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Melted heart Episode 3 & 4

[ The girl he never noticed ]
Episode 3 🎻💗🎻
❤ Kate 💗
” open the damn gate! ” I yelled
” am sorry mam,,I never knew it was you” the guard pleaded
I hissed and walked in,,, I met mom and dad in the large living room chatting.
” hi mom, hi dad ” I greeted and pe-cked them both
” hey baby,, you’re back ” Mom smiled and t©uçhed my head
” I still can’t believe you support this $h!t she’s doing,, how can my daughter work as a waiter?!! ” dad yelled
” Dad,, am sorry,, I just want to do something like that, I want to know how it feels to be a commoner ” I sighed and sat down
” That’s good daughter,, so how is it?? ” Mom asked
” I met a new friend anyway and I really like her alot ” I replied and smiled when I remember Preet.
” You know you’re going to st©p all these in three days which is next week ” she said and I nodded
” Yes mom, I know ” I said
Am planning to tell Preet about myself within that three days,,, I hope she’s not going to get mad at me for lying to her.
I stood up and pe-cked dad’s cheek who still look angry,,, I smiled and went upstairs into my room.
I picked up my phone and go to the band’s group chat,,, these girls are really crazy, they are alre-ady talking about the clothes to put on in the welcoming [email protected] for Ronnie and Romeo??? Oh it’s tomorrow
Jennie : I really need to be the best in that [email protected],, I need to get Ronnie’s attention.
I scoff,, after everything she did to Ronnie, I can’t believe she still want Ronnie to like her. He doesn’t even remember who she is,,
Ava: Guys, where thefu-ck is Elena,, am getting fed up because of her!!
Me : Cut the crab bit-ch,am here
Mia: How was hell??
Me : I got chased out because I was h0tter than hell 🙄
Jennie : Good for you,, come for rehearsal tomorrow or you’re doomed
Me : You don’t have the right to tell me that,, am coming so keep your cool
Jennie : bit-ch
The two of us are like rivals,, I just don’t like her attitude. Too bossy and arrogant for my liking.
🎻 Romeo 🎻
I can’t get my mind off that girl,, damn. How can someone be as pretty as that?? But why did she run away from me?? Most girls would have started flir-ting with me just by knowing that it’s me.
I must get into her [email protected] no matter what,, she’s really my type. Those h!ps and b00bs, oh gawd!!
The guards bowed as I entered,, I ignored them and went straight into Ronnie’s dorm. I didn’t mind knocking I just went in,, the dude was slee-ping. He was hvgging the pillow like hell,, must he always hvg something before he can sleep?? I scoff,, he turned and opened his eyes.
” When did you get here?? ” he asked standing up
” Just now ” I replied and sat down
He nodded and went into the other room,,,, he [email protected]£ back minutes later.
” How long did you sleep?? How can you stay home while we do all the rehearsals??” I asked
He ignored me and took his [email protected]©p,, I gr-ab the [email protected]©p from him
” Give me that back,, am about to see what you guys did today before you start ma-king mouth like your voice is even cool ” he snapped
” Gboragu? ( what??) my voice is cooler than yours,, don’t listen to those people telling you that you have a nice voice okay?? ” I said
” Shut up Romeo ” he said and took his [email protected]©p from me
” We had a lot of fun today while you are only here slee-ping your [email protected] out ” I scoff
” Your whole [email protected] is not up to the quarter of mine ” he replied
” I will get back at you ” I said angrily and walked out of the room
” Son,, is there anything wrong with Ronnie?? He’s been slee-ping ” mom asked as I entered her room
” You can ask him instead ” I said and la-id on the be-d
” You two should try getting along!! You’re not kids anymore!! ” she yelled
I scoff and closed my eyes going into my dream world .
…Next day……
😍 Preet 😍
” Hey Preet, madam O needs you ”
What does she want this time??? I sighed and stood up,,I’ve been lonely without Kate today. I wonder where she went to,,,
” I am here mam ” I said as I entered her office
” You’re coming with me to the Silver’s Mansion
” what?? But mam ,,,,,,”
” no question ” she snapped and stood up
I nodded and followed her quietly as we walked out of the restaurant,, I suddenly [email protected]
Wait,, Silver’s Mansion,, does that mean today is the welcoming [email protected]???!!! Damn,, my clothes are something else ,,,I sighed out.
