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July 30, 2021


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Meant for her Episode 9 to 11

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I frowned at Bella’s picture. How on earth will she accept to marry Kary. I sat restlessly on the Couch and thought of possible means of winning Bella over.

“Should I tell her I raped her because of love” That would be so foolish of me. I mean who does that!!!!

I got up from the couch to sit on the bed when a car zoomed into my compound. Not knowing who the person was, I rushed to the Sitting room.

“If you think I would be this calm, then you are getting it all wrong” Kary barged into my house.

“I love that girl first and I won’t lose her to you” I said sternly.

“I have said my bit” Kary stormed out of the house.

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I dialed Bella’s number and she kept ending my calls without picking. I got into my car and drove speedily to her house.

“Why did you ignore my calls” I hated the fact that she was ignoring me.

“Aaron, I need time to think” She raised her brows

“Bella, I’m really sorry and I know you deserve better. I raped you years back and it was all out of stupidity” I pleaded on my knees still in tears.

“I knew and I was so sure, why then did it take you such a long time to admit” Tears gathered in her eyes.

“I was scared of what you will do” I bowed my head in shame.

“And now, you aren’t scared” Bella sent punch and slaps over my body.

“Please give me a chance to prove the better person that I’m” I said sincerely

Bella forgave me after much pleas. I slowly placed a kiss on her lips and she returned the kiss. Deep in our feelings, I slid my hands into her dress. Her lips were soft and succulent.

“Are you sure you want this” I whispered in her ears.

“Yes Aaron” Her voice was calm with her placing emphasis on my name.

I carried her the bridal style and placed her on the bed using my tongue to run through her body and the rest was history.

“How about we travel out the country” Bella said wrapping my fingers round her palm.

“I’ll make preparation for that” I wrapped my hands around her waist.

Kary walked into the room to see Bella and I on the same bed. Jealousy was written over him. Bella tried explaining buh he walked out on her.


Now, I was really confused. I got out of the bed, grabbed my bag and went to Kary’s house.

“What do you want from me” Kary gulped a bottle of wine.

“I’m sorry Kary, it not what it seems like buh I love Aaron” .

I went back to my house to meet Aaron preparing dinner.

“Who sent you”?? I teased playing hitting him on the shoulders.

Weeks later, I was sick. I guess it was work stress tho.

“Have you gone to see a doctor” Aaron placed his face on my face.

“Tomorrow” I smirked.

I got to the hospital where I was later told that I’m pregnant. I told Aaron, he was excited and promised that we were going to have the baby in Canada.

“Canada” I giggled.

Aaron protected me with everything he had. We told mom about our wedding and she agreed to it. I insisted on giving birth before going through the marriage procedures.

“Bella , don’t think you will get away with this” Kary threatened with a text message.

“Kary, you can’t do anything” I replied with all boldness.

I didn’t bother to let Aaron know about the threats so as to avoid more troubles. I was living with Aaron while mom was alone.

“Bella, Hope you are fine” Mom said over the phone.

“Yes mommy ” I smiled even when she couldn’t see me.

“Your brother’s wife just gave birth” Mom said and I screamed in excitement.

I got the address from Mom and drove there in Aaron’s car.

“Congrats Greg” I hugged him

“Is that Bella” Lisa said weakly.

“Yes darling” I touched her cheeks and we laughed.

“Congrats Lisa” We turned to see Kary by the entrance.

“How did you know here”?? I grinned

“Bella forgive me for everything have said” Kary went on his knees

“I forgive”

“Do you mind going on a dinner with me” Kary suggested




“I don’t think that would be necessary” I said bluntly.

“You could come with Aaron, I just want to say I’m sorry” Kary insisted

“I would let Aaron know about it” I rolled my eyes and concentrated on Lisa’s baby.

I told Aaron about the dinner and he said I could go alone.

“I trust you Bella” Aaron said kissing me.

I got to Kary’s house and dinner was ready.

“The place smells nice” I complimented sitting opposite Kary.

“I’m glad you like it” Kary smiled and offered me a drink.

I couldn’t tell what happened after the drink. I woke up and found my self on the hospital bed with Aaron sitting beside me.

“What’s happening” I said slowly trying to open my eyes.

“The doctors said you where drugged” Aaron said sadly.

“Where’s Kary” I said angrily

“The police couldn’t find him” Aaron bowed his head almost in tears.

“Police”!!!! I whispered loudly

“Mr Aaron, I would like to talk to you in private” The doctor said as he adjusted my drip.

“Doctor, is everything Okkkk” Aaron asked before leaving the ward.

Aaron came back and this time he was more sad.

“What did the doctor say again” I winced in pain.

“You lost the baby” It did hurt Aaron. I closed my eyes to prevent tears from falling.

Mom, Greg and Lisa came to see me. Greg was so particular about seeing Kary.

“I’ll crush him when I see him” Greg cursed loudly.

“You have to take things easy Greg” Mom advised.

Tears ran through my face. This present time was really tough.

“I’ll be leaving the country soon” Aaron said sitting beside me.

“You leaving me alone”?? I asked slowly

“No, I would be gone for just 2 weeks…..I have a project at hand” Aaron said calmly

“Just two weeks” I said smiling at him.

We made preparations for our wedding before Aaron left the county. Lisa & Aly assisted me.

“Is there anyone who don’t want this couple to get married” The priest announced and the congregation was dead silent.

“Yes” We turned to see Kary.

“Call the police, He needs to be arrested” Aaron signalled at his friends and soon the police arrived.

