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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Melted heart Episode 11 & 12

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( lost in your world )


Episode 11 💛💛💛💛



😍 Preet’s pov 😍

We were both starring at each others face,,it felt like we were the only one left in the world.
” are you okay? ” he finally broke the silence
I nodded as he released me from his grip ,,,
” thank you sir” I said still feeling embarrassed
We ended up going into the kitchen together,, I got some hard glare from the maids ,,if looks could kill ,I would have been dead by now .

” Ronnie! What are you doing here ?? You shouldn’t be seen here ” Old nanny said
” anything bad in learning how to cook?” Ronnie asked with a smile and I suddenly laughed inwardly,, learning how to cook my foot
” You want to learn how to cook ??” The old woman asked and he nodded
” I will teach you in the future ,,” she said and grab his hand ,,they both walked out of the kitchen

I breath out ,,
💋 I knew it ,,she’s having an affair with Ronnie
💋 They even came down together
💋 I just hate her

” The only thing you can do is to hate me and I don’t care ,,,hate me all you want ” I smirked

and walked out .they are getting on my nerves already .
I walked into the house and met mom already waiting patiently for me ,,I knew am late.
” Preet ,,where are you coking from?” She asked sounding harsh
” mom ,,am Coming from work ” I answered
” hold it right there! Which work ,,,did you see the time ?? Its 9:50pm !”
” am sorry mom ” I said
” sorry for yourself ,,,I pity you. You’ve started following boys around ,,,,,when something happen just count me out of it ,,,,that’s my own ” she snapped and went into her room.

I went after her ,,

” I am sorry ,,,,,I am not following boys trust me ” I said trying to hold back my tears
” Okay ,,,you can leave ,,but for that concert ,,am not giving you the permission to go ,,who knows what can happen. I can’t stay here and watch my only daughter get hurt ” she said
” but mom ,,,it’s just a concert and I really have to go ,,its so important ” I cried
” like I care ” she snapped and closed the door on me

I sighed and went into my room ,,,I really have to go to that concert ,,,,I can’t miss it .


I carried my bag and walked out of the mansion ,,its really late ,,mom is surely gonna yell.
” hey wait ” someone said behind me and I turned back ,,wait,,, Ronnie ?? He walked

to me with his two hands in his pocket ,,I guess he love doing that. What does he want ??
” I heard your house is not close ,,am gonna take you home ” he said and show me the car key in his hand

” You don’t have to worry about me ,,I will be fine ” I said
” why must I force you to do everything? ” he said and grab my hand dragging me toward the car ,,,I was smiling inwardly

We both entered the car ,,,he drove out of the mansion ,,,
” Sir ,,are you sure about this ?? I don’t want anything bad to happen to you ” I said
” nothing is happening okay ?? Am just trying to help ” he replied
I described the way to my house and he seems to get it ,,,we were getting closer to our house when I told him to stop ,,I can’t allow mom to see me coming out of this car

” Are you sure ,,I should drop you here ??” He asked and I nodded
I was about getting out of the car when he hold my hand making Me turn back to him
” Promise me you will attend the concert,,,, gonna eye search for you ” he smiled
” Sir ,,more than Billions of people will be coming,, even if am there ,,how Will you know??” I asked
” Am not saying am going to do that myself,,,, just promise you are gonna come,,,,, seeing you there will be great ”

” I will be there ” I smiled
” go now ,,its late ”
I nodded and walked out of the car ,,,


And now mom won’t allow me go?? So sad ,,,I collapsed on the bed sadly .

….Next day ….

6:00pm Silvers House

My phone rang as I work in the kitchen,, I picked the call ,,

📲 hey Bess ,,where are you ?? The concert is about to start
Elena said on the phone
📲 Am sorry Elena ,,,I won’t be coming
📲 Oh no ,,but why
📲 Ooma is angry with me for going home late last night ,,so it’s my punishment
📲 Am so sad ,,,,okay ,,,you can watch it Live on your phone right ?? Am so sad you won’t be coming,,, bye ,,i have to go now

She hang up ,,,I sighed out.

