Meant to be episode 26 & 27

Meant To Be

By Olunfulola Adeola

Episode 26


Kore drove to the palace slowly and honked his horn when he got to the gate. The gate keeper c@m£ outside to check his face and recognized and immediately went back inside to open the gate wi-de. He drove into the compound and went into the house as he responded to the maids and guards’ greetings.

The sitting room was empty, he asked one of the maids to his right,

“Where are my parents?”



“They are upstairs, my prince.” she said and bowed as he went upstairs to meet his parents. He knocked on the door and heard a muffled ‘Come in’ before twisting the doorknob and opening the door . His mother was mas-saging her husband’s feet. Surprise etched on their faces upon seeing him and he prostrated,

“Good evening sir, ma.”

“Adekorede mi, omo Adetiloye.” The King responded.

Olori Adenike said, “You didn’t tell us you will be coming home.”

“It’s a surprise visit.” He answered.

“Come and sit down nao and st©p standing like you are in a stranger’s house.” Olori said.

“How are you Mum?” He asked as he took his seat facing them.

“I am very good o.” Olori answered gaily.

“Can’t you see I am taking good care of her?” Kabiesi asked

“I know it can’t be more than your handiwork.” Kore as-sured then he asked,



“What about Kolade and Kayo? I hope they are contacting you, because I talked to them two days ago.”

“Of course. Kolade even c@m£ around last week


. Something about his politics ambition he is going on about and when did Kayode call us na?” Kabiesi answered, looking at the queen for help.

“Hahan, agba ti n de. Sebi, she called us yesterday.”

“Hmm, iwo lomo o. We are sha in contact. How are your stations doing?”

“Very fine, Dad.”

“Why don’t you go in to your room and freshen up, let me get you something to eat?”

“No Mum, not yet. plea-se sit down.”

She did and then he continued, “The major reason I c@m£ home is because I brou-ght the woman I want to marry.”

“Ehhhh, Olorun e ma seun ooo. Where is she? Go and bring her nao abi?” Olori asked looking at the King for support which he nodded,

“I wanted you to meet her tomorrow. Her name is Ayodunmomi Bankole. She is…” Kore said.

Kabiesi asked, “Is that not the girl living in your house in Lagos?”

“Yea Dad.” Kore confirmed.

“Are you sure about this? I thought you said you were just lending her a helping hand.” Olori reminded.

“Well, Mum, I was but I fell in love with her and we’ve been d@t!ngfor a while now and I decided she is the woman I want to marry.” Kore answered.

“But that girl, her family are not so affluent like…” Olori protested,

“Mum! Dad, plea-se tell me how you met Mum again.” Kore interrupted.

“Hey, do not pu-ll that card.” Olori warned, frowning.

“Mum, it does not matter if her family is popular and wealthy or not. It’s the girl I am marrying and I don’t nee-d any popularity or wealth. I can afford to take care of myself and her and her child and that’s what matters.” Kore said.

“And her child!” Olori interjected.

“Mum! Dad, plea-se talk to Mum nao.” Kore pleaded.

Kabiesi said, “Adenike, of all my children, you and I both know I trust all of them to make decisions for themselves bub I trust Adekorede the most and it’s no news. Simply because over the years, the decision he takes are always right so let him be. I accept whatever woman you bring to me. Whether she has a child or not.”

“Kabiesi! What if the child’s father come one day to raise hell, what will happen then? Do you even know the father?” Olori asked turning to her son.

“I do not know the father but I am planning to adopt the child as mine. I’m going to do it legally with her agreement. I love her and that’s not even an obstacle at all. I love her son like he’s mine.” Kore explained.

“Okay o. When do we officially meet her as our wife?” Olori asked.

“Will tomorrow be fine by you?” Kore asked.

“It is for me. I have no meetings.” Kabiesi replied.

“Make it around 12.” Olori said.

“Okay Mum, Dad. Thank you.” He said as he prostrated and stood up.

“Ehn, go and freshen up, let me get you something.” Olori Adenike said.

