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means to love episode 25 & 26

🥀🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….



“Dad are you threatening my child?” I asked seriously and he smiled.

“Does it look like I’m pla-ying around? I’ve never liked Fernanda from day one so st©p ma-king me get involved with her when I absolutely dislike her” Dad said seriously.

“Dad you’re indirectly telling me, you really s£nt your men to kill Fernanda that day because you don’t like her”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about but your dad isn’t a saint. Jeromino st©p pushing me to do things I don’t want to do” Dad scolded and I scoffed.

“Now I see the reason why I always get a bad feeling whenever you’re around. Dad I put a blind eye to things you do because I thought you were doing it for some reason but if this is the way you handle things then my judgement have always been wrong. I can’t just seat back and watch you threaten the woman of my dreams and my daughter. If you have a problem with Fernanda then deal wit it because I love Fernanda so much that I can’t let her come to harms way same goes for our daughter” I said seriously.

“Jeromino you will regret ever letting Fernanda into your life. You have no idea what you’re getting into. Don’t come back to me when you finally get to the bo-ttomof this” Dad forewarned.

“Don’t even think about bringing any harm to my daughter and Fernanda. My eyes are on you dad so stay clear from the two beautiful creatures in my life if you don’t want to see the other side of the son you gave birth to”

“I will stay clear as long as you don’t get my business involved in the future” Dad said and I looked away.

“Just leave” I said seriously and he went out.

I had a glance at my wristwatch and my eyes went wi-de open.

It’s almost time for me to go to the airport.


“Bro there’s still no information about uncle Luciano?” asked Fred curiously.

“We haven’t been able to reach him for months. It’s true uncle Luciano don’t stay home but this is the first time he’s not home for a long time. Oh yeah I found this do¢vments” He said and placed the do¢vments on the table.

“What’s all this?” I asked curiously as I had a glance at the papers.

“These are uncle’s transactions in the States but something feels fishy about the do¢vments, uncle Luciano doesn’t travel out of the country that much but how come he has so many traveling tickets” Fred said and I put some thoughts into it.

“Fernanda I looked into the victim’s family that was murdered. He’s family got compensated the day before he died but how did they get such hvge sum of money if their son is just freelancer” My lawyer Jorge said and I smiled.

“Are you trying to say someone else killed him for stealing his money?” I asked curiously.

“I think he got involved with a bad gang and he tried to [email protected]

“But why am I being framed for his death? It doesn’t seem like I’m anyhow connected to him” I said seriously.

“And that why helping people is terrific. Fernanda you only got framed because you tried to help but not to worry, helping others isn’t a crime. I looked into the casinos the victim always visiting but nothing seems odd in all of them except for one”

“You looked into the casinos as well but you seem to have a glue on one of them” Fred asked curiously.

“Of course it’s my job to look for evidence to clear my client’s name and yes I found out one of the casinos lend money to their customers but failure to return the money in a few days, the person’s life will be threatened” Jorge explained.

“That means they’re responsible for his death and they used me as a scapegoat” I said seriously.

“Fernanda I don’t think that’s all about this case. You been set up have something to do with the guy you got arrested for the murder of your mum”

“What do you mean Jorge?” Fred and I asked curiously.

“I noticed the man who keeps visiting him in jail also visited the family of the deceased before you got your s£ntence and I have a hunch they changed their minds after speaking with him”

“Are you saying it’s all connected?” I asked curiously.

“Yes Fernanda and I think the boss of the casino is the reason for all this” Jorge said.

“This is good news, at least we know who’s after us. We just have to find out who the boss is so we can report it to the police” Fred said seriously.

“He seems to be very wealthy and that’s why they don’t reveal the identity of their boss” Jorge said and I frowned.

“If he’s connected to all this then that means he’s also responsible for the death of my mother. More reasons why I need to get to the root of this, I have to give mummy justice” I said seriously and Fred held my hand.

“You’re going throu-gh this because you’re fighting for justice Fernanda but it will all be over soon. Thanks to Jeromino for getting us a good lawyer, I can’t believe Mr hvgo turned his back on us when we needed him the most” Fred said.

“I guess he has foresee the future struggles of this case and that’s why he ran away in the last minute. Elvis is a very good friend of mine and I will do everything in my power to help a friend in need so Fernanda rest @ssured, I will get you out of here before this year runs out” Jorge @ssured and I smiled.