We entered into the car and her driver took off almost immediately . I continue starring outside,, will I see Ronnie?? I wish I can see him,,
I was so lost in thought until madam O t©uçhed me ma-king me come back to reality,,,
” Come down, we are here ” she said
I [email protected] at the mansion before me,, wow, it’s amazing.
I got down from the car and followed Madam O silently still staring at the building.
We Finally entered,the inside is just like a city on his own. I wish am also rich,,, two maids rushed to Madam O ,,it’s like she’s been coming here everytime .
We walked into the kitchen and a wow escape myl-ips,, this kitchen alone is bigger than the whole house where I live,,, this is just amazing.
” don’t stand there!! Get to work!! ” Madam O yelled at me
I scoff,, must she always shout???
8:00pm 🕗🕗🕗
Finally am gonna rest, I can’t believe she brou-ght me here to make me work extra time. What type of wickedness is that?? The [email protected] as started and I am still in the kitchen,, this is crazy.
A call [email protected]£ on my phone and I checked,, mom Is alre-ady worried.
📲 pretty, where are you!
📲 Am so sorry mom,, I don’t think I will be able to come home tonight
📲 What?? Why??
📲 Extra time mom,, am so sorry. I will be home in the morning,, plea-se
📲 Be careful out there
📲 I will
📲 I love you mom
I hang up and breath out,, I turned so I can go out of the kitchen. I [email protected] when a little girl [email protected]£ in,, damn I was alre-ady scared. I t©uçhed my che-st breathing out loudly.
” Who are you and what are you doing here? ” she asked
Who is she?? She’s probably a rich kid because the way she dressed is so nice
” Am one of the maids,,, ” I smiled
” So why are you here alone? ” she asked
” well,, that’s because,, am not a maid in this house. I am one of the waiters in Munchies Restaurant ” I replied
” OK,, can you make me a cup of milk? ” she asked
” Sure,,, ” I replied
” So,,, what’s your name?? ” I asked
” Molly ” she replied
” wow, sweet name for a pretty girl like you ”
” My Oopa named me and I love the name ” she chuckled
” Really ?? Who is he?? ” I asked
” Ronnie ”
” What!!??” I shouted
” Ronnie?? You mean,,, he’s your brother?? ” I [email protected]
” Yeah,,, ”
I nodded and gave her the milk,, she sipped from it.
” Omg,,, how did you make this one?? It’s the best I’ve ever tasted!! ”
” well,, it’s a secret ” I replied
She gulped down everything and breath out,,,
” I think am sleepy,, can you take me to my room?? ”
” But,,, I don’t even know your room ” I said
” I will show you ”
I carried her,, she have more weight than I thought.
” You are so beautiful,, I love your hair ” She said and t©uçhed my hair
” Thank you Molly ”
” Why dont you just work here instead,, I think I like you ” she said
” I don’t think that’s possible ” I replied
” this is my room ” She pointed.
I opened the door and walked in,,, how can a little girl stay in this room alone??
” You stay here alone? ” I asked
” Yes,, help me with my dress ”
I took off her dress and shoe,, she gave me her pajamas and I wore it on her.
” can you watch me sleep? ”
I nodded,, she closed her eyes.
” Can you sing for me?? ”
” okay,,, ” I replied
” Thanks ”
🎵 A day is going to end again 🎵
🎵 it’s nice to have a friend like you 🎵
🎵 ma-king my everyday seems so great 🎵
🎵 Goodnight and sweet dreams 🎵
By the time am done, she’s alre-ady fast asleep. I sighed and covered her well,, I stood up and walked out of the room.
I wonder if the [email protected] is still going on,,, I suddenly run into someone in the stairs and I almost fell,,,
” Oh my God!! ” I screamed
But the person caught me in the [email protected]!st,,, I breath out before opening my eyes.
I [email protected] and loosed balance again,, this time his two hands around my [email protected]!st .
Is this not,,,, Ronnie??? It’s Ronnie!!!!!!
