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Means to love episode 6 & 7

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Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 6 & 7 °°°


Fernanda stared at Jeromino [email protected] as they both got lost in each other’s eyes.

“I’m loving this. The look in your eyes right now, is what we’re looking for. You’re finally getting the emotions for this shoot” The director complimented and Fernanda st©pped staring.

“Let’s get over with this quic-kly” Fernanda whispered and Jeromino smiled.

“You’re running away alre-ady when we haven’t even gone to our [email protected]£. I’m hoping that didn’t skip your mind” Jeromino reminded and Fernanda swallowed [email protected]

Fernanda why do you suddenly feel nervous? You shouldn’t have feelings like that… This is a job you need to do and get over with, there shouldn’t be any strings attached. Fernanda uttered in her mind and they changed their pose to several poses.

“Ok let’s single sh0ts for each now” The director announced and Fernanda went to the restroom.

After tonight’s [email protected]£ then one’s left and I will be back to my normal life. Fernanda uttered in her head staring at herself on the mirror in the restroom and an anonymous text popped up on her phone.

< Watch closely so you don't get hurt >

“Is this some kind of spam message” Fernanda uttered ignoring the text then she went back to the studio.

“Right on time Fernanda” The director said with a smile as he lead her to the setting.

The ph0toshoots was over so Fernanda head back home without saying goodbye to anyone.

“Fernanda you look exhausted. Come have dinner with us” Abuela said smiling and Fernanda ignored everyone as she went straight into her room.

“What’s wrong? Why’s Fernanda carrying a long face?” Abuela asked worriedly.

“Come on Mum, Fernanda is an adult now so it’s only natural she gets mood swings sometimes” Benicio said sarcastically and Damian laughed.

“I don’t think that’s the issue here. This is a relationsh!pmood, it’s obvious Fernanda need a man in her life” Damian cut in and Abuela puts some thoughts into it.

“So Damian what do you suggest we do?” Abuela asked curiously.

“Abuela I think you should start s£nding Fernanda to places so she mingles with people like s£nding her to her grandma’s place once in a while” Damian suggested and Florencia glared at him.

“Why would we s£nd our lovely Fernanda out there to the harsh world? She’s fine with us here so there’s no need to s£nd her to Isabel’s” Florencia objected.

“But mum I thought you set a blind [email protected]£ for Fernanda? We didn’t get your feedback” Benicio inquired.

“Fernanda said blind [email protected]£s su-cks but she will have to go to few more [email protected]£s” Abuela said slowly.


Fernanda’s phone began to ring and she took the call sluggishly without even checking on the caller.

“I’m outside your house, I’ve come to pick you up for our [email protected]£” Jeromino said at the other end and Fernanda’s eyes went wi-de open as she looked at what she was putting on.

“But I’m not re-ady yet?”

“I’m okay with whatever you’re putting on. It’s not like I have no idea what you’re wearing right now although you sneaked back home without saying a word” Jeromino uttered over the phone and Fernanda placed her hand on her [email protected]!st.

“I will be out now” Fernanda said and she ruffled her hair.

“Don’t keep me waiting for too long, I run out of patience easily” He said smiling.

“I will be out in a minute” Fernanda @ssured then hung up. She swiftly ran to the mirror and combe-d her hair a bit.

“I’m all clean” Fernanda uttered then out of room leaving her phone behind.

” What are you all looking at?” Fernanda asked as the whole family gathered at the window as they peeped at Jeromino who was standing in front of their house with his car behind him.

“Wow I had no idea Fernanda is popular with the boys. He’s so good looking” Florencia complimented and Abuela frowned.

“It’s not right to let a young lady leave home at this hour. Fernanda shouldn’t be leaving home at this hour of the day” Abuela protested.

“Abuela I thought you wanted her to mingle with others so why are you against her going out” Damian asked and Abuela walked to the door blocking Fernanda from leaving.

“What’s wrong Abuela?” Fernanda asked a bit confused and Abuela frowned.

“This isn’t the way I raised you up to be. A young man is here to take you out this late at night, the least he can do is prove that he’s responsible so we would approve of your relationsh!p” Abuela said seriously and Fernanda bite herl-ips frustratedly.

