his breath. He continue moving closer,closer,and closer!!! No!!!!!!!!! He was about k!ss!ngme when the door opened,,,, we both turned to see the person ,,,,,
Oh no,,,Its,,,Ronnie
Jesus ,,,Ronnie caught them 🙆🙆

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