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Meilin reborn episode 1

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁


Genres/Tags: [email protected]ç£fantasy, supernaturals, humans, love triangle, heartbreak, betrayal, comedy, college/royal drama, magic, twist of faith, un-derworld fantasy, mind fiction, revenge and death.

Her name is Xia Meilin, just a mention of her name makes demons tremble, in the Ouze palace, she’s the crown princess and also both the queen and king favorite.

As a powerful and young supernatural, she’s 1625 years old, she’s the definition of true beauty, her beauty is one of a kind, charming, alluring, she’s just everyone’s choice and role model.

For this very reasons caused hatred, jealousy, despise between her and her very sisters, it made her sisters conspired with the demons in learning the dark spell and putting Meilin to an end.

Yes it worked, they successfully banished their sister out of the kingdom throu-gh the help of dark magic.

She was banished and was pronounced never to come back till she does the forbidden.

Xia Meilin was s£nt to where no one knows about, her spirit now roams about as a dark blue smoke, looking for a way it can come back and seek revenge.

Now the question is, what will happen now?, Will she be able to come back??

Will she be able to take her revenge and wait, what is the forbidden??

Where was she s£nt too??

So many questions but find the answers as you re-ad.

( Battle for the heart and throne )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁


Chuyun and Daiyu both created an external dark f0rç£ with their hands and pointed it at Meilin pushing her into a de-ep dark vortex.

Meilin on the other hand created a blue external f0rç£ with her hands, pointing it at the dark f0rç£ her sisters created as she tried st©ping herself from falling into the dark vortex.

Everywhere was dark and windy, objects like chairs, metals had flew everywhere, littering the whole place, the lights were dim blue which was a good glow for their skins.

“I thought we were sisters why do this?” Meilin said, disappointment was clearly written on her face and voice.

“You know very well that we hate you, to hell with you Meilin” Daiyu spatted, creating more external f0rç£.

“Daiyu, summon black lake now!!” Chuyun ordered.

Daiyu closed her eyes and rolled her f!ngers, whispering somethings. A thick red smoke appeared followed by a pale looking woman that posses white horns, and has this dark demonic f0rç£ moving around her.

“Black lake now!!” Daiyu shouted.

The weird looking woman eyes turned de-ep red, she raised her hands and what followed next was a hvge lighten.

“From the powers of Perri and Perda, I here by order you to go, vanish away to thick smoke and never come back here till you do the forbidden!!!” The woman yelled out.

The lighten increase, a hvge storm started, Xia Meilin hands flew to her head, she held it ti-ght and screamed in so much pain.

“Go!!” The woman pointed her hands to Meilin and Meilin feet flew up to the air.

“I might be gone for now, but I promise to come back, to come back and put you all to your places, I promise to come back for you!!” She yelled.

“Go!!!” The woman yelled again and Meilin spat out blood, her eyes feeling heavy and her b©dy turning limp.

“Leave and never return” the woman shouted.

Heavy wind blew and Meilin b©dy fell into the dark vortex, rotating and turning into dark blue smokes along with her ear splitting scream of agony.

Chuyun and Daiyu both closed the vortex, they looked at themselves and smiled… Finally they did it, they have gotten rid of their sister.

Black lake faced them, her hair rou-gh and bushy,her red eye ba-lls turning dark.

“I hope you will be able to face the consequences once she comes back” she said.

“She won’t be coming back, we’ll make sure of it” Chuyun smiled.

“Better, cause if she ever comes back then get re-ady to face the greatest world war” Black lake said then she let out ugly scream before disappearing into thin air.

Chuyun and Daiyu both looked at themselves and nodded before stepping out of the dark tarted looking uncompleted building.

“Make sure no one steps in here” Daiyu ordered a guard who nodded and bowed.

Chuyun then created a strong barrier in front of the door, she looked at Daiyu and smiled then they both flew out.


“Okay this is trash, how can they do that to her” Gianna spouted and closed the book she was re-ading in anger.

“Ana” her friend Nevaeh whispered as she walked up to her.

“You’re doing it again, why re-ading the book when you won’t come buy, why don’t you just buy it?” Nevaeh asked.

“Cause it’s too expensive” Gianna pouted.