“My family and I are putting our trust in you so plea-se don’t disappoint us” I smiled.

I can’t wait to s£nd the devil to jail so he will have a taste to what hell feels like. I going to vent all the anger in my heart on him, every ruin in my life started with him and it’s definitely going to end with him.

“I will go look into the casino again, I have the feeling [email protected] drugs are being sold there. I just need to know the exact [email protected]£ they make transactions so the police can help us with that first” Jorge suggested.

“You have to be careful, he doesn’t sound like an easy person. No drug dealer like his hideout being leaked out so we just have to be careful” I advised and he nodded as he stood up.

“I will go ahead now so take care. See you soon” He said and left.

“Fernanda I’m glad we’re getting some progress on your case” Fred cut in with a smile.

“I’m having the feeling it’s only getting started. Anyways how’s Marisol? If it was possible for you to bring her here with you, I would love it” I said slowly.

“Marisol is fine and Abuela will never agree to that. She still thinks you haven’t come back to your s-en-ses”

“She’s overreacting, it’s been months alre-ady. Why won’t she let me see my daughter? It’s alre-ady so tough being in here. Have you heard from Jeromino? Hope he was allowed to come visit Marisol?” I asked curiously.

“He dropped by a month ago but he had to leave early for work because he had a sh0t that day”

“That means you spoke with him?”

“A little bit, I’m still quite upset for what he did to you but he seems to be a changed person. Have you ever thought of getting back with him?”

“I’m in no position to think of such things. All I can think of is how to make my enemies rot in hell”


In a few days time Jorge got a clue on Agustin’s casino and he had glimpse at Agustin when he was talking with VIP guests in his casino.

“Fernanda, I found out who the boss is? Agustin Guzman is the owner of the casino” Jorge said over the phone with Fernanda.

Fernanda was having a call with Jorge during the phone call hours.

“What?” Fernanda [email protected] out in shock.

“I witnessed it myself and their transaction will be taking place later in the day so I have to go inform the police where the hideout is” Jorge said.

“Can you s£nd a message to someone on my behalf?”

“Sure” Jorge said.

“I want to meet Agustin Guzman” Fernanda said seriously and hung up before Jorge will utter a response.

It’s not the Agustin Guzman I know of right. Fernanda uttered in her mind putting her thoughts together.


Fernanda was in her cell folding her blanket when one of the security women [email protected]£ to her cell.

“You have a visitor Fernanda” She informed then took Fernanda with her.

“You [email protected]£ earlier than I expected” Fernanda sm-irked as she walked to where Agustin was.

“What do you want? Ain’t you satisfied with being in jail alone or you want to rot in hell instead” Agustin threatened and Fernanda laughed.

“I want my freedom back”

“You can never get it back” Agustin scoffed.

“What do think will happen to you if I tell Jeromino you s£nt me here? Your son loves me so much, he will do anything to get justice for me so I think you should rethink what you just said” Fernanda sm-irked.

“Are you threatening me?”

“Give me my freedom back and I will keep my mouth shut, you can do that much to save your relationsh!pwith your son right”

“Little girl you have no idea who you’re messing with”

“Are you doing it or not” Fernanda shouted.

“Fine I will get you out of here”

“How can I trust you”

“Hello, get rid of all the fake evidence against Fernanda and get the real culprit to confess” Agustin said to Williams over the phone.

“Are you sure about that boss?”

“Get it done before today ends” Agustin instructed then hung up.

“You will be out of here in a few days, are you satisfied with that”

“Don’t even think about pla-ying me, I still have my trump cards”

No matter what you do, you must rot in jail for what you did to my mother.

🌷☀️…. MEANS


LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 26 °°°


The whole family was seated at the sitting room in a serious mood as they all sat in quietness.

“What’s your say on what Fernanda is suggesting? Seems like she didn’t drop any message about having a change of heart” Abuela said seriously.

“Mum you know Fernanda so well, since she hasn’t said anything about it till now then I don’t think she’s going to change her mind” Benicio said.

“But still Fernanda isn’t the type of girl who goes ahead with her decision without thinking of her family’s opinion” Florencia cut in.

