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meilin reborn episode 80 & 81

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁


“A demon is supposed to have a partner by their side, someone who can stand by them, sit by their side and satisfy all their needs” he paused and dropped the cup down, his dark eyes not leaving hers which was starting to make her feel a bit uncomfortable.

“And I like you” he added and Nevaeh didn’t know when her heart skipped beats.

She immediately shook her head and grabbed the bottle from the table, poured it on her cup and began drinking.

He just said that he liked her, that has been what she wanted to hear so she can finally kill him but now she was feeling flushed, hot and slightly uncomfortable.

She stopped drinking when she noticed that he was still looking at her.

“What?” She asked without looking at him.

“I just said that I like you so aren’t you going to say anything?” He asked in his usual dry voice.

Nevaeh let out a scoff. He likes her and he’s sounding that way, this demon king surely knows how to humiliate people. Damn him!

She raised her head up and gave him angry looks.

“I hate you and I’m going to kill you!” She said with pure hatred.

Draco silently rolled his eyes and sipped more from his wine. “I didn’t get that” he said.

Nevaeh banged her fist on the table and moved her face closer to his.

“I hate you and I want to kill you! I hate you and I want to kill you! I hate you and I want to kill you. Did you get that now?” She yelled to his face this time.

There was silence for a while before slowly looked up at her and again Nevaeh’s heart skipped beats without knowing. His eyes appeared to be more darker and deeper and as he stared at her it was as if he was burning everything that were inside her body, she couldn’t stand looking at him again so she faced elsewhere and cleared her throat.

“Look at me” his deep and husky voice echoed in her ears and she frowned deeply.

Who does he thinks he is? Is he thinking that she was freaked out by his handsomeness or something? Wait she just admitted that he was handsome and smoking hot, he can make a girl wanna cùm just by his sight alone and why is she thinking like this!!

Nevaeh shook her head, he was starting to mess with her brains again and maybe he was using his demonic powers to make her feel this way.

Damn this sly demon, he was using his powers on her. She gritted her teeth angrily and turn to face him again.

“Tell me that you hate me one more time” he said slowly and Nevaeh gaze went to his w€t l!ps first, she gulped down all her saliva before clearing her throat.

“I don’t know what is so [email protected] to understand with the fact that I hate you and want to kill you. Ever since I set my eyes on you right from bliss college, I knew that you were my sworn enemy I might be scared of you back then but this is now, I’m not f**king scared of you or whatever you’re planning and listen up Draco, even if I’ll have to take my last breath in the process of killing you then I won’t mind doing it. That is how much I hate you” she finally poured her heart out to his face, not caring if he finds it hurtful or offensive. That is if this heartless demon could even get hurt.

Draco chuckled slowly before looking at her again.

“So you think I’m wrong because I avenged my family’s death?” He asked with his gaze focused on her.

“Have you forgotten that your family was a demon, they killed a lot of people and karma caught up with them so wait till it catch up with you too, devil” she glared at him.

Draco stood up and crossed his hands together at the back. No one knew that he was tightly clenching his fist, he wanted to grab her now and just kill her but was refraining himself.

“What?” Nevaeh stood up too and crossed her arms under her br*ast, “What’s there to just accept that your parents deserved their death. At least you were lucky to stay alive and work as a general in your enemies palace, you know Draco don’t you think it’s really funny” she laughed and continued.

“You use to act like you were smart back then, following your enemies orders like you were a dog. I’m sure you’ve even klzzed their feet” she laughed again and continued not knowing that she was really cracking him up, whatever powers he has been using to control his emotions were slowly leaving him and he just felt like shutting her up by any means.

“You are still such a fool, you look down on me that’s why you married me Just so that you can prove that I’m wrong about wanting to kill you, always using your damned powers to mess up with my brains but you’re so wrong, I will kill you and I will make sure you die the exact way your father died”

The moment that statement left her mouth, he lost it and turned to her then used his powers to pull her close to himself, grabbed on her neck tight and slammed her back [email protected] against the wall.

Nevaeh [email protected] out, all the confidence she was using to talk to him earlier started disappearing the moment she saw his face.

He was starting to look more scary as he gripped on her neck a lot more tighter. Blood began coming out of Nevaeh’s mouth and her face turned angry again.

“Why don’t you just kill me already!” She managed to speak and he released her making her fall like she’s a piece of rag.

Not up to a second, he disappeared off and Nevaeh slowly sat on the floor. Breathing and coughing as she tried regaining her composure.

She looked around to find out that he was no longer in the room and her began turning misty. Painful tears came out of her eyes and she immediately covered her face with her hands.

“You’ll regret not killing me the moment you found out was I was here for I swear!!” She cried and gripped her hair painfully.