“I will go but first I nee-d to carry my bags from the boot.” Kore said.

“Give me your keys, let me s£nd someone to do that for you.” Olori Adenike said and collected the keys from him as they left the room together.


The next day, around 9 am, Ayo heard someone knock on the house door. She went to open it only to see Sade and Titi. She had called them to inform them that she was around but it was too late for visits as they were both married. She didn’t expect they would come this early. She jumped into their arms as they group hvgged and then she led them to her room after they st©pped to greet Mama in her room.

As they sat down, she used her left hand to fan herself as she sat on the chair and Sade said,

“Is that what I think it is?”

“What?” Titi asked, looking up from a book she had picked up.

“It is what it is, girls. I am getting married!”

“Let me guess. The prince.”

“Yeah yeah yeah.” Ayo confirmed smiling.

“OhMyGod!” Sade squealed then continued, “On the day of that wedding, my gele is going to almost t©uçh the sky.”

“Hahan, at least allow them to plan the wedding first na.”

“Whatever! Why didn’t you tell us he proposed when we did that conference call last week or did he just ask?”

“No. He asked a month ago but I just wanted to keep it quiet and as for you girls, I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, I am happy for you. Like who would have thought that Ayo, the men hater, will be getting married after all.”

“Whatever!” She said and her phone rang, she picked it up and saw it was Kore. She answered the call while motioning for the two ladies to be quiet.

“Good morning love… Yes, I did, what about you?… Nothing yet… He is still slee-ping… 12 is okay… But Kore what will I wear? (laughs) You want the King and Queen to have heart attack abi?…


. Even as your parents, I’m still worried… Okay… I love you… See you soon.”

“Ose! Ayaba. I gather you are going to meet his parents.”

“Hmm hmm, awon eleyii, ori won n sise bi network ni yes I am going to see his parents.”

“Titi, how is Dami jare?”

“My baby is fine o. My sister is around so she is minding her for me.”

“And aunty, how is your husband?”

“He is fine o. He has gone to work.”

“Eh hen, let me get what I got for you guys.”

“Ayo, what about that blender I told you to help me get?”

“Hahan, trust me na. Immediately you told me, I bought it the next time I went to the market.”

“Okay.” Titi said as Ayo stood up and she went to where her bags were arranged and brou-ght out the contents. They kept talking then left an hour later after helping Ayo to choose the dress she would wear to the palace.

At 12:00pm exactly, Kore knocked on the door and Itunu opened it for him. After hvgging each other, they both went in. Then he exchanged plea-santries with Mama, before he and Ayo went out into his car and he drove them to the palace


Meant To Be
By Olunfulola Adeola
Episode 27

Kore drove into the compound with ease and he could tell Ayo was tensed. He parked and she tried to open the door and kept trying even though it was still locked. He watched her quietly before gr-abbing her hands in his then he said,
“Baby, look at me!” She did and he continued, “You are smart. You are beautiful . You’ve got this. Just be you and I won’t love you any less.”
She nodded and smiled weakly and he k!$$£d her hands then he opened the door, got out and walked to her side and opened the door for her. She got down and after locking the car, he led her into the palace, his hands on the small of her back.

As they got in, the maids around greeted them to which they replied and moved on to the sitting room. Kabiesi and his Olori were alre-ady there, probably waiting for them, Ayo thought. She dropped to her knees as Kore prostrated in greeting. Then Kabiesi said,
“plea-se sit down. How are you my dear?”
“I am very fine sir.” Ayo replied.
Olori asked, “What would you like to drink?”
Ayo answered, “I’m okay for now ma.”
“Okay my dear.” Olori said.
Kabiesi asked, “So, what’s your name? Tell us about yourself.”
Ayo introduced, “Ayodunmomi Bankole. I am a single mother from this town

. My son’s name is Itunuoluwa. He is 11 years right now. My mum is late and I was her only child and my dad remarried. I work at Peace FM as an on-air personality. I anchor three programs. I also do buying and selling once in a while. I graduated from the dep@rtment of Mas-s Communication in the University of Lagos.”

