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Means to love episode 27 & 28

🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 27 °°°


At the wake keep of Luciano. Relatives and friends arrived alre-ady. They were all in tears as they consoled each other.

“Where’s Fernanda? Why’s she not here yet?” Abuela asked wiping off her tears.

“She’s coming, she said she wants to come alone” Franco answered.

“My condolences Abuela” Some neighbors consoled as they [email protected]£ into the wake keep hall.

“Thank you so much”

“Son you have to take heart okay, I know you loved Luciano the most so you feel so much hurt inside but we all are going throu-gh this phase together” Bruno comforted as he gave Fernando a hvg.

“He said he would go clubbing with me for the first time when he gets back. I couldn’t even have a word with him at his last moments” Fernando sobbe-d.

“Luciano have never liked clubbing but he agreed to go with you that means he cares about you a lot. He will always be in our hearts”

“The last time I had a drink with him, he said something to me about Mum. He apologized for not being able to safe Mum, he said he hopes someday we will find it in our hearts to forgive him but I said to him, if he apologizes to me again that means he’s guilty of something and he smiled like he never said anything” Fernando smiled with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I’m his brother but I never asked him about what he likes and want to do. I’m such a selfish brother” Bruno said slowly.

“You’re one of a kind Dad, you’re the most coolest elder bro Dad so you tried your best to be there for everyone” Fernando said patting Bruno’s back.

“But why does it feel like I haven’t done enough. We lost him so early” Bruno uttered as tears roll down his cheeks uncontrollably.

“He left us so early”

Jeromino walked into the wake keep hall. The [email protected] media were all standing outside showing their condolences as they mourned with the family.

“What’s he doing here?” Abuela asked harshly as Jeromino walked to them.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, plea-se accept my condolences. I saw the news on the TV late last night and that’s why I flied to Mexico early this morning” Jeromino explained politely and Abuela rised her hand to [email protected] him but Fernanda held her hand from behind.

“Abuela you’re mourning for goodness sake. Everyone’s here to pay their respects so plea-se can we respect this last moment of uncle Luciano. Everyone’s watching so plea-se hold in your anger” Fernanda said seriously.

“Fernanda we can’t keep letting him come into our lives like nothing happened. He’s an horrible person so the earlier you get that the better for all of us” Abuela said seriously with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Grandma st©p venting your anger on Jeromino. What happened is all in the past now so plea-se can you st©p bringing that up and this isn’t the moment to talk about such things. Jeromino come with me” Fernanda said seriously as she held Jeromino’s hand then went out of the hall.

“Fernanda!” Jeromino called softly.

“Just shut it and follow me” Fernanda said seriously and they went into the elevator heading to the last floor.

They got to the last floor and Fernanda placed her hands on her [email protected]!st as she stared at Jeromino.

“What are you doing here? Are you trying to add fuel to the fire? Everyone’s mourning and so broken and you chose to show up in a situation like this” Fernanda scolded.

“I’m sorry Fernanda but I only [email protected]£ here to show my support, he’s my daughter’s uncle so we’re kinda connected. We’re family”

“St©p exaggerating Jeromino, we’re not a family. You’re only the father of my daughter and that’s where your limits ends. Quit thinking we’re ever going to go back together, there’s no future for the two of us so just give up” Fernanda said harshly.

“No matter what you say to me Fernanda, I can never move on without you so if you want me to move on then you have to re-ady to start that journey together with me”

“You’ve completely lost your mind. s£nd me your h0tel address so we can close this chapter of our lives for good. Failure to s£nd me the address, I will take it as an approval you don’t want to ever see our daughter again” Fernanda said seriously then walked away.

She was heading back to the wake keep hall when her phone started ringing, it’s a call from officer Henry.

“Fernanda where are you right now? I’ve arrived at the venue. Can you step out for awhile, we need to talk” Henry said over the phone.

“I’m on my way officer” Fernanda said slowly then hung up.

Fernanda and officer Henry went out of the building.

“My condolences Fernanda, are you okay? That’s a very silly question but I needed to ask you” Henry said slowly and Fernanda smiled sadly.