Old nanny faced me and touched my hair ,,she smiled at me. What is happening?? This is the first time she will be smiling at me .

” You like Ronnie right ??” She asked and I almost choked ,,what is she saying?
” mam what are you talking about? ” I asked
” you don’t have to pretend ,,,I know you like him. I will be glad if he can really fall in love with you ,,,everyone have been waiting for moment like that when he will be seen with a girl after what happened to him ,,,,,,I hope something like that will never happen ” she sigh

” what happened?? ” I asked
She explained everything to me and I felt sad ,,so Jennie was his ex girlfriend?? She really cheated on Ronnie ?? I mean,, every girls dream ?? She a f**king bitch ,how can she cheat on someone like Ronnie?? I can’t believe this.
And now she want him back?? In her dreams,,after working,i sat down and put on my phone to watch the ongoing concert.I will be spending the night here anyway .

It’s not the Crystals turn yet ,,,,other bands were still performing. Soon it was the GOLDS turn ,,,they got to the stage and there was a loud shout.
I smiled when the camera fell on Elena who look so beautiful,,, Jennie was the first person to sing ,,her voice is so perfect,,and then Elena followed ,,,they dance along as they sing ,it was really beautiful.

And then the CRYSTALS was called

💋 Akelah’s pov 💋

The CRYSTALS appeared on stage and everyone went nut immediately,,

👥 CRYSTALS !!!!!
👥 Ronnie oopa !!!!.
👥 They are so handsome!!!!!
👥 I still can’t believe am seeing Ronnie right Now!!

It’s like most people’s attention is on Ronnie ,,,,I smiled as I watch them sing and dance ,,they are just the best ,,fans keep on screaming their names.

Soon ,,the concert came to an end. The winner of the best artist is about to be announced,, everyone was quiet.

🎤 The price for tonight,, goes to no other group but ,,,,Crystals!!!!!!

👥 Omg!! I knew it !! Congratulations !!!

🎤 They just won the overall best artist and also the best male band !! Let them come forward to receive this award

The stood up and went up the stage ,,,

👥 I love you so much!!!!
👥Congratulations !!!
👥 Ronnie Oopa!!!.

🎤 And the award of the best female band goes to The GOLD!!!

Everyone was happy for them ,,they also received their award and finally it was time for fans to meet with them .

I immediately find my way so I won’t end up at the last line,, and luckily I was on the tenth row,,,,,, according to how the CRYSTALS were sitting ,,Wyaat will be the first to attend to us,, followed by Ryan ,,Romeo ,Ronnie and lastly Micheal

Finally it’s my turn ,,,Wyaat signed an autograph for me and I was able to hold his hand ,,am I not lucky right now ?? I’ve always dream about this for many years
I got to Ryan ,,,,he also did the same ,,am sorry I only have a gift for Micheal and Ronnie ,,,finally I got to Ronnie ,,
” Wow ,,you’re a black ?? ” he asked with a smile .
” yeah,, black american ” I replied
” its so good to see you here ” he said

Wow ,,he’s so nice

” I have a gift for you ” I said and brought out a bandana ,,I always notice that he love using it
” Wow ,,thank you ,,,am going to tie it now ” he smiled and immediately used it
” thank you for accepting my little gift ,,I’ve always dream of meeting you ” I said before moving to Micheal,,my main target

” Black American?? ” he asked and I nodded .
” wow ,,,you look beautiful ” he said and I felt butterflies In my tummy ,,did my crush just said am beautiful??
” thank you ” I said trying to hide my blush

He signed an autograph for me and I gave him the gift ,,

” Can you please don’t open it until you get home ?? It’s something special ” I said
” okay I promise ,,,bye ,,thanks for being a fan ” he waved at me

That word hurt ,,,he only sees me as a fan girl ,,but I love him .

😍 Preet’s pov 😍

” hey ,,take this to Ronnie,,I guess he’s tired right Now ,,this will calm him down ” old Nana said
I nodded and went upstairs,, am so nervous ,what if he’s angry because I didn’t make it to the concert ,,,I knocked,, after about a minute ,he opened .