Aaron woke up and stretched his arms up separately he had slept and ate comfortably last night. His sister is married to the king’s only son, he didn’t even want to imagine the good treatments that she must receiving.

He stood up and took the rope he hanged on the stand then put it on before stepping out.

“Alix” he called when he didn’t see his bodyguard outside.

“Where did he go” he muttered and yawned again then paused when he saw someone he never expected to see here.

‘Isn’t that… That cry baby of yesterday?’ he thought when he saw her walked out of the kitchen with a chicken wing on her mouth.

He smiled.

“Turns out she’s also a food thief” he muttered before running to meet her.

He ran to her and blocked her path.

“Hey remember me?” He asked with a smile.

Ling stared at him from head to toes.

“And you are?” She asked confusedly.

‘Huh? She doesn’t know me, does she have a poor memory too?’ he wondered.

“You don’t remember me, come on don’t be silly” he smiled and hit her shoulders.

Ling looked at her shoulders then looked back at him.

“I don’t know you and try not to touch me again” she scoffed and began leaving.

“Hey cry baby” he held her forearm and the chicken leg fell from her mouth. “Why the rush miss cry baby?” He asked with a smile.

Boi who coming from behind saw the scene and immediately rushed to them.

“Stay away from the princess” he said as he grabbed Aaron by the shirt and pulled him away from her.

He thought that Aaron was trying to [email protected] Ling so he brought out his sword and pointed it at him.

“Who are you and what do you want from her highness?” He asked, threatening Aaron with his eyes.

Aaron first dusted his clothes before replying.

“I’m the Pearl prince, my name is Aaron Lee the last son of king Lee, the king of the Pearl palace. My sister is princess Sapphire and she got married to the famous angel of light also known as the king son, anything else?” He asked after answering the questions that Boi asked him.

Boi slowly dropped his hands down and pressed his l!ps together.

“So what if you’re a prince, does that give you the right to [email protected] me?” Ling spoke up.

“Yes, a prince can do whatever he want right dude?” He said looking at Boi and when Boi didn’t reply he smiled.

“I forgot that you aren’t a prince, you’re just a bodyguard” he laughed.

“You!” Boi glared at him and scoffed.

“Anyways I’ll take my leave, we’ll meet again princess” he winked at Ling and walked away.

Ling scoffed before facing Boi.

“Did you see Shine?” She asked.

“At the backyard” he replied and she left.

Boi kept staring at her till she was sight as he recalled what that rude prince said.

*I forgot that you aren’t a prince, you’re just a bodyguard*

He sighed and shook his head immediately.



Gianna slowly opened her eyes only to find herself sleeping on the same bed with Den and they were cuddling.

She slowly removed his hands off then raised her body up a little so she could look at his face.

He looked so peaceful while sleeping, last night she treated him with care, without shouting on him and staying far away from him and she could tell that he was really happy.

Maybe she should start treating him well everyday so he’d start sleeping well. She shook her head on her own thoughts and immediately fell back to the bed and closed her eyes when she saw him wake up.

Den looked at her and smiled before pinching her cheeks.

“I saw you looking at me Anna” he said softly.

When he called her Anna, Meilin frowned. He’s behaving sweetly to her because of Anna and not her.

She shook her head wondering why she was thinking of this, she didn’t want him to behave good to her because all she wanted was her revenge but why does she keeps getting jealous each time he calls her Anna.

Saying “I’m not Anna” isn’t helpful because she was partly Anna, partly herself but unlike before, she’s the one controlling Gianna’s body so she’s the one feeling everything for now.

“Fine you caught me” she slowly sat up.

“Good morning” Den klzzed her cheeks and she rubbed it before standing up.

“Morning, you didn’t have dinner last night and so do I so I’ll tell Fen to get something for us to eat” she stood up from the bed and began leaving the room before Den could reply.

Maybe if she can speed the process and finally get her revenge then she would leave Gianna and will be finally free from the thought that she was already having feelings for this kid.

She was big enough to carry and br£@stfeed him when he was a kid so she shouldn’t be liking him now, especially when he sees her as someone else.

She rolled her eyes with the thought and opened the door only to bump into Sapphire.

“What are you still doing here?” Sapphire asked angrily.

“And why will I explain to you?” She crossed her arms.

Den slowly stood up from the bed and began walking towards them.

He wrapped his hands around Gianna’s shoulders as he stared at Sapphire.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“How can you ask me that Den, I’m your wife!” Sapphire yelled in tears.

Den sighed and looked at Gianna.

“Find us breakfast I’ll talk to her” he said and Gianna left with a scoff.

“Come in” he said to Sapphire and she stepped in.

“I think you also deserve to know that our parents faked our marriage” he said and Sapphire’s eyes widened.

“What do you mean?” She asked.


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