“Aish!!, then stay away from the book, I know you love supernatural novels but I didn’t know you’ll be crazy over it like this” Nevaeh hissed.

“I’ll try but damn the book is so interesting, how about we contribute money together and buy this, it’s just ¥13,000” Gianna pleaded.

“It’s just ¥13,000??, If it’s just ¥13,000 why don’t you buy it yourself” Nevaeh scoffed.

Actually the both of them are in a near by old book store.

“You know we can’t afford that kind of money” Gianna replied, looking at the book again with her usual pout.

“Then it’s best that you stay away from it, if the bookshop woman over there catches you re-ading the most expensive book on her shelf without paying then you’ll get into trouble and me, I won’t even bother helping you, I’ll just act like I don’t know you” Nevaeh poked her hands twice on Gianna’s che-st and scoffed.

She went to the comic section to take some comic books which was the main reason she [email protected]£ here in the first place.

After selecting up to five comics she held Gianna by the hand and pu-ll-ed her to the casher.

“We’ll take all these” she said.

The casher looked at the comics and smiled.

“That’ll be ¥500” the casher replied.

Nevaeh smiled and hurriedly paid up, she waved at the casher and [email protected]£d Gianna’s hand.

“Let’s go, forget about the book” she said walking out with her.

Gianna pouted, she took one last glance at the bookshop before leaving with her best friend.


Gianna Dawn, a normal girl of 19 years who lives at Shanghai city in China, she’s from the average family, not too rich not too poor.

In her life, she only has one friend and one bestie, her name is Nevaeh Zung, same age with her, actually they both of them are in their first year of school, they’ve been friends like forever.

Nevaeh is the crazy kinda girl while Gianna is the most sweetest kind of girl you can ever find, she’s pretty, her beauty is unique, she’s kind, generous, childish and a little bit gentle but that doesn’t mean she’s too gentle, she has her crazy side sometimes too.

She’s also too naive, she does not believe anything till she sees it with her eyes, Gianna is a hvge fan of supernaturals novels unlike Nevaeh who’s a hvge fan of comics.

Gianna can go crazy just with that mention of any kind of supernatural novel, she also loves flowers especially fresh Roses.

Not to long ago, Gianna had just found out about an old bookstore that sells books, any kind of books, supernaturals, [email protected]ç£, action even comics.

She always come there almost everyday with Nevaeh to get a book, while she buys some novels, Nevaeh would buy her comics and they would leave until one day Gianna set her eyes on the most beautiful and attrac-tive supernatural novels she has ever seen.

It goes with the title THE LEGEND OF XIA MEILIN, not just the title is thri-lling, the book itself is thri-lling but the problem is the money.

The book size is just like any other novels but it’s super expensive, while she spends just ¥725.35 Yuan to get one novel, that one was ¥13,000 Yuan.

But as stubborn as she is, she would go to the bookstore, act like she wants to get a book but would stylishly start re-ading the expensive novel, she has been doing that for so long now because she’s strangely add!çted but just pray she doesn’t get cought one day.



This is the college Gianna and Nevaeh are both attending.

It’s rated as one of the t©p three college in China.

Not only is the college super hvge but it’s so beautiful too, infact just a sight of the school alone can quench your thirst down.

They both got lucky to [email protected] the entrance exam to the school, unlike some [email protected] that would spend a fortune just to get here.

It’s a saturday today, no [email protected], no lectures, you can only find students roaming about and doing things that no one cares about.

Gianna and Nevaeh just skipped their way back to their hostel and it’s just the both of then staying together in a room, how lucky are they??

They got in and Gianna began taking off the hvge jacket that she was putting on earlier.

Nevaeh took her comics and began arranging it on a table.

“Anna what’s the time plea-se?” Nevaeh asked once she was done with arranging the comics.

“4:30pm” Gianna rolled her eyes.

“Good I still have enough time to re-ad this bad boys but first all my clothes are smelly I need to wash them, you coming?” She asked.

Gianna thought for a while before nodding.

Gianna walked up to her wardrobe and took some of her clothes that needs washing.

“Let’s go” she said.

Nevaeh nodded then they both left their room and went straight to the laundry room.



The laundry room was filled with students washing their clothes and talking.

Gianna just arrived with Nevaeh.

She scanned everywhere with her eyes to look for an empty machine but it seems like there were not any left.