” You ?? What are you doing here ?? You’re not going home??” He asked
” no ,,,am staying here. Old Nana asked me to give you this ,,”
” can’t believe she still sees me as a five year old kid ” he smiled and took a sip from the milk

” You were not there,,, you promised. Why don’t you keep your promise??” He asked starring into my eyes
” Am sorry ,,,,but ,,,,,”
” its fine ,I know you have a good reason why you didn’t come ” he said and I smiled.

There was total silence,,,, I was feeling uncomfortable already .

” I will be leaving now ” I said and stood up ,,he suddenly drag me back to sit ,,
” you said you’re not going home, so where are you going? ” he asked
” To sleep ” I answered
” you can sleep here instead,,, don’t leave me ” he said and I almost choked
” sir?? I will get into trouble if anyone find out ,,”
” no one is gonna find out ” he said and pulled me closer ,,his hand around me. I only stood still,,I wasn’t looking at him but I could feel his eyes all over me .

” Preet ??” He called
” Sir ??”
” Can I kiss you ??” He asked

What ???



Episode 12 ♥♥♥♥


😍 Preet’s pov 😍

” Are you okay ??” I came back to reality immediately I heard the voice
I can’t believe I was thinking about him asking for a kiss ,,,
‘ it’s just an imagination Preet,, it will never happen’
I sighed and stood up ,,,
” Am leaving,,, goodnight ” I smiled,he replied with a nod. I walked out of his suite and went into the room old Nana told me to use ,,,,,I collapsed on the bed and slapped my head lightly. Just forget about Ronnie ,,he will never be yours.
I finally fell asleep after much try,,,

Next Morning
I woke up earlier than usual,,I went into the bathroom ,I brush my teeth and took my bath ,,after taking my bath I went back into the room. I put on a short skirt and a top ,,I decided to loose my hair today since I always pack it in a ponytail,, am just gonna change style today.
I put on my snickers and carried my bag ,,,a message came on my phone ,I checked and it’s from Elena.

💌 Hey ,,,am coming to pick you up from the mansion
I smiled before I replied
💌 You’re the best

I got out of the room and went downstairs,,, I decided to greet the old Nana before leaving ,,,
I entered the kitchen and I was welcomed with hateful glares from the other maids ,,I ignored them .

” morning old Nana ” I said and smiled
” oh ,,,you’re about to leave ??” She asked and I nodded
” Have some plantains ” she said handing over a plate to me
” thank you mam ” I said and took it from her ,,I ate everything and drank a cup of water ,,,,

I walked out and went to the living room,,she also followed me ,,we keep on chatting until we heard a step coming downstairs, we both turned our head to see the person. Oh ,,Ronnie ,,,

” hey Ronnie ,,,”
” morning ” he said with a light smile
” how was your night ??” She asked
” cool ”
” You’re going to eat breakfast right ??”
” not hungry ” he replied and walked toward the door ,,he suddenly stopped and faced us again .

” Hey ,,,you won’t go to school ??” He asked and I lost my words almost immediately
” I will” I finally replied .
” When ?? Come,, am taking you ” he said and I gasped
What ?? I can’t possibly go with him ,,,the students will hate me ,,they will say bad things about me

” what are you waiting for ?” He asked
I stood up and walked to him ,,,he continue walking while I followed .

” morning sir ” the guards all bowed their heads as we got outside ,,,We both entered the same car ,,,the driver drove out of the compound ,another car was behind us ,,the bodyguards are the ones inside ,,,I immediately text Elena that she can go to school directly, she asked for the reason and I said am going to explain in school.

After texting, I kept the phone and keep on starring at my finger ,,,the ride was silent and I was nervous. I raised my head up to check him ,,he was busy with his phone and I dropped my head again before he notice finally got to school ,,,I immediately got down from the car before the students noticed that he came together but I guess I was not fast enough.

