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means to love episode 9 & 10

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS

LOVE ……🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….



Jeromino flied out of the country after sealing his contract with Hova designers.

“You didn’t check out of the h0tel you stayed?” Elvis asked as Jeromino got to his resident.

“I’m pretty sure she won’t be going out of that room today, that’s why I didn’t check out. She should cry out her soul while she’s still there” Jeromino replied with a malicious smile.

“You got her in just two weeks, that’s very impressive” Ciro complimented and Jeromino sm-irked.

“I can’t believe she rejected we all and actually fell for you” Elias said enviously.

“I told you I was definitely getting her on be-d and I did just that. She was awesome in be-d” Jeromino laughed and all his friends laughed with him.

“Fernanda shouldn’t have pla-yed [email protected] to get when Ciro and Elias asked her out” Elvis laughed.

“She met her doom” Ciro laughed loudly but Elias clenched his fist angrily.

“Too bad I’m not done with her yet” Elias murmured.

Elvis, Ciro, Elias and Jeromino have been friends from high school.


The Dante family all sat at the sitting room with a shattered heart.

“Who did this to our Fernanda?” Abuela cried out with her handkerchief on her nose.

“Hello Bruno you can’t stay put like nothing happened. Our model’s reputation is on the line here so you better think of st©pping it from getting any further” Mr Enzo shouted over the phone but Bruno kept mute as h0t tears kept rolling down his cheeks.

“I will do something about it” Bruno said slowly then hung up swiftly as he wiped off his tears with the back of his palm.

“What do you mean the video can’t be taken down from the original source? My sister’s future is at stake here. Do something about it quic-kly” Fernand shouted over the phone.

“Franco how many videos have you taken down?” Fred asked curiously with Franco’s eyes fixed on his [email protected]©p.

“The video have been shared to so many sources but thanks to my genius skills, I’ve tracked down so many of the sites. I just need so minutes. How dare they do this to Fernanda” Franco shouted with his f!ngerson his keyboard.

“I’ve tried calling Fernanda but she refused to take her call. She should at least pick her call so we’ll know she’s safe” Florencia said worriedly and Bruno stood up from where he was sitting.

“I need to go to the office. Jeromino messed with the wrong person” Bruno said seriously.


Fernanda sat in the bathtub with the shower on. She wra-pped her hands around knees.

“Jeromino why did you do something like that to me? Why?” Fernanda uttered out slowly as tears roll down her cheeks.

~ “Fernanda be my girlfriend” Jeromino said [email protected] ~

~ “You’re right we’ve never met each other before but I’ve heard a lot about you and I guess that’s when it all started” He smiled ~

Fernanda recalled all what Jeromino said to her and her tears couldn’t st©p rolling down.

~ “That’s too forward so you shouldn’t put it that way. I’m not sure about what I feel and that’s why I [email protected]£ back to Mexico to confirm it. I’m only requesting for two [email protected]£s and I’m pretty sure we will be done before we’re done with our couple shoots this month” He said softly ~

“That was also a lie. You’ve always been clear about your intentions but why didn’t I get it? I ended up being a fool for love” Fernanda said sluggishly as she began to laugh with tears flowing down like a river at the same time.

Fernanda this shouldn’t weigh you down. You can get throu-gh this, Jeromino will be so happy to see you in tears. Let’s go home. Fernanda uttered in her head then [email protected]£ out of the bathtub. Luckily she was putting on just her [email protected] and [email protected]

You [email protected]£ to break my heart in a thousand pieces, you’ve achieved that goal but I refused to be weigh down like this. Fernanda comforted herself as she put on her clothes but still in tears.

She picked up her phone and so many missed calls were seen just then Leo’s call [email protected]£ in.

“Leo I don’t think this is the right time to be calling me” Fernanda said wiping off her tears then picked the call.

“Hello buddy, Fernanda where are you right now? We’re all so worried sick” Leo said sharply over the phone.

