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meilin reborn episode 10 & 1

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁


“Sh*t” a low curse escaped from Zachary’sl-ips as the whole shoes fell on his b©dy.

The security men put on their tou-chlight immediately.

“What happened to the lights, someone go check the back room” the s£nior security officer ordered and just when some securities were about to check the light [email protected]£ back on.

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Angie smiled but frowned back when he didn’t see the thief again.

Not just him, the security officers also looked surprised.

Wasn’t he just on the floor just now??, Where did he go??

“Seems like I’m not the only supernatural on earth” Angie muttered to himself.


FLY h0tEL, ROOM 150**

Zachary materialized back into his h0tel room, he dropped his bag on the floor and sighed.

“That was close” he breathed out, then looked at his book again.

“I really need that Yuan what’s the easiest way for me to get it?” He asked.

The book opened.

~Since you’re a supernaturals you can make yourself invisible and rob a bank~

“What is a bank?” Zachary asked with a frown.

Why can’t humans stop giving things weird names just why??

~ A bank is where humans save their money~

Zachary sighed and nodded.

“So I’ll have to go to the bank and take their money?” He asked

~yes then you can have Yuans but if they catch you, you’ll get arrested ~

“When can I go rob the bank tommorow?” He asked and the book opened.

~you can go now since it’s dark~

“I’ll go tommorow, I’m sweaty and I’ll need a warm bath” he replied and covered the book then kept it on the table.

He began taking off his clothes, he was having a [email protected] time in taking off the shi-t.

Finally he was done with the shi-t, his perfect biceps [email protected]£ to view, not just that, the beautiful strange dragon tattoo on his che-st also [email protected]£ to view.

For all his knows, that tattoo had been on his che-st since he was a kid, since he was still training as a solider in the Ouze palace.

He didn’t know where it [email protected]£ from or who drew it, he just feels like it’s something so dear to him, he gets a bit emotional each times he looks at him but because of how strong headed he is now, it doesn’t show on his face.

He pu-ll-ed down the trou-sers and walked into the bathroom.

Then he frozed in owe.

There was no bathtub, how was he supposed to bath??

“I don’t un-derstand this bathroom” he said.

The book flew from the table and stopped at his front then some pages opened.

~ the humans use bathtub but not in a h0tel, maybe if you have your own house or mansion you can use it~

“What kind of stupid trash are you even saying??!, How will I bath I haven’t had my bath since morning” Zachery complained.

~ you can use the shower~

“The what??” Zachery frowned even more.

~Shower is what humans use to bath, you just have to turn it on by twisting the handle to the left~

“Humans are an*mals” Zachery cursed and brou-ght his hands to the handle then twisted it to the left.

The drops of water fell on him unexpectedly.

ROOM 149


That scream was from Elvis screamed the moment the water from the shower fell on his b©dy, he immediately ran out of the bathroom Nak-ed.

“What the hell.. hurry up and go back in” Rick blocked his eyes immediately.

Angie who was arranging all what they bought into a travelling bag looked at him with raised brows.

“The bathroom is l!çk!ng” Elvis said fearfully.

“l!çk!ng?” Rick asked and Elvis nodded.

“Come on man that’s a shower, it’s what humans use to bath” Angie sighed.

Elvis continued looking at him.

“What, you don’t know how to use the shower don’t you?” Angie asked in a dead pan tone and Elvis blobbe-d his head up and down.

“Alright, let’s go I’ll teach you how to bath like a human” Angie sighed and stood up.

Elvis immediately followed him.

Angie turned back to look at Rick.

“Let’s go” he said.

Rick nodded and followed him too.

They got to the restroom and Angie moved to the shower.

“You can turn this on buy twisting the handle to the left” he demonstrated.

The water fell from the shower head and the two boys jumped.

“Then you’ll stand in!” Angie said and pushed Elvis in.

Elvis wanted to run again but Angie held him in place.