👥 Did she came down from Ronnie’s car ??
👥 Why did they come together??
👥 She look so beautiful!!
👥 Her skin is so white and fresh !!
👥 I love her hair,, its so long !
👥 Is she close to him??
👥 They look like lovers!!
👥 Is that Oopa’s girlfriend??
👥 Omg !! Am so jealous of her right now
👥 We need an explanation to this

Oh no ,,they thought we are dating,, and we are not. I hope I won’t get into trouble right now if this go wide .
Someone grab my hand from the back and I faced whoever the person is

” oh ,,Elena ” I smiled
” come with me ” she said dragging me away from the students view ,,she just saved me
” you really came with Ronnie??” She asked looking surprised
” I never wanted this to happen either,, but he told me I should go with him and I could not reject it ” I explained
” omg !!! He asked you to come with him? Am so jealous!!” She shouted

” Come on ,,its nothing, we didn’t even speak to each other throughout the ride ” I scoff
” who cares?? You’re so lucky ” she smiled
” but,is there no class today ?? The school is somehow ” I asked
” don’t you get?? The two bands won the most important award at the competition yesterday,, we have to celebrate it !!” She said happily
She suddenly stopped and checked me out .

” are you sure you don’t know about this?” She asked
” of course,, I don’t know ”
” then why are you dressed like this?? Oh my gee ,,you even losed your hair ,,am sure the students doesn’t recognize you ” she winked
” shut up Elena ” I said and rolled my eyes,,she love pulling my legs
” I just hope it won’t go round ” I sigh
” are you kidding me right now?? The almighty Ronnie seen with a girl?? You should get ready to become popular,,, the fans are curious right now to know who you are ” she said

I breath out,,,why did I accepted his offer in the first place? I shouldn’t have followed him when he asked me to ,,but I was lost in his charms.

🎻 Jennie’s pov 🎻

” omg !! Guys check the ongoing news ” Ava shouted
” What is it ??” I asked sounding uninterested
” its a news about Ronnie and a girl ,,,the question is ,,is she Ronnie’s girlfriend?? The girl looks hot !” Ava shouted
I immediately checked on my phone ,,,I saw the pictures all over. How can people be so stupid?? The news is all over within few minutes??

” I know that girl ,,,” Mia suddenly said
” who is she ??” I asked
” I can’t believe you don’t remember her ,,,,she’s the girl we saw with Elena in the cafeteria ” She said
I zoomed the picture and that was when I noticed that she’s really the one ,,
” who the hell is that girl!! ” I said angrily and smashed my phone on the wall
” Take it easy Jennie ,,we can’t tell yet. She may have nothing to do with Ronnie ” Ava said
” But ,,the girl is beautiful,, did you see her backside alone ?? Ronnie might just fall in love with her ” Mia said

” I can’t allow that to happen ,,never ,,,Ronnie is mine and mine alone ” I said and brought out another phone
I immediately contact Wilson ,,,my personal guard

📲 Yes mam??
📲 Find out everything about the girl with Ronnie ,,,right now!
📲 Okay mam

I hanged up and roughed my hair ,,i swear ,am gonna destroy her if there’s something going on between them ,,,

❤ Ryan’s pov ❤

We all waited patiently for Ronnie to come in ,,and soon he entered. I don’t think he noticed us ,,he was operating his phone ,,that is his number one addiction anyway ,,he sat down and finally look up .

” What ,,why are you guys starring at me that way?? What do you want?? ” he asked
” Who was the girl with you ?? ” Michael asked and we all waited for his answer curiously
” why are you so curious to know? ”
” Ronnie ,,the news is all over ,,,,who is she to you ??” Wyaat asked
” Who do you think she is?” He asked and we gasped
” Don’t tell me ,,,she’s your girlfriend?? ” I asked

” She’s not my girlfriend,,, the news are fake ” he replied
” Then why don’t you react to it and tell your fans that she’s not your girlfriend?? ” Michael asked
” does that really matter ,,they can continue thinking she’s my girlfriend ” he replied
We all faced each other and then back to him ,,no one said a word again. Does he like the girl by any chance??

” Why are you all silent?? ” he asked
” Its nothing,,,, ” I replied
” Hey Michael ,,have you checked the gift you told us about ?? She told you to open it when you’re alone ,,let’s check it out ” Wyaat said and we all nodded
He asked a maid to bring it from his room ,,soon the maid got back and hand over the wrapped gift to him .

