Meant to be episode 24 & 25

Meant To Be

By Olufunlola Adeola

Episode 24


Ayo plopped down heavily on the soft be-d as soon as Kore opened the door to their suite. He must have entered the room because some minutes later, he asked,

“What are you doing?”

“Resting?” She answered with a raised brow,

“Stand up jare, we are eating out.”

“Kore, no, no, no, plea-se.”



“plea-se what?”

“plea-se, let’s just order room service.”

“Is this how you are going to dull our weekend with your privacy policy?”

“Baby, no nao. I am just tired tonight . Okay, I promise you, from tomorrow wherever you want us to go, I’m game.”

“Hmm. Okay. Let me make some calls all right?”

“Okay.” Ayo replied and he bent down and k!$$£d the side of her head then he went out of the room.


Some twenty minutes later, Ayo stepped out of the bathroom. She put on a white bath robe and went to the other room to with the intention of reprimanding Kore who was still on call. As she got there, he was saying,


. Just group all of them into regions. Okay. List out those companies for me again.”


Just as she got close enough to carry out her intention, someone knocked and she went towards the door, asking,

“Who is there?”

“Room service.” The voice from the other side of the door answered and Ayo went to open the door. A lady dressed in the h0tels uniform for waiters and waitresses wheeled in the food and placed the covered trays and plates on the table. Then she took her leave after telling Ayo ‘you are welcome’ to her ‘thank you’. Ayo locked the door and turned to give Kore an earful only for him to be nowhere. She went out inside the be-droom and realized he was taking his bath and so she calmed down and changed into her pajamas.


The next day, they woke up early to go sightseeing and shopping as well as paintballing. They returned back to their suite late in the afternoon then they sat down and talked and talked and talked.

Around 6pm in the evening, Kore made Ayo go take her bath in preparation for dinner and then he la-id down a white chiffon flowy dress on the be-d with a red rose.

She c@m£ out of the bathroom few minutes after and was surprised at the package on the dress. Kore was in the other room. As she picked up the rose, he walked in, she asked,

“Why would you get me a rose?”

“Because you deserve one. Come on put on that dress. I want to go watch the sunset with you while we eat dinner.”

She smiled and walked up to him and k!$$£d him full in the mouth then said,

“I can’t wait.”

Kore took a shower and changed into shorts and a shi-t leaving some bu-ttons undone and looking effortlessly Se-xy . Hand in hand, they walked out of the h0tel and Kore led her to the beach.

“Wow! There is a pri-vate beach on the h0tel property?”

“Yeah. I guess they just got a p@rt of the beach and bought the whole damn thing and built their h0tel on it.”

“This place is so beautiful.”

“It is still ugly in comparison to you.”

“Abeg no dey whyne me jare.”

“I am serious. Here we are.” He said as they got to a sp©t where a blanket was la-id out with petals of red rose everywhere. He made her sit on the blanket which had a large wooden basket full of fruits, wine and food on it.

“Kore, when did you have time to do all this?”

“Why don’t you worry about having a nice time? Do you like it?”

“Of course, I love it.” She said beaming and leaned forward to k!sshim then settled back down. He poured both of them some wine and after she took it from him, she said,

“Who would have thought that a prince like you would know how to treat a woman right?”

“AY, what do you take me for? I told you I was going to spoil you. I am just starting. I am going to spoil you so much you would wonder if you were born rotten.”

She laughed.

“I am serious o.”

“Okay, Mr. ro-mantic. I want to be spoiled by you and nob©dy else.”

There was a companionable silence after that and then she said suddenly,

“Oh! Look! The sun is setting. Let’s go.” She put down her glas-s of wine and stood up going in the direction of the setting sun with him on her heels.

“It’s so beautiful, right?”

“Very. At times like this, I wish I could draw.”

She laughed then said, “For your mind. I bet Itunu can draw better than you.”

“That’s a lie, we are both pathetic at drawing.”

“And you know this because?”

“Because I have seen several of his drawings.”

“I still beg to differ.”


“Yeah?” She answered, still staring at the sun which was now almost disappearing.

“Ayodunmomi Elizabeth Bankole.”

She wh!pped about and turned to him to see him on one knee. Being shocked was an un-derstatement. She would never have thought he brou-ght her here to propose to her.