“I think all the machines are occupied” Gianna whispered to Nevaeh.

“Really?” Nevaeh replied looking around, she smiled when she saw an empty machine.

“Look I’m seeing one more over there let’s go check it out” Nevaeh said.

“Woah, you have the eyes of an eagle, let’s go” Gianna smiled and they both ran to the washing machine and truly it was empty.

Nevaeh smiled at Gianna as she opened the machine.

She added three of her clothes in and Gianna also added three of her clothes, they poured some soap and turned the machine on and began washing.

Everything was going normal, everyone was minding their business till the door opened and the three most annoying girls stepped in.

Violet, Isla and Lucy, the most annoying rich [email protected] in the school.

They have hvge hate for commoners, speaking of commoners it’s people like Gianna and Nevaeh.

Almost every week, they will get into a fight with Nevaeh and since Gianna is not strong physically, they bully her a lot.

“Hope there’s still space for us to wash our clothes?” Isla, the tallest one among all of them spoke.

Nob©dy answered, everyone kept looking at themselves and murmuring.

“She’s going to come towards us” Gianna whispered and Nevaeh held her hands ti-ght.

“Oh look, we can use that one over there” Lucy pointed at where Gianna and Nevaeh were.

“I knew it” Gianna scoffed.

The three girls both walked closer to them and Nevaeh stood at Gianna’s front, blocking their view.

“Excuse us we wanna use that machine to wash our clothes” Violet said.

“As you can see, we were here first so back off!!” Nevaeh glared.

“Let’s not start a fight Nevaeh, let’s just leave the machine for..

“No!!” Nevaeh cut Gianna off.

“Stubborn I see, I knew you’d behave like this again so I got backups” Lucy said then [email protected]

Five hvge guys immediately rushed in, two of them walked straight to Nevaeh.

“Not again” Gianna sighed.

Nevaeh blinked as they got to her.

She showed them her fist re-ady to fight but she was scared to t©uçh them because they were too big.

“Don’t.. don’t t©uçh me unless you wanna loose all your teeth!!” She stuttered but they still moved to her.

She threw her fist to one of them but they cought it and held it ti-ght.

She kept struggling so the another one held her second hands ti-ght.

She decided to bite his hands but he didn’t bulge.

One of them [email protected]£ to hold Gianna also.

Gianna was struggling too but it just made everyone laughed at her.

She’s short, she’s too thin, she’s light weighted and she looked like a baby.

Everyone calls her premature.

It was just a guy that held her in place, he even carried her and placed her on his shoulders.

To make it worst, he began using her to do hand push ups.

Students laughed loudly.

“Put me down, put me down don’t un-derestimate me I swear I’ll hit you,let me go!!” She kept struggling but it was in vain.

“What are the two of you waiting for, empty the machine!!” Violet yelled and the two guys rushed to the machine.

They opened it and began taking out their clothes.

“Our clothes” Nevaeh and Gianna yelled.

“Why are you shouting, this rags are not even worth being inside a washing machine, try using the bucket outside” Lucy replied and everyone laughed.

“Very funny you loser!!” Nevaeh yelled angrily.

Lucy sm-irked and stepped on a blue shi-t.

“That was my favorite shi-t” Gianna cried out with a baby pout.

“I guess not anymore” Lucy laughed and sticked her ton-gue out at her.

“Take them away boys” Isla ordered.

“I’m so going to kill you!!” Nevaeh yelled and Violet gave her a mocking smile.

The boys began carring Nevaeh and Gianna away from the laundry room.

As they were walking with them, Nevaeh would try to kick violet but would fail.

The boys threw Nevaeh and Gianna out of the laundry room and sh0t the door right on their face.

Nevaeh stood up almost immediately and rushed back to the door.

“j£rk don’t you there lock the door!!” Nevaeh tried opening it but it was locked.

“Open up you cowards!!” She yelled and began ban-ging the door [email protected]

“At lease give us back our clothes!!” She added.

Gianna just sighed and sat on the floor, she looked at Nevaeh who was still ban-ging the door and she shook her head helplessly.

“It’s just because I don’t have super powers, just wait till I have one” she scoffed and folded her tiny arms un-der her br**st.


So… how’s it guys?, Should I continue or not💁🏼‍♀️

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