The water began dropping on him and to be honest it felt not too bad.

“Oh, the shower is really cool” Elvis smiled.

“Yes, then it’s either you’ll need the soap or the shampoo, you’ll use it like this” he took the soap and rubbe-d it on Elvis b©dy.

Elvis giggled and Angie glared at him.

“I’m sorry Angie the soap is just…

“Shut up!” Angie snapped, cutting Elvis off and Elvis immediately pressed hisl-ips together.

“Sorry” he smiled.

“After ru-bbing the soap, you’ll rinse it off” he said and helped Elvis rinsed his b©dy.

“Woah I smell good, thank you highness” Elvis smiled.

“Welcome now meet me outside for your punishment” Angie replied and Elvis stared at him in owe.

Angie ignored and looked at Rick.

“Need me to shower you too?” He asked.

“No Angie I’m good” Rick smiled and Angie walked out.

Elvis also rushed out too and Angie threw him a towel, after watching him wipe his b©dy, Angie gave him some night wares to put on.

“Thank you” Elvis smiled and began putting on the clothes.

“Good as for your punishment, re-ad this book throu-ghout out the night and learn how to behave like a human” Angie threw him a book.

Elvis cought it and pouted.



It’s alre-ady dark, judging from how dark and silent everywhere is, one could tell that it was alre-ady 12 or 1am.

Nevaeh is alre-ady slee-ping while Gianna was wi-de awake, she couldn’t sleep.

Earlier she had gone to that bookstore again and snapped sixty pages of that book successfully.

She had re-ad them alre-ady but still couldn’t sleep maybe she wasn’t thinking about the book this time.

She was thinking about those handsome guys she bu-mped into, their face couldn’t leave her head especially the first one.

She was chanced to see his face clearly, he was, gosh she can’t describe it.

She turned to the side of her be-d, hoping she’ll get some sleep but his face kept appearing.

“What is this, why can’t I stop thinking about his face, am I crushing on him or is it just a simple admire?” She asked herself and shook her head.

“I’m just surprised because he’s too handsome to be true, he’s like the falling angel I re-ad on books” she added and sat on the be-d.

The second guy [email protected]£ to her mind.

“My gee” she sighed and held her head.

“I’ll soon go crazy, where did those handsome guys [email protected]£ from, why did I see them!!!” She cried and stood up.

“Four cans of cokes can fix this” she muttered and walked to the table where four cans of cokes were kept.

She took one and opened it, then gulped it whole.

Gulped the second one.

Gulped the third one and the fourth one but still nothing.

“Why can’t I stop thinking of them!!!” She gro-an ed and la-id on the floor with her back resting on the ground and her hands spre-ad to her side along with her legs as if she was a person that’ve given up on life.

“I’m finished” she breathed out.





“Gianna wake up!!” Nevaeh screamed and Gianna immediately spranged up.

“What what what happened, is the hostel on fire, did Chuyun and Daiyu come to attack here, or is it thosw handsome guys?” She asked all at once.

Nevaeh stared at her blankly then crossed her arms un-der her b00bs.

“You sle-pt on the floor last night are you okay?” She asked.

Gianna mouth opened and she looked around.

Nevaeh was right, she fell asleep on the floor last night while thinking of those two handsome guys.

“Why did you sleep on the floor was the room not cold enough why did you sleep on the floor?” Nevaeh asked again.

“It’s nothing” Gianna shook her head and stood up.

“It’s nothing??, You even drank all the cokes just what kind of girl are you” Nevaeh shook her head as she looked at everywhere.

“You can’t even pick the cans, you just littered everywhere” Nevaeh shook her head and began picking the cans.

“What are we having today” Gianna yawned.

“Physics, shower and get re-ady” Nevaeh replied.

“Have you showered alre-ady?” Gianna asked and Nevaeh nodded.

“You didn’t wake me” she pouted.