“Abuela you’re [email protected] me… My [email protected]£ is waiting outside” Fernanda said slowly looking at the window.

“This is the tradition of our family so do the right thing” Abuela said seriously and Jeromino rang the doorbell.

“He’s finally doing the right thing” Abuela smiled as she opened the door and Fernanda covered her face with her palm.

“Good evening ma” Jeromino greeted as Abuela opened the door.

“What’s your relationsh!pwith my granddaughter?” Abuela fired and Fernanda turned around giving them her back.

“I like your granddaughter so much and I’m trying to win her over, I’m sorry for my rudeness I [email protected]£ without introducing myself” Jeromino apologized and Abuela smiled.

“Such a sweet talker” Damian murmured from behind.

“My name’s Jeromino Guzman” Jeromino introduced politely and Abuela nodded.

“Abuela he has introduced himself so plea-se can we go now. You wouldn’t want me to stay out late right” Fernanda cut in as she ran to where Jeromino was standing then she held his hand.

“Abuela bye” Fernanda added then dragged Jeromino out with her.

“Fernanda don’t stay out late okay” Florencia reminded but Fernanda rushed into Jeromino’s car before Bruno gets home.

“Why are you in such a hurry? I couldn’t introduce myself properly” Jeromino complained and Fernanda rolled her eyes.

“Introducing yourself to my family wasn’t in our deal so let’s get going before my dad gets back” Fernanda uttered seriously and Jeromino started the car.

“Isn’t that Fernanda?” Bruno questioned as he [email protected]£ down from his car.

“Fernanda get back here” Bruno shouted but Jeromino drove off alre-ady.

Bruno rushed into the house angrily.

“Mum why would you allow a guy take Fernanda out? It’s getting late alre-ady” Bruno shouted and Luciano [email protected]£ out of his room.

“He introduced himself to us, he said his name is Jeromino Guzman. That seem like a popular name” Abuela said and Bruno ruffled his hair angrily.

“Benicio you were right here why didn’t you st©p that from happening? Mum just because he’s popular doesn’t give him the right to take my daughter out by this time of the day” Bruno quarreled and Abuela kept mute not knowing why he’s so pissed.

“Mum I agree with Bruno said. Why would you let Fernanda go out with someone we don’t know just because he told you guys his name. Yes Jeromino Guzman might be popular but Fernanda shouldn’t hangout with people like that. We have no idea if he has ulterior motives?” Luciano shouted and Florencia began to dial Fernanda’s number but the phone was ringing in her room.

“I think she left her cellphone at home” Damian said slowly as he opened her room door.

“She even has the nerve to leave her cellphone at home when she’s going out with a stranger” Bruno said seriously.

Luciano felt even more anxious knowing that Fernanda left her phone at home.

“Why did you let her out in the first place?” Luciano shouted and everyone shrinked.

“Why are you yelling so much? Fernanda is an adult now, she also have the right to make decisions in her life so why are you all overreacting like we threw her into the lion’s den” Abuela said slowly catching her breath.

“Yes mum, you threw her into the lion’s den” Luciano shouted and he sat down.

“Luciano I think you’re more pissed than I am, relax okay. I’m pretty sure she will be back home safe” Bruno comforted slowly.

“You have no idea what’s going on here” Luciano yelled then went back to his room angrily.

“Why’s he so pissed?” Benicio asked as everyone watched Luciano get into the room.


Fernanda and Jeromino got to the restaurant Jeromino booked for their [email protected]£.

“It’s beautiful here, did you prepare all this?” Fernanda asked with a smile feeling quite impressed.

“Of course, I have to make our first [email protected]£ quite an impressive one” Jeromino smiled and the waiters served the dishes.

“Fernanda what do you think about me?” Jeromino asked out of the blue and Fernanda stared at him.

“I think you’re mysterious and I find it difficult re-ading your mind” Fernanda uttered and he smiled.

Jeromino stood up from his seat then walked to Fernanda, he helped her up holding her palm in his.

“It’s growing dee-per than I expected” Jeromino muttered holding her hand.

