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meilin reborn episode 2 & 3

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁



The sight alone is mind-b!owingnly awesome, the palace is made up of pure gold.

The insides were also made of golds, the chairs gold, the tables are gold, the candles are giant with warm fire coming out of it.

Inside the main hall, it shows a young woman putting on an ancient Chinese traditional dress, sitting on a golden throne.

Her elbow was placed on the arms of the chair, her f!ngerswere used to support her chin as she closed her eyes, slee-ping or resting, no one knows.

The only sound that could be heard is that of the musicians pla-ying the herb in a soft and smooth tone.

Everywhere else was silent, then slowly a paper flew into the palace, straight to where the lady was resting, before it could t©uçh her face, she cought it.

Her eyes slowly flew open, her thick lashes also worked as it opened, she looked at the paper and slowly opened it.

In the paper was written.. “Jade heavens had decided that the formal crown princess Xia Meilin will be getting her recanalization, her spirit will enter a pure hearted and naive girl who lives on earth”

Chuyun immediately stood up in anger and the music st©pped.

“Everyone leave!!” She ordered.

The musicians bowed together and left.

Chuyun faced her pri-vate maid and she bowed.

“Where is Daiyu?” Chuyun asked.

“Her room my lady” the maid replied.

“Go and call her and tell her to summon black lake now” she ordered.

The maid bowed and left.


Daiyu slowly opened her eyes and a dark vortex appeared into the crown princess palace hall, it opened and black lake [email protected]£ out.

“Why have the new crown princess summoned me?” She asked.

Chuyun stood up and moved closer to her then showed her the paper.

“Explain this!” She ordered.

Black lake collected the paper and looked at it, she looked at Chuyun then Daiyu and laughed loudly.

“This is the written fate from the Jade heavens, it says the spirit of the formal crown princess has been roaming about none st©p, it is very angry and it’s looking for a way to come back, any way” Black lake replied.

“How can we st©p her?” Daiyu asked.

“By looking for the chos£n one and killing her” Black lake replied.

“I heard she is on earth, how are we supposed to find her” Chuyun fumed.

Black lake laughed again and closed her eyes.

“Can you help us locate her?” Chuyun asked.

“I can but it’ll be so [email protected], I won’t know the exact girl”.

“Then just tell us where she is and we’ll take care of it” Daiyu said.

Black Lake sat on the floor and closed her eyes, she began humming some strange words.

Chuyun and Daiyu looked at themselves and looked at her again when she opened her eyes.

“The girl is a college student on earth, I don’t know what she looks like but she attends bliss college” Black lake said.

“Bliss college?” Chuyun repeated and Black lake nodded before standing up.

“Go and haunt her down, kill her before it’s too late” she said then screamed before disappearing.

Chuyun and Daiyu looked at themselves again before Chuyun walked slowly to her throne.

“Xia Meilin was killed thousands of years ago, won’t she just rest!!” Daiyu complained.

“Now is not the time to complain, we need a good plan as soon as possible” Chuyun said and her hands gr!pp£don the arms of her chair ti-ghtly.



“Done” Gianna said and dropped the last comic book on the be-d.

Nevaeh who was busy checking the noddles she was cooking paused and looked back.

“I’m sorry but what?” She asked.

“I’m done re-ading all the comics you bought” Gianna replied.

“Done??, You just started re-ading five minutes ago how could you be done?” Nevaeh crossed her arms.

“Because they are just up to five or ten or twenty pages, what a piece of cake” Gianna scoffed.

“But till you can’t re-ad five of them un-der ten minutes” Nevaeh muttered.

“I do re-ad novels of two hundred or three hundred chapter so this comics is just like I’m drinking a tiny [email protected] of water” Gianna rolled her eyes and stood up then dust her be-d.

She took her phone from the charger and went to a novel app.

“Quit looking at me it’s creepy” she said when Nevaeh won’t st©p staring.

“Sorry” Nevaeh replied and faced the noddles she was cooking.

Gianna opened a novel and gro-an ed out.

“Boring!!” She said then smiled as she thought of something.

She went to Google app and began searching immediately.

*The legend of Xia Meilin* she typed and searched, nothing [email protected]£ out and she gro-an ed out loudly.

“I need that book!!” She cried out.

What’s wrong?” Nevaeh who had alre-ady finished cooking the noodles asked.

She carried the bowl of noddles to the small table for them to eat.

“I need that book” Gianna replied.

“Forget about it” Nevaeh rolled her eyes.

“I can’t” Gianna shook her head and hvgged her pillow ti-ght.

“You will, just go and get the both of us two cans of coke so we can drink it with this noodles” Nevaeh said.

Gianna pouted and stood up, she took her wallet and opened it then brou-ght out some cash.

“I need that book” she cried and wore her fl!pflop then opened the door to leave.

“Wait” Nevaeh called and she turned back.

“You forgot your jacket” she said.