“Baby. Will you marry me?” He asked, bringing the ring out from its box. She stood shell shocked still.

“AY” He pressed.

She replied this time without missing a beat, “Yes, I will marry you.”

“If I lose it all will you still be there for me? If I no get money, will you still be loving me? If you knew my weakness would you stand by me? Ti won ba n ba mi je o, so ma s’egbe leyin mi? So, promise me, you’ll grow old with me and ride with me, till the sun goes down”

She didn’t even know when tears rolled down her face,

“Yes, I promise you.” She said and he slid the ring on her f!nger, allowing her to pu-ll him up into a ti-ght hvg and he listened intently as she whispered into his ears,

“Baby when you’re cold, I can be your fire. My love na forever, I no go fit retire.


. If I call your name baby mi will you answer?”

“I will answer you baby.”

“Mofe bimo meji, will you be the father?”

“I will be your lover.”

“Promise me you will also grow old with me and ride with me, till the sun goes down.”

“I promise.” He replied and continued,

“I promise you I will never give up on us and I’ll ride with you till one hundred and forty-four.”

She laughed, “Like say you fit old reach 120 sef.”

“Ehn! Ma lo ro o.”

“Adekorede, I love you so much.”

“I love you more my baby.” He said and he k!$$£d her, tender at first and full of promise then it bec@m£ h0t and hurried and they just couldn’t get enough of themselves as the sea gulls and whatever creature therein in the sea watched make love till, they were out of breath.


Lara stood up from the x and o game she was pla-ying with Itunu to see who was at the door. It was past six, who could it be? She thought and saw Ayo and Kore standing by the door throu-gh the peephole. She opened it immediately and saluted,

“Good evening Boss, babes.”

Kore asked while Ayo smiled, “How are you Lara?”

“I’m good though Itunu is beating me hands down in the x and o game.” Lara answered complaining and scrunching her nose up in the process.

They laughed and Kore said, “He likes to think he is the king in that. Let me check him out. Thank you for taking care of our boy.”

“The plea-sure is all mine. It was good having him around.” Lara replied while Ayo thought of Kore’s choice of word, ‘our boy’. This was not his first time of saying it but now it felt real and nice.

“Madam!” Lara said waving her hand in Ayo’s face.

“Ta-da.” Ayo giggled waving her left hand in Lara’s face.

“Sweet Holy Mother of God!”

“Yeah yeah.”

“He proposed?” Lara asked taking her hand in hers and inspecting the ring.

“Of course, he did.” Ayo answered in a ‘duh’ tone.

“Babe, I’m so happy for you.” Lara said, pu-lling her in for a hvg.

“Thanks babes. You are next.”

“Nah. I’m going to die a nun.”

“For your mind. You wey you like ‘kini’ like tomorrow no dey.”

“Girl, something is wrong with you. Who like ‘kini’? Like say na so e sweet.”

“Pretender oshi.”

Just then Kore c@m£ out with Itunu and his bag, “Ladies.”

“Mum!” Itunu shouted and hvgged his mum who held on ti-ght to him.

Few minutes later, they were on their way home




Meant To Be

By Olunfulola Adeola

Episode 25


They waited till Itunu was done with his third term in school before they went home which was a month after Kore proposed. Ayo planned to use two weeks while Kore will use one. An intern was going to take her place temporarily while Kore can always work from anywhere, he was since he had all his gadgets with him.

It’s been two hours now and they were finally out of Lagos and getting closer to Ondo. Itunu was asleep on the backseat while Ayo was re-ading a novel on Wattpad and Kore was concentrating on getting them home.



Kore asked suddenly,

“Where are we going to stay?”


“AY!” Kore called and she looked up at him asking,

“What is it?”

“How is the housing arrangement? Will you stay at the palace or what?”

“Ah-ha Kore, do you want Mama to feel bad? You stay at the palace and I will stay at Mama’s place . You can visit anytime; you know Mama likes you.”

“It’s just, I feel like I can’t bear to be ap@rt from you.”

“It will all work out jo and before you know it, the days we want to spend here will fly by in a daze.”

“Okay ma.” He said and they returned to having a companionable silence in the car.

