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meilin reborn episode 82 & 83

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁


Den motioned her to sit because he wasn’t sure if that she would be able to stand the moment she hears what he have to say.

“I don’t want to sit, just talk now” Sapphire said, feeling scared already.

Den sighed and crossed his arms around his chest before starting to talk.

“Yesterday, my dad asked me to come to his study for some discussion and on my way there, I heard him talking to mom about faking our marriage. They just wanted me to move on and they thought you could help me that was why” he explained.

Tears came out of Sapphire’s eyes and she shook her head then wiped it off immediately.

“It’s not true” she said.

“Believe it or not, if you think I’m laying because I just wanna be with Gianna then you can ask the king himself” he replied.

“It’s not true!!” Sapphire yelled again. “You’re talking like this because you just wanna be with Gianna!!” She pointed at him.

“I knew you’d accuse me of this but I don’t care. Gianna was my first love, five hundred years ago the gods asked me to go to earth and protect her, I was her guardian and I still am. The only thing I want is to be with Gianna” he said and Sapphire cried even more.

“One thousand years ago when I was allowed to step out of the palace I saw you, the famous angel of light I’ve been hearing about. I was so surprised because each time I see you, it was just your picture but then I was seeing you like, you were giving food to the poor and you didn’t know that I was standing under the sun and watching you from behind”

“My heart palpitated the very first day I saw you, even if it was just your side view, that was f*cking enough for me. That day I went home and I wasn’t myself, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I’ll even come outside to the orphanage to check if you were there again but I never saw you. Everyday of my life I’ve been praying for the gods to pair us up and when they finally did I was so happy but look at the way you’re treating me Den!!” She cried out.

She was expecting to get a more nicer treatment from him and not a cold treatment.

Den sighed and moved closer to her then held her shoulders.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you Sapphire it’s just that my heart can’t open for anyone else” he said dryly.

Sapphire looked up at him and wiped her tears.

“Why can’t you just try to open it for me?” She asked slowly.

“Because I can’t”

“What if Gianna doesn’t like you, will you give up?” She asked.

“I know she likes me so I won’t give up” he replied. Five hundred years ago, it hurt him to see how she has always drooled over Zachary but it seems like she was doing that because Zachary was really hot.

“Same here, I believe you’ll like me too so I won’t give up!” Sapphire wiped her tears.

“Listen Sapphire I know you..

“I’ve always liked you for the past one thousand years! I don’t care if the gods faked our marriage, I won’t give up!” She yelled at him and ran out.

Den ruffled his hair and sat on his bed.

“What have you gotten me into dad” he muttered.



Sapphire got to her room, slammed the door and began trashing everything she sees.

“Arghh! Why!” She cried out and slowly fell on the ground.

“Why don’t I get everything I want!!” She yelled at herself.

The door opened and Gina rushed in immediately.

“Princess” Gina rushed towards her.

She bent beside her and picked her up then made her stand.

“Stop crying, what’s the matter?” She asked.

“Den told me that he over heard the king saying that our marriage was a fake” she cried.

“So what?” Gina asked with a scoff.

“What is he going to do, tell everyone? Come on princess remember you have always admired him for a thousand years, you can’t just leave him” she said.

Sapphire reasoned and nodded, agreeing that she was right.

“I can’t just leave him, we got married and that’s the fact” she said.

“Yes princess and beside he’s too blinded with the girl that follows him around, if somehow she just disappear then Den will be all yours” Gina smiled deviously.

Sapphire looked at her slowly.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Remember when she almost got beheaded, by now. Den would be clinging onto you but she didn’t so how about she gets” Gina used her hands as an imaginary knife on her neck before continuing.

“For real and permanently, Den won’t have any choice but you” she said.

Sapphire [email protected] and smiled, “That’s a good idea” she said.



Nevaeh woke up to find herself sleeping on the Draco’s bed. She creased her brows as she sat up.

Yesterday she could remember clearly that she had slept on the floor while crying last night and Draco didn’t show up so how come she’s on the bed.

‘Did he perhaps come back last night and carried me to the bed?’ She thought with creased brows and shook her head immediately.

“No way, he’s not as nice as that, I must have sleepwalked here by myself” she muttered and stood up from the bed then dusted her body thoroughly.

Draco’s body has touched this bed, how could she lay down here too, eww!! She scrunched her nose up in a disgusting way and shook her head before opening the door and stepping out.

The moment her foot touched the floor, everyone began greeting her which was even more irritating.

“Good morning mistress” the guards and the maids bowed.

“Come on stop this sh*t y’all!! Who’s your mistress!!” She yelled at them.