“I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. Nothing seems to work my way, I’m so tired. I don’t know if I should keep on fighting, how many more lives will be put in danger if I push throu-gh with fighting for justice” Fernanda said slowly and tears escaped her eyes.

“It’s only natural to feel that way but one thing you should never un-derestimate is your strength and courage to push throu-gh all these. You got out of jail because of your strength, things worked your way Fernanda and things will keep on going your way as long as you don’t give up”

“Uncle Luciano is my favorite uncle, he always supported me in whatever decision I made but he didn’t approve of my relationsh!pwith Jeromino, just like he had spiritual eyes, my relationsh!pwith Jeromino didn’t work out. I lost him just in a blink of an eye when he was about fighting this tough battle with me. I was desperate that’s why I lost him” Fernanda sobbe-d and Henry hvgged her.

Jeromino was driving off when he saw Fernanda and Henry hvgging.

“I can’t believe she chose to move on that way” Jeromino said with so much jealousy written in his voice then he drove off.

“Fernanda about that..” Henry hesitated..

“About what officer?”

“I got a threatening message early hours of today. Fernanda what do you think about lying low for the moment. Luciano is a hvge b!ow to you and I have the feeling Agustin has a hand in this. If you keep on pressuring him, we have no idea who’s he going after next”

“Do you think Agustin has a hand in uncle’s death?”

“It’s possible. He’s the only one who would benefit if you lost your uncle. Luciano found an evidence against Agustin and he never told you where the evidence was because we lost him. Fernanda you have to drop the case against your mother for the time being. I don’t want to end up losing you as well just like we lost Maria. Have you thought of what will happen to Marisol if we lose you? Your baby is just five months Fernanda. You haven’t spent quality time with your child ever since you gave birth to her. Fernanda you’re not just living for yourself alone, you’re living for your daughter as well” Henry advised.

“So are we just going to let him go free after everything he did. I can look after Marisol and still fight for justice”

“Fernanda you can’t take care of Marisol if you end up in jail again. Only those with power wins a battle like this. If you don’t have enough power to pursue Agustin then I don’t think you can win this war” Henry said politely and Fernanda looked away tiredly.

“It’s all about power” Fernanda said seriously with a frown.

After the wake keep, Fernanda didn’t go back home, she headed straight to Jeromino’s h0tel.

“Jeromino are you home?” Fernanda asked over the phone.

“Yes Fernanda” Jeromino said giggling.

“Valentina it tickles…” Jeromino giggled in the background.

“Come [email protected] our baby a little bit. Amanda wants her daddy” Valentina said giggling in the background then Fernanda hung up angrily.

Seems like he has really moved on. If he has a child with someone else why did he bother coming back into my life. Fernanda uttered in her mind angrily then left the h0tel.

Weeks later after the burial, Fernanda packed her things with that of Marisol.

“Fernanda you made the right choice. I hope you get over everything when you get to Florida” Florencia said softly as she wiped off her tears.

“I will miss you all a lot” Fernanda said sobbing as she hvgged everyone.

“Don’t skip your meals, always remember to pray and look after Marisol. We have no idea when you’re coming back but when you do, I hope you’ve overcome every obstacles in your way” Abuela advised sobbing.

“Take care of yourself dear” Bruno added.

Everyone said a farewell to Fernanda before she left for the airport.

Fernanda boarded the plane with Marisol in her baby carrier.

~ Jeromino this is where our chapter ends. Luckily it won’t be [email protected] for you moving on because you have a family alre-ady so I wish you all the happiness you deserve and this is probably the last message you would get from me. Goodbye Jeromino and not to worry I will give all my love to Marisol so she doesn’t misses you. ~ Fernanda texted then switched off her phone as she put on her seatbelts.

🌷☀️…. MEANS
LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 28 °°°


Months later…

Fernanda at her new work place in a fashion cooperation in Florida.

“Hello bro” Fernanda said over the phone excitedly.

“You sound excited, are you finally familiar with your current environment” Fernando chuckled.

“I got used to the environment, months ago and all thanks to Dad I got a job and accommodation immediately I got here”

“Fernanda seems like you’re back on track but when do plan on going back to the industry. I can’t wait to see you on magazines” Fernando said with a smile.