“I don’t think I’m in the mood to see anyone right now” Fernanda replied as she sat on the be-d.

“Fernanda moments like this, you need your friends and family around so plea-se don’t be like this and s£nd me your address. I will come alone so don’t be worried, [email protected] is also so worried but he can’t make it because he’s in New York at the moment” Leo explained and Fernanda smiled faintly.

“He shouldn’t return because of my issue. I’m pretty sure I can take care of it”

“The video is almost invisible online so don’t worry about that” Leo @ssured.

“Leo I have to go now. I need to take care of something urgently” Fernanda ch!pped in then hung up swiftly.

“Call me shameless but I have the right to know why Jeromino did that to me” Fernanda muttered out as she dialed Jeromino’s number.

He didn’t change his line, too bad I must have the last word. Fernanda uttered in her head.

“Haven’t you had enough? Why are you still calling? I thought we’ve closed our deal” Jeromino said sarcastically as he took the call.

“Shameless enough to take my call. No matter how I think of it, I still don’t get it why you would hurt a girl like this”

“You don’t have time for this Fernanda. You should be sobbing right now” Jeromino laughed and Fernanda clenched her fist as h0t tears roll down her cheeks.

“I really have nothing to say to you if that’s what you’re going to say to me and don’t ever mention my name again. Have a good life and I pray we never cross paths again” Fernanda said angrily and her tears couldn’t st©p flowing like a river.

She brou-ght out her SIM card and threw into her mouth as she chewed it furiously.

“I’m so done with you Jeromino” Fernanda said and spat out the crushed SIM card into the water closet then flu-shed it down.


11:00 pm when I left the h0tel room.
I covered my face [email protected] as I left the h0tel. I trekked back home because I needed some time alone but Jeromino’s thought kept on popping out in my head.

I couldn’t help it as tears kept rolling down but I wiped them off f0rç£fully. As if that would help but more tears kept rolling down.

If heartbreak was this painful, I would never have fell so [email protected] in love. I said in my head as my tears dropped down willingly.

I got to the darker side before my street.

“I thought they were going to fix the street lights” I murmured as I increased my pace but suddenly I heard some footsteps from behind so I st©pped walking to listen carefully and the steps [email protected]£ closer.

“Who’s there?” I shouted walking backwards slowly but the shadow [email protected]£ closer then I began to run but he caught me before I would even know it.

“Let go of me!” I screamed but he covered my mouth ti-ghtly with his palm, I tried getting a glimpse of his face but it was too [email protected]

He tied my mouth swiftly. I struggled to get free from his grip but he was way too strong for me.
He pushed me to the ground and tore my clothes. I struggled as he brou-ght out his c0ckbut my struggle all went in vain as he f0rç£d himself on me.

h0t tears roll down my eyes as he [email protected]£d me [email protected] and I couldn’t do anything.

“Like I heard, you’re good. I would have gone easy on you if you weren’t stubborn in the first place” His voice echoed and everything [email protected]£ blurry.

I slowly lost consciousness of where I was…


I suddenly feel uneasy…

“Elvis where’s Elias?” I asked curiously.

“I heard him telling Ciro he was taking the next flight going to Mexico so I guess he went to Mexico” Elvis replied and I frowned.

“But why do you ask Jeromino?” He asked and I looked away.

“I just hope it’s not what I’m thinking” I said seriously as I ti-ght£ñed my teeth

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS

LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 10 °°°


I opened my eyes slowly and felt a bit relieved but I found my whole family around in tears as they stared me endlessly.

“Why are you all your faces like that? I’m fine now but how did I get here” I smiled as I tried to sit up but I felt some pains un-derneath.

“Fernanda I’m sorry” Abuela called out as she boost into tears giving me a ti-ght hvg.

“I’m sorry Fernanda, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you” Daddy sobbe-d as he joined the hvg, I couldn’t help it but broke out in tears as well.

“I said I’m fine” I cried out hvgging Abuela ti-ghtly.