Few hours later, Kore pu-ll-ed into the front yard of Ayo’s grandma. She was sitting outside

. As soon as they got down, she shouted,


“Ah, ah, ah, baba mi. Ayodunmomi, ehn oko mi.”

Itunu went to hvg his grandma. They would be seeing her for the first time this year though they visit every Christmas.

As soon as, Kore got closer, he greeted, prostrating, “E ku’role ma.”

“Baba mi, how come you people didn’t tell me you were coming?”

“It’s a surprise, Maami.”

“A plea-sant one I see.”

“Come inside plea-se.”

“Okay ma. Itunu go inside with grandma, let me help Kore with our luggage.”

Itunu obeyed his Mom and went inside while the other two adults brou-ght out their luggage leaving Kore’s own in the boot and they went inside. Ayo took it one by one to the guest room where she always stayed whenever she was around while Kore sat down with Ayo’s grandma and said,

“I will like to talk to you about something ma.”

“I’m all ears. What is it?”

“I want to marry Ayodunmomi.”

“Itunu, go inside and call your mother for me.”

“Okay Mama.” Itunu said and a few minutes later, Ayo c@m£ into the sitting room and took her seat looking from Mama to Kore and back. Then Mama asked,

“Adekorede said he wants to marry you. How do you feel about it?”

Ayo replied shyly, “Well, he alre-ady asked me and I said yes.”

Then Mama started swaying and shaking her b©dy as she danced,

“Emi la o ni yo si, emi la o ni yo si, bi a ti fe o ri, bee na lori, emi la o ni yo si.”

“Why are you dancing now? Are you the one marrying the prince?” Ayo tea-sed laughing at grandmother’s displa-y.

“Well, I am not the one, amo emi na ti di ana oba niyen. Isn’t it something to dance about?” She answered then turned to Kore,

“Wo, oko mi, eni to loro ti soro. In as much as my daughter is re-ady to marry you, I am re-ady to give her to you and I will be glad to call you a son.”

“Thank you, ma.” Kore said prostrating.

“So, will you be staying with us here so I can go and prepare…”

“Hahan Mama, he can’t stay with us here nao when the palace is not far away. Do you want the Royal family to think we want to collect their son?”

“And have you not collected him?” Kore asked and they laughed.

“Mama, I have to go to the palace now. You know how people are, someb©dy might have seen us and rushed to spre-ad rumor and I wouldn’t want to upset my parents.”

“O da. O da. Eeyan o gbodo ri ibinu Oba.”

“Yes Mama. I brou-ght this for you.” Kore said, handing her a fancy bag and she collected exclaiming all throu-gh,

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ose baba mi. Bi o se n toju mi, omo a toju iwo naa. You will never know any lack.


. God will continue to increase you far above your enemies.”

“Amen Mama. I should be on my way now.”

“Eh-hen, okay, let us pray.” Mama said causing Ayo and Kore to look at each other, Mama’s prayer was always like a long train and when you think she is done, she picks up from another dimension. In short, her prayer was always very long but they bent their head all the same and responded, ‘Amin.’ to the prayers.

Surprisingly, the prayer didn’t take too long and then Kore called for Itunu,

“Tunz, I’m leaving o.”

Thats all it took for Itunu to come flying into sitting room.

“You are going?”

“Yes, but I will be back tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay.” Tunz responded without a trace of smile.

“Come on, don’t be like that. And, I will talk to you before you sleep tonight.”

“Okay.” Itunu said brightening up.

“And make sure you don’t disturb your mother.”

“I will be on my best behaviour.”

“That’s my boy.”

“O daaro ma.”

“Yes, my dear, greetings to the King and Queen.”

“I will deliver your greetings ma.” He said and left with Ayo at his back. She saw him off to his car and he told her to get in which she did,

“I can’t believe you are going to stay ap@rt for two weeks.”

“It’s just two weeks and it’s not like we are staying ap@rt, we are just not staying in the same house but we can see each other.”

“All right. I will miss you.” He said, holding her closer to him with her head.

“And I am alre-ady missing you.” She said and he k!$$£d her, slow and unhurried.

When they pu-ll-ed back, he said,

“I will come and pick you up tomorrow to meet my parents.”

“Call me first.”

“Will do.” He said and she said,

“I love you.”

“I love you too” He replied and k!$$£d her again before starting the car and she got out of the car and watched him drive away