” she was a black American?? ” Wyaat asked
” yes ,,but she’s cute ” he replied
” I never asked maybe she’s cute or not ” Wyaat snapped causing us to laugh
Wyaat was the one who opened it ,,

” Its a necklace,, a diamond ” he said and gave it to Michael
” Wow it’s amazing ” I said and took it from him
” and a letter ” Wyaat said and show us the letter
” Am gonna read that ” Ronnie said and grab it from Wyaat,,we all listened as he reads

📨 Dear Michael Oopa

I know this is crazy ,,,but ,,,I just wanna tell you that I really love you alot,,it’s not a fan girl’s love,,I really love you as a man. Watching you make me lost in you ,,listening to your voice is my addiction ,,you’re my sunshine,, waking up everyday wishing you were mine,,,,,, I know my love for you is never gonna work ,,but I have to clear my heart which only beats for you ,,,,I will be leaving soon ,,I only came down to Korea to give you this. In case you finally get a girlfriend,, always remember that there is someone who really do care about you and will always do .
Your Fan ,,Akeelah

He finished reading and we faced Michael who seem deep in thought ,,
” that was a deep one bro ” Wyaat said tapping his shoulder
” let him think ” Ronnie said with a smirk,, he winked and I smiled
” I was touched ,,,,,” Michael finally spoke up and we all burst into laughter
” I was touched ” I mimicked his voice and we laughed again .
” I was also touched ,,she must really love you a lot to come here to give you that ” Ronnie said

” So what ,,,when are you going to tell us the truth,, what the hell is going on between you and the girl,, and who is she ?? She’s really a student of Silver Rings?? I’ve never seen her ,,she look hot ,,since Ronnie is not dating her ,,I can just have her instead ” Wyaat said and Ronnie shot him a hard glare
” Are you kidding right now ?? You don’t even know her ” Ronnie said
” who cares?? All I know is that she’s hot ,,she’s my type ” Wyaat said

I only kept quiet watching them ,,I know Wyaat was only pulling Ronnie’s legs and he fell for it.

😍 Preet’s pov 😍
I breath out as I saw the picture all over the internet,, it was even on TV


This is crazy !!! How can news spread faster like this !!! Just this morning??!! And why the f**k can’t they recognize me ?? Did my looks change in the clothes I was wearing this morning?? Did I suddenly become different when my hair is down ?? I can’t think straight right now ,,,,i entered into the mansion, I was now putting on a jogger and a light top ,,,the pressure was too much ,,right now I am regretting that I put on something like that ,,,I already packed my hair in my normal messy bund and I think I look like myself right now..

Immediately I entered ,Molly was the first who ran to me ,,I smiled and kissed her cheek
” how are you ??” I asked
” I am great ” she replied
” that’s good ”
” I saw the news ” she said and I immediately covered her mouth
” You don’t have to cover my mouth ,,right now ,,Mom and Dad really want to know who the girl is ” she winked
” So ,,do you know who the girl is? ” I asked
” I know it’s you ” ..

” Don’t tell anyone okay ??” I said,, she nodded with a smile.
She ran upstairs,,, I sighed and went into the kitchen,
” Thank God you are here,,, Ronnie’s room need to get tidy up before he arrives ,,can you do that ??” She asked
” of course ” I replied and went straight to Ronnie’s Suite .
I cleaned up everywhere,, not like it’s dirty anyway. After cleaning,, I walked into the bathroom to wash my hand and face ,,how can a bathroom be bigger than my house ??

I don’t even know what to operate right now ,,I pressed a botton and the water started splashing all over my body .
” oh no ,,,please go off!!” I almost screamed as I tried putting it off .
By the time I got the right button,,, my clothes were all wet. The joggers were tight to my butt ,,the light top became stick to my body that almost every part of me could be seen ,,,oh no ,,I have to go and change into something else ,,I then remember I don’t have any other cloth here,, what do I do??

The door suddenly opened ,,,,oh no ,,,,He can’t see me this way ,,I started searching around to take a towel ,,,but I could not find any ,,,oh no am dead ,,,and then the door opened,,, No!




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