“It’s not that easy Fernando, they offered me some commercials to begin with but I don’t think I want to continue my career with the fame I had before. I want to start from the crash, I want to pick the left pieces and create a new fame for myself”

“That’s a good start. There’s something else Fernanda..” Fernando hesitated.

“Something else?”

“Jeromino kept coming back here ever since you traveled. He kept on pleading for me to get him your number”

“He has a family now so why’s he coming back. You should give him strict others to stay away from our family so he st©ps coming back. I’ve moved on completely and I’m living a very happy life with Marisol, I have no intentions of letting him back into my life”

“But he said he doesn’t have a family. Fernanda are you sure you confirmed that information?” Fernando asked curiously and Fernanda blinked continuously.

“Do I need to verify that as well. My ears can never deceive me and I didn’t leave Mexico because of Jeromino. I left Mexico because I needed some time alone to look out for myself and Marisol so till I get back, I don’t want to ever hear of Jeromino. We brou-ght something great into this world together and I will be grateful to him for that but I can’t keep on hoping for things that can never come throu-gh. Oh Fernand I have to go now, break time is over”

“Alright, take care of yourself. I will come visit when I take my leave”

“You’re always welcome bro. Bye” Fernanda said with a smile then hung up.

Fernanda went back to the office and Marisol’s nursing nanny [email protected]£ to the office.

“Oh my baby girl, hope she didn’t trouble you much” Fernanda smiled as she carried Marisol in her arms.

“No ma’am, she was all peaceful. She didn’t trouble me much” The nanny said smiling.

“Romina you can take the rest of the day off, I will take over from here”

“She’s so adorable… Wow she looks lovely. Fernanda your daughter is beautiful” some employees [email protected] as they saw Marisol.


At the airport…
Fernanda landed at the Mexico international airport.

She walked majestically with her suitcase on her left side and Marisol next to her.

“Mummy where are we heading now? Are we seeing grandpa first?” Marisol asked with a smile.

“Not yet dear, we are visiting uncle Luciano first. I have to go pay my respect” Fernanda replied.

“Ma’am plea-se wait for me!” Diego Fernanda’s @ssistant and manager shouted as he ran after them with so many luggages.

“Diego be quic-k” Marisol said smiling.

“Fernanda ma’am what else do you need for your visit?” Diego asked as he ran up to Fernanda.

“We would just gr-ab some flowers on our way to the graveyard” Fernanda said slowly.

They got to their car and drove down to the graveyard after buying some flowers by the road side.

“How’ve you been uncle? Hope you’re happy wherever you are right now. I’m sorry I couldn’t avenge your death. My carelessness lead you to an early grave but I promise I won’t let your death be in vain” Fernanda murmured as tears roll down her cheeks.

That’s why I [email protected]£ back uncle, I’m back so I will get justice for both you and mummy.

“Mummy, wipe off your tears. Uncle Luciano wouldn’t be happy if he sees you crying right now. You haven’t seen him for a very long time so plea-se show him a happy face” Marisol said softly handing her handkerchief to Fernanda.

“Thank you so much sweetie. Uncle, you’re probably wondering how baby Marisol is, she’s a big girl now. She lectures me on so many things and I have no idea how I would have lived on if I don’t have her” Fernanda said with a smile wiping off her tears.

“Hello uncle Luciano, I’ve never met you in person but mummy always talked about you. I hope you’re happy in heaven” Marisol said cutely and Fernanda giggled.

“Uncle if you were here right now, you would call her cute”

“Of course I’m cute mummy”


I dropped by Jeromino’s building, after my sealing some deals with Accord designers.

“What are you doing here? Every since you got yourself out from jail why do you keep visiting me like we’re friends?” Jeromino said sarcastically as he glared at me.

“I got out of jail six years back so why are you bringing that up. Anyways I’ve got some great news for you” I said in a sing song and Jeromino scoffed.

“I’m not interested so plea-se can you leave before Amanda gets back from school”

“You have a daughter of your own so why do you keep shouldering Valentina’s responsibilities. I have no idea where she fell out from then landed such hvge responsibilities on your shoulders” I hissed.