“We can’t just seat here and make conclusions on why Fernanda made such a decision. Jeromino is Marisol’s father and we don’t allow Jeromino visit her often, isn’t that being unfair to him” Damian said and everyone stared at him.

“Looks like none of you have a solid solution on this either so I will just go with mine. Jeromino can’t take my great-grand daughter not while I’m still alive. We’re Fernanda’s family so we should always be there for her when she’s going throu-gh difficulties and her current situation doesn’t seem to make her think straight so I’m totally against Fernanda’s decision” Abuela said seriously and their door cracked open and everyone’s eyes landed on the door.

Fernanda walked in majestically with Fernando next to her and everyone flung their mouths open.

“Fernanda!” Everyone called out excitedly as they ran to give her hvg.

“What happened? Why didn’t you tell us, you were getting re-leased? Don’t you longer see us as family? You chose to tell Fernando rather than us” Damian whined as they had a group hvg.

“It feels so good to be back home. I’m finally free daddy” Fernanda said excitedly as she had a special hvg with Bruno.

“I’m so glad you’re out of there my dear” Bruno uttered in tears.

“I missed you so much Abuela” Fernanda cut in as she gave Abuela a hvg.

“I miss you too my dear, I was so worried you wouldn’t be coming out sooner. I was scared you would encounter more danger in there”

“Fernanda Dante was falsely accused with forged evidences so she is hereby re-leased from her s£ntence” The judge announced.

“We did it Fernanda, you’ve gotten your freedom back” Jorge said excitedly and tears of joy roll down Fernanda’s eyes.

Marisol, mummy is coming back home. Fernanda uttered in her head.

“Jorge can we throu-gh with the arrest?” Fernanda asked seriously.

“We can’t arrest him if we don’t have any evidence against him” Jorge said.

“But the police caught his men when the drugs transaction was taking place”

“None of his men are re-ady to talk so it’s quite impossible to arrest him with our suspicions” Jorge said.

“But Agustin is the real owner of the casino”

“You’ve got a point Fernanda, let’s request for an arrest with that first and look for evidence while he’s been locked up” Jorge said.

Agustin’s mansion in Mexico city…
The police got to Agustin’s house to arrest him.

“Where’s Mr Agustin Guzman?” The police asked Mr Williams.

“He’s out of the country as of the moment” Williams said boldly.

“When did he leave the country?”

“May I ask what the police is doing here?”

“We’ve been given a warrant to arrest Mr Agustin so can you move aside, let’s search the area” The officer said and pushed Williams aside.

Fernanda in her room seated close to the window.

“What! I never knew Mr Agustin was scared of getting arrested” Fernanda chuckled as she had a conversation with officer Henry over the phone.

“Luckily my men searched everywhere thor0ûghly and saw him slee-ping at his secluded be-droom”

“Secluded be-droom?” Fernanda asked curiously.

“I know what you’re thinking Fernanda but we couldn’t find anything against him at his house. I think he doesn’t let his guard down”

“But at least, you’ve arrested him so we will buy sometime with that”

“Fernanda If today ends and we still didn’t get any evidence against him, he would ask for a bail” Henry said and Fernanda clenched her fist.

“We’ve come this far so we can’t let him sl!pour f!ngers. He has to pay for what he did to my mum” Fernanda said seriously.

“Fernanda relax, we will definitely get justice for Maria Jose”

“It would have been perfect if uncle Luciano was here. He’s used to dealing with criminals like Agustin”

“Fernanda do you trust your uncle that much?” Henry asked.

“Of course I trust him, although we had suspected him for hanging out with bad gangs but I still trust him because he has always fought for me ever since I was a kid”

“Too bad I couldn’t find anything in his records but I think we’ve got a clue on where he is right now”

“Are you serious? Where did you find my uncle? Is he safe? He’s not injured right” Fernanda asked anxiously as she blinked nervously.

“His line [email protected]£ back to life last night so that means he’s back in Mexico but he’s currently staying in a h0tel”

“If he’s fine then why hasn’t he come back home yet? He’s not the type who stays away from home for too long” Fernanda uttered worriedly.

“Fernanda let’s talk some other time, I have to go now. The interrogation isn’t looking good, I have to go do it myself”

“Alright officer, thank you” Fernanda said and he hung up.