“I won’t let you be Bella” Kary struggled as he was been taken away by the police.

The rest of the wedding ended in peace but I feared the next time I would set my eyes on Kary. He was taken to the court by my husband where he was asked to spend 6 months in the prison with 1 million naria compensation for me. Aaron threatened and warned Kary to stay away from me.

“Take care of yourself Bella, if there is anything don’t hesitate to let me know” Aaron said dragging his luggage out of the room.

“I’ll miss you Aaron” I cried on his shoulders.

I drove Aaron to the airport and waited for Aaron to get into the plane before leaving.

“The flight scheduled for 10am today has been rescheduled for 4pm”

I frowned and Aaron smiled.

“Let’s go home and come back before 4pm” I suggested

“These people could change their mind anytime, Let me stay…..if the flight isn’t possible today….I will call you” Aaron advised me to go home.

“I can’t leave you” I resisted

“Don’t stress yourself Bella, I would be fine” Aaron re assured.

I had barely left the airport when I got a call from Greg.

“Mom collapsed and she’s in the hospital” Greg was afraid.

“Mom”!!! I got into the car and drove speedily.

“Doctor, what is the problem” Greg approached the doctor who was just coming out of the ward.

“You mother is suffering from kidney failure and we need 10 million for an urgent operation” The doctor excused himself.

“10 million” Greg and I said together.

I tried calling Aaron but his line was not reachable. It wasn’t going to be easy getting a whooping sum as that.

I went back home to prepare food from Mom after she regained consciousness. I kept trying Aaron’s number and it was still not reachable.

“Maybe he’s still in the plane” I consoled myself.

After giving Mom her food, I joined Greg in the reception.

“Breaking news” The news caster announced. ” There was a plane crash today”

“Aaron!!!… This can’t be true!!” My vision went blank.


“What’s the problem” Greg asked touching my palm when I opened my eyes.

“Aaron!!!!…..Aaron is dead” I cried uncontrollably.

“What”!! Greg stared at me obviously confused. “What do you mean by that” He continued.

“The plane crash, that was the plane Aaron used in traveling” I didn’t want to believe I have lost Aaron.

“Calm down Bella” Greg was trying to console me.

“I can’t ” I covered my face with my palm still in tears. “The news caster made it clear that no one survived the plane crash” I said admist tears.

“Mom is critically ill and giving her this kind of news would only make her condition worse” Greg sat beside me on the bed.

“What did the doctor say about mom’s condition” I cleaned the balls of tears which formed on my face.

“They said she’s suffering from kidney failure and she needs 5 million for a transplant” Greg said gazing at the wall.

“That’s huge” I let a deep sigh.

“I got an idea” Greg smiled and cleared his throat. “We should publish mom’s pictures on the television asking for money”.

“We’re not beggars” I cut him shorts

“That’s the best we can do now” Greg frowned.

I was discharged since my case was minor. I entered Mom’s ward and sat beside her bed.

“Mommy, won’t you talk to me” I tapped her wrist.

I couldn’t believe Mom lost consciousness for a second time. Crying now was not going to solve any shit!!!

“Bella, Stay with Mom …..let me go get money” Greg said and left the hospital.

Greg and I was able to gather a million naira which wasn’t even up to half of what we were asked to pay. Since we didn’t have much money we only published her pictures on the television soliciting for fund.

I drove to the supermarket to get foodstuffs which I would prepare for my mom.

“Bella” I saw Kary standing beside a car which I supposed was his.

“You shouldn’t be stalking me now” I said staring at him. I was about entering the supermarket when he held my hands.

“I saw it” Kary said removing his dark sun shade glasses from his eyes. I was totally confused.

“Saw what” I glared at him and he wore his glasses back.

“Marry me Bella and I’ll pay your mother’s bill” He got into his car and drove off.

“Only if Aaron was here, Only if he was alive” Tears ran through my face.

I bought the foodstuffs and drove to the hospital. I was supposed to prepare meal before coming to the hospital but my heart was heavy. I needed someone to talk to.

“Where’s the food” Greg asked immediately I stepped into the ward.

“Greg, I’m in trouble” I broke into tears ……Greg ran to hold me preventing me from falling.

“What happened” His voice was broken.

“Kary has agreed to help us on the condition that I get married to him” I said slowly.

“What nonsense!!!, He must be mad” Greg was pacing round the hospital. “We don’t need it, we don’t need his damn help” Greg was furious clinching his fist.

Lisa came to the hospital and luckily for us all she brought food. We weren’t so interested in eating except mom who needed to take her medication.

“How far have you gone with the money” Lisa was concerned as she tried persuading Greg into eating.

“Nothing , Just a million naira” I could feel my brother’s pain.

Bringing out Kary’s offer was totally out of it. I wasn’t going to accept such offer whether Aaron was dead or not.

My phone rang and I checked to see who the caller was.

“Aly” I whispered loudly and Greg stared at me.

“Aly, How are you” I tried to act normal even when I felt like crying.

“Where’s Aaron” my fears were confirmed. “The plane officials called to tell us that he was part of those who booked for that flight but there was no traces of him as all bodies were burnt beyond recognition” My phone fell off my hands and I could feel my world crashing. I had barely recovered from that when Mom had seizure.

“Doctor” Greg cried as he rushed to get the doctor.

“Please excuse us….we need to commerce the operation” The doctor said as they transferred mom into an emergency ward.

Will Bella agree to kary’s purposal???….. Ohh, poor Bella😭

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