“Fernanda do you remember the face of the person that did this to you?” Fred asked seriously as he wiped off his tears.

“I have no idea who he is, his voice sounded familiar but I don’t remember where I heard such similar voice and I couldn’t get a glimpse at his face because it was so dark” I cried and Dad pat my back gently.

“Everything will be fine Fernanda. Your family isn’t letting you fight this battle alone. We’re here for you and that criminal must pay for doing this to you” uncle Benicio @ssured and everyone nodded.

“I wish these was all a nightmare. Why’s Fernanda going throu-gh all this” Aunt Florencia sobbe-d heavily and ran out of the ward.

“We’ve filed a report at the police station, they’re looking into this so don’t worry Fernanda. We will do everything in our power to get justice for you” Fernand @ssured seriously.

“I will have to go to the station myself. I won’t let this slide” I said seriously as I wiped off my tears.

I’m definitely getting justice for myself, it’s so unfair. I went throu-gh all this in just one day. I said in my head as tears roll down my cheeks.

“Firstly Fernanda, have some be-d rest” Abuela advised and I [email protected] back.


I woke up sluggishly as my phone kept on ringing.

“It’s so early, who’s calling” I yawned then took the call.

“Jeromino I think I still some articles against Fernanda. What do you think? Should I publish them?” One of my journalist buddy said over the phone.

“Fernanda? What Fernanda?” I asked yawning.

“Wow Jeromino is such a pla-yer, how would you forget about Fernanda so quic-kly” He remarked and I sat up swiftly.

“What do you have against Fernanda?” I asked curiously.

“A report was filed at the police station that Fernanda was [email protected]£d last night and a [email protected]£ra footage was seen but it’s too dark to identify the ra-pist” He explained and I frowned.

“Are you sure Fernanda was [email protected]£d?” I asked seriously and I could hear him chuckle.

“Of course, I get information from the direct source and everyone is so on Fernanda’s case because of the online S-xtape and now this. Soon social media will be on fire” He laughed and I hung up angrily.

I went into the bathroom, freshened up quic-kly then head out to our hang out sp©ts. Luckily everyone was there.

I walked to Elias and gave him an heavy punch.

“Men! What’s that for?” Elias squeaked as he stood up.

“Where were you last night?” I asked angrily.

“What do you mean?” Elias asked getting pissed.

“Were you the one who [email protected]£d Fernanda?” I asked furiously and he sm-irked.

“Is that why you’re angry?” He asked sarcastically.

“Why did you [email protected]£ her? That was insane” I shouted.

“Why are you effected by that it’s not like you have feelings for her so why are you acting this way” Elias shouted.

“Exactly Jeromino. He just [email protected]£d, no big deal. You did similar thing to her so why are creating a scene” Ciro said calmly and I ruffled my hair in frustratedly.

“My case is different here, she did it willingly but Elias you f0rç£d yourself on her. Do you have any idea what that means” I said seriously.

“Who cares? She deserves whatever comes her way so sit your @ss down and st©p acting like you suddenly have a conscience” Elias said sarcastically.

“F**k you all!” I demonstrated with my middle f!nger then walked out of the restaurant.

“Why do I even care? Why do I feel sorry for her? Why do I feel terrible? Why did Elias do something so horrible to Fernanda? Why am I worried when I did similar thing to her” I gro-an ed as I drove off angrily.

I drove back to my mansion and my manager Alvaro was seated at the sitting room.

“Alvaro can we talk some other time. I don’t think I’m in the mood to talk to anyone right now” I said as I [email protected]£d a bottle of wine from my wine cellar.

“Get two [email protected] plea-se” Alvaro added and I glared at him.

“I wasn’t planning on sharing so say what you have to say and leave me alone” I gro-an ed then sat down as I corked the wine open.

“Such a [email protected]! Don’t blame me for been a manager at such a young age” He pouted and I gulped down some sip of the wine.

“You didn’t come all the way here to [email protected] about that right?” I asked sarcastically and he smiled.