“That was because I didn’t see you, I’ll get us breakfast plea-se shower and meet me in the physics [email protected]” Nevaeh scoffed and walked out of the room with the cans on her hands.

Gianna yawned again and began taking off her clothes, she took her towel and walked inside the bathroom.

“A new day, I love waking up to experience a new day” she smiled and turned on the shower.


Gianna looked at herself in the mirror, she’s dressed in a blue t shi-t and a white flare Sk-irt with a white canvas, looking cute as usual.

She took the pinkl-ipstick and made to rub it on herl-ips but paused when she realized that she doesn’t need it.

She doesn’t need makeup to look perfect, she’s perfect and pretty just the way she is, she doesn’t like stressing herself to put on blusher, powder and the rest.

“I think I’m good to go” she nodded and took her bag back then walked out of her room.

She got out of the girls hostel and began going to the school, once she got to the gate she sighed and looked up.

It’s time for her to start her usual morning exercise, climbing the long staircase to the [email protected]

“Let’s go again” she sighed and began climbing up the stairs but paused when she sighted Jett coming down with Isla.

“No” she shook her head and made to run down but it was too late.

They had alre-ady seen her.

“Stop” Isla ordered and Jett sm-irked.

Gianna shut her eyes ti-ght and stopped walking.

“Turn around” Jett smiled.

She turned around with a frown.

“Oh look it’s little retard” Jett said and Isla laughed.

“Can you two just leave me alone, what do you both want from me as you can see I wanna go to [email protected]” she replied angrily.

“Oh she’s angry” Isla smiled and moved closer to her.

“I just love how weak you are, she’s so light weighted it looks as if the breeze is always controlling her each time she walks” she sm-irked.

Gianna [email protected] and looked up at her, if you compare the both of them together.

Gianna is more thinner and shorter, she wanted to talk but she just decided to keep shut.

Jett sm-irked and walked closer to her too.

“Last week your friend [email protected]£ to the cafeteria, she poured a plate of soup on my face and she took my money” he said.

“So… So what?” Gianna stuttered.

“He wants his money back” Isla replied.

“If you want your money back you’re supposed to meet Nevaeh not me” she replied.

“But I want to collect my money from you,give me back my money or you won’t go to [email protected]” he said.

Gianna twitched herl-ips and opened her backpack.

“How much?” She asked.

“10,000CN¥” he sm-irked.

Her hands frozed and she looked at him.

“Ten thousand??, Come on Nevaeh would never take that kind of money from you” she replied.

“But I’m the witness, give him back the money or I’ll tag you as the school thief” Isla said and Jett sm-irked.

“I don’t have that kind of money” Gianna muttered.

“Oh then I want you to take a broom and clean my hostel” he sm-irked.


“Yes, I also have alot of dirty clothes to wash and I want you to wash them, do it or I’ll expo-se your friend” he added

“There’s no way…

“You heard him right, do it or your a thief!” Isla threatened.

“You!!!, Fine” Gianna scoffed.

“One more thing” Isla added and moved closer to her.

“What?” She asked and Isla pushed her.

“Ahhhh!!” Gianna screamed as she fell down the stairs.

Isla and Jett both laughed and gave themselves a high-five before climbing down and leaving together.

Gianna sat on the floor angrily and arranged her scattered hair backwards.

“They keep doing this because I’m too thin, because I’m not strong I swear just you both wait and watch I’ll do exercise and I’ll come back to break your nose!!” She yelled, raising her fist up in the air.


FLY h0tEL, ROOM 150**

Zachary has been doing nothing other than bugging his book.

“What am I supposed to be doing here, when will the results come out?” Zachery asked and his book opened.

~ the result will be out tommorow but before that you’ll need a smart phone that’s where you’ll get their email to know if you’re accepted or not~

He scoffed and crossed his arms.

“Can I go rub the bank now?, I’m hungry and I need something to eat” he said.

~ As long as you’re careful then you’re good to go~

“Well don’t worry about me” Zachery muttered and stood up.