Gianna eyed wi-de-ned and she immediately [email protected]£d her jacket since she was wearing an armless dress.

“Remember it’s two coke” Nevaeh reminded.

“I know” Gianna rolled her eyes and walked out.

Nevaeh smiled and went to the fridge, she took some leafs before walking back to garnish the noddles while singing.

“Sometimes all I think about is food, late night and in the afternoon” she sang.



Gianna walked grumpily to the waitress, she stood at her front with a pout.

“Sweetie what do you want?” Miss Lyn, the waitress asked with a smile as usual.

“Two cans of coke” Gianna replied.

Miss Lyn walked to the fridge, she opened it and got out two can cokes.

“Here” she gave Gianna and Gianna paid up.

“Xiexie (thank you)” she smiled and began leaving.

She was till sulking till she bu-mped into someone.

She looked up and her face colour almost drained out.

It was one of the boys in the college she hates the most, his name is Jett.

“Little retard” he smiled and his eyes went straight to the coke on her hands.

When she saw him looking, she immediately hid it at her back.

“Is that mine?” He asked.

“No” she replied.

“Well I want it” he sm-irked.

“Come on Jett just let her go” Colton, his friend who was standing behind him said.

“Leave me man let me do my thing” Jett replied and stared at Gianna who was trying to run.

He sm-irked and cought her by the jacket then dragged her back to him.

“Going somewhere?” He asked.

“Leave me alone” she yelled and he laughed.

“Leave me alone I’m warning you” she yelled again.

Jett smiled and snatched the coke from her hands.

“Hey it’s mine” she tried taking it back but he raised his hands up.

“Hey men can you just leave this girl alone” Colton sighed from behind.

“I said mind your business!!” Jett glared and raised his higher when he saw that Gianna was trying to jump and take the coke from him.

He held her head ti-ght in place and opened it with his teeth then began drinking it.

“No!!” She yelled at him and he took the second one.

“Give it back it’s not funny” she said in a crooked voice.

Jett sm-irked and opened it then gulped it whole and threw the bottle away.

“I hate you!!” She yelled and bur-st out into loud tears before running out of the cafeteria.

Jett bur-st into laughter, he then looked back to see Colton glaring at him in angrily.



Nevaeh inhaled the aroma of the noddles she just finished garnishing and smiled.

“What’s delaying Ana with the coke” she muttered.

Just then the door opened and Gianna stepped in crying loudly.

“Anna” Nevaeh rushed to her.

“What happened?, Why are you crying?, Where is the coke?” She asked all at once.

“Jett.. Jett… He…” She cried and stuttered.

“Yes tell me, what did he do?” Nevaeh asked.

“He snatched the coke from me and he drank it” Gianna said and cried even more.

“Jett!!” Nevaeh ban-ged her fist together and stormed out of the room.

She stormed back into the cafeteria, her eyes scanned for him and she cought him flir-ting with a girl.

She walked up to him and ban-ged his table in anger.

He looked up at her and smiled.

“Spit fire” he called.

“How dare you drink my coke you baseball head!!” She said angrily.

Jett creased his brows and t©uçhed his head.

“How dare you, why do you think you’re calling baseball head flat a*s” he replied and she [email protected] loudly

“Flat a*s, how do you know it’s flat is it because I’m always putting on baggy, you’re a j£rk!!” She yelled and punched his face.

Before he could recover, she took the plate of chicken soup at was on the table and poured it on his face.

The girl sitting next to him [email protected]

“What’s wrong, want some?” She asked and the girl shook her head

“My eyes, Colton come here” Jett cried while using his hands to fan his eyes.

Nevaeh scoffed and di-pped her hands into his pocket, she took out his wallet and took some money out.

“Drop my money back you thief” he yelled.

After taking his money, she walked up to the waitress and got two new cans of coke.

“Thank you for this baseball head” she smiled and walked out of the cafeteria.

“Colton!!” Jett yelled but Colton didn’t reply him, he was sitting on a different lounge chair and pressing his phone.

“Damn you to hell Colton!!” Jett cursed and continued fanning his eyes with his hands.

Well he’s Jett Brown, one of the main bullies in bliss college, he acts like a girl because he hates retards plus he’s very stupid and childish.

Colton Zhou is his best friend, unlike him, Colton is matured, gently and easy to get along with.

Also the both of them are known as one of the t©p five handsome boys in the college almost all the girls are crushing on them expect from Gianna and Nevaeh.


Nevaeh got back to the room with the two cans of coke on her hands.

“You got it back” Gianna smiled.

“Hmm” Nevaeh replied and dropped it on the table.

“My gee, I thought I won’t drink coke this night” Gianna gushed and ran to the table, she took one of the coke and opened it.

“Next time Ana, if Jett tries bully you then bully him back, don’t cry okay?” Nevaeh said.

“Yes boss” Gianna nodded and began gulping down the coke

“Hey easy don’t finish it, you haven’t even t©uçhed your noddles” Nevaeh said.