Marisol started crying and Fernanda stood up from where she was sitting.

“Baby girl why are you crying? Are you hungry alre-ady?” Fernanda uttered softly as she carried her from her be-d.

Fernanda had a flashback on how Jeromino carried Marisol for the first time and she st©pped crying.

“Why am I thinking about him out of the blue? Thinking about him now won’t do any good to my current situation” Fernanda murmured as she began to feed Marisol some milk with her feeder.

Fernanda’s phone started ringing and it’s Luciano calling.

“Hello, uncle Luciano how are you? I’ve been worried sick. Hope you’re alright? Where are you now uncle?” Fernanda asked curiously over the phone as placed Marisol’s feeder on Marisol’s hands.

“Fernanda it’s a long story but that’s not the reason why I called you. I called you because of Agustin Guzman, I heard you’re looking for evidence to use against him in court?” Luciano asked in a low tone.

“Yes but how did you know about that uncle?”

“I don’t have much time to explain myself Fernanda but I will testify as a witness against Agustin. I have evidence against him that he’s responsible for Maria Jose’s case” Luciano said seriously.

“Uncle I don’t think speaking over the phone will do. Can we meet? So we can discuss about it properly?” Fernanda requested and Luciano hesitated before answering.

“Let’s meet at a kiosk down the street so I will drop by home after over conversation”

“But uncle what kind of evidence do you have against Agustin? I’m really curious” Fernanda asked anxiously.

“I’m bringing it with me so you don’t have to worry yourself” Luciano said and hung up.

“Hello, uncle, uncle Luciano” Fernanda repeated over the phone but he hung up alre-ady.

“Why does uncle Luciano want to testify as a witness against Agustin’s case? What’s meaning the meaning behind this” Fernanda whispered suspiciously.

Later That Day In the Evening..

Fernanda walked to the kiosk down the street, patiently waiting for Luciano to show up.

“Fernanda!” Luciano called across the road waving at her and Fernanda smiled on seeing him.

Luciano was crossing the road but had no idea a big truck was heading his way.

“Uncle go back!” Fernanda shouted as she saw the truck but before Luciano would get what she was saying the truck crashed him in milliseconds.

The truck hit him [email protected] that he was flying on the air before he landed on the ground with his head and he began to bleed.

“Uncle Luciano!” Fernanda called out in shock then ran to him but the truck drove off with speed.

“Uncle Luciano, open your eyes. plea-se open your eyes” Fernanda sobbe-d.

“Phone….” Luciano whispered then lost consciousness.

“Uncle Luciano what are you saying?” Fernanda sobbe-d.


Luciano was rushed to the hospital. Fernanda called the whole family to the hospital.

“Doctor how’s my son?” Abuela asked curiously as the doctor [email protected]£ out of the emergency room.

“Who’s Bruno here? The patient wants to speak with him” The doctor announced.

“I’m the one..” Bruno said anxiously.

“plea-se come with me” The doctor said and went back into the emergency room with Bruno.

“Why weren’t you watching where you were going?” Bruno nagged with teary eyes.

“I’m sorry Bruno, I’m so sorry for everything I did to you. I have never been a good brother to you or the others. I’m really sorry for everything, I’m sorry for Maria’s death and I’m sorry for everything Fernanda have been throu-gh. Apologize to Fernanda on my behalf” Luciano said faintly with tears rolling down to his ears.

“Why are you speaking like you won’t survive this? You’re a very strong man, this is a little challenge for you. You can overcome this” Bruno encouraged as tears escaped his eyes.

“I’m …. Sorry….” Luciano said slowly then gave up the ghost.

“Luciano! plea-se open your eyes!” Bruno shouted as he boost into tears.

“You have to open your eyes” Bruno shouted in tears.

The whole family rushed in and the nurses [email protected]£ in as well.

“Time of death 7:20 pm” One of the nurses announced after checking on Luciano.

“Uncle! plea-se don’t go” Fernanda boost into tears as sat on the floor miserably.


“Boss the job have been done” Williams informed Agustin as he visited him at the station.

“Very good. Fernanda you can’t win against me in this fight so mourn in peace. Williams I’m in a good mood so you can take the rest of the day off” Agustin said with a wi-de smile.


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