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meilin reborn episode 36 & 37

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁



“Free day today, no [email protected]$$es yayeee!!” Gianna stretched as she came out of the bathroom.

Nevaeh had just finished dressing up, she applied some li-pstick on her li-ps and turned back to look at Gianna who was busy dancing in her towels

“Lazy bones, dress up let’s go to the cafeteria” Nevaeh chuckled.

“Yeah that’s what I wanna do… Wait!! Cafeteria??, Why can’t you just cook here. I was planning to spend my day by laying down on this be-d and doing nothing” Gianna pouted.

“It wouldn’t work that way sweetie, dress up and meet me at the cafeteria, I’ll order some food for us, what would you love to eat?” Nevaeh asked, getting ready to twist the door knob.

“Hmm…. Crab Rangoon with some orange juice” Gianna replied and Nevaeh gave her a thumb up before leaving.

After Nevaeh had left, Gianna took off the towel and began changing, she went to the mirror to brush her hair but she frozed when she saw that princess again.

She immediately stepped away from the mirror and dropped the brush.

“This is the third time, no it’s not real” she said in a shaky voice then stretched her hands to her bag and it flew straight to her

She screamed and fell down immediately.

“It’s still not real” she whispered.

Someone knocked the door and without thinking she told the person to come in.

It opened and the person stepped in.

“Morning princess”…

The moment she heard the voice, she spranged up immediately.

That was a male voice and luckily she was dressed already so she just slowly turned to see who it was.

It was that blue guy again.

“What are you doing here, how did you even enter?, Didn’t you see the female security outside?” She asked all at once.

“Oh that, I made myself invisible” he smiled.

“You what?” She asked and he shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it, let’s go have breakfast” he said and took her hand but she pulled back immediately and raised her chin up then cleared her throat.

“This is a girl’s room I need you to leave, what if I was dressing?” She asked.

“What if you were dressing?” He muttered and stared at her.

“If you were dressing then it doesn’t matter, ask me why” he replied and she blinked.

“Why?” She asked.

He walked closer to her and she moved back till she got to the wall.

He caged her with his both hands and smiled, looking down at her.

“I’m your future husband that’s why so it’s normal” he replied with a simple shurg.

Gianna kept looking up at him and blinking till the door opened and Harmony stepped in.

She frozed and covered her mouth immediately.

“I’m sorry, I just thought you were free and we could have breakfast together, I didn’t know that you were busy, I’m sorry I’m sorry” she bowed twice and rushed out.

Gianna shook her head and escaped by [email protected]$$ing under Rennie’s hands since she was short enough to do so.

“Wait Harmony it’s not what you think, I’m not together with him”… she called as she chased after her.

Rennie just smiled and dusted his shoulders before disappearing off.



The cafeteria was field with students eating and talking.

Nevaeh was seen standing at the counter and placing her orders when Elvis came in with Rick.

“Good morning miss line…

“It’s miss Lyn” the waitress corrected Elvis with a frown.

“I’m sorry, we wanna place our others now” Elvis replied.

“You’ll have to wait because I’m answering this girl” Miss Lyn pointed Nevaeh.

“Alright no problem we’ll just…

“What??, I can’t wait I’m hungry and I need something to eat now” Elvis cut Rick off.

“So what about me?, Don’t you think I need something to eat too?” Nevaeh said from where she was standing.

“Who cares about you, your appetite is not as strong as mine” Elvis replied.

“You!!” She seethed and hit his head with her hand.

“Ouch!” Elvis winced.

“How dare you disrespect me because you’re hungry?” She asked, standing akimbo.

Rick decided to leave them and sit down on his seat and as he went to sit, Zachary entered the cafeteria and walked straight to the counter not minding the people that were arguing.

“Chinese noddles” he ordered.

Miss Lyn nodded and began packing it for him.

Once she was done, she handed it to him then he paid her and began leaving.

Nevaeh saw Zachary leaving and she stopped arguing with Elvis immediately.

“Hey stop” she rushed to his front and blocked him with her both hands spr-ead on the air.

“How dare you….