Episode 4 🎻🎻🎻
😍 Preet. Preet 😍
I keep on starring at his pretty face and got lost,, ” when you meet him in person, you will know the definition of cuteness ” I remember Kate word ,,she’s really right about him. He’s the best definition of cuteness,,, his scent filled my nose.
” Can you get off me now?? ” His voice!! Oh lord!!!
” Am so sorry,, I am sorry ” I left him bowing countless times
He kept quiet and went out of my sight,, did I just talk to Ronnie?? Maybe am daydreaming or something?? .
I immediately went downstairs,, I don’t even know what to do in this large house, luckily I saw madam O. I immediately ran to her, such a wicked soul!!
” Mam,,, ” I called and she turned to me
” You want to sleep?? ” she asked calmly and I suddenly start to think if she saw my face ,the madam O I know will never answer me calmly.
” yes,, yes mam ” I replied
” Come with me ” she said walking in
I immediately followed her before I lost my way,, we walked until we finally entered into one of the rooms..
” you can spend the night here, make sure you don’t come out again ” she said and walked out of the room .
I scoff and sat down on the large be-d,, I suddenly remember my encounter with Ronnie. But why is he cold toward me?? But I kinda like it,, he’s not a flir-t like his brother Romeo and talking about Romeo,, I did not see him.
The door opened again and madam O [email protected]£ in again, why is she here??
” Take this clothes,, you can put them on tomorrow morning ” she threw the clothes on me and went out.
I scoff,, she can never change.
I checked the clothes,,, it’s a jean trou-ser and a crop t©p, the sleeves are long anyway . I hate this crop t©p,, my belly will show,, but I don’t think I have a choice right now.
I put off my clothes and walked into the bathroom ,, wow,, even the bathroom is comfortable. I can just [email protected] the night in this paradise called bathroom .
I immediately took my bath and went back in,, on the be-d was a pajama [email protected],, I put it on. I guess this room is for the guests ,,,,I went to the window and opened. Wow the stars are so beautiful,,
I felt like tou-ching them,, my eyes traveled throu-gh the compound and it landed on a creature beside the pool,, wow it’s Ronnie again. I smiled as I watch him,,his legs were inside the water and he was starring straight into the sky, maybe he also love stars like I do.
I suddenly felt the urge to sing ,,,the song sound childish but I really love it alot.
🎵 Twi-nkle Twi-nkle Little star 🎵
🎵 How I wonder what You are 🎵
🎵 Up above the world so high 🎵
🎵 Like a diamond in the sky 🎵
🎵 Twi-nkle Twi-nkle little star 🎵
🎵 How I wonder what you are 🎵
After singing the song, I closed the window and went to sleep. I was busy starring at the stars forgetting that I need to sleep,,,
I closed my eyes with a smile pla-ying onl-ips even though I don’t know why.
👑 Ronnie”s Pov 👑
I am very sure I heard the voice just now,, or is it in my head?? I stood up and looked around but there was no one,, maybe it’s just my imagination. But the voice is really sweet, it totally calm me down and I wish I can always listen to that voice everyday, each minute.
I shook my head and went inside,,
Next Day ….
I walked out of my suite and went downstairs,,, I don’t have time to talk to anyb©dy right now, I just got out of the house…
The guards rushed to me,,
” Which car are we taking? ” one of them asked
” Thanks,, am going with Felix alone ” I said
They all looked back at Fekix who just stood there watching the drama,,, he finally walked over and took the car key from one of the guards.
I enterd the car and he drove out,,
” I knew I was the one you’re gonna call though ” he sm-irked as he drive
” don’t feel too important ” I said and put on my headphone
” Of course an gonna feel important,, it’s something to be proud of that you really like me alot and,,,,,,, ” he faced the back and scoff
” never knew he was not listening at all ” he said and turned back
If only he knew that I was not listening to any music,,,
I took interest in him among all the guards because we are the same age,, so we are quite close,,
My phone beeped and I checked the caller,,, Ryan?? Why is he calling??