“What’s growing?” Fernanda asked nervously.

“Fernanda be my girlfriend” Jeromino said [email protected] and she blinked continuously.

She was about uttering her response but Jeromino gave her a ti-ght hvg with his heartbeat racing in her ears.

“You can’t say no to me Fernanda, I don’t take things slowly. You can hear my heartbeat racing for you”

“Don’t say no to me…”

TBC ….



I went into my room and closed the door as I trembled in fear.
I sat down on my rocking chair thinking [email protected] on what to do.

I couldn’t save Maria Jose from the early death she had to face because of my stupidity. I can’t let my niece go throu-gh same thing. She can’t have any connection whatsoever with Agustin. I gro-an ed in my head and my phone began to ring.

“Hello, Luciano speaking” I said seriously.

“Look after Jeromino, you know so well that he’s in town. Don’t let him go throu-gh any obstacles when he’s back home after a long time” Agustin instructed over the phone and I frowned.

“It’s not my duty to look after Jeromino. He’s a star you should at least hire a secret b©dy guard” I said seriously and he laughed maliciously.

“Luciano, I left you for the time being doesn’t mean we’re done yet. You’re still so useful to me and don’t forget I still hold something against you so put your act together. Keep a low profile and watch over my son closely” Agustin threatened then hung up.

I ti-ght£ñed my fist angrily.

FLASHBACK*** On twelve years ago, the day Maria Jose was killed.

“Your sister in law almost saved your @ss but too bad, I’ve got my men everywhere even at the police station. Who does she think she is to report me to the police?” Agustin laughed as tears roll down my cheeks uncontrollably.

“She was only trying to protect me, you shouldn’t have ended her life like that”I sobbe-d.

“Too bad she knows too much alre-ady. I saved your @ss so don’t even think about running away that’s if you don’t want any member of your family dead as well. You would have worked discreetly, why did you let anyone get suspicious of you. You killed her yourself, you were seated next to the person who killed your sister-in-law. You’ve stained your hands with so many peoples blood as well. Do you think you will ever be free? Just remain one of my loyal men” Agustin laughed wickedly and I sobbe-d heavily on my knees.


True fact you got my hands stained with people’s blood so there’s nothing wrong if I get my hands stained with anyone’s blood who tries to hurt my niece. I [email protected] in my head seriously with my eyes on my wardrobe.

“Where did I keep it again?” I uttered out as I began to look for the gun I kept hidden inside my closet.

“There you are…” I smiled as I brou-ght it out from it wra-p.

I’m sorry Maria Jose, I promised not to make your death go in vain but I’m sorry I have to go back to the lifestyle you sacrificed your life for. I’m not letting any member of my family die again because of my mistakes. Help me protect Fernanda from up there.

An hour later Abuela announced that Fernanda is back. I rushed out of my room and gave Fernanda a hvg.

“Fernanda are you okay? Nothing happened to you right?” I asked swiftly as I broke the hvg.

“Come on uncle Luciano, it was just a [email protected]£ so why would I get hurt and I’m so tired. I need some sleep” Fernanda muttered then ran into her room without looking at anyone.

“My daughter is all grown up now, I didn’t realize that till now” Bruno said sadly.

“Luciano I think you’re overreacting and you’re never at home, I had no idea you cared this much for your niece” Benicio tea-sed and everyone went to their rooms.

You’re all saying this because you have no idea what grave sins your brother have committed. I uttered in my head seriously and Fernand tapped my shoulders from behind.

“Uncle Luciano would you have a some wine with me at the rooft©p?” Fernand offered and I smiled.


“If you don’t want no for an answer then you should take things slowly” I said to Jeromino and he broke the hvg.

“I promise to make you fall [email protected] for me. All we need is time and you would learn a lot about me and how far I’ve fallen for you” He said [email protected] and I smiled.

He’s so clingy I have no idea why he’s so obsessed with getting what he wants. I mumbled in my head smiling wi-dely and a bip [email protected]£ on phone.

It’s a text from Jeromino.

“What’s he up to this time around?” I smiled I opened his text and a video file was attached to it.