She pushed when she looked at his face, her head began hurting and she began seeing some blur image of her being strangled by someone.

Zachary scoffed silently and walked past her while she shook her head back to earth.

“How dare you place your order before me, couldn’t you wait in the line” she yelled and faced front only to meet Elvis placing his orders already.

“Damn you little screw ball” she muttered.

Elvis took too much time into placing his orders, Nevaeh and the other students had to wait for almost an hour before Elvis was done.

“Thanks for ordering all the rice” Nevaeh glared at him as he left with a very big tray of food.

Then she stepped forward next and made her own orders before going back to pick a sit for herself.

“How long will this Anna take just to dress up” she muttered silently and almost immediately Gianna entered the cafeteria.

She searched for Nevaeh and when she saw her, she hurriedly rushed to sit with her.

“Guess what happened when you left” She said

“What?” Nevaeh asked and Gianna looked left and right.

“You know that new guy that calls himself peaco-ck prince?” She asked.

“The blue guy?” Nevaeh creased her brows.

“Hmm, that one, he came to our room” she said and Nevaeh eyes wide-ned.

“Our room?” She repeated and Gianna nodded.

“What was he looking for there?” She asked.

“Me! He said I was his future husband!, That tall maniac” Gianna scoffed.

“That was disrespectful, what if you were dressing?” Nevaeh asked and Gianna shurgged.

While they were taking, Zachary was silently listening to their conversations.

“Future husband?” He muttered with a creased brow.



Den got to the palace, he ignore all the greetings he received and bowed once he got to the king’s front.

“Den, why are you here?” The king asked.

“Father” Den called still bowing.

“Rise my son” the king said but Den didn’t rise.

“Please father I need a little favor from you” he pleaded.

“What’s that?” The king asked and Den looked up.

“It’s about prince Rennie please I need you to talk to the gods and se-nd him back” he pleaded.

“I can’t do that Den, my job is to listen to the gods and [email protected]$$ out the message for you guys to do, this was what they asked me to do, I can’t argue with our creator or else I’ll die just the way my father died, do you want me to tell you the story once again?” He asked and Den shook his head.

He was already used to the stories his father had been telling him, he’s tired of listening to the same story about when the gods asked his father’s father to marry a woman and he refused so they killed him then made his father the king of Jade heavens AKA the one and only strongest kingdom among all.

Normally, no one can get direct message from the gods the way his father do, the Jade heavens and the Jade disciples are the closest to the gods before any other supernaturals.

In earth, they would call their gods, God just like how the strong pastors are always close to God that was just how the Jade king was close to the gods.

Only the kings has the ability to communicate with the gods personally, and the gods does not decided who you can date or love, you’re free to do that, the only thing they do is to tell you what will happen and how you can try defending it plus they pick the wife for the royals and it’s not compulsory for you to love the wife they give you, you just don’t argue with them.

That was the mistake his father’s father made, he didn’t like the wife the gods had chose-nfor him and that was why he was killed. If he was a demon he wouldn’t have died because they gods doesn’t pick wives for demons, they are on their own.

Den sighed and slowly stood up, he really don’t have a problem with what the gods will give him when it’s time.. well that was what he do say before but now he can’t confidently say it anymore.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him but he suddenly don’t want any woman from the gods, maybe because he knows what he wants.

“Den stop thinking too much just go back and endure how annoying he is, the gods has a reason for asking Rennie to come with you” the queen said and Den looked at her.

“I know mother but I feel like that ancient prince is too reckless, he use his powers anyhow and he doesn’t even act like someone that is ten thousand years old, he acts so immature and…

“That’s enough Den, you should remember that he’s older than you so atleast talk about him with some respect” the king cut him off.

Den sighed and folded his arms together then bowed.

“I’m sorry father” he apologized.

“It’s okay, you should leave now and don’t forget that we and the human aren’t using the same time, it’s already evening you should go and continue with your mission” the king replied.

“Yes father” Den bowed and stood straight.

“Tell Ling and Shine that I was here” he added before leaving.



It was already evening and the view was focused in the huge house that was for some popular final year college boys.