He closed his eyes and whispered somethings then he turned invisible.

He took the book and opened the door then walked out.

Just then room 149 opened and Elvis stepped out with a trash can on his hands.

He frozed and his eyes wi-de-ned.

It’s just a flying book that [email protected]£ out and nothing else… What the…

“Ahhhhhh Angie!!” He yelled and ran back in.


Zachary got outside and the book opened.

~I think you should hide me because people would get suspicious~

Zachary scoffed and made the book invisible too, he closed his eyes and whispered somethings and when he opened his eyes he found himself at….

Wait where was he??, His book opened.

~ you’re at BOC~

“What’s that?” He asked.

~The bank of China~

Zachary rolled his eyes and teleported in, it looks like the whole place was made out of money.

“What do I do next?” He asked

~Go to the back room and take some money~

He creased his brows and began walking in, he went to the back room, it was loaded with security men.

Since they couldn’t see him he walked past them and stopped at a locker, thinking of how he’ll open it without them hearing it.

He sighed and closed his eyes, then opened it and his eyes turned blue.

He whispered somethings and spre-ad his hands to his both side.

Everyone frozed in place.

He smiled and opened the locker then took a bag, taking enough money.

Once he was done he stepped out then snapped his f!ngersand everyone resumed what they were doing.

“Let’s go home, I’m done here” he said and began leaving.

~ you’ll still need to get the smart phone, it’s important~

His book reminded.

“Right” Zachary muttered and changed his direction to pheonix mall.



“Angie!!” Elivs threw the trash can away and rushed back into the room.

Rick was sitting on the chair and re-ading while Angie was sitting on the be-d with his eyes opened.

“Angie I saw something scary outside, I saw a book flying and I’m scared to throw the trash away now” he said but Angie didn’t reply him.

“Angie” he called but no reply.

“Angie” he waved at his face but Angie didn’t blink.

“Fen something is wrong with his highness” he called fearfully.

Rick sighed and stood up then walked up to him.

“Why are you acting like you haven’t seen highness meditate before” he rolled his eyes.

“Meditating, at least he closes his eyes while meditating but look his eyes are opened, who meditates with opened eyes?” Elivs replied.

Rick looked at Angie’s face and waved too but no blinking.

“Angie, where did you go?” He shook him.



Gianna sighed when she saw plates un-der his be-d.

“Is this how guys lives, so dirty” she scoffed and brou-ght it out.

She has been sweeping and cleaning his room for hours now and all her back is paining her.

“Just you wait till I have super powers one day, I’ll make sure you’d regret ever picking on me!!” She scoffed and took the second trash bag outside to dispose.

The moment she left, Angie [email protected]£ visible, earlier he transport himself to this place and also made himself invisible just to see how his @ssignment is doing.

He looked around and frowned.

“How dare a guy bully a girl, he’s going to pay” he said angrily and immediately turned back invisible when he saw her come back in.

“I’m so tired!!” She stretched her b©dy and began packing his clothes.

Wait!, He also asked her to do his laundry??

“How wish this room can clean up by itself when I come back” Gianna sighed and threw them into a basket then dragged it out of the room.

Angie turned visible again, he sm-irked as he thought of something.

He raised his hands to the room and whispered somethings, the room turned clean immediately.

He did the same to the bathroom then faced the shower.

“I’ve always thought of doing this” he laughed and closed his eyes then raised the hands to the shower.

“When I say something you’ll listen to me I want you to change from a normal water to a very h0t and spicy water” he said and a blue light appeared on the shower.

He smiled and crossed his arms.

“Now let’s see how you’ll handle this” he sm-irked and immediately disappeared when the door opened.

Gianna stepped in with a frown.

“Can’t believe I forgot to take his so…

She paused when she saw the room sparkling.

“Huh?” She rubbe-d her eyes and looked at everywhere again.

“Am I seeing double, how did the room clean up by itself?” She asked herself in confusion.



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