📲 Hey Ronnie we need to talk
📲 I can’t,, am busy right now
I said
📲 I don’t care, we need to talk. Come to the band’s mansion. No-one is here
I sighed,,,
📲 Okay
I hang up ,,,
” We are going to the bands mansion first ” I told Felix
” okay boss ” he said
🎻 Ryan’s pov 🎻
I don’t care if he’s busy or not, we have to clear ourfu-cking difference today. I just can’t take this anymore,, we are best friends and everyone know that. He’s just too stubborn, but it’s also my fault,,I almost ruined the band’s image with my carelessness ,, I heard a car horn and I checked the window.
He’s here,, I immediately cleared my throat and went downstairs. He [email protected]£ in, his gaze landed on me and he looked away.
” Why are you so stubborn Ronnie?? Can’t you just try to forget about it? ” I asked
” What are you talking about?? ” he asked.
” What do you mean by that?? ”
” I’ve forgiven you,, I was only waiting for you to come back to your right s-en-se. I know you’re trying to act like Romeo,, you should know that he can never change. And I don’t want my best friend to act like him,,, ” he said ma-king me smile
” I promise not to do that again ” I said and hvgged him
” where are you going anyway?? ” I asked.
” I guess am free for today and,,,,,, ”
He st©pped when a call [email protected]£ on his phone
📲 Elvis??
He called
📲 What?? I thought I don’t have anything to do today .
He gro-an ed,,
📲 well okay
” damn, am becoming lazy these days. Am leaving,, bye ” he said and rushed out,,
I [email protected] on the chair immediately he went out,,, the others are somewhere right now probably having fun aside Ronnie though. And here I am doing nothing,,,
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
” we are leaving now ” madam O said and I nodded re-ady to go
” Yes mom!! She’s the one over there!! ” I heard a tiny voice and I turned back only to find Molly pointing at me,, she was standing with a woman who look very beautiful.
I smiled and walked closer to her,,
” Hey Molly,, how are you?? ” I asked and t©uçhed her cheek
” am fine,,,,, here is my Oomma ( mother) ” she said referring to the woman beside her.
She’s her mother?? Does that mean,, she’s Ronnie’s mother too?? Why do I always bring Ronnie into everything anyway.
” hello mam” I greeted with a bow
” How are you doing?? ”
” Great ” I smiled
” well,, my daughter told me you were the one who took care of her last night,,, I really appreciate it. Thanks so much on behalf of my little princess ” she said and t©uçhed Molly’s face who smiled shyly
” it’s nothing mam ” I said
” You’re leaving alre-ady?? ” Molly asked
” Yeah am leaving,,, ”
” I won’t see you again,,, can’t you just work here from now on?? Be my nanny plea-se ” she pouted
” Hey Molly,, you have a nanny alre-ady ” Mrs Silver said
” then just make her work here as a maid if not my nanny,, I really love the milk she gave me ” Molly said sadly again ma-king a teary face
” Baby don’t cry,,,,, okay,,, she’s going to work here,,, happy now?? ”
” yes!! ” she shouted and jumped on me
” I guess there’s really something about you,, because my daughter doesn’t like people easily. She’s just like her brother Ronnie,,, but am surprised she’s free with you ” She said and I nodded
” so,, you can start work tomorrow. Don’t worry about Olivia,, ” she said
Olivia is madam O, we call her madam O for short
” Thank you mam ” I smiled
” see you tomorrow ” Molly waved at me as they both walked upstairs
She’s really something else,, I can’t believe I will work here from now on. Am going to see Ronnie everyday!!! I smiled [email protected] but the smile disappeared when I remember that Romeo will also be there,,fu-ck.
I got out of the house alone since Madam O was asked to wait,, one of the guards opened the gate and I went out. Suddenly a car appeared,,it’s coming toward the house ,immediately it got to Me it st©pped.
Why did it st©p?? The person opened the door and [email protected]£ down,, oh no it’s Romeo. What thefu-ck does he want this time??
” Hey babe ” he grinned walking closer to me
” My name is not babe ” I snapped
He only smiled starring at every [email protected] of my b©dy,, I hate that type of look ,it’s just lvst and nothing else,, I hate it when someone stare at me this way.
” sir, can you st©p starring at me that way?? ” I said and luckily a taxi appeared from nowhere,, I st©pped it and rushed inside
I breath out,, that was so close,

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