“You’re married to lord Draco now so what do you expect them to call you?” A familiar voice sounded from behind and Nevaeh turned back to see Harmony walking towards her.

Her eyes were red like she had cried a lot and her face looked ugly. Ofcourse she had cried a lot last night when she heard that Draco was getting married out of the blue, just like that.

She had always been by his side for five hundred years and she was hoping he’ll notice her love for him someday but who’d have thought that this girl here would just come and change everything.

How can he just marry her like that, wasn’t she always here for him? Harmony clenched her fist tight as she glared at Nevaeh.

“Oh, your eyes are red did you cry last night?” Nevaeh asked in a mockery tone.

Harmony scoffed and moved closer to her.

“You’re such a b*tch, I don’t care if you’re lord Draco’s wife because I know that you’ve given him something to drink and you brainwashed him” she huffed and continued while Nevaeh just kept staring at her.

“After all, you’re from the peaco-ckpalace so it’s really easy for you to poison anyone. I heard that they peaco-ckpalace has enough of poisons, portion and medicines so which position did you give him, the love portion?” She asked.

“Maybe” Nevaeh shurgged.

“You b*tch!” Harmony raised her hands to slap her immediately.

Nevaeh [email protected], she was about to slap her own back when..

“How dare you”…

Draco appeared and all the guards bowed including Harmony.

He ignored the greetings and walked straight to Nevaeh then looked at her cheeks.

He faced Harmony who had her head down in fear.

“Stand up” he ordered and she slowly stood up.

“Move forward” he said and she did as told


She bowed.

“Now apologize to her”

Harmony looked up Immediately, “My lord-”

“Now” he cut her off.

Harmony clenched her chest really tight and gave Nevaeh a [email protected] stare.

If looks could kill then Nevaeh should have been dead by now.

“I’m sorry” she said [email protected]

“Good” Draco took Nevaeh’s hand and without waiting for her reaction, he dragged her out.

The guards and made began leaving while Harmony was left alone, kneeling on the ground.

A tear drop sl!pped and fell from her eyes.


“Let go!!” Nevaeh kept trying to pull herself away from Draco’s grip but he didn’t let her go till he got back to the room.

“What is your damn problem!” She yelled at him.

“You can’t keep on dressing like this since you’re now married to me so I ordered the maids to get you some new clothes last night” he ignored her angry looks and casually walked to the wardrobe to start selecting some clothes for her.

Nevaeh scoffed and crossed her arms.

“So you did came back last night” she said.

Draco ignored her and brought out a black dress with some red materials on it.

“This would do” he muttered to himself before throwing it to her.

“Put it on” he said.

Nevaeh caught the dress and threw it on the ground with a daring look.

“I’m not your mistress or your wife, I’m not going to put on whatever you want me to!” She spatted on his face.

Draco just looked down at the dress then looked back up at her.

“Remember when you first stepped foot here?, You said that you’ll do whatever I want you to do, you said I should take you with me, you said you didn’t mind seeing hellfire and danger, you said you choose me right?” He reminded her and this would be the first time Nevaeh was hearing him speak this long.


Nevaeh only said a word just for him to Interrupt her.

“Put on the dress Nevaeh, don’t forget that we are married now so you belong to me. If you’re too tired then let me help you with it” he moved closer to and she immediately picked up the dress and moved back.

“Don’t touch me, I’ll put it on” she glared at him.

“Good, meet me in the hall when you’re done” he said and left.

The moment he left, Nevaeh kicked the chair angrily.



Out of anger, Daiyu opened her eyes and the mirror she was looking at shattered into pieces.

Damn that Kia! How could he get married!she angrily stood up and seethed her teeth.

She couldn’t stand watching any of those, she was deeply jealous! After waiting for him to come back from his mission so she could marry him, he actually married someone else.

Daiyu closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Not under my watch Kia, you might be a demon now but you are mine” she said with angry eyes before sitting down to summon Black lake.

Black lake appeared to the room, looking more ugly and scary.

“Why have the princess called me?” She asked.

“Is there a way I can enter someone’s dream? I’ll love to communicate with someone from the Demon palace” she asked.

Black lake began murmuring somethings and a pill appeared on her hands.

She handed it to Daiyu, “This pill will help you” she said.

Daiyu collected it.

“You can go”

“I think they are other things you should be worrying about other than that demon king” Black lake sudden spoke out.

“What things?” Daiyu asked but instead Black lake just screamed and disappeared off.

Daiyu scoffed and looked at the pill.

“Who cares about other things, I only care about Kia, if I can’t have him then I’d make sure no one else will” she seethed angrily.


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