“Jeromino we need to [email protected]” He said excitedly and I rolled my eyes.

“What are we [email protected] for?”

“You got a six months contract with Vero’s fashion world” Alvaro announced and my jaw dropped in surprise.

“Alvaro you’re kidding right?” I asked curiously and he smiled.

“I didn’t just become a manager at this young age just like that, of course my [email protected] work brou-ght me here. They contacted me this morning after your shoots in Hova designers got published. You’re in every magazine Jeromino and I noticed you and Fernanda looks perfect together” Alvaro smiled.

“What do you mean? My shoots with Fernanda got published?” I asked curiously.

“Of course, what were you expecting? Her scandal have been taken down and it’s obvious she wasn’t in her right s-en-ses when the S-xtape was taken so it’s possible she wasn’t doing willingly although the look on her face tells a different story” Alvaro said smiling silly.

“When did all this happen?” I asked a bit disappointed.

“Jeromino why did you do it? You were never this heartless so why did you do it? It’s so unlike you. Luckily you have a great manager like myself so I also helped in st©pping the scandal”

“I’ve always been like that so don’t just sit there and act like you know me. Why did you take down the scandal? No one asked you to bu-tt in” I said seriously then went to my room holding the bottle of wine.

“Jeromino you’re traveling to Switzerland in two days time so keep that in mind” Alvaro shouted from the sitting room and I closed my door.


I got to the station with my nose mask on so no one recognizes me.

“Excuse me sir, what’s your [email protected]£ on the ra-pist?” I asked curiously.

“Ma’am you’re in a police station so take your mask off” The officer said politely and I took off my nose mask and some officers began to murmur to themselves.

These was exactly what I was trying to avoid…

“Oh you’re Fernanda Dante the victim of the [email protected]£ case” The officer said checking out my info in his computer.

“We’re sorry you had to go throu-gh such a traumatic situation but with the look of things I don’t think we will be pushing throu-gh with this case” The officer said politely and I stood up in shock.

“Officer what’s that supposed to mean?” I asked seriously almost in tears.

“This case is merely a groundless one if we don’t have solid evidence. Yes we have the street CCTV footage but it’s all blurry and you have no idea who he might be. You’re a public figure so it’s obvious you will have so many haters” The officer explained and h0t tears roll down my cheeks.

“Are you trying to say I can’t get justice for myself? Officer if this had happened to your sister or daughter will you still sit still and do nothing just because you don’t have solid evidence” I said seriously as I wiped off my tears.

“Miss you’re crossing the line here so watch your language” He said seriously.

“How much did he pay you? I will pay you double of it. Just give me his name” I said seriously as h0t tears kept on rolling down.

“Miss st©p crossing the line” He shouted and I hit his table.

“A [email protected]£ case isn’t what you should take lightly. It’s your duty to look out for the citizens but you can’t even do it right. Do you have any idea what I’m going throu-gh right now? Do you have any idea what it feels like to be [email protected]£d? My future is at stake here” I shouted and everyone stared at him.

The officer got a call from his superior so he went to his superior’s office but he [email protected]£ out with his superior.

“Don’t worry sir, things are un-der control” The officer lied and I had a flashback on where I saw his superior because he had a familiar face.

~ “Kid you’re not allowed to be here” The police officer announced ~

He was at the crime scene where Mum was murdered.

“Officer!” I called out then ran to him.

“What are you doing?” The other officer asked trying to st©p me from speaking to his superior.

“Sir, I’m the kid at the crime scene twelve years, where her mum was sh0t in front of West land school” I explained swiftly but the officer dragged me as his superior tried so [email protected] to recall.

“Let go of her” His superior ordered.

“Maria Jose Dante’s daughter. We actually got something on her case but too bad nob©dy followed up. Come to my office let’s discuss” He said politely and we went to his office.

“Sir did you find out who murdered my mum?” I asked curiously.

“Are you sure you’re re-ady for this?” The officer asked curiously.

Fernanda are you re-ady?🤔

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