“Amanda is my daughter as well. It doesn’t matter if I’m not her biological father but I agreed on being her father so will you st©p being nosy and leave my house”

“Marisol wouldn’t be happy seeing you care so much for someone else’s child when you never showered her with that kind of care” I hinted and he glared at me.

“I love my daughters regardless of the fact that Fernanda took Marisol away from me”

“You don’t sound happy to see Fernanda. Well I’m so happy to see her” I smiled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked curiously.

“Fernanda is back to Mexico. Some paparazzi’s took secret sh0t of her and her daughter heading out of the airport” I said scrolling throu-gh the ph0tos and Jeromino snatched the phone out of my hand.

“When was this ph0tos taken?” He asked curiously.

“She’s so adorable, she looks just like me. I can’t believe she’s all grown up. She’s a big girl now” He added with a smile as his eyes [email protected]£ teary.

“They arrived early hours of this morning. I’m a changed man now so I think Fernanda will be able to forgive me. When I was in jail I couldn’t get her thoughts off my head and how lucky I can be, Marisol is shooting a commercial at accord and I just finished signing the contract” I smiled.

“What did you just say?”

“If I win the little girl’s heart, it’s a key way in winning her mother’s heart. I can’t wait to work alongside Fernanda, I can’t believe it’s been seven years alre-ady”

“Elias don’t you dare [email protected] schemes with my daughter. I will kill you if you go anywhere close to my daughter” He threatened and I scoffed.

“What’s wrong with trying to win Fernanda’s heart. You’re after your daughter while I’m after Fernanda. We’re both going after two different things”

“My feelings for Fernanda hasn’t changed one bit and I’m going to win her back. You don’t want to [email protected] game of love with me right? So back off” Jeromino said seriously and Valentina walked in with Amanda.

“What were you saying? Who’s Fernanda?” Valentina asked with a smile covering up her jealousy.

“Daddy!” Amanda called out and ran to give Jeromino a hvg.

“That’s my girl. How was school today? Hope your pres£ntation went well?” Jeromino asked softly as he ca-ressed her hair.

“I smell future trouble alre-ady…” I said sarcastically.

“Elias shut it and leave. You’ve overstayed your welcome” He whispered to me then I stood up.

“I was about leaving alre-ady. Amanda dear take care of yourself okay, you will be meeting your sister soon” I said sarcastically and Jeromino glared at me.

“Bye Valentina” I scorned then went out.

I wasn’t lying when I said I had feelings for Fernanda so I just hope Jeromino didn’t take my words for granted. I uttered in my mind and my phone started ringing.

“Hello sir, when are we scheduling the shoot for Marisol Dante?” My secretary asked and I smiled.

“Let’s schedule that for tomorrow. The little girl needs to get some rest” I smiled then hung up.

“See you soon Marisol” I smiled then got into my car.


It was late alre-ady and I’ve put Marisol to sleep in Abuela’s room. I went back to the sitting room and Fred and Fernando were all sitting there.

“Marisol is asleep alre-ady?” Fred asked with a smile and I nodded.

“We need to enroll her into a new school tomorrow so tomorrow is a big day for her”

“Do you have any school in mind?” Fernand asked.

“Nichols international academy, that’s one of the best schools so far in Mexico city” I said

“Wow, impressive Fernanda. That’s school for rich kids, I’m pretty sure Marisol will love it there” Fred smiled.

“Fernanda what inspired you to get Marisol into the industry. I saw her on so many magazines covers and I couldn’t believe my eyes” Fernand said.

“Marisol started modelling since she was two years, I had no idea why I brou-ght into the industry. She just had the gift for it”

“Of course she would, both her parents are both supermodels so what were you expecting” Fernand giggled.


Marisol and I arrived at Nichols international academy.

“Marisol are you re-ady?”

“Yes mummy” she said excitedly and we head out of the car garage but my eyes met with Jeromino’s.

He was holding a little girl’s hand alongside a young lady by his side.

“Fernanda!” He called out swiftly and I held Marisol’s hand then ignored his call but he ran after us.

“Daddy!” The little girl called and he st©pped running.

Mino who are you choosing 😎

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