Kabiesi commented, “Hmm. That’s good.”
“What is your relationsh!pwith my son?” Olori asked.
“Mum!” Kore protested but his mother gave him a warning glance.
“I love Korede and I want to marry him. He has been a very good person to me. My best friend and a stepping stone. He has helped me a lot but that is not why I am marrying him. I am going to marry him because I love him.” Ayo answered truthfully.
“Adekorede, is that so?” Kabiesi asked.
Kore said, “Yes Mum. And I love her too. She and her son make me happy.”
Olori asked, “So, what about your son’s father?”
Ayo answered, “He is not in the picture. He has never been and he will not be.”
“Okay. You are welcome to our home, right my dear?” Olori asked.
“Yes, my queen. Here, we have a loving home where everyone looks out for the other. I am happy to know that you make my son happy. That only means you make me happy too. This is your home too any day, any time, just come here.” Kabiesi said.
“Thank you Kabiesi.” Ayo appreciated kneeling dowm
“When do we meet our son?” Olori asked.
“Anytime you want ma.” Ayo replied.
“Can we meet him tomorrow? Is that okay, Kabiesi?” Olori asked.
“Yes, I agree.” Kabiesi said.
“It is settled then.

. Take your drink na, what would you like to eat?” Olori asked.
Ayo said, “I’m okay for now ma.”
Olori said, “You have to take something before you leave okay?”
“Okay ma.” Ayo replied.
“Mum, Dad, I will like to show Ayo the Palace.” Kore said.
“Go ahead.” Kabiesi said and Kore took Ayo’s hand and in his and they began their tour.
He showed her the whole Palace within twenty-five minutes, explaining each area. He ended it with his room which was all cool and calm.
“I like the serenity of your room.”
“I like it too and see from this window, I used to see pas-sersby.”
“Cool.” She said as checked the window with him.
“I missed you.” His tone made her raised her eyes from the window to meet his gaze as she folded her arms and replied,
“Korede, you’ve started abi? We sle-pt ap@rt only one night.”
“Baby. I was away for a week before we c@m£ here.”
“And so?”
“Come here jo.”
“No.” Ayo declined not moving an inch.
“Woman, I nee-d you to make my d!¢k ha-rd not my head! Come here jare.” He said, putting his hands on her arms and drawing her to himself to which she yielded. Then he k!$$£d her, slowly just as he untangled her hands and placed them on his w@!st. Then he cu-mpped her face and de-epened the k!ssusing his ton-gue expertly as he angled her head.
Just as his hands roamed down to her brea-st, someone knocked on his door. They both ignored, the knock c@m£ again and Kore gro-an ed while Ayo smiled. He re-leased her and went to see who was at the door. He opened it to see a maid and that de-epened his frown as he asked,
“What is it?”
Ayo called, “Kore!”
He turned to her and she mouthed,
“Be nice.” He turned back to the maid and she said,
“Olori said I should bring this basket for you and your guest.”
“Thank you.” He said as he collected the basket and locked the door.
“What is that?” Ayo asked sitting on his be-d.
He answered, “Snacks and wine with cu-ps.”
Ayo checked it out and brou-ght out a note neatly folded tucked between the cu-ps and placed the basket by her side she said, “There is a paper in here.”
“What’s in it?” Kore asked from beside her.
“Oh my God!” She exclaimed as her eyes scanned the content.
“What is it na?” Kore asked and she re-ad it out loud, ‘Adekorede ekun funrare, I am not saying you shouldn’t k!ssmy daughter in law o but must you do it in front of the world? Tell her to enjoy the snacks, I made them earlier today by myself. Enjoy!’
“Oh my God! I’m going to die of embarras-sment and it’s all your fault.”
“What did I do?” He asked, a smile tugging at hisl-ips.
“You… You k!$$£d me!”
“I didn’t know it was a crime.” He said and collected the paper from her and got closer to her,
“How did I k!ssyou the other time?”
“Ask Google na. Leave me alone jare.” She said but her b©dy yielded to his t©uçh as he k!$$£d her.