~ Fernanda do you have any idea what I can’t get off my head right now? You!
I’ve got ph0tos of you everywhere, look! My room is covered with your ph0tos ~ Jeromino said in his video cli-p.

“When did it all start?” I smiled then fell asleep without even realizing it.

Next morning…
I woke up and saw Jeromino’s morning text..

“He’s so damn serious” I smiled as I stood up from my be-d then head out to the sitting room but to my surprise everyone was home seated at the sitting room.

“Buenos manana” I greeted in Spanish and everyone stared at me in shock.

“Buenos manana? Did I hear wrong or Fernanda actually greeted everyone in Spanish” Abuela uttered obviously surprised and I smiled.

“What’s wrong Abuela? You like it when I greet everyone in Spanish” I smiled and Aunt Florencia held my hand, helping me seat next to her.

“We’re all surprise because you don’t like speaking Spanish. Did something good happen yesterday?” Fred asked curiously.

“I’m pretty sure it has something to do with her [email protected]£ last night” Dad said looking away.

“Now we’re on that t©pic. Bruno you said you want to say something regarding that” Abuela said and I stared at daddy.

“Fernanda you should introduce Jeromino to the whole family. Invite him for lunch to our house” Dad uttered seriously and I began to cough out of shock.

“Are you okay?” Aunt Florencia asked curiously.

“I’m fine aunt. But daddy, Jeromino isn’t my b©yfri£ndyet” I clarified.

“Yet? That means you have future plans of ma-king him your b©yfri£nd. Fernanda we’re your family so it’s only natural that we want what’s best for you. Everyone will be here to give their judgement on Jeromino, we want to confirm if Jeromino have good intentions towards you” Dad explained and I sighed tiredly.

The family meeting was over so I went back to room then put a call across to Jeromino.

“Jeromino I think your cover is busted. My family want you to join us for lunch today, I tried convincing them otherwise but everyone wasn’t bulging” I said over the phone sluggishly and I could hear him chuckle.

“Don’t worry, I will be there” He responded and I smiled.

It’s noon alre-ady, lunch is been served and I saw Jeromino’s car parking at the other side of the road.

He made it. I [email protected] in my head excitedly as I adjusted my shi-t.


“Jeromino do you really have to go that far when you’re planning on breaking her heart at the end of all this” Elvis one of my buddies said over the phone and I sm-irked.

“Acting responsible also leads to winning a lady’s heart. I’m hanging up now” I said and hung up then [email protected]£ out of my car. Fernanda was at their door waiting for me alre-ady.

She’s so pretty. I uttered in my head.

“You’re looking beautiful” I complimented as I walked to her.

“Let’s go inside” She smiled leading the way.

I walked in and I was shocked to the bone when I saw the whole family’s eyes on me.

“You never told me, you had an extended family” I whispered to Fernanda and she smiled.

“I thought you knew about it” She whispered back.

“Buenos dias” I greeted in Spanish and they all stared at me in surprise.

“You’re fluent in Spanish, I thought you grew up in the UK?” The grandma asked with a smile.

“Yes but actually we lived in Mexico when I was little but we relocated to the united states when I turned 15” I explained politely.

“Mum, you should offer him a seat first. plea-se Jeromino come dine with us” Mr Bruno offered as everyone head to the dinning table.

She has so many brothers, I guess she’s the only girl in the family. I thought as I walked to the dinning table.

“Sit here” One of her brothers offered and Fernanda was about sitting there but I st©pped her because something felt fishy about the chair.

“I don’t want you to stretch your beautiful hand when fetching food” I covered up and she smiled sitting on the next chair.

I sat on the chair and I landed on the ground with my bu-tt before I even realize it and the brothers boost into laugh.

“Oh I’m sorry, I had no idea the chair was broken but how sweet of you to make our Fernanda sit somewhere else” They laughed.

“Fernand how you be so rude to our guest?” The grandma scolded.

How dare they do this to me? Jeromino don’t mess this up, just hold your anger in. You know you just have few days left to get done with her, you’re almost there. I muttered in my mind angrily and Fernanda helped me up.

Is Jeromino showing his true colors 🤔

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