On the norms, it’s very rare for the final year students to invite the first year or second year students over.

This should be the third time they will be inviting them and the final year students pa-rties are always a must attend.

Right now, various cars are already stopping and students were seeing coming down from it.

A cab just stopped and Nevaeh came down with Gianna.

“Woah” Gianna smiled, looking around.

“I know right, so beautiful.. let’s go in” Nevaeh gushed and grabbe-d Gianna’s hand and they both rushed in.

Another car stopped and Jett came down with Colton.

“Woah this place is so big, I bet the pa-rty will be really cool” Colton said and Jett scoffed.

“My place is more bigger and better” he rolled his eyes and entered.

As time was ticking more students were already finding their way in.

The next car that stopped was for Violet Isla and Lucy then it wasn’t up to a minute when a black shinning speed bike found its way in.

It stopped and the person sitting there slowly removed the helmet.

“Woah, he’s so handsome… Just kill me already” girls began gushing.

The girls stared with watery mouth as Zachary came down from the bike dressed in black from head to toes, looking like a se-xy gangster.

He just walked in not caring about the eyes that were all over him.

That was not his problem, for all her knows, he’s coming here just to do one thing and that thing is none other than his mission.

Then the next car entered and Rick stepped down with Elvis, they went to the back and opened door for Angie to come out.

“This was not even necessary” Angie muttered as he stepped down.

“Ignore me your highness I’m just too happy, I’m finally at a pa-rty where I won’t have to be guarding the door” Elvis said happily.

Angie just chuckled and moved to him then grabbe-d one of his ears.

“Ouch!” Elvis winced.

“What have I told you about calling me your highness on earth, what if one of the humans hears you?” He said.

“Ouch! High… I mean I’m sorry Angie please, you know we were just coming back from the Jade heavens” Elvis pleaded and Rick chuckled.

“Elvis the next time you call me your highness again I will you sleep on the floor” Angie said.

“Copied sir, I mean Angie” Elvis replied and Angie released him.

“This is a pa-rty, don’t do anything unusual” he instructed and they both nodded.

“Good let’s go” he said and they stepped in.


The pa-rty was already active, the loud music was already pla-ying and sold students were already dancing.

Elvis had already gone to visit the food section, Rick was taking with some guys while Rennie was seen talking with some girls that were bothering him.

Angie sat one place, looking at him.

He scoffed and searched for Gianna with his eyes then smiled when he saw her dancing with Nevaeh on the dance floor.

“She’s having so much fun” he smiled and sighed.

“You shouldn’t be thinking of this Den, your mission is to protect her and nothing else” he thought sadly.

Zachary on the other hand was sitting on a separate table, drinking slowly and looking at Gianna who was dancing happily with her friend.

The only thought on his mind was how to look for a perfect time to kill her once and for all.

Behind him it was Lucy, Violet and Isla. Isla eyes were on Angie, Violet eyes were on Rennie while Lucy kept looking at Zachary.

Just watching him alone was making her core ache so bad.

She began rubbing her legs together when it was getting worst.

Just what was this guy doing to her, how could someone be we-t just watching a guy drinking some wine.

She could hold it anymore and she decided to speak up.

“Girls I’m damn we-t, I need him inside me right now” Lucy whispered and the girls looked at her.

“Oh good luck on that, but I’d advise you to look for another guy” Isla laughed.

“Why’s that?” Lucy asked.

“Because it’s obvious that he’ll never look at you” Violet replied.

“That is so not true” Lucy frowned.

“Wanna bet?” Isla smirked

“Yes” Lucy replied.

“Okay, you’ll have s-x with Zachary before the pa-rty is over and you’ll se-nd us the video” Violet said.

“Piece of cake” Lucy scoffed.

“And if you fail to do so..” Isla smirked and moved her face closer to her.

“You’ll go on your knees and apologize to Gianna in front of the whole school the next day” she said.

Lucy eyes wide-ned a bit.

“In or not in?” Violet smiled.

Lucy closed her eyes tight and moved closer to them with a daring look on her face.

“Deal” she said.


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