“Sorry” Gianna wipped her mouth and dropped the coke down and took her chopsticks then began eating the noodles.

“Eat more meat” Nevaeh placed some meat on her plate and she pouted.

“Are you trying to make me fat?” Gianna pouted.

“No I’m trying to make you stronger, eat up” Nevaeh replied, adding more beef to
her plate.



This time the view is focused on the garden where you can see various soldiers training.

At the front of them is a very handsome young man, grey eyes, pointed nose, thinl-ips, bony structured face and from the way he was dressed and frowning, one could tell that he was the leader of the army.

“Hey you, st©p” he commanded a solider who looked tired and weak.

The solider st©pped immediately.

“Why are you fighting that way, is that the way I thought you?” He asked angrily.

Oh no, their leader is angry and this is not good.

The solider went on his knees immediately.

“Forgive me general Kia” he bowed.

That’s right, his name is Kia, the leader of the armies in the Ouze palace, he’s 2000 of age, a young man with an incredible great ability, not just a great ability but handsomeness.

His handsomeness is so unique that sometimes some royals finds it [email protected] to look away.

“Forgiveness is not in my dictionary” he replied then drew his sword.

It happened so fast, the solider that was on his knees was suddenly seen drop dead on the floor.

That’s also one thing about him, he doesn’t think twice before killing, his heartless, he’s a devil, that was the nickname his students has given him at his back.


“The rest of you continue and add more effort” he ordered and the armies didn’t think twice before training with extra efforts.

He can kill anyone he wants as long as the person is not a royal, it’s not an offense to him, everyone in the palace, the maids and the guards are all scared of him, even the citizens outside are scared of him.

Who won’t be scared of the devil??

Behind him it was Daiyu watching with a smile, she admires him a lot infact she’s crushing on him but she’s scared to tell anyone because he’s not a royal.

As she was looking at him, an idea suddenly popped up in her mind.

She smiled and raised her dress up then rushed back into the crown princess palace.

The King and queen for now are un-der the control of dark magic so what ever Chuyun or Daiyu does won’t concern them.

Daiyu got to the crown princess palace and opened the door.

She met Chuyun, resting on her chair as usual.

“Sister” she called and Chuyun opened her eyes.

“I have a plan sis, I know how we can find the girl and kill her” she said.

“How?” Chuyun asked and Daiyu smiled.

“How about we disguise Kia as a human and s£nd him to earth to look for her and kill her because from the way I see things, Kia is the only person capable for this job” she said, pla-ying with her long hair and blu-shing as she spoke.

“Huh?” Chuyun creased her brows and stood up.

“You’re actually ma-king s-en-se” she added.

“I know, I think college is something like a young adult school or something I re-ad it once in a book and if Kia goes to earth, no one will know that he’s 2000 years old, he looks like those young adult or whatever” Daiyu rolled her eyes.

Chuyun smiled and moved closer to her then tapped her shoulders.

“I love that way you’re thinking dear sister” she said.

“Hmm, I can give him a makeover, fetch him some humans clothes and instruction him on things but there’s something I’ll love to beg of you future queen” Daiyu pleaded.

“Don’t be formal, I’m your sister just say what you need at it’s done” Chuyun repiled with an eye roll.

Daiyu went on her knees.

“This one is expensive” she said.

“Just say it” Chuyun gro-an ed.

“I’m in love with Kia, I’d love to marry him and make him my husband once his back” she said with pleading eyes.

“What??” Chuyun almost screamed.

“plea-se sister, I don’t mind ma-king him a royal, there’s nothing wrong with him” she pleaded.

“I don’t know about that, remember it’s forbidden if a royal falls for a none Royal, it’ll bring shame to our palace” Chuyun replied.

“I know but we can perform some rituals and make it official, no one outside the palace would have to know” she pleaded.

“I’ll think about this” Chuyun repiled and Daiyu smiled.

“I’ll wait” she said and stood up.

“Should I summon him now?” She asked.

“Yes” Chuyun nodded and walked back to her throne.

Daiyu smiled and called a maid.

The maid [email protected]£ with a bow.

“Call General Kia here, the crown princess wants to see him” she ordered.

The maid bowed and left, she walked up to Kia who was still training the armies then she whispered something on his ears and stepped back.

Kia sighed silently and looked at the armies.

“That’s all for today” he announced and left without waiting for their reply.

He got to the crown princess palace and he bowed at their front.

“Greetings crown princess, princess Daiyu” he greeted with his head bowed and his palms folded together.

Daiyu began looking at him and drooling at his handsomeness, the way his face was bent, his side strong jaw coming to view made him look extra Se-xy .

She li-cked herl-ips as her eyes ate him whole.

“General Kia” Chuyun called and he looked up at her with his stone cold face.

“Your highness?” He replied.

“